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on June 24, 2012
Ok, there have been hundreds of reviews and posts and remarks and discussions done on mobileread dot com.
But for the sake of amazon purchasers I'll try to put all mentioned facts in a nutshell; but first a little clarification:

This is an ebook reading device, meaning it's made for reading books, and not a tablet!
The secondary purpose of this device is that it is a learning device, aimed for school kids in Russia. So apart from a book reader, it's loaded with software, and information on a variety of topics.
Third use is a translator. The device comes with a translator basic English - Spanish. One could change the language by downloading a Russian version of the translator too, but they don't work simultaneously.

- It's color e-ink, the first device ever to bring color e-ink on the market
- long battery life (~1-2months per charge, depending on reading habits)
- Good speakers, and headphones out.
- Has TTS (Text To Speech)
- Can display 95% of PDF's without the need for reflow!
- Can display basic images (gif/jpg/svg/BMP/TIFF..)
- Can read a variety of ebook formats (PDF, Epub, Lit, Rtf, mobi, prc)
- Text is remarkably sharper thanks to it's 1600x1200 pixels; a noticeable improvement on the ipad 1 & 2, and any other e-ink device out there!
- Uses a fast processor (800Mhz)
- Has a micro SD card input for cards upto 32GB tested (64GB perhaps possible, but due to them being insanely expensive, and the small size of ebooks, I strongly suggest to stick with 2 or 4GB micro SD cards!
- Large screen estate, to display most ebooks perfectly, on a variety of fonts
- Built in dictionary and a single translator (eng-esp, or eng-ru).
- Touchscreen, and pen. Annotations are possible in certain books.
- works with ADE, so any adobe DRM books that can be registered there, can be registered for the device.

- Can not yet read comic book formats CBR/CBZ (although this would be an excellent comic book reader; you can always convert cbr/cbz to pdf or epub)
- Has a few bugs in the operating system, connected to TTS and picture viewing
- Menu structure is not very logical, and can use some structural improvements
- The background is not completely white like a paper, but light green-ish grey; about the same dark as a recycled newspaper
- The color contrast is somewhat blurred out; light green, blue and grey and orange and yellow have somewhat the same color. Bright red, blue and green somewhat show a darker tint.
- Has no back light
- Has wifi, but no network capabilities have been built in, meaning it has no browser or other thing to connect to the internet.
- Batteries are not user-replaceable.
- Device is quite heavy, and buttons are not placed on a logical place

Other thoughts:
I bought this one on a special deal in February 2012, trade an old jetbook for this JBC for $400. I found $400 already quite expensive; a right price for me would be $300-$375; and it does not support what I want to do most with it (namely read comic books). I personally think this device is an ok PDF viewer, but nothing else.
If you want a large screen ebook reader, there are other alternatives that are more affordable. However it's quite enjoyable to read epubs on it's 9" screen size! Most 5, 6, and 7inch ebook readers are limited to 800x600 pixels, and comparing to a physical book, have just too little information on their screens. This Jetbook Color has the screen estate to display your books comfortably, and more!
If you want it for a PDF viewer, this is currently the best there is on the market!
The school software packed on this device is largely unused by many users who purchased this device!

Going over forums, the main complaint heard over and over again, is that it does not have as bright of a background as other e-ink devices. Unfortunately it is not possible to attain these levels of white with a color e-ink device.
But current background levels form no problems for me personally; and I can read on this device comfortably; just as long as the environment light is more than candle light (which it is in most homes, and outside).

There are audio recording capabilities built in,but the software does not support many yet.

The sleeve is of good quality, however presses the buttons if you throw it in a backpack. It also hangs the device in an angle, when using it as a device stand.
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on July 10, 2012
I did A LOT of research prior to purchasing the device. I needed something for school to store notes and handouts from Professors as they were endless. I would take the papers, scan them to my comp, and load them to the jetbook - this was hands down the greatest system implemented for college use.

Freshman year i was losing notes left and right, Sophomore year was even worse, Junior year got better, but Senior year was all made exponentially easier.

I can understand how some people purchase it for individual use and reading books in color with eink and not a backlit screen but for education I definitely am a primary source when it comes to the efficiency the device develops when you have a lot of classes and notes.

This is how i structured the notes for anyone in school who's interested:

- I made a folder on the device corresponding to each class i take
- 6 classes
- Then i have the date and topic studied as a sub-folder within each folder
- Voila, keep adding sub-folders after every class and you'll never lose your notes

It also helps that you can write on the documents you load. Their last update had looseleaf-like pages so you can use the unit as a notepad - also pretty cool.

Overall, if you're a student, this will SAVE YOU when it comes to studying and exams - maybe you'll even score higher lol
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on March 23, 2013
...simultaneously...the "1" would be for the photo on this page -- it is pure fraud...the true the color looks nothing at all like appreciate what it really looks like do a web search for a colorized daguerrotype and you'll see something much closer to what the device provides...

...that said, the device does some remarkable handles PDFs strinkingly is able to administer tests and then correct them for you -- this applies to mostly AMSCO publications, however, I believe...the resolution is quite remarkable with letters having significantly sharper edges than Kindle or Boox -- however, this is offset somewhat by the background being quite a bit darker than either of those devices...

...there are a bunch of other features -- music and graph paper that you can use the included stylus to write on, a scientific calculator, language training programs, a small library of free books -- there is a LOT of other stuff and you should check out the company's website for all the details...

...I bought mine from the company website...they had it on sale for $375 and included a nice case, a USB charger, an earpiece light, and they even tossed in one of their "mini" readers which they usually sell for $120...the mini-reader itself is interesting -- it has an unusual sort of silvery background that has some appeal but I haven't used it enough to fully appraise it... other thing that really stands out in my mind is the surface of the is some sort of rubberized surface that really feels nice in your hands even without a cover...I don't like the feel of either my Kindle or my Boox -- they both have this flat, cold, metallic quality that just doesn't agree with me for any length of time... sum up, it's definitely worth looking at -- students especially might find many of its features very useful...
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on July 3, 2012
First a disclaimer, i have to tell everyone the jetbook color is an ebook reader and NOT a tablet. If you are looking for something to answer emails, go on youtube and play videogames you may want to consider something else.

I purchased a jetbook color on a recommendation from a family member, i was looking for a eBook reader with a big screen because i have poor eyesight. I also wanted a TTS feature for books and a talking dictionary feature. The fact that is color eink is a plus, i love being that person who has the newest and the greatest.

What i like:
-I was able to get the hang of it within a day.
-TTS feature reads books to me.
-I can look up and hear a word in the dictionary quick.
-I found it very easy to add books onto it.
-The language teaching program is cool. Its like Rosetta Stone.

What could be better:
-Could have an Italian teaching program! (Spanish is available now)
-Could choose between male and female TTS.

Although i'm not a student i can really see how useful something like this could be, i almost feel weird because i use just a fraction of the things on here. The point is i like the jetbook color as a consumer so i'm sure students would love it.
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on March 15, 2014
I bought jetbook color 2 from ectaco website 2 days ago . It is amazing ebook reader and very bad as tablet so choose between your eyes or your pleasure.
It is just the best ebook reader with price of a very good tablet
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on January 19, 2013

It is in color
It can play audio
The screen size is fine. It is the largest one I could find
It is not too heavy
They added some nice reference material to it
The display looks fine out doors


The color is not vivid
Sometimes, it is slow
Sometimes, it has a ghost of the previous page
It cost is more than I wanted to pay
It could do more if the platform was open to 3rd party developers
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on February 17, 2014
As a regular user of eBook readers I was excited at the size of the screen and resolution. Too good to be true.
The colors are not bright like in the picture but I can live with that because it is e-Ink and not LCD.
It is sometimes slow to respond but I can live with it, other eBook readers have the same performance.
So where is the problem? I dont know, ask the manufacturer my screen has failed twice, always same problem.
I think it is an immature prototype. Compared to my other HD eBook readers , I get impression that the battery lasts much less.
I should of listened to the other bad reviews on the internet and taken some good advice.
It has the specification of the ultimate eBook reader but performance of a prototype.
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on February 7, 2014
This is a full sized ereader which is really nice to read textbooks and articles off of. It has color, not bright in your face LCD colors but dull colors. Despite this, I appreciate the color because 1) no other ereader has color and 2) very useful for science textbooks with graphs. Yes, the response time isn't as amazing as a kindle but the color and size are worth it. Not to mention, it is very easy to organize your files. All you have to do is plug into your computer and then create a new folder and then it shows up under your books. You can add a micro sd card to get more memory. I like the stylus but sometimes it can be a little hard to use. Bottom line is that it could be better but it is the best out right now that fits what I need.
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on July 12, 2012
I purchased my jetBook color with Color E ink screen several months ago on Ectaco website and really like how it works.
It has many nice features, has support for most popular formats and comes preloaded with many linguistic apps.
It has dictionaries for many languages and microSD card support

New firmware (available starting July 12 )has many updates (see the list below)

* You can quickly lock the keyboard to avoid inadvertent key presses when carrying the device.
* Turning Wi-Fi on/off is performed just by sliding a switch on the device case.
* The "Internet Library" subsection was added so that you can access digital libraries.
* The ebook reader interface was enhanced to better suit your needs. To select a single word, for example, just hold the stylus down on it for a second.
* A series of menu items now may be activated by voice commands.
* Support for screen rotation (portrait & landscape modes) - the "Rotate Screen" function.
* The drawing mode was enriched by the addition of the "Clear Page" and "Clear all Pages" functions that allow you to delete all drawings from the current page or from the entre book, respectively.
* Quick navigation to the list of books you recently viewed with the ability to open any of them.
* Now you can turn on or off an audible click you hear when you tap the device screen or press a key. The functions are configured independently.
* The number of interface languages was increased to 14.
* When the device is turned off, a fine-looking screensaver is displayed.

I recommend this product for people who love long time reading and focus on education.
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on July 5, 2012
If this went for half the price, I would recommend it.

1. great resolution on the black text compared to other 9,7" e-ink readers
2. great display under bright sun

1. the RGB layer darkens the background and ruins the readability.
2. colours are very poor
3. in low light conditions it's heavy on eyes
4. it's like an aborted experiment, dead already, weak support
5. too heavy to hold in hands for long, requires a stand or your desk
6. Windows CE = no rooting, lack of apps
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