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on October 26, 2010
You know when a book just takes your breath away? I mean, you're in the middle of the story and something happens - something huge and surprising and kind of unbelievable - and bam, you just stop breathing. Hold your breath and your eyes hurry through the words because you *have* to know what's going to happen, how that's gonna turn out. Then, when it's finally over - at least for the moment being - you that breath go, and it feels so good. That's how I felt with Edge of Sight, like holding my breath as I waited for the suspense to unfold and the romance to bloom. I loved this new series and I think that Roxanne St. Claire has taken her writing to new heights since the Bullet Catchers. I found these books to be much deeper and more emotional. The chemistry between the main characters is absolutely captivating, the sparks pretty much fly off the pages (you might want to wear goggles). Zach is an amazing character, and I just fell in love with him. And Sam is smart, strong and full of light. They're a great pair together. I really, really loved the steady, fun, funny, engaging, loving set of secondary characters, who give the book the right dose of "light" through the depth of the plot and the emotion of the characters. I really recommend this book to everyone who loves great romance and great suspense. It's one of my favorites!
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on November 29, 2010
I've always enjoyed Roxanne St. Claire's books--I mean, come on, what's hotter than those Bullet Catchers of hers? Except, it turns out...a close-knit family of investigators in Boston! The Angelinos completely captured my imagination and interest from the very first taste of them, in a free read offered on St. Claire's website. I was hooked! Sam, Zach, Uncle Nino (love!) and of course, Vivi--who has to be one of the most vivid characters I've read in a long time--all of them have me panting for more Angelinos stories.

St. Claire writes romantic suspense exactly the way I like it: heavy on the romance, passion, emotion, and fast-paced adventure--light on the grim serial killers, gory murders, and flat cardboard characters. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to read more.
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on July 27, 2011
Edge of Sight is a murder mystery-suspense romance that connects two of the most captivating characters. Samantha (Sam), a law student and Zach, a special ops officer take you through an adventure of intrigue, action and an erogenous romance.

The tale begins with Sam witnessing a murder of newspaper columnist. When she reveals everything to the police, she isn't taken too seriously because of her past and putting an innocent man in jail from another murder she witnessed. So, she turns to her once-upon-time friend Vivi Angelino, currently an investigative reporter. ( Vivi and her brother Zach, at the moment, are working on starting their own security and investigation firm, which they will be consultants on FBI cases called "The Guardian Angelinos"; thus, the first book in this series.) Sam's circumstance will be the first mission for Vivi & Zach's new firm.

When Sam texts Vivi for help, unbeknownst to Sam, Zach responds back (because he has Vivi's phone) and tells Sam to swing on by. This will be the beginning of the smoldering hot romance, again. For you see, Zach and Sam were an item in the past. Three years prior, Zach just up and left her bed, without a word, for some top secret security mission in Iraq. He never contacted or communicated with her during those three years, or never even sent a her post card (this will be Sam's ongoing badger to Zach throughout the's quite cute!). Instead, he totally broke her heart.

As the suspense moves on in trying to catch the killer, the killer is also stalking Sam because he knows that she has witnessed the murder (via video camera he took after his kill). But Sam is now under Zach's, The Guardian Angelinos, protection 24/7, which heightens their relationship to an electrifying reconnection which will most definitely ignite their erogenous passion and deepest love for each other. In the end, Sam survives the killer's quest with the protection of Zach, The Guardian Angelinos capture the killer and unravel a notorious conspiracy, and Zach and Sam unify as one and kindle that "can't live without" passion with a happily-ever-after.

This story is a great beginning to a wonderful new serious. If you enjoy murder mystery, gripping intensity, suspense, erogenous romance and an excellent storyline, and don't mind a rollercoaster ride of on-your-seat, drooling, panting, and getting excited, this book is definitely one for you to read...mega hot alpha-male Zach included to boot! Highly recommend!
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on October 21, 2011
Samantha "Sam" was a witness to a murder when she was 16. Unfortunately it turned out she identified the wrong man. When the true killer confessed, Sam worked for three years to help gain the release of Billy, the innocent man she helped send to prison. Billy and Sam became friends through the process and Sam decided she would go to law school to become a lawyer to help others like Billy.

In the process of freeing Billy Sam has exposed some sloppy police work in the investigation procedures. That has put her on the blacklist of the Boston Police department. When Sam witnesses another murder the police don't want to rely on her eye witness report, much less protect her. But the killer knows Sam was a witness and is out to clean up loose ends.

As she is laying low Sam seeks the help of a good friend who is a serious reporter and may have contacts to get good police updates. Her good friend, Vivi, happens to be the sister of the man Sam fell in love with three years before. After a hot and heavy fling, Zach walked out and returned to the Army without any contact at all. Fortunately Sam's activities with the Innocence Mission have helped her work through the pain of her heartache even if she hasn't forgotten.

When Sam seeks Vivi's help she runs smack into Zach who is back from the service with some serious disfiguring wounds. Zach doesn't feel he's good enough for Sam; he thinks she deserves someone whole. Although Sam doesn't want his help he can see she is scared and he feels compelled to protect her.

Other members of the Angelino family are pulled together to form the PI/security firm to be known as the Guardian Angelinos. They soon discover that there is more than one person out to kill Sam.

There is nonstop action dodging one assassination attempt after another. The killer isn't beyond using Sam's friends as bait to draw her in, involving Billy and Vivi in deep trouble. Meanwhile the heat between Sam and Zach doesn't simmer, it boils.

Can the Angelinos protect their first client?? Will Sam forgive Zach and can he see his way to acknowledging his love for her? Read this book to find out for yourself. You will be glad you did.
I look forward to reading more books in this series and more books by this author.

CAUTION: Some strong language - but it is worth the read.
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on October 27, 2011
This book had me turning pages anxiously as I tried to figure out "whodunit" - and even though I had a pretty good idea of the villian about halfway through, there was still an interesting twist at the end that made it totally worth it, to me. The main characters, Samantha and Zach, were believable, flawed, funny, and had some major chemistry. I loved the big Italian family concept, and the descriptions of their family dinners captured the loving chaos perfectly. Can't wait to read the next one - Marc's story.
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on August 2, 2013
I loved this book. It is a great book that kept me reading and definitely a book that I will re-read.
This is the story of Samantha, who works at a restaurant, but is getting ready to start school to be a lawyer. A few years ago she witnessed a crime and sent an innocent man to prison. She helped him get out and now has witnessed another crime and is afraid to tell who did it, in case she does the same thing again. Now the people that did this crime know that she knows who they are. She is in danger and needs help. The only person she can think to call is her old friend Vivi, but knows that an old flame might be around and is scared to see him again.
Zach is an ex-soldier with his own secret. He had a fling with Samantha and left her hanging. He is back in town and is scared to see Sam because something happened and is scared of being rejected.
This is a great story about love and exceptence. I loved this book. I love all the secondary characters, especially Uncle Nino. I love both Zach and Sam. They are great together and can't wait to read the rest of this series.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2010
When Samantha Fairchild witnessed a murder as a young girl it changed her life. Now bound for law school at Harvard history repeats itself and Samantha can't believe it when she sees yet another person killed - with her as the only witness. To make matters worse apparently the killer knows she saw him, and she's just become his next target.

Desperate for help that the police won't provide Sam turns to her old friend Vivi Angelino, an investigative reporter, hoping she can get some information and stop cowering in her apartment. But when Vivi recruits her brother, Zach, for protection duty, Samantha isn't sure what's worse. The danger to her life, or the danger to her heart because she and Zach share an intense history full of heat and ending in heartbreak.

Zach is a Special Forces vet, scarred and struggling to find his footing out of the military. After disappearing from Sam's life when he left for war, he never thought to be back in it. But now that circumstances have pushed them together again, Zach's realized that the one thing he can't stand is losing her again. Now Sam and Zach have to face the painful past, and the dangerous present in order to have a chance of a future together...

It's been quite a while since I've read a new romantic suspense novel, and I thought I was burned out on them. I'm glad to say that Roxanne St. Claire proved me wrong. Edge of Sight delivers an action-packed, emotion-filled, hot, reunion romance.

Zach is a truly tortured hero, with scars not only on the inside, but that are visible to the world too. Then there's the PTSD and survivor's guilt that he's living with day in and day out. Floundering, he's not sure what to do, not sure where to go from here. The one thing he is sure of is that he doesn't deserve happiness. Or love. Especially not the kind of love Sam offered to him before he left her three years prior.

Sam's life took a hard left turn, and then a few more, after Zach left. She's grown and is determined to help those that are left without recourse. But due to one significant mistake she has trouble trusting her instincts. So when things start to heat up again between her and Zach, she's doesn't know what to think. Is it just the close proximity that him protecting her is engendering this renewal of emotions? Or is it something more? And how can she ever be sure?

I really loved watching Zach and Sam work towards each other. They both have issues, they both aren't sure all the time. They question. And then they talk. Which is one of the things I love most about this book. The hero and heroine don't let themselves, or each other, stew in what could potentially turn into a Big Misunderstanding. No, they take a moment to actually discuss what's going on with each of them, keeping the lines of communication not only open, but flowing.

The suspense part of Edge of Sight has a lot to do with Vivi wanting to start up her own private investigative and protection agency. She's trying to talk a lot of her, rather large, family into joining her in this venture. And Samantha's their first client. The plot moves at a quick pace, never dragging, instead it's pulling you along down the paths the characters travel as they try to unravel the truth.

This is obviously the first of, probably, a long series. There are already a lot of extra characters that will need their own stories, and I'm sure that they will only continue to come. But the nice thing here is that even though I knew this, it never felt like sequel-bait. The family is an important part to the series and they're all really well fleshed out so that I simply want to see more of them.

Edge of Sight is a smart, exciting, edge-of-your-seat, sincere love story that will have you rooting for Zach and Sam. And eager to see what Vivi will find for the Guardian Angelinos next.
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on November 19, 2010
"All good things come to those who wait"...well this book was well worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed Roxanne St. Claire's latest book, Edge of Sight, the first of her new series, Guardian Angelinos. Ms. St. Claire is an amazing storyteller, with a knack for combining humorous banter and clever dialogue with sexy fun romance while telling a compelling suspenseful adventure.

She writes a sexy alpha hero so well and Zach (Zaccaria) Angelino is a perfect example of her talent for conjuring up men who go far past appealing. (Drool Factor!) He is a former Army Ranger, "tall, broad, dark and...imposing" as she describes and he is part of a large Italian family. I like that she has made Zach both cocky and yet vulnerable too.

Her heroine Sam (Samantha) Fairchild is feisty and strong even while under dire circumstances. Sam is benevolent when she could easily be unforgiving of Zach for his initial behavior. (I won't go into any specific details of the it.) Sam's blonde hair and blue eyes totally contrast with his dark hair and brown eyes, complementing each other perfectly.

I highly recommend this book and while you wait for it to arrive from Amazon I encourage you to visit Roxanne St Claire's new website […]where you can read Taken To The Edge, the prequel to Edge of Sight..."the short story of how Sam and Zach met, their passionate fling (HOT!), and painful parting." […]

Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times bestselling and RITA award-winning author of the extremely popular and successful Bullet Catcher series. The second Guardian Angelinos book, Shiver of FearShiver of Fear (The Guardian Angelinos) will be out in April 2011 and the third, Face of DangerFace of Danger (Guardian Angelinos) will follow in May 2011.

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on July 17, 2011
I just finished The Edge of Sight and I have to admit that I am not sure exactly how I feel about it. This was my first Roxanne St Claire book and I did enjoy her writing style. Other readers have outlined the book so I just wanted to put some thoughts out there. What worked: The relationship between Sam and Zach got better as the book went on. The conflict was believable. The character development could have been stronger but I can see this being a 6-7 book series so St Claire had to leave some information for the books to follow. The characters were very interesting. The idea of working to correct your past mistakes and achieve forgiveness was a strong reminder. What left me hanging: The book just seemed to END in one Chapter. All of the bad guys were in one place and it just didn't seem to get explained very well. I thought this could have been a much stronger area. I always like to know WHY people did what they did and this book just didn't explain that well enough for me. I got a little tired of the re-hashing for Sam and Zach. Just talk to each for goodness sake! Having sex in a barn when someone is trying to kill you was a little preposterous. All that said, I may read the next one just to see what Uncle Nino is up to!
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on November 25, 2011
I hadn't read a Roxanne St. Claire book - this was my first one... but not my last. The premise was brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and was so thrilled by the cast of characters I can't wait to read more! The pace of this book made me stay up way past my bedtime till my eyes were stinging - I couldn't put it down. Absolute fun!
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