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on March 25, 2013
Because I bought the trilogy all at the same time. Unfortunately my OCD doesn't let me stop mid way through. I hoped this would be in the vein if 50 Shades but it's not. If group sex and humiliation are your thing you'll probably enjoy this more than I did. As it is I felt lime I needed a shower at the end.
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on January 22, 2013
I read all three of this trilogy, and still cannot figure out WHY I did so. Did I think it would get better with each new book? It didn't. Hated both lead characters, and the entire story beginning to end, well, I had NO idea what it was all about. I never give any book one star, but seriously, in my opinion, there was not one redeeming factor in this trilogy. I wasted my time and money.
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on December 8, 2012
This is another dark, edgy journey along the tumultuous path that is Dominik and Summer's relationship.

We re-join them in a rare moment of happy contentment in New York standing beneath the four sided clock in Grand Central Station - it's an incredibly atmospheric scene as they share a meal of oysters and go back to Dominik's hotel room for an afternoon of erotic pleasure.

But it really doesn't last for this seriously dysfunctional couple as sadness soon begins to seep into the narrative and insidiously permeates all aspects of the story right through to the bitter end by which point I felt an innate sense of wrongness at the turn of events and genuine tears stung my eyes as I read the last few words.

Dominik manages to get a temporary contract in New York and he and Summer live together for a short while but they struggle to be together in that way and there's a growing sense that it's just not enough. Summer craves Dominik's domination and he yearns to be soothed by the balm of her submission but there's a fine line between risk-taking and reckless abandon and Dominik and Summer stand either side of this line with Dominik being guided by natural caution whereas Summer seems to have no limitations and behaves ever more recklessly - she really scared me when she put a rope around her neck when she was alone. She never seems to realise when she is taking it too far - she's completely ruled by her sexual proclivities. The ties that bind them are stretched to breaking point as professional commitments and circumstances threaten to send them their separate ways.

As in Eighty Days Yellow, they both allow the other to be free to explore other sexual partners and situations with full disclosure but the events of the first book will roar back with a vengeance with devastating consequences for them both.

What an ending - this could so easily have been a conclusion but there is to be a third book, thankfully, because I'm just not ready to leave these two where we are forced to leave them. I want them to continue this tense, edgy uncomfortable journey to find that elusive Happy Ever After that had been so challenging to deal with when it got close.

I've really enjoyed these books - I love the language, the richness of the prose, the realism and the starkness of their story. It's compelling, intensely sensuous and emotionally draining.

4 stars erotic romance
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on October 29, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, Eighty Days Yellow, so I was looking forward to this one, too. It continues the story of Summer Zahova and Dominik, an unpredictable, fiery, dom/sub couple.

Summer is now living in New York, many, many miles away from Dominik, who is still in London. She's a violinist with a major orchestra, which she enjoys very much. Under the tutelage of her talented and attractive conductor, her career goes from strength to strength. However, the rise of her career does not help her love life one bit. The distance between her and Dominik, although physically diminished, grows emotionally. Can the two of them overcome their multiple issues, or does this spell the end of the road for them?

Although this book wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first in the series, it was still very good. I enjoyed the physical and emotional journeys the characters went on, and the twists and turns in the plot. I'm very interested to see where the next book takes Summer and Dominik.

Overall, if you're looking for a new erotic romance series to get your teeth into, you should check out the Eighty Days books - but make sure you read them in order.
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on January 25, 2013
The biggest problem with this book, and the series in general, is how genuinely selfish all the characters are, which makes most of them really unlikeable. It's like the author/s have assumed that a sexually skewed lifestyle means you're a self-centred jerk. I just don't buy in to that. This also is trying to genre-bend, in that it's neither romance nor erotica, but is trying to walk some middle ground, and I don't think it works. At least the language is well used, and the prose itself would be engaging, if the characters seemed to be decent people in an indecent world, but that's not the case.
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on March 31, 2016
My husband bought me this book as a valentines present. It is actually the second in a series. I haven't actually read the first one though think it is probably advisable to read them in order if possible. I have to admit I don't read many erotica books as I prefer other genres though I have read a few. I found this one was enjoyable enough but found the sex parts to lack any real passion and found the supposed 'romance' between the main characters to be quite strange. Overall an enjoyable read.
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on July 12, 2014
Much Too Dark for me

I disliked the heroine, July 12, 201

I have read all three books in the series. Eighty Days Yellow was very well written, and I'm not referring to the content. Could've been a masterpiece had it not been so dark. Eighty Days Blue was barely ok, but Eighty Days Red was too long winded and everything could've been said in Eighty Days Blue. I really had expected more from the series. What I found lacking was a bit of romance.
I disliked the heroine. There was nothing redeeming about Summer Zahova except that she was a great violinist. I tried putting a face to Dominik but couldn't. A university professor! What did he really look like? Sometimes I thought he was distinguished, but mostly I found him very perverted. And the end! A fairy tale ending? Hardly!
Summer just kept getting involved with dark characters like Victor, Viggo and Dominik who all used and abused her. And she was never paid for any of the perverted things she did.
Just wish these two authors had put together a better series because they are great writers.
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on July 3, 2013
(My descript part of my review are just a few snippets of the actual story there is more that I could add but...)

The story begins about the same spot that the last book stopped at. Summer is still in New York and Dominik has returned to London. Their relationship if you even want to call in that is precarious and in a sort of limbo. They aren't dating but in the book it does say that they are friends with benefits.
Dominik gets his an internship of sorts to work in New York. So he can be closer to Summer. But Summer land a solo gig that has her touring. How does this help or hinder Summer and Dominik's (if you want to call this...)relationship? What about Victor?

The book itself pushes the hard limits again for me with Dominik participating in what the authors called group sex (was told to alter since people have issues) and full out orgies in the beginning of the book.

Then to the continuous reckless behavior that Dominik continues having though the book. As well as the one time that Summer has a fling with a drunk stranger that was a total blooming stranger.

Then leading up to Victor's return toward the end and extorts her by using picture images of the time that she was with him. A time that Summer wants to forget and wants NO parts of.

The whole book is one big mind trip that I seriously wish not to venture down again. I received the book for an honest review. I am not sure if I want to Thank you for pushing my limits or runaway screaming...So far this has TRULY messed with head...
Overall another 2.5 star rating.
Off to read the next book since I received the entire collection to review.
So, let's see what these authors have in store to shock the ...
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on November 13, 2012
It's pretty safe to say from my review of the first book I was pretty invested with the relationship between Dominik and Summer. Eighty Days Blue left me feeling a lot less invested in these characters. The most striking thing to me about this book at first glance is that cover. I mean it's just gorgeous and makes you really curious abou the book.

The narrative returns with Summer being in NYC and Dominik still being in London. The distance is a huge hurdle for their relationship, but really the biggest hurdle is the two of them getting over their preconceived notions of what will or won't work. I have to admit I spent most of my time reading this book wanting to yell at the main characters to get it together and realize how perfect they are for each other! It was aggravating to say the least.

Next I have to say that the good points in this book is that I feel as though Dominik and Summer both grew as characters a lot! And that is always a good thing. Dominik not only started to figure out what it meant to be a bottom, but also what he wanted from Summer. He explored his feelings a lot more I felt and realized how much he truly did care for summer in a lot of ways. Summer I felt really explored her feelings as well and started to realize what she did or didn't want.

The downfall for me in this book really was too much back and forth and just nonsensical drama that wasn't needed. As a book exploring the growth of the two main characters it was amazing, but the drama with Victor and others made it a less enjoyable read for me.

Overall 3 out of 5 stars. It's worth the cash if you are invested in the series already, but otherwise I highly recommend reading the first book and not picking this one up after the amount of frustration I had with it.
cross posted from personal blog
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on October 23, 2012
This is the second book in the Eighty Days series and I enjoyed it even more than the first! It has a bit more romance involved this time. More than the last. I found it to be calmer in the BDSM aspect but no less erotic and engrossing. Eighty Days Blue can be read as a stand alone if desired. It covered enough for the reader not to be lost even though it's part of a series. Once again, I do not recommend this book to everyone. Those who like to venture into the BDSM scene are comfortable with scenes of multiple partners, anal play and a roller coaster of a relationship will enjoy Eighty Days Blue.

Summer has grown in both character and strength. But she's still confused about what she wants in the personal aspect of her life. She knows WHO she craves and how she feels when he's not near. But she has so much doubt and is unsure how to approach such a delicate situation because that's what the relationship has become with her and Dominik, delicate. Secrets, hidden desires and the inability to fully open up to him prevents further growth for them as a couple.

I enjoyed Dominik's character much more in this book that the last. I actually feel bad for the guy. He comes off to me to be a bit lost and confused with what he wants in his personal life. I honestly don't think the poor guy has ever gotten to experience true love, ever! But I do see that the fog that is blinding his vision is slowly lifting from his eyes and he's able to see and accept what he really desires in life. Now all he needs is a strong handle on it and to venture on that path so he can be comfortable in his skin, completely.

Summer and Dominik are so utterly perfect for each other in more ways than I could ever verbalize. They just don't see it. I hope they both come to terms with what they really want and how they truly feel for one another in the next in the series. That would be a perfect HEA for me :)
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