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on July 22, 2011
I love hard boiled eggs,they are the perfect snack, so I boil and peel at least a dozen eggs every week. I was so excited to see this product because NOBODY likes to peel eggs! Anyway, what they don't show in the ad is that each eggie is four pieces. You need to have the eggie assembled and wipe the inside with oil to create the "non-stick" effect. The water needs to be boiling before you put the eggs in (ouch..splash effect!)and they take longer to cook because the plastic is thicker than an eggshell. The egg comes out sort of squashed and has a rubbery texture. Then you have to wash all of the pieces (they are dishwasher safe). After the free bonus set, I paid about $26 for twelve eggies and two egg slicers....great idea, needs work to make it worth the trouble
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on July 22, 2011
After washing all the eggies, oiling them, filling them with the egg, screwing on the seal, I finally boiled the eggs. In the same pot, I boiled 4 eggs the regular way. The eggie eggs did slide out easily and they were hard boiled after seventeen minutes as recommended. The regular eggs were also hard boiled and I peeled them immediately. The regular boiled eggs looked very nice and the yokes were perfect. The eggie eggs were pyramid shaped and the whites were not perfectly smooth because of the oil in the container. It took me about twenty minutes to wash all the parts of the eggies because I also had to use a scrub brush to get into all the nooks. I will be returning these tomorrow. The old fashioned way is still the best. I also thought that the eggie might be good for poached eggs but it is not.
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on July 30, 2011
I used XL eggs and they were very difficult to pour into the cups; had some spillage. I also tried egg-beaters and plain egg-whites. Where shall I begin??
1. the cups don't float in a level position; they tip at an angle so there's no flat bottom as advertised
2. they leak; had a HUGE mess in the pot! I might have well just cracked an egg directly into the pot! ARRRGH!
3. the eggs don't cook evenly; bottom was cooked to the rubbery state and the top was still wet; the same with the yolks, half cooked (rubbery, not crumbly) and the top was still a bit liquidy.

This piece of junk is going back! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TRASH!!!
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on July 24, 2011
These are not the best way to hard boil eggs. I washed them, oiled them and they still stuck. They do not seal well and are hard to get together. A better way to have hard boiled eggs is to use a stainless steel egg poacher with removable eggs cups. Once you have the water boiling and the egg cups heated-it just takes about 6 minutes to have hard boiled eggs. With the eggies it takes longer to heat the water and then 16 to 17 minutes for the eggs to be hard. I would not waste the money for these or the extra energy it takes to get to the finished product.
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on July 31, 2011
We bought these through a TV deal where you get 12 eggies and 2 slicers for like 20 bucks. We love eggs and were hopign these would be a quick and easy way to make hardboiled eggs, but were disappointed.

Each eggie has 4 pieces, a top, bottom, middle screw-type thing and a lid. You take the bottom and top half, place them together, place the screw-thing over the top, and you screw it into the middle part between both pieces to lock them together then you crack your egg in the top and screw the top on and boil the eggs.

Eggies are a huge pain to use. The threads on the plastic parts are not properly measured to fit right with what needs to screw on, so many times you just have to push the two pieces together and then hope it screwed on tightly enough. None of the pieces fit together snugly, and then when you think they're snug and crack your egg in it usually leaks anyway. As soon as you put the top on and then drop them into water most of the white will seep out into the water and when you finish you are left with clumpy egg white in the bottom of your pan and a slightly cooked gelatinous yolk in the plastic, which you then have to wait to eat since the plastic is still very hot from being boiled for 20 minutes.

You also have to lube the inside of them before putting egg in, with cooking oil. They say not to use cooking spray, but who would actually use a paper towel and oil? It just isn't convenient.

Eggies are way more work than it's worth, and in the time I used putting them together, and cleaning up, I could have saved time by just making the eggs the old fashioned way.

It's a great idea, but they need to rethink how to properly get all the pieces to fit together and make it easier to use with way less mess.

At least the egg slicers work good on my hand-peeled eggs.
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on July 29, 2011
I didn't even use mine. I'm returning them tomorrow. It's supposed to make boiling eggs easier. That's a bunch of false advertising. There are 4 parts to EACH eggie, that need to be washed and dried before using. And you only get 6?! Um... there are 12 eggs in a carton. It takes longer to cook eggs in the plastic, AND you have to do it twice because 12 eggies won't fit in a normal pan. The final straw was when I read that the eggies have to be oiled. OILED?! Boiled eggs are healthy because you DON'T use oil. All in all, this product is a major FAIL!! I can't believe I fell for this!
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on August 10, 2011
I'm trying to incorporate more protein into my little fruit and veggie eater. So far, we've got her enjoying steak, tofu and chicken.

Eggs are enjoyed tremendously, but mostly hard boiled. I let her peel eggs, but she makes a mess (as do I). Then I heard her yell from the TV room "Mommy! Just 14.99 plus esss and aitch"

I said no. No freaking way. I fall victim to late night TV ads, (thanks for nothing, Abdominator!) but only when I am drinking red wine.

I did find them later at our local Walgreens for 9.99 plus NO shipping and handling, and I bought them.

So far, we've made scrambled hard boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs with parmesan and butter, hard boiled eggs with spinach and herbs...basically, in 4 days we've made over a dozen hard boiled specialty eggs. We haven't even tried to devil them.

Cons: there are SEVERAL parts to each single "eggie", which is a pain. I tried to wash them in my nipple/collar dishwasher cage for bottles, but the egg white stuck around. Good thing I have a 6 y.o. daughter, I set her to washing them out with soap and water.

Oiling didn't work. The next times we tried it, I swabbed the whole internal eggie with margerine or butter. THAT WORKS. Plus, the eggs taste great.

They are not beautiful. They are perfect for kid lunches, egg salad, and other egg recipes. A lot of people who have their own chickens like them because they don't have to "age" the eggs (fresh eggs apparently are hard to pull shells off of without making craters. I thought it was my own personal lack of ability to cook eggs.) Anyway, for 10 bucks, they are fun to do with a kid.

If I want to devil, I'll do it the old fashioned way in the middle of the night under cold water and a full moon.
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on August 5, 2011
DO NOT BUY THIS INFERIOR PRODUCT! IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP! If you put the Eggies in water up past the middle ring they float on their sides, not upright as shown in the commercial. Heat makes things expand. No matter how tight you turn the rings that hold the two halves together or screw in the top plug, when the water temp starts rising up to the boiling point, the the four pieces expand and allow water to seep inside and contaminate the egg. Whether you oil the inside or not, the water inside the Eggie causes the egg white to stick to the sides. Several of the six Eggies that I tried simply separated by the top half popping out of the locking ring which was supposed to hold the two halves together. I started out with a flat 10 inch pan half full of water and ended up with a mess that appeared to be a pan that had been filled with merangue floating on top of hot water. A taste test of the little bit that was salvageable showed the eggs to be hard and rubbery and with a horrible taste. I didn't even bother to clean them up before I threw them into the trash. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Cook your eggs the old fashioned way and you will be much happier than buying and trying to use this ridiculous product.
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on July 30, 2011
Do Not waste your time or money. eggs stick, have a funny texture, and half the time they don't seal properly. They got me on this one!!!
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on July 30, 2011
I don't understand why a major selling point is that you'll never have to peel another boiled if it's THAT annoying/difficult. Roll the egg on the counter, peel away. Sometimes you get the difficult egg that's somewhat hard to peel, but it's rare. With these, you end up doing way more work. To boil a regular egg: boil water, put eggs in, boil, let cool, peel, eat. To boil an eggie: boil water, wipe all parts with oil, put the eggies together (each one has four different parts), crack eggs into the eggies, wipe up any spills, put eggies in, boil, let cool, open eggies, take the oddly shaped eggs out, eat, scrub eggies. Also, some of my eggies didn't seal correctly and wouldn't screw all the way shut (they didn't fit well) and some of the egg actually came out and adhered to the sides of the eggies and got stuck in the threads of the part you use to screw everything together. Also, they suggest seasoning the eggs, but if you're trying to make regular boiled eggs, the seasoning just stays in one spot (the bottom) and does not integrate with the rest of the egg. If you're using just the egg white, you can make the seasoning idea work, I guess.
Anyway, total waste of time and money.
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