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on July 10, 2014
Well. I will start with what I like.

Its Mass Effect. I love the universe- it's full and rich, there is real purpose to what your doing, and it is beautifully realized both in the writing and the visuals (despite some obvious hampering to suit consoles, but expecting anything else is unrealistic)
The Multiplayer is fun! I don't love everything about it, but its just about right for a casual match here and there. More could have been done, but 'more' probably would have cut into the single player.

What I dont like

Well. I still haven't beat the single player. Somehow I've avoided spoilers for all this time. I dont have a clue how Mass Effect 3 ends. Why is that? Because TWICE Origin lost my save. a dialogue box comes up telling me my online and local saves are out of sync. . . which do I want to keep? Does it tell me anything about these two saves? which has more time invested? which is further along? lol well. I made the wrong decision twice. and now, years later, I haven't beat Mass Effect 3 and the sad thing is I don't want too. Because everyone (and I mean everyone) who I told how I'd made it almost to the end, ready to plunge into the final missions not once, but TWICE has said that its better i didn't. I'm better off not knowing. So Bioware must have really screwed up the ending. Oh well. Origin has (thankfully?) been hell-bent on me never knowing.

I still play the multiplayer every once and a while. maybe one day i'll beat it?. . . someday?
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on August 19, 2015
Only complaint is you still have to buy Bioware Points bc this does NOT have all the DLC. The only way to get all the DLC...which arguably SHOULD have been included in the "Deluxe" Edition, is to buy Bioware Points then use those to buy DLC on the Origin website.

So much for "Deluxe".

Come on EA, stop trying to milk us dry for DLC on every frickin game. Now they are doing the same thing for the DA:Inquisition "Deluxe" version. Sigh.

Just to be clear, the game itself is awesome. At least until the very end, but it's great till then. Then it's suddenly not. But still worth playing.
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on August 11, 2014
I loved Mass Effect 1 and 2. All things considered, Mass Effect 3 was an okay sequel - not as good as I'd hoped, but not as bad as I'd feared.

Then I got to the ending.
The words I want to use to describe the ending are not polite for public conversation. The ending made me angry - I did not like it at all. Just to confirm: this game, technically, has multiple endings, based on what choices you made during the game. After beating the game, and then looking up the other endings to see how different it was, I have come to the conclusion that this game, for all practical purposes, has just one - disappointment.

Let me be clear: the game's designers made some choices regarding the ways they ended the game. As long as they stick by that, I will respect that that is their decision regarding the game. But I found the way it was ended somewhat disappointing - after the "Heck Yeah!" feeling that I got at the end of the first two, the third ended on a somewhat sadder, darker note. The game's designers can not and should not change the ending though: the entire game had this more sad note to it. Changing the ending would put it at odds with the tone of the rest of the game.

In short:
It was a well executed game that plays pretty good, but which ends on a somewhat more somber note than I would have preferred. Because of this, it only gets a 4/5.
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on April 25, 2014
Though Mass Effect 3 is not as good as the previous ones due to having made for game consoles and kids, it is still one of the best games out there. Removed is your ability to equip various things like you used to, but still a 10.
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on March 3, 2012
Hey all,

So if any of you were in the same position I was in this morning, you downloaded Mass Effect 3 from, preloading the game in anticipation of saving the Earth, shooting guns, seeing your romance to the end, etc etc. But after I downloaded it and ran the autorun.exe in the folder that mass effect 3 was in, when origin opened up I got an installation failed notice, then swore at my computer screen and specifically at origin(since it is a piece of ____ (insert curse word here)). So, I started moving around the games files, extracting them to different places, renaming files. And after one fix I tried, I got Mass Effect 3 to install! Steps for my fix are included below:

1. Go to your program files directory, find the "origin games" folder and open it. In that folder, create a new folder called "Mass Effect 3". Next, go to the folder with the files you downloaded from the amazon servers and open it up.
2. Find the .zip folder called "Mass Effect 3" and right click on it. Select "extract All" from the drop down list and extract the files in the .zip folder and extract them to the new folder called "Mass Effect 3" in your origin games folder (the filepath should look something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3).
3. After all the files are finished extracting, run origin and log in, Mass Effect 3 should be in your games tab, ready to install!
4. ???
5. Profit!

I'd give this 5 stars but the installation is a hassle. Hope amazon customer support sees this and lets other customers know how to fix it. Hope this helps someone else who is frustrated by EA's incompetence like I was :P

Have a good day,
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on March 3, 2012
i assume amazon has fixed their digital downloading process of the game but if not, i leave my original post below.
like most people, the story was quite a disappointment. it really didn't connect well altogether. that said, i'm still leaving my 5-star rating because i still found the game fun to play and right now find myself really liking multiplayer. if you're planning on purchasing ME3 in anticipation of an amazing story and sequel to ME1-2, i would say be cautious, maybe if you have a friend who already has it play around with it first. otherwise, i would say try to play the game for the battle sequences and don't focus too much on the plot.
***|END EDIT|***

Don't delete the files from Amazon if you've downloaded it already!
this is for people who have downloaded the pre-load off of Amazon's digital game and software service and have no idea what to do with the files. first of all, understand that you will NOT be able to play the game until EA's release of March 6th. this is simply to get ahead of the crowd by having everything ready to go at the stroke of midnight.

so like some others, i tried to install the game from the files downloaded by amazon and like the others, failed to get anything going with it. this is my first amazon game download so i don't know if this is supposed to happen and everything magically comes together on release date. so for those of you who would like some sort of validation that you did indeed download the right files and what have you, you can do a little sneak around.

before you can try anything with ME3 you'll have to install Origin (essentially EA's version of Steam). create a user blah blah blah...
within Origin, click the settings button and from there "Redeem product code" (redemption code provided by amazon, don't forget the redeem code for the gun as well as the game)

now if you're like me, you did this and tried to install ME3, only to find Origin trying to download the entire 10 gb again. then you tried Setup.exe in the amazon-downloaded files but kept getting errors. again, no need to delete the amazon files and try redownloading the files.

here starts my little instruction list. from here on out, you have downloaded everything from amazon, installed and set up Origin, and have redeemed your product code so that ME3 shows up in your games list in Origin.

1) if you installed Origin normally, you'll have two folders in your program files folder in C: drive names "Origin" and "Origin Games" (My Computer -> Local Disk(C:) -> Program Files (or Program Files x86 for 64-bit users) -> Origin Games)
2) within "Origin Games," create a new folder and title it "Mass Effect 3" (i think it is case-sensitive)
3) now locate the files downloaded from Amazon (most likely a folder titled "Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe Version (Pre-load Available)" in whatever directory you set as default for Amazon game downloads)
4) you should have 9 files in that folder, one of which is the zip folder that contains everything (~9.7 gb)
5) unzip that file into the "Mass Effect 3" folder created in step 2 (depending on your computer speed, took me ~5 minutes) (you'll need a program that can unzip files)
6) so now your "Mass Effect 3" folder should contain the "_Installer" folder, Binaries folder, BIOGame, etc (6 folders and 1 .dll file i believe)
7) run Origin and in your "My Games" folder click download/preload/install for ME3 (i can't remember what the button said exactly)
8) the status bar should turn blue and display "preparing..." or something like that

after about 5-10 minutes, when all is said and done, you have completed everything you can for ME3 (if you try to play it you'll just get a date-check prompt).

so if you're like me and have below-broadband speeds, you did not waste several hours downloading from amazon. the above process should take 20-30 minutes depending how fast your computer is. so if you thought about re-downloading the game from amazon or Origin but instead followed my steps, you've saved yourself hours and hours of anguish.

now just wait until march 6th. i pre-emptively rated the game 5-stars because i know it's going to be that good (and to share this technique)
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on March 11, 2012
I enjoyed pretty much the majority of this game. The combat is upgraded and they seem to have taken the best of ME1 and ME2 and added to the FPS'ishness. Building war resources and making relations appealed to the RPG lover in me. The battles seemed to drag on a bit long sometimes without any memorable boss fights. It seems boss fights were replaced by swarms of lesser and greater enemies. The true boss fights that did exist went by pretty quick. In some sequences the main character moved so slow it was maddening. And the end just didn't do it for me. I wish I waited to buy and didn't pay full price because I see very little replay value unlike the other games in the series.
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on January 4, 2014
First time I had used Amazon's digital download and I will use it again. I had no problems downloading the game using the detailed instructions. Mass Effect 3 is a great game, huge fan of this series and number 3 is so much fun.
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on March 3, 2015
This installment in the series suffers from a critical overflow in drama. To understand this, we must back up, and look at the first two games, which follow clear themes;

Mass Effect 1 was all about exploration. As the introduction to the series, it brought the character lots of places, and allowed the player more insight and access to these areas than in any of the other games. More items, more weapons, more armor, and even the Mako and planetary landings served to make the game seem vast and fascinating, which it very easily was. However, by the end, it had expanded tremendously.

Mass Effect 2 brought things back down a notch, and smack into focus. It was the classic Ragtag Bunch of Misfits story, with the main character dealing, not with groups or civilizations, but with individuals, forming a cohesive team that could face the greatest threat the galaxy had ever seen. Such character driven drama is always well loved, and served as a potent setup for the next game.

And last of all, Mass Effect 3 was the War drama, focusing on the limits of what one person can do against the face of a galactic conflict.

That's where the problem begins.

In the prior games, we were introduced to a relatively small cast of characters. Maybe 10-15 people that we really cared about and were interested in. The vast majority of this had taken place in the second game, as we came to know about and love our team, regardless of its composition. There are a few groups of people that we come to know about, but in general we see groups as a statistic; the Krogan, or the Salarians, not as groups of individuals, but just as species. They exist, but not on a personal level.

This, I believe, is why much of ME3 falls flat. Since we as players have no personal connection with the people that are dying, the knowledge that they're dying has absolutely no impact, much as the average first-world citizen isn't terribly bothered by the knowledge that thousands of people in Africa starve every day. Mass Effect 3 attempts to kick-start this via the introduction of a new character who is immediately killed off, but this character is so cliched, so shoehorned into the story, that the most popular theory was that he was actually the result of indoctrination rather than a real person.

The real problem is that Bioware had ignored their history. Rather than attempting to work the characters they already had into the narrative and gameplay, they attempted to create new characters, which veterans of the first two games obviously didn't care about, especially given their attachments to the team they had already worked with for years. Shepard's concern for these people that we, as players, didn't care about, only served to distance ourselves from a character that was supposed to be an extension of ourselves. The inclusion of forced dialogue only served to worsen this gap. By the end of the story, we're not playing the game as Shepard anymore, we're moving around a game piece named Shepard, something that only really coalesces in the final few minutes of the game.

Lots of people like to point at the final parts of the game as the problem, as if by changing that they could fix the rest of the game. But that's only partially correct. The final minutes of the game, with three almost identical choices, only serves to highlight how little choice the player has really had throughout the game. As you watch one of three nearly identical cutscenes play out, you realize just how much your actions have served the plot, rather than the other way around. Stupid decisions made by teammates(Thane fighting Kai-leng in close combat), stupid decisions made by the player, all of which fell outside the player's control, all metamorphosize into the realization that the entire game could have gone on without your involvement at all.

And when the player realizes that, well...that's when a game truly fails.
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on October 30, 2014
I know that a lot of people hate the ending, but so it goes. ME3 takes all the good parts of ME1 and 2 and leaves out the s***. The weapons upgrade system is like ME2, so you don't have to constantly change to new weapons for every squad member like in ME1, as is the armor system. Resource gathering is also a lot more fun; rather than trying to get the Mako to climb mountains or doing endless boring scans, you search for resources and outrun the Reapers. The story, like previous ones, is gripping and even makes you feel rushed as Earth burns and you can't be there. You get to see most of your old buddies, assuming you didn't kill them or let them die in previous games. If you liked ME1 and 2, get this. If you haven't played the previous two installments, do, and then get this game to finish one of the best stories ever in videogaming.
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