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Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow [HD]
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on June 15, 2014
What I like about the book over the movie is it took the time to tell the reader what Mimics are..

On a planet far, far away, a race of highly advance and intelligent beings on an over populated planet sent out nanobots to terraform a distant planet they felt could sustain their life. That planet being Earth.

Upon arriving Earth the ship broke into eight parts while the mothership remained in orbit. 4 parts fell into the sea, the rest on land. All communications from Earth were ignored. After the world's nations finished auguring among themselves it was decided that they blasted the mothership to space bits with missiles. Meanwhile In the depths of the oceans, the machines chanced upon echinoderms—starfish

The nanobots penetrated the rigid endoskeletons of the starfish and began to multiply in symbiosis with their hosts.

The resulting creatures fed on soil. They ate the world and spat out poison. Toxic to earth life but suitable to the beings that sent them. When the machines arrived on land, they concluded that in order to fulfill their objective of xenoforming the planet, they would have to remove the obstacles standing in their way.

That's where the movie starts.
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It's an indictment on its crap marketing campaign that Edge of Tomorrow isn't inflicting more damage at the box office. It's one of the strongest sci-fi films to come around in recent years and also one of Tom Cruise's best performances. The trailers failed utterly to sell that to its audience, instead making it seem to be some sort of heavy, existential experience à la last year's Oblivion. But whereas Oblivion felt like a sucker punch to the face, Edge of Tomorrow comes off clever and smart and unexpectedly funny. It resonates on an emotional level. It carries shades of Groundhog Day, of 12:01 and Source Code and that "Monday" episode from X-Files. It's infused with bits of Starship Troopers and Aliens and awesome video games.

I don't think it's deliberate, but it's a kick (for me, anyway) that the film topsy-turvies those glib early roles Tom Cruise used to play. This is a fantastic character arc for him. Cruise is Major William Cage, smug face of U.S. Army media relations. He's more of a corporate soldier, but the factoring element is that he's a craven corporate soldier. His only combat experience consists of a stint at R.O.T.C. while in college. Cage talks the talk, would rather not walk the walk.

Humanity has been under siege for the past five years from a relentless alien race what seems preternaturally aware of every counter-move made by Earth's defenses. One cool thing to come out of this is that the nations of the world have aligned into the United Defense Forces - so thumbs up, yeah, for solidarity brought about by extreme self-interest. It's been a losing war, except, suddenly, comes the Battle of Verdun which registers the first significant win for our side. And now comes Project Downfall, Earth's one major push for victory. It's an all-or-nothing operation of which first assault wave the war general (Brendan Gleeson) believes requires an embedded media presence so as to record various acts of valor to boost morale. And guess whom he taps for that singular privilege?

Cage, in classic slick Tom Cruise fashion, tries his durndest to talk his way out of it. Quote: "I do what I do. You do what you do. I'm not a soldier." The general doesn't take kindly to this streak of yella and drums him down. There goes Private William Cage being marched into battle and dying quickly and horrifyingly... except that he then wakes up the day before. And lather, rinse, repeat.

So this movie is the boss. It's based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka's Japanese light novel All You Need is Kill (awesome title). You can make a case for its being a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day, and so what? You should embrace that. Director Doug Liman executes with sharp direction and breathtaking editing. He doesn't allow the story to lose its impact. He sidesteps the mind-numbing repetition that comes with lazy time loop plotting. Cage's resets are given fresh takes. There's a nice bare minimum done to maintain that connective tissue, so you can keep track from the reset's origin point, but from then on Cage proceeds to new ground. So I like that the movie doesn't hold your hand. You're expected to keep up. There's something gratifying about watching Cage - as he repeatedly endures violent death and ensuing resurrection - progress from wretched, blackmailing pencil pusher to exemplary, self-sacrificing warrior. Like or lambaste Tom Cruise, it's a rewarding hero's journey, and Cruise works really hard here. As ever, he does a lot of his own stunts.

The film benefits hugely from Cruise and Emily Blunt's dynamite chemistry. Blunt's take-no-prisoners Sergeant Rita Vrataski is a far cry from that fawning senior assistant from The Devil Wears Prada. Sgt. Vrataski, nicknamed the Angel of Verdun, is a highly decorated soldier whom Cage runs into time and again, and what they get up to provides the narrative's strong emotional punch. Just as with Linda Hamilton in T2, you don't ever question Blunt as a badass babe. It's funny to me that The Other Women was touted as a female empowerment movie, and yet all the women do in that film is obsess about men. Sgt. Vrataski is a better role model for girls than those women. Sgt. Vrataski is strong and independent and revered by her fellow grunts. She doesn't require men to validate her. In fact, Tom Cruise's character REQUIRES HER to propel his story arc forward. She's that one crucial piece to the puzzle. And, okay, I'm about to sabotage all that impassioned stuff by mentioning that there's also Blunt's Catherine Zeta-Jones back arch, a recurring yoga move that affords moments of giddiness for male viewers. Also, how cool does she look with that big ass sword?

Opportunities for humor surface organically in a time loop premise, and the writer(s) take good advantage of this without going too far or too silly. There's that hilarious training montage where- no, I can't spoil it. Visually, it's fantastic. Great action sequences, spectacular special effects. The aliens are these terrifying, skittering whirlwinds of death - just the thought of having to fend them off makes me break out in sweat.

It's a supporting cast that thrives in their roles - whether it's Brendan Gleeson, who's always beautifully in the pocket in whatever part, or Bill Paxton (sans turtleneck sweater), who is money as the could've-been-corny-but-isn't Master Sergeant, or even that fat guy from J Squad who fights in the buff under his exo-armor.

Nitpicks, not so much. I'm maybe second-guessing that that quirky particle physicist was able to pull a deus ex machina device out his butt. And I had to work hard to make sense of why Cage always resets to his waking up in handcuffs in Heathrow (the "On your feet, maggot!" scene) but then, much later, he wakes up to, well, spoilers. I did work it out eventually, figured out the math and the what happened at what time, even if it crossed my eyes and cramped my brain. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out Edge of Tomorrow and give it good word of mouth. It's deserving of your support. Whoever handled the awful marketing campaign should be sacked like hacky and like potatoes.
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on August 18, 2014
The advertisements for this movie really missed the mark, as there is so much greatness going on in this film. "Tom Cruise vs the aliens" or sci-fi "Groundhog Day"? Sure, those claims are true, but rather simplistic. There are several other really wonderful things to love about this film:

1) Kickass super-heroine - While many lament the absence of women from the modern superhero boom (and rightfully so,) this movie delivers that rare woman warrior. At the start, Tom Cruise is the puny wimp, while Emily Blunt is the fearless leader of Earth's entire army. She swings this ridiculously giant manga-style sword and crushes aliens like nothing. It's simply great and cool to see anybody doing this, but especially a lady.

2) Sci-fi D-Day - This movie showcases a classic "storming of Normandy" sequence where instead of Americans attacking Germans, it's power-suited humans airdropping onto the beach to make battle with alien enemies. It's big, epic, loud and thrilling.

3) Comedy - This movie's hysterical. The dark humor milks the premise of the repeating/neverending day for all the jokes it can, where things change in novel, unpredictable ways.

4) New aliens - Tired of the same old aliens that are humanoid with 4 limbs or look like big bugs? Just as this film offers fresh spins on other tired cliches, the bad guys here are the most distinct and unique creations in sci-fi cinema that I can remember for quite some time.

5) Big ideas - This film combines a plethora of heady themes: destiny, heroism, politics, morality, war, choice, etc. where the viewer has many deep things to contemplate while riding the roller coaster plot.

Beyond the above, sure the movie has great performances (Bill Paxton's sassy and evangelical sergeant is downright poetic), killer action, majestic SFX, and interesting and intriguing plot. I know this movie was based on a Japanese graphic novel, but it still one of the most "original," cool and kooky films to be made in this era of remakes, reboots and sequels.
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VINE VOICEon June 9, 2014
Thankfully movies like "Edge of Tomorrow" still exist. The film is based upon a Japanese novel called "All You Need is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, but it has no superheroes, it isn't a sequel and it isn't based upon any characters previously portrayed in film. Its idea may not be completely original but its tactics and portrayals lead to a completely entertaining trip to the movies.

In a not too distant future an alien race called `The Mimics' are quickly taking over large populations of Earth. Major William Cage (Cruise), a spokesman for the United Defense Forces, is not a military man, but that doesn't stop General Brigham from ordering him to take up arms and join the front lines of the battle to take back France; a sort of D-Day reboot with Aliens.

"Edge of Tomorrow" uses the same storytelling method as "Groundhog's Day", "Looper" or "Source Code" and surprisingly brought some of that "Groundhog's Day" humor along for the ride. Major Cage is a fish out of water as he is suited up in the high-tech exo-skeleton battle armor and the creators use the time looping moments to successfully hilarious moments.

Bottom line, Tom Cruise makes great movies and "Edge of Tomorrow" is no exception. It is everything that is great about summer blockbusters and it is everything that has been forgotten about cinema in general. There once was a time when you weren't so certain about the fate of the characters in your movie, full-well knowing that they are either invincible or planned for the sequel. There once was a time when action movies made you actually feel something other than, "Eww, that was cool." And it does that as well.

"Edge of Tomorrow" is a must see for every reason possible. You care about Cruise's Major Cage and you care even more about Emily Blunt's Rita Vrataski (Angel of Verdum). The movie uses the wide possibilities of film and entertainment to the fullest, never letting up and knowing when to be serious and when to have fun with its premise. This is the kind of movie that we need more of and less of the special effects heavy movies that make you feel absolutely nothing. Finally, somebody managed to combine special effects and awesomeness with emotion, humor and meaningfulness.
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on November 2, 2014
Great movie, the Ultra-low LFE in the first 27 - 38 seconds is stuff below 20hz that will truly test those Ultra Home Theater systems, I'm talking 10hz that you truly can feel in your body.
My Home Theater has 4 x 15" driver IB subwoofer + 2 more sealed subwoofers, felt the pulsations in the body.
My 3 kids ages 12, 10 and 8 liked the movie also.
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on September 10, 2014
Solid movie! The pace and excitement are non-stop and definitely not a let-down -- quite the opposite, this is one of my new favorite movies.

I have seen similar themes in other movies, and it's a formula that works well. The action is great -- mixed with just the right amount of romance and downplayed humor. If that's your goal, you will not be disappointed. The lack of a 4th STAR is purely due to the advertisement of BONUS FEATURES, and the limited additional bonus material included.

My BIG complaint: I justify paying $19.99 for a digital movie when I see that the digital purchase includes "BONUS FEATURES" (one item that I truly miss from the DVDs). I enjoy "Behind the Scenes", "Outtakes", "Special Effects", etc...

This movie is advertised as "(plus bonus features)", which peaked my interest, resulting in a purchase. So, I fast forward straight to the end -- Bonus Features. BIG THUMBS DOWN!! A total of 14 minutes of additional commentary mixed with interviews, mixed with a few on-set shots. Digital production sales need to do a better job including Bonus Content.

I was able to find similar "Behind the Scenes" content for this movie on YouTube ( ) for free.

Remember when the Bonus DVD included 30 - 50 minutes of additional content? This is a huge loss inherited with digital purchases. It's rare to even find a NEW RELEASE movie that includes Bonus Features ("Captain America: Winter Soldier" did a great job including BONUS content included with their digital production available on Amazon).

I believe that when Bonus Feature content is advertised as included, it is the responsibility of Amazon to list the Bonus content and total length, just as is done on the back of DVDs.
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I chose not to see this film in the theater, since going out to the movies has become one of those endeavors that has become much more expensive (comparably) for a family - I save my immediate viewing for mostly indie & documentary films, along with a few favorite actresses/actors. However, since the reviews were so good and I love sci fi, I chose to buy this when it went on sale.

I'm really glad I did. Emily Blunt stands with Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and Linda Hamilton as sci fi women who are smart *and* kick ass. Tom Cruise hasn't been this good in a film in years - whether it's the chemistry with Blunt, the directing, or the script - this movie is well worth watching.
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on June 26, 2014
I like time loop movies. Keeps the old grey matter humming, and this is about as good as these films get.

Here's the scoop. Tom Cruise is an officer in uniform only. He's a P.R. guy for the military, and when he finds out he's going to do his P.R. thing on the front lines of what will be THE deciding battle to save Earth, he's anything but thrilled. But something happens during the assault that changes him and makes him relive that day over and over until he figures out how Earth might be saved by himself and an accomplished female fighter Rita (Emily Blunt).

This is an astounding movie. The art direction/design is great. It has huge scope with great visuals. Of course, in this day and age, the FX are top shelf. I liked the story as well and how the day to day repeating was mixed up. Sometimes you were shown the same scene with slight variations. Sometimes they rushed through them so you were thrown off in the timing and rhythm. And I liked how even when you think things are worked out to make a bee-line for the end zone, those things are thrown for a loop and you almost need to start from the beginning.

Cruise does a stand-up job and Blunt is right there with him. Bill Paxton is great in the part as the hard as nails sergeant who has a real 'character' side to him. The rest of Cruise's squad are pretty good as well. They help flesh things out.

One of the only downsides to this is that the viewer sees this will come to a last second win or lose moment. This movie is too good for that though I'd need to think how else it COULD happen. Other than that this is a great entry into the Sci-Fi genre movies. It might not be perfect but is better than the 4 stars I gave it. If you liked "Source Code" you should like this as well.
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on September 22, 2014
If you love sci-fi and/or action movies but have been living under a rock (or busy working) as I have you'll LOVE The Edge of Tomorrow. I had never even seen the promotions or trailer for this movie so was clueless what this even was about when I saw it on the main page of Amazon Instant Video. Live Die Repeat - Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi action movie with a very clever twist.

Cruise aka major William Cage is literally thrown into a futuristic D-Day to put an end to an invasion of aliens called Mimics that can control time hence control the outcome of the battles and the war. When Cruise dies within minutes in his first battle he acquires this time control ability from the Alpha alien and with the help of special forces Rita Vrataski played by Emily Blunt changes the outcome of the battles and ultimately the war.

The other not so well known characters of Squad J, Farell, Skinner, Kimmel, Griff, Ford, and Nance, play a great role in helping build the character of Cage who first seems to only care about himself but then becomes a reluctant leader of the squad. In that process he gets to know every squad member and is genuinely affected when they are killed in battle.

I will leave it at that so not to spoil the movie for you but would recommend buying this movie instead of just renting it as I've watched it probably 10 times this weekend alone and still haven't gotten tired of it. Then again I'm kinda crazy so don't listen to me ;) I also bought the Edge of Tomorrow Soundtrack - Love Me Again by John Newman.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow [HD]
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
One of the best movies ever. Up there with The Matrix... Bad pulp-fiction-esque title, Bad marketing. Should have headlined their marketing campaigns. I do not like movies simply because I was surprised or because of flash and bangs (attention Hollywood, I'm not a giggling baby playing peek-a-boo, or a grade-schooler trying to be tough or cool who wants to see the latest body-count show), I like them if they are filled with timeless themes, higher meanings, heroism, and subtle allegories and metaphors -- they must be mind-bending, heroic, and symbolic on many levels to engage my mind and emotions. This movie does all that maybe better than most movies ever made. VERY well-done. Let me say that I almost did not watch it because I had not heard of it and the title sounded like just another special-effects showcase shoot-em-up film. UGH. Was not expecting THIS MASTERPIECE. It is now in my top-10 all-time sci-fi move list. LOVED it!
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