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on December 25, 2007
I have owned this type of Rice Cooker for more than 2 years. It is a little pricey compared to other rice cookers, but from my experience, it is worth it. This rice cooker cooks rice quickly (15 minutes or so) and it keep the rice warm until you are ready to eat. I had my rice stay on "warm" one time for two days without the rice turning brown and the bottom getting hard and burnt. We always have our rice cooker on "warm" so that we can have rice available 24/7. We eat rice for lunch and dinner and sometimes for breakfast too, so I always cook rice in the morning and it will last us until dinner. If we have left over rice for dinner, it will still stay warm and fluffy the next day.

I have tried several cheaper rice cookers sold in Target, they do a good job in cooking rice, but they dont keep it warm and soft... after a few hours of being on "warm" the rice turns brown and hard. These cheap rice cookers are only good for occasional rice eaters and for those who can finish their rice in one seating.

I was told also that Rice cookers made in Japan last longer than the ones made in China. There are similar "Tiger rice cookers" made in China but are sold at a much lower price ($50+-). According to friends, these doesn't last long especially if you plan to use your rice cooker everyday. So be sure to get a "Made in Japan" model.
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on December 18, 2011
We are a Filipino household & we eat rice every day. This would be our second Tiger & we had one other (to remain unamed) brand. The Tiger is the best rice cooker & worth every penny! The "other" rice coooker always boiled over, gave us lots of crubchy rice on the bottom, was hard to clean & finally just broke.
Our first Tiger lasted 9 years, until the poor little thing just quit heating. We have had the new Tiger about 6 weeks & love it. No crunchy rice even when left on warm for extended periods, no boil over, even with a full pot & is easy to take apart & clean. Also love the retractable cord. Makes it very portable.
We would recommend this rice cooker to anyone who loves good rice & would definitely buy again.
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on December 20, 2008
Got Rice? Our family eats rice every day (2-3 times) and our last Tiger 10 cup rice cooker was a Christmas present from my parents over 10 years ago. When the non-stick got too worn out, I decided to buy a Panasonic based on decent user reviews. Well, the quality of rice that came out was not up to TIGER standard. With TIGER, you have fluffy rice that kept well for hours, not crusty/hard/crunchy. Well, after seeing this on sale, I had to buy it. Trust a life time rice eater. This is the best rice cooker for around $100 (or more) that you can buy.
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on December 4, 2007
I'm always amazed to see this product still being sold at local Chinese supermarkets and here on Amazon. I've used mine for over 15 years now and quite regularly in the past 5 years. I don't see the non-stick stuff coming off the cook bowl but over time, there will be some small particles of rice stuck on quite permanently. I don't scrub because it is a non-stick surface. I've seen this happen with other rice cookers so I'm not sure you can get around this by just purchasing another brand. You're probably better off buying a softer wood paddle for cheap available at most Chinese/Japanese markets. My dad just sanded off the rough edges of the plastic paddle that came with my cooker. I haven't replaced my rice bowl yet as it still releases rice just fine. Unfortunately, the price is also unmoved after all these years.

Btw, I see inexperienced friends buying large (e.g. 10 cup) rice cookers. This is generally not a wise idea if you're only cooking for 1 or 2 people most of the time since the larger the cooker, the larger the minimum amount of rice to be cooked.

As a final note, I'm not aware of any heating element on the top of the cooker. The cooker is nicely sealed and does white rice well. Like many other cookers, it will also do brown rice well, except that the additional water requirements will result in an excessive amount of muddy brown splatter around the outside of the steam vent. It will automatically switch to a warming mode but unfortunately it does not have an auto shut off. Note that although you can warm for quite a while, the rice will eventually dry out and faster still if you are only cooking a small amount.
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on June 24, 2011
I used to have a smaller Krups rice cooker but I couldn't understand why there was a disgusting layer of caked browned rice on the bottom, every time, no matter what I did or didn't do. Well DUH, a really top-notch rice cooker makes all the difference. Who knew?

Disclaimer -- I didn't get the cooker from this seller but I did buy it from Amazon. This model is simple to use and has a really huge capacity. In case you're reading this and don't know what the 10-cup part means, it's 10 cups of DRY rice! Egads, when you figure about 2.5-3 times cooked vs. dry volume, that's a bit of rice. Mmmmm, rice!

The rice cooker comes with a special measuring cup (don't use a standard kitchen measuring cup for rice cookers), a plastic rice paddle, and a very rudimentary instruction book. The top has a nice handle and it closes securely for cooking. There's also a nice little attachment to hold your rice paddle on the side of the cooker, and something they call a "dew collector," which we Americans would call a condensation collector. The cooking interior is non-stick, which is nice.

I've used mine with only good quality short-grained "sushi" rice, specifically the "Koshihikari" rice that was grown in the USA. Other quality Japanese type sticky short-grained varieties are "Sasanishiki" and "Akita Komachi." If you do a web search for "rice cookers" you'll find a wealth of information on what types of rice there are available to use in the rice cookers -- short, medium, long grain, aromatic -- the best quality (including many sold here on Amazon), and how to prepare your rice for the cooker so it comes out perfect every time. There are articles online as well as videos you can watch that teach you what to do. By the way, don't ever try "converted" rice in a rice cooker. You won't like the results, and converted rice is not meant to be rinsed as described below.

In the case of sushi, or sticky short-grained, rice the best results are obtained by rinsing and rubbing the rice in a separate large bowl, a process that is sometimes called "polishing." Measure your rice into the bowl using the supplied rice cup. The cycle is: you rinse, drain, swirl with your hand or rub between your fingers, three times, then finally rinse the rice until the water is clear. This is where the videos will show you how it's done. Sounds more complicated than it really is, and the small amount of time to do this will pay off in perfect rice.

Many people swear by then putting the now wet but drained rice into the cooker and letting it just sit for half an hour, which is what I do. Now to the cooking process. Add water to the marks on the cooker based on how many cups of dry rice you have. Then flip the button to cook. When the button flips up from cook to warm, unplug the rice cooker and let it steam for 15 minutes longer, without heating. This fluffs it up, but don't worry, it will stay hot. If you want slightly moister and stickier rice, add a little more water before cooking. This is the procedure for sticky/sushi rice, which is all I make. After the 15 minutes of steaming is done, you can plug the cooker in again and it will return back to the warm setting, and will keep your rice perfect for hours. I can tell you that my 3 measuring cups of dry sushi rice cooked about 18 minutes before the switch flipped to warm. Unfortunately, the instruction booklet says nothing about cooking times.

Some people might object to the sputtering from the steam vent on the lid, but when you're done with the process it's easy enough to wipe off the spots. The non-stick bowl makes it very easy to clean the little leftover grains of rice. What's not to like?

This is a fantastic rice cooker if you don't want to spend the extra money for "fuzzy logic" cookers or you don't plan on cooking brown rice, which may or may not turn out well in this rice cooker -- I've not tried it. I believe this cooker is a winner, and based on consumer reviews here and elsewhere on the web, you'll be happy with your purchase for years.
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on January 27, 2009
I have owned this cooker for almost 17 years, yes, only one of them. And though the lid doesn't always close tightly any more, it still makes incredible rice. International friends who come to my house are always surprised, and pleased, to see the cooker. They know they will get to eat good rice. I have eaten what comes out of cheaper cookers. Buy a good one, and this is a good one. We use it one to two times a week and it has been a workhorse, 3 servings, 10 servings, it does them all. It keeps the rice warm for hours. A great investment.
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on June 4, 2010
I never write reviews but this rice cooker is the most reliable piece of electronics I have ever owned. My parents gave it to me as a gift when I went to college in 1994, it survived undergrad, Peace Corps (yes, I love it so much it went to Honduras with me), then grad school, multiple moves, marriage and now parenthood. I rec'd a larger one as a wedding present but I still use my tried and true. It has always been reliable and cooks all types of rice perfectly. The only problem I have with it now is that the non-stick coating is a little scratched at the bottom (my fault - wasn't always careful with not using metal utensils) so I'm looking to replace the inner pot. Don't hesitate - this is a great buy and the four cup capacity has been more than enough for two adults and a baby even with seconds.
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on April 28, 2012
I bought this rice cooker as a gift to my daughter's family because I have one and it delivered perfectly cooked rice for the last 25 years. This cooker arrived 6 days after the order was placed and we used it two days in a row. The only problem is, instead of just steam, a large amount of liquid came out of the steam vent every time we used it. When it happened the first time, I thought I've put in too much water. When I used it today, I double-checked and made sure that the water level was correct and it was still doing the same thing. At this point, we have not decided whether to return it and exchange for another one.
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on October 24, 2013
I have had this unit for almost a month now and I have made quinoa (1:1 ratio quinoa to water - do NOT follow the instructions on the quinoa package, it makes really mushy quinoa in the rice cooker...1 cup quinoa to 1 cup water gives you fluffy quinoa that you can put on top of a salad); old fashioned oatmeal - not the quick cooking kind but the regular old fashioned kind (1/2 cup oatmeal to 1 cup water) and it comes out creamy but thick- you can add milk if you want to thin it out but do that AFTER it finishes cooking; and finally different types of rice; basmati, jasmine, black rice, sweet rice and jasmine brown rice. All comes out just fine using 1 cup rice to 1&1/2 c. water. It's easy to clean. You pull the inner lid out and wash it after every use as well as the inner pot of course. There is also a little plastic cap on the outside of the rice cooker that you can pull out and dump out/rinse out the condensation water. I do NOT get any burnt rice, oatmeal or quinoa. Also, I do NOT get any boiling over of any kind. I have never made more than 1 cup (dry) of anything so maybe that is the reason. Has a retractable cord and I can stow it away in my kitchen cabinet.

Also, I ALWAYS rinse my rice even if it doesn't say to rinse on the package, I rinse it. I soak the black rice and jasmine brown rice for 2 hours before cooking to ensure they cook up soft and fluffy. I always rinse my quinoa too (even the no-rinse kind). Sweet rice, I soak for 24 hours. If you don't soak sweet rice, you will get a crunchy mess. Sweet rice HAS to be soaked prior to cooking. I think rinsing and soaking does have an effect on your results.

Love this thing!!!
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on November 15, 2008
This is the first time I've left a review for any product. But I just had to get the word out that Tiger is well known in the Asian communities to be the best rice cooker makers. They're built to last for decades, even in homes where rice is eaten three times a day! I have owned mine for over 5 years, and it has not given me a single problem. Anytime my rice is over- or under-cooked, it's due to the amount of water I used. One tip I'd give is, try not to scrape the nonstick pan otherwise your rice will stick to the pan's surface.

It's expensive, but if you cook rice often; it will be worth your money.
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