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Amazon Editors' Top Picks

There's nothing Kindle editors enjoy more than recommending new books, from Kindle Select 25 to the Best of the Month in fiction, nonfiction, Kindle Singles, and more. Sign up for Kindle Books Editors' Picks to see the titles we truly love. (U.S. customers only)

Editors' Picks

Browse our editors' favorite books, including new releases and classics, plus Kindle Singles and Kindle Select 25--our list of 25 exciting books for this week.

Editors' Picks: Best Books of October

Being Mortal: Medicine and What...
List Price: $26.00
Kindle Price: $10.99
The Assassination of Margaret...
List Price: $27.00
Kindle Price: $10.99
Nora Webster: A Novel
List Price: $27.00
Kindle Price: $10.99

Kindle Select 25: 25 Exciting Books This Week

Playing It Safe
List Price: $12.95
Kindle Price: $4.99
Girl on a Wire
List Price: $9.99
Kindle Price: $4.99

Our Editors' Picks for the Best Books of the Year So Far: Top 20

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Selected for being incisive, provocative, hilarious, or heartbreaking, Kindle Singles present compelling ideas at their natural length.