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on January 25, 2011
I ordered the EcoStrip without really knowing much more about it than what was provided in the three reviews that existed at the time (not much to go on). When I received the EcoStrip and installed it, I ran into a problem with the outlets remaining powered; so, I contacted EcoStrip via the internet and asked for their advice. While awaiting a reply, I continued to investigate and troubleshoot the issue.

EcoStrip responded via e-mail in a very timely manner and, without having the ability to check the product or my installation, immediately offered to replace the EcoStrip without any questions. Almost at the same time, I determined that the USB ports on my PC were remaining powered when the PC was shut down. My ASUS Sabertooth X58 MOBO allows for the charging of USB-rechargeable devices when the PC is turned off; therefore, the USB ports remained powered and the EcoStrip was "fooled" into acting as if the PC was running.

That's when I learned a lot more about the European standard for "energy using products" (EuP). The MOBO supports the EuP standard and, when enabled in the bios, turns off the power to the USB ports when the PC is shut down. If EuP is not enabled, the ports remain powered. A simple change to the bios was all that was needed to gain the full benefit of the EcoStrip.

I shared the results of my troubleshooting with EcoStrip. They were sincerely, and tangibly appreciative of the information. I am confident they will now use it to assist others who may run into a similar challenge. So, not only is the product an excellent implementation of a great idea, the company management has proven to be both supportive and considerate. My hat's off to them for both.

A note for other shoppers -- it appears that many of the newer MOBOs are designed with EuP in mind and its implementation in computer bios is something to be aware of. If you can charge devices when the PC is shut down, check your bios and you should be fine (the minor tradeoff being that you might have to give up the always-on hot-port charging in favor of a really great energy saving tool); if you can't charge in such a manner, then there should be no problem and no tradeoff.

I strongly recommend this product to anyone wanting to save energy by stopping the draw of "vampire" loads. I'm using mine for the monitor, DSL modem, router, speakers, and a separate pre-amplifier I use in converting old vinyl LPs into digital music.
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on October 31, 2010
When you turn on the PC, everything plugged into the Ecostrip powers on nicely. The problem with the Ecostrip is with Windows. After Windows boots up, it has this need to briefly power down all of the USB ports and powering them back up, hence powering down and back up everything plugged in to the Ecostrip. This is a problem with devices like monitors and hard drives. Windows assumes they are not there and...well the resulting actions can be unpredictable, not to mention hard drive failure, data loss, and such.

The idea of an energy saving power strip is a really good one. I thought of this concept of a relay controlled energy saver power strip about ten years ago. Necessity is the motherhood of invention. So, I decided to build one of these for my PC and its 20 or so power hungry peripherals. The one I built use the 12 volt power from the PC's power supply. I installed a plug in an empty slot cover and ran a wire to the power strip. I built many of these for friends. They worked great.

Later on, I did built a 5 volt version using the power from a USB port. When the PC is powered up, several seconds later, the USB ports powered up. The problem with this one was the announce of Windows briefly shutting down all of the USB ports for about 10 seconds and then powering them back up. Windows does this so each device can check in. The issue was the monitor settings would be lost. Well, I ended up use the USB power saver for the TV, DVD and such.

Just recently, I decided to use a laptop as my primary computer. However, there is no readily available 12 volt source. So, I decided to look on the web before building a time delay 5 volt USB powered switch. After reading all of the reviews, I decided on the Ecostrip. Save me some work. Well, the Ecostrip 2.0 acts just the same as the 5 volt version I built. No delay and the monitor settings and desktop icons still get messed up.

So, it's off to the Radio Shack and other places to build my own version of the Ecostrip, this one with a one minute power down delay.
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on July 3, 2015
I love this power strip. I have two, and have used them for almost 4 years so far. I bought a Kill-a-watt meter to see how much power I was wasting with the devices on standby. In most cases, none of the standby power drains were much. Over years, this device would certainly pay for itself just for the typical devices. However, in my case, I am using audio amplifiers and other things without a standy function and this Ecostrip makes those turn off for me (and kills the power on the monitor, an ethernet switch, a printer).

However, some of my PCs I was able to get them to turn off USB power when powered down, others I was unable to get the bios settings to power down the usb. I have since wired the power pins of a usb port directly to one of the molex connectors that can be plugged plug into the powers supply (neatly glued into a card bracket). Using that makes this power strip work perfect every time, and with every PC.
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on March 4, 2014
This thing works very well and saved me having to hunt down parts to build one. It switches on all of my other devices in my entertainment center such as cooling fans, game systems, Chromecast, etc when the receiver clicks on. I generally like it except for the long delay in turning on the devices. It seems to wait 5-10 sec to turn on, but I suspect this is because it is meant for a computer where the USB can flicker on and off when it is first booted up.

I would recommend it, but would really like to see an adjustment in the time to turn on, but I favor the price far more than I care to see that feature!
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on March 21, 2011

This USB operated power strip neatly fixes a problem with "smart" power strips that are not smart enough to compensate for computers that use more "off" power than others. You plug it into an unused USB port and it powers up as many as five devices plugged into it. When you turn off the computer the strip switches off.


While it works fine with nearly all computers running Windows or other OS, a few computers cycle the USB ports off and on again. If you use external hard drives or any other component that needs to be powered up while the computer is on, make sure the USB port you are using stays on when your computer is on.

Some computers have USB ports powered up whenever the computer is plugged in, defeating the purpose of the EcoStrip. These computers might have a setting in the BIOS to turn off the USB ports whenever the computer is powered down.

Check your computer to make sure it will work with this device. Then it will do exactly what it claims!
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on September 26, 2014
This simply doesn't work with Macs since they maintain power to the USB ports when sleeping. It will only shut off the power bar when you shutdown your Mac, not when it sleeps. If you have a Mac, this is not the product for you.
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on November 2, 2014
This power strip is working very well for me in my home theater system. I recently found out that two older components (a subwoofer and a five-CD carousel player) were consuming enough power in the OFF position to cost about $30 a year worth of power. My Yamaha A/V receiver has a USB port on the back that can control this power strip, so it was a no-brainer to give it a try. The power strip is working perfectly, and will pay for itself in less than two years. I'm one happy customer.
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on October 23, 2013
I run Linux at home and with this power strip, I can turn the power to devices on and off by controlling the signal going to the USB port. So easy and quite powerful. Not exactly what it was designed for but works great for more advanced users.
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on May 22, 2015
great idea, and well done. why isn't this a more common product?! if i actually press the power button to turn the Windows computer OFF then of course this works perfectly every time. one of my Windows machines is not actually powering off the USB system when it hibernates or sleeps, trying to work out how to do that. this is NOT a problem with the EcoStrip, just complexities of modern computers (which are generally doing a good job of power management). with the OFF button it's all perfect.

the EcoStrip saving me 250 watts of power at least 10 hours a day; that's 2.5 KWh/day (0.250 kilowatts * 10 hours, per day).
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on March 20, 2013
this power strip does not work with most modern motherboards, which always have a bit of power in the usb ports, regardless of whether the computer is off or not. this condition cannot be changed by bios settings, nor is it affected by going into Device Manager and changing USB bus power settings. And it is also not affected by changing power profile in control panel. that small amount of power in the usb bus is enough to keep the powerstrip on at all times. this renders the product useless.

other glowing reviews, which seem to have copied and pasted directly from the manufacturer's sales pitch, are misleading. Two of the reviews are exactly the same, and i can't help but think they are planted by the same ecostrip company employee with to intent to inflate the overall rating.

the solution suggested by ecostrip, of getting a usb-to-PS2 adapter, is laughable. i have used those things in the past and they are notoriously unreliable.

Ecostrip needs to address this shortcoming in their product. I'm sending this back.

UPDATE: i bought and tested a ps2 to usb adapter, as an alternate way to control the plug strip--and that also DOES NOT WORK.
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