Customer Reviews: Econobum Full Kit
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on August 4, 2010
I really like these diapers and they work very well. I use these on both my 34 lb toddler and my 13 lb 3 month old and they fit both well. To fit a younger baby you fold the diaper in thirds short ways and for older babies you fold long ways. The cover has three settings that you snap and unsnap to make fit whatever size child you have. The econobum prefolds also work great with my Flip diapers and I'm able to mix and match both systems together. I've also never had any leaks with either of my children and I'd say the econobum prefolds keep breastmilk poo off the covers better than the flip inserts(the flips inserts hold less pee too and leak with my toddler). Overall I'm really happy with this system.
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on November 21, 2011
I started cloth diapering with Bumgenius and Happyheinies one-size pocket diapers. I chose those diapers because I was nervous about my husband's and my ability to put on a prefold (it seemed a lot more complicated at the time.) I was a little uncomfortable about using polyester rather than cotton, but couldn't find cotton one-size pockets diapers that I could afford.

When both the bumgenius and the happyheinies began to wear out after my son was about 1 1/2 yr old I began to look at replacements. Econobum was my favorite of the three new diapers I tried. (the other two were other brands of one-size pocket diapers) I now have a fourmonth old and I have bought four more econobum diapers. Although I fixed the bumgenius and happyheinies (replaced the elastic and velcro) we use the Econobums almost exclusively. The first one that I bought when my son was a year and a half has now withstood nearly a year of use (first his, now hers) and still looks brand new, so I have high hopes that these will fair better than the polyester pocket diapers did. I really regret not buying these to begin with (although I'm not sure they existed when my son was a newborn)

Five covers usually last me about 2 and a half days. After a pee I just wipe down the cover with a wipe. I replace the cover after a poo and also after one day of continuous use (or they get stinky.) I've actually noticed that my daughter tends to get diaper rash when we use the old polyester pocket diapers, but never from the cotton econobums so I don't think it is a problem at all to reuse after a pee. Also when I used these on my toddler I had a bunch of cotton diaper doublers that were given to me and would sometimes add one of these in for extra absorbtion. I don't know where the doublers were from or who makes them- they are a layer of cotton terry sandwiched between two pieces of plain weave.

My favorite things about these diapers: They are inexpensive enough that if they do wear out I would not feel too bad about replacing them. They are cotton. I can use any prefold in the covers (just fold down the back or front to fit.)

I spent about $500 on my set of polyester pocket diapers and less than $100 on my set of econobum + some extra prefolds.
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on September 26, 2012
I got this kit when I first started cloth diapering with my five month old son. I got a couple other types of diapers, but these have been BY FAR the best! When I first started to research cloth diapers, I was horrified by the upfront costs. Sure, it's supposed to be cheap in the long run, but who really wants to front hundreds of dollars to start? At first I thought it was too good to be true, that I would just get what I paid for...boy, I was surprised! I also bought some more expensive supposedly highly rated diapers that ended up leaking like crazy. These have yet to leak! They get my son through a 10 hour night's sleep no problem. The diapers are super absorbant and the covers NEVER leak. Ever. At least, they haven't for us! There was, however, one issue. The diapers didn't fit around my son. I was under the impression that I would be able to fold them around my son...well, that didn't happen and he was only five months and was even on the smaller side for his age. I was totally fine with it, though. All you need to do it fold them (length or width wise) and place them in the bottom of the cover. It's easier than the ever-so-popular and ever-so-expensive all-in-ones that people rave about (I really don't know why!) So, basically for about $50 you get all you need to cloth diaper your child through potty training! It's awesome! No need for snappies or pins (you just fold them in the bottom of the cover); no need for liners or inserts; you don't have to buy more in few months to accomodate your child's growth spurts because the covers are one size; and unlike pockets and all-in-ones, you don't need to have 12+ full diapers/covers for the day (just let the covers dry in between changes). I recommend this kit to EVERYONE I know starting the cloth diaper adventure!
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on September 2, 2013
I have never cloth diapered before and while pregnant with my 2nd child became interested in the whole idea. I did a lot of reading and researching and in looking at the money and the reviews from many people, I decided that Econobum was the best choice. It's true that the diaper covers aren't as fun or cute as other brands but when you can get everything you need for cloth diapering until potty training age for around $100, to me it was worth it. Other brands with the fun patterns can cost $400-800 and especially since I didn't know how I was going to do with cloth diapering, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg just for vanity's sake. So many reviews said great things about Econobum, and the main things that got me were the price and the fact that so many people said they never leaked. I am now almost 2 months in and would say I definitely like them. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the prefolds are extremely bulky on a newborn. I had read about this being a problem but figured it would be ok since my baby was large at birth, 8 lbs 13 oz and drinks a ton of formula each day - thus he is growing like a weed and is 6 weeks old and well over 11 lbs. Anyway, the diapers will work for a newborn but just know they will look totally hysterical because they're so huge. I admit I was/am embarrassed to take my son out in public with them on so until he gets big enough for them to fit and look normal we are using disposables when we leave the house! Beyond that vanity, we do use them at home even though at 11 some pounds they are still very bulky on him. I'm guessing when he gets closer to 15 they will start to fit better. I have also considered ordering "infant" size prefolds that are smaller and just using those for now with the covers. Doing that would still probably be cheaper than buying disposables for a few months. As for washing them, I find it extremely easy. I don't mind doing laundry and already do loads every other day or 2 days, so washing cloth diapers wasn't really an issue to me. I have an LG front load set and it gets mine super clean. They come out of the dryer smelling like fresh nothing - which is what is supposed to happen (mine have never smelled like urine or ammonia or feces). I wash them on the sanitary cycle with a prewash and an extra rinse - I use Tiny Bubbles detergent and it works great - so far I've never had any stains. I air dry the covers. All in all I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone wanting to cloth diaper; even with the bulkiness for newborns I still think they work well and know they will work even better when my baby is a little bigger.
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on May 25, 2011
I see a few disheartening reviews about these diapers, but please don't allow negative comments to sway you about these diapers! Of course, these aren't the only diapers I would recommend you having as part of your cloth diaper regime, but they certainly will be a great start to an easily customized stash! Cloth diapering can seem scary, especially when having to drop so much money down in the beginning, but to those of you first starting out, I recommend finding as much information as you possibly can before you begin your cloth diaper journey!

So far, the best blog I can recommend is Pin Stripes and Polka Dots [...]

Her objections to nay-sayers and simple step by step instructions will have you wondering why you didn't think of cloth diapers ages ago! So go ahead, buy an Econobum pack, read as much as you can from the blog, and practice on a stuffed animal! You might soon find yourself addicted! :]
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on July 12, 2014
At first, I loved everything about these diapers! Then, within 3 weeks of using them and line drying the covers, a snap came off of the cover. I emailed the company and told them of this. I waited and waited for 3 weeks and received no response. I then went on their Facebook page and left them a comment about all of the above. Again, they did not care and told me to contact customer service. I did, but before I could, another snap came off a 2nd cover! I tried to explain to them that this is a health hazard. If these snaps are coming off so easily, who is to say that my baby can not take it off herself and choke on it? The 3rd time I tried to get customer service to help me with my diapers, I received no response after waiting 2 weeks. Just the other day, I sent a 4th query asking for help. I still have yet to receive anything from this company.

It really is a shame that their customer service is as bad as the quality of this product. I was hoping that I found an economical way to cloth my baby without sacrificing quality. I was wrong. Please do not invest in this company, as they do not care about the safety of our children nor the quality of their product.
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on December 10, 2014
This kit is awesome... and an amazing value. You can literally get everything you need to diaper your baby until potty-training for around $100 (two or three kits). The prefolds are great. I had some other prefolds I ordreed from another company (which were also the unbleached kind) but they are not as "fluffy" or as absorbent as these. When I put my LO down for the night, I always make sure to reach for the Econobum prefold because she will feel more "dry" in it by comparison. The covers are also great and SOOOO easy. Some cloth diapering moms swear by velcro closures...but I sometimes find the velcro covers (I have several) difficult to get a good fit on a squirming baby... and I'm always questioning whether I have them on tight enough. But not with these... once I know exactly where to snap it for whatever size she is, then I just always snap it there and I'm always in the clear. I have very few leaks or blow outs with these covers... if I do then it's because I might have mistakenly allowed the prefold to "peek" out near her back or around her legs... so always be sure to do a check after you've fastened the cover to be sure it's all tucked in. I started using this kit when my LO was born... had to research a bit to determine the best way to fold the prefolds for a newborn but once I learned it was easy. Some of my "disposable diaper" friends have seen me using these diapers and asked about the cost... when I tell them how cheap I've converted some of them to cloth diapering! I think most moms assume cloth diapers are expensive to get started... and yes, they can be... but I see no need for that. The Econobum kit is literally just as good as all those other "systems" out there for much much less.
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on December 16, 2014
I have tried lots of brands of cloth diapers. When I got started I bought two of everything. Ok maybe not EVERYTHING, but lots of things. Swaddlebees, bumgenius, fuzzibunz, cheap pockets, and a lots of other various pre-folds. I have been using cloth on my 2 1/2 year old since birth and I keep coming back to these diapers. The covers were great at the newborn stage, but I felt like the pre-folds were too bulky. In an older baby/toddler I used these with flip covers. I eventually sold off everything else I bought, and used the econombum pre-folds exclusively (inside flip covers). They have held up well, they are easy to use, and they clean up easily. They are cheap, and they work great! WIN WIN, WIN!
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on June 22, 2012
Just like many others, I too was very skeptical on getting these based on the price, but thanks to the positive reviews, I decided to order these diapers. I didn't have a lot to spend, so getting ones like bumgenious and gdiapers, was out of the question! I have been very skeptical about switching to cloth in the first place, but I have to say I 100% absolutely LOVE these diapers and have completely fallen in love with cloth diapering. I wish I would have found these a long time ago. I bought 2 of these boxes and have more than enough for at home, and then to keep it easier on the sitter, I bought some kushies all in ones. I have to say I much prefer the econobums, they dry and clean easy and fast! My all in ones, take FOREVER to dry. THe only thing I disliked about these is that they only came in white.. I was hopeing to get some colored ones and printed ones. But they work great, no leaks, and were affordable to me, and the other choices where not.
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on October 8, 2013
At first I wasn't a fan of this kit at all. I have to retract my previous review, though. The prefolds are definitely meant to be trifolded only, not any other folds. Once my baby was a little bigger I really liked this, and the prefolds/covers fit much better. They wash and dry great, and never leak except random jumperoo poos.
My statement that the wetbag is pretty useless still stands. I have a different one that I prefer to use. The one in this kit has a draw string that doesn't work. Otherwise, it's a good deal.
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