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on June 15, 2008
What girl doesn't dream of a romance with a dashing rather mysterious Scottish lord? An expense paid vacation, a chance encounter with a Scot and an unexpected job offer make this an enjoyable read. Edwina is a charming story about the unexpected romance of a small town librarian who finds love when she least expects it. Edwina is set to accompany her step-sister on vacation to Scotland when her traveling companion is unexpectedly called away. Our unlikely heronie finds herself stranded and alone in a foreign country until she is rescued by a handsome if rather mysterious Scot who sweeps her off to his castle. What follows this romantic rescue is an adventure that sends our unexpected heroine's life in a direction that she never anticpated. Written in a style similar to Jane Peart this book from a new author is a must try for lovers of clean Christian romance.
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on January 19, 2012
i am not going to complain about the writing style or editing though there are issues there. my problem with this story is the utter lack of romance for a supposed romantic love story. how is it that everyone else in this story was aware of alex's feelings for edwina except her? he never spent enough time with her to get to know her. then he offers her a job watching his child and is gone for months all the time she believes he is dating her sister. why would she have any idea he was interested in her? then when he comes back there is still no romance yet everyone gets mad at edwina when she doesnt believe or understand why alex wants to marry her. i didnt get it either.
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on December 14, 2011
I discovered Edwina while going through my list of publishers looking for more new Kindle reads. The cover art drew me right to the book; and then the first few pages of the story hooked me, I hated to put it down. I read quite a few books a month and these inexpensive buys are wonderful, but not always the enjoyable read that Edwina turned out to be.
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on January 18, 2012
Not a horrible book, but not a terrific one. I was distracted throughout by elements of the story line that were simply not believable. The girl's having trouble convincing her hotel to honor her reservation, so the stranger in line behind her takes her to his home and she goes without questioning? A father in a decade of cell phones and frequent plane service is so tied up with the important issues in the US that he is gone for more than half a year from Scotland, can call only once/month and can't even fly home for quick visits with his young daughter at Christmas and her birthday? (Don't get me started on the how unbelievable I found that important issue to be in the first place.) The heroine loses her job through false accusations and...that's it? No one she's worked with for years in this job in what has been her hometown from birth objects? She herself doesn't want to pursue it at all?

In addition, we don't get to dig deeply into what could be very worthwhile characters. The author creates some interesting people, but we never really take time to know them. For that matter, I didn't feel like I really knew the heroine at the end, either.

I wanted to like this book. I kept reading until the end, to see how it worked out. But I could never really get into the characters and their story.
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on January 18, 2012
I downloaded "Edwina" last night and read about a quarter of the way through and told myself it wasn't worth continuing. First and foremost, the formatting was terrible. Did anyone even look at it before publishing? I don't think so. There was no paragraph indentation or spacing, except occasionally you'd come across a couple of pages that did have indentation. Many MANY sentences had just one word on a line and the remainder of the sentence on the next line. Quotation marks were missing so dialogue would blend with narration. Dialogue from two different characters would take place on the same line... A little effort in editing would make HUGE difference.

The character of Edwina was cliché and predictably weak. Who faints after a simple trans-Atlantic flight? Edwina does... right into the arms of a Scottish lord. Women cry at the drop of a hat, can't make up their minds, or figure out how to solve a simple problem. It's embarrassing to me, as a woman, to read about such triteness in the characters.

I wanted to enjoy the story, but it just had too many things going against it to make it enjoyable. Sorry, only two stars from me. Unlike some, who use OCD as a reason to continue reading stories they don't enjoy, I have no problem stopping and saying, "There's better things to read," and deleting it off my Kindle.
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on January 20, 2012
It was though the author just cobbled together parts of classic stories she liked without really integrating them. It was weak and inconsistent. Not believable. I would not recommend this book.
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on October 9, 2012
The book held such promise that I actually stayed way past my bedtime on a work day to finish it - which turned out to be a waste of sleep time.

I thought some scenes were funny. Also, there's a lot of Christian stuff on the book which I just skimmed over when I found it overwhelming.

I found the heroine at times idiotic - such as when she was fired and her father & in-your-face sister was willing to fight for her wrongful termination; nope she wanted to let it go. On the scene building to her confrontation with the library perps, I thought she was going to grow a spine at last because she was described to be gaining steam, only to be let down with a dumb one-liner.

Very let down with the man she ended up with. In the beginning, he was showing signs of attraction, then after that - nothing. So I never understood how he was supposed to be in love with her all this time. She should have ended up with the other guy who she had a strong camaraderie with and who really showed affection for her - heck he even named his restaurant after her! In the end, I was still convinced that she was chosen as a wife because she did well with the child.

The beginning was great hence the 2 stars, but towards the last 1/3 of the book, I really didn't like it all. I persevered to the end because I was hoping there would be a turnaround, the other guy would "rescue" her after all & the story would have the nice happy ending I envisioned. My hopes were dashed.

I read the plot for the next book Cecelia and decided not to read it as that heroine ends up with the hero I wanted for Edwina.
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on July 22, 2008
I sat down with this book, thinking to read just a chapter or two. I was quickly drawn into the plot and ended up reading it straight through in a day and a half. The main character, Edwina, was a woman I could relate to. She lives in the shadow of a perfect older sister, never able to measure up in beauty, talent, success, or confidence---at least in her own mind. And yet in her vulnerability and insecurities, she is warm, approachable, and real. I felt a kinship with her and couldn't help but root for her to land the man of her dreams.

It's a great story with a satisfying ending. I'd highly recommend it.
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on July 15, 2013
This could have been a really cute story. Instead it was terribly annoying. The heroine was a whiny baby who was very insecure. Her sister was a beautiful rich girl. We heard this over and over throughout the story. There were numerous grammatical and editing errors. In addition, the interaction within the hero and heroine was limited yet they manage to fall in love. Would not recommend even if it is free.
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on June 2, 2014
I usually don't write a review unless I have something nice to say. But this book is driving me crazy. Edwina is a simpering idiot. I don't know any 27 year old women that are so tired and unable to cope with daily life like Edwina is.

Another thing that really bothered me was that the first 15 chapters discussed nothing about Edwina's faith, then all the sudden she remember's God and the rest of the book (so far), is a constant pity party to Him.

I know that the writer is trying to lead us into a romantic relationship between "The Scot" (Why can't she just call him his name?) and Edwina, but there is no depth or emotion to their interactions. I have read 57% of the book now and if they end up together I will be disappointed because there was no development of their relationship.

Honestly I'm not sure I'm going to finish this book. Usually no matter how bad it is I try to read through to the end so I know the story, but there is nothing compelling me to do so with this book. And unfortunately it has put me off to trying any of her other works.
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