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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2012
Color: SilverVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I finally broke down a few months ago and purchased a new Black & Decker iron to replace the small Sunbeam iron that I'd been using for years. Not that there was anything wrong with the Sunbeam, but its water tank was so small that I could barely get through a single shirt before it (literally) ran out of steam.

I looked at the reviews and settled on the Black & Decker D2030, which had great reviews--and a ton of them.

As fate would have it, the Electrolux Perfect Glide Iron became available through the Vine program and I decided that I was in a good position to review it, based upon the fact that I'd be comparing it with another brand-new appliance.

The first noticeable thing about the Electrolux is its size. It's big. In fact, we have a built-in wall-mounted ironing board, and now that I'm using the Electrolux, I can no longer store the iron inside. The door simply won't close, no matter how its oriented. Is this a bad thing? Well, it's a tad annoying, but not the end of the world. So the iron gets stored on a nearby shelf instead. No big whoop.

The weight. Yes, it's a bit heavier than the Black & Decker, and probably 50% heavier than my old Sunbeam. For some, this might be a deal-breaker, but for me it is simply a non-issue. Most of the time it's being used, it's being pushed--not lifted. And it's not like it weighs 25 pounds. I just checked, and filled with water, it weighs in at 4 lbs, 2 oz. If an extra pound or two makes that much of a difference, it might be safer to purchase nothing but no-iron clothing. Or maybe resign yourself to sporting the "wrinkled look."

Water capacity: Unless you're going through the closet and ironing clothing in batches, filling the tank will certainly be enough to get you through a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. Having said that, though the tank seems to be about the same capacity as the Black & Decker, it does seem to run out of steam a little bit faster. I suspect this is due to two things. First, the Electrolux has over 600 steam holes and it's an 1800 watt iron vs. the Black & Decker's 1500 watts. It makes more steam, ergo, the tank runs dry a little faster.

Tapered tip: The Electrolux features a so-called tapering tip... I find that this really does work well at getting between buttons and other tight spaces.

Steam: Tons and tons of it. Though I haven't used it as a "steamer" (by hanging an article of clothing and blasting it with steam to relax wrinkles, rather than ironing it on a board), I have no doubt that it would function very well in this regard. The blast of steam released when pressing the steam button is prodigious.

Overall... very pleased.

Jonathan Sabin
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on June 8, 2012
Color: SilverVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This iron is a pleasure to use, as it glides across linen, cotton, rayon, and polyester with ease. While I was using it, I had plenty of steam coming through to get that linen shirt nice and crisp. When my husband used it, he commented that it "felt expensive" while using it. It's quite solid in your hand. The water does NOT leak. Once it goes into the reservoir, it stays put.

The surface is such that your clothes don't stick to it, but it has enough heft that you don't feel like it's going to fall apart on you.

The heating up time is less than a minute. It's extremely fast to get to full power.

Couple of things that show how nice the attention to detail is:

1) The cord doesn't just lift upwards away from the iron, it also swivels in a ball and socket type deal. This means that the cord will not pop out of the wall because of the angle of the cord.

2) The holes to allow the steam through are tiny. This means that when you're ironing your clothes, you'll never have issues with drips falling out of the iron. It glides across the clothing.

3) The surface of the iron is nonstick. Nice.

4) The dial that lets you set the temperature of the iron clicks into place, not glides smoothly. This means that you'll be getting an accurate temperature each time.

5) The steam button clicks into place much like the back of a retractable pen, rather than a snapping up thing. It softly goes up and down, making it a pleasure to use.

There's all kinds of little things that make the whole experience much more pleasurable than a typical iron. You get what you pay for.
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VINE VOICEon May 31, 2012
Color: SilverVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When the steam function and water sprayer of my Rowenta DX-9800 finally gave out due to clogging, I looked for a new iron. Enter the Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron, which so many other Rowenta users migrated to after their units failed. The Black and Decker is a very light iron, and does function well, but doesn't have many steam holes.

The Electrolux was received through the Vine Program. Since ironing is a weekly chore, this will get some regular use, and this is my experience after a week worth of ironing and a few impromptu outfit changes which required additional ironing.

From a near out of box experience flow:
- The directions for using the iron are very well written. One complaint is that they mention a steam port cleaning cycle which unfortunately this model doesn't have. At the price point of about a hundred bucks if the iron isn't doing the work for you, all those bells and whistles better be included.

- The included cup for filling the steam reservoir is TINY and very cheap. Points to Rowenta for providing a very nice solid, large steam cup. It took 3 or 4 fill ups of the included cup to fill the reservoir.

- This iron seems to heat up very fast. So did the Black and Decker, it must've been a Rowenta thing where it took forever to heat up the soleplate. This means less waiting for those quick last minute morning outfit changes due to the meeting you forgot about.

- There is a button to turn on the steam function of the iron. Like being outdoors in the summer, it feels hotter when it is more humid. With the iron turned into the hotter cotton range without the steam turned on, the heat really didn't feel all that hot. You could literally touch the fabric immediately after ironing without any discomfort. Turn on the steam and that heat is retained, this could simply be because there is a bit of moisture left in the fabric retaining the heat. IMO, the iron has to be used in the steam mode, but then again, I'm not really ironing delicate fabrics which may have steam restrictions.

- The numerous steam holes I do think are of benefit for an overall faster positive ironing outcome. This is where the Black and Decker was lacking. There aren't as many steam holes. So few, you'll notice that they don't show any pictures of the bottom, or advertise the number of steam holes.

My shirts do seem to iron more quickly and some which have what seemed like a permanent crease in them, I've really been able to reduce that crease line (not a fan of starch). The Black and Decker iron has been put into the closest as a backup in the event this ever fails. I would recommend this iron, of course as with all irons, longevity remains to be seen.
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on October 28, 2012
I bought this to replace another iron that I dropped. Because I sew, I use my iron often. I got this one because it is listed as being 1800 watts. I'd heard that this higher # of watts meant that an iron would get hotter. It does not, however, get out wrinkles any better than the lower wattage Rowenta I was replacing. It works better than a really cheap iron. Unfortunately, there are a couple other issues that worry me.

First, there is nothing in the manual about what kind of water to use. I've had machine that suggested only distilled water. Others say to use spring water. Some say to use tap water, but not if you have a water softener. The representative I spoke with on the phone had to check with a supervisor. The answer was to use tap water. I reminded him that I said I had a water softener. Would that make a difference? His anwswer, "Just use tap water."

Second, there is no rhyme or reason for the way the light works, nor does the manual explain what is going on. I get that the yellow means it's not ready, green light means it has reached the appropriate heat, and red, I thought, would mean that it would be turning off because I had left it standing without moving it for a while. However, In the middle of ironing, the iron light constantly turns red and starts beeping. Sometimes this begins within a minute of the ironing. Other times I can iron for a few minutes before it starts. The light is on yellow 90% of the time when ironing with just an occasional flick of green and the strange shifts to red.

Third, the iron needs to be filled with water CONSTANTLY. In a half hour of actual ironing just now, I lost count of how many times I had to go to the bathroom with the tiny plastic water container that came with the machine. You need to fill the tiny container twice to fill the iron. The water reservoir doesn't look that small, but it sure runs out of water fast. There is a lot of steam, but much is wasted coming up to fog up my glasses or spewing out when you place the iron upright. The burst of steam is powerful. Using the burst, though, did not get the wrinkles out any better than just ironing. If you iron only occasionally, this is not a big deal. Since I iron a lot with sewing, this filling issue would have been a deal breaker had I known before purchasing.

I wish I hadn't purchased it online. It's such a pain to return something like this through the mail. If it had come from a local store, I'd have absolutely returned it.
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on December 8, 2012
I needed to replace my Rowenta iron. I had been a loyal Rowenta customer for many years. When they are new they are great (lots of steam/easy to use), but they just don't last. I'm finally fed up with the poor quality. My mother was a seamstress, so back then having a quality iron in our house was a necessity. That's what I'm used to, so I'm quite particular about irons even though I probably don't have the need. I purchased this iron based on the favorable reviews. Overall I'm pleased with the iron. The first thing I notice is the soleplate. It has hundreds of steam holes (Electrolux claims there are 600). I immediately got the feeling that sufficient steam was not going to be an issue. When I used it, I found that the burst of steam was not quite as powerful as the Rowenta, but nothing to complain about. There are two buttons, side-by-side, on the handle. One for burst of steam and the other to spray. As another reviewer has mentioned, the burst of steam button is to the right of the spray button. If you are right-handed use the burst of steam button as much as I do, you will not be too pleased with the design because you have to move your thumb to a somewhat uncomfortable position. If you use the spray button, you should be happy with the location of the button. The reservoir holds a substantial amount of water, which surprises me why Electrolux included such a tiny cup. I threw out the cup and continue to use one of the three larger cups that came with my last three Rowenta irons! One thing I noticed after ironing and using the burst of steam, is that the clothes feel very slightly damp. I had never noticed that before with other irons. Overall I am pleased with the iron, but I will have to wait to see if it stands up to the test of time.
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on September 21, 2012
My last iron was a highschool graduation gift from 2000 (the bottom says, "Manufactured exclusively for Montgomery Wards"!), so it was more than time for an upgrade. I probably needed a new iron 8 years ago, but I'm horribly indecisive so I didn't buy one until now because I was overwhelmed by analyzing reviews and price points. I finally decided to go with this one because of the good reviews (but luckily not enough reviews yet to confuse me!) and seemed like quality for the price.

Wow- this iron is great! It gets hot fast, works amazing, and will actually iron linen unlike the old one. It's really nice being able to wake up in the morning and have everything ironed in less than 5 minutes. My frame of reference is completely skewed because my old iron was so old and never good quality to begin with, but I love this iron! I don't think it's too heavy or that it goes through water too fast.
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on October 18, 2012
Having been unhappy with the irons I have had in the past & after reading the reviews on this iron I was very hopeful that it would be what I really wanted but there are some flaws with the design as follows:
1. The maximum fill line for the water reservoir is very difficult to read/see.
2. When I use the steam button to get an extra burst of steam, I often have leakage on the garment I am pressing which is one of the things I wanted to avoid at all cost.
3. The dial is difficult to turn to the desired setting and the marking to advise where the dial should stop is very hard to see.
4. The iron does not seem to get the the desired temperature based on the setting selected.
5. The steam and spray buttons are too close together and sort of in the way so that I hit them by mistake.

On the plus side, this iron moves nicely, has more than adequate steam holes and I like the beep just before it shuts itself off. The water seems to last quite a long time in the reservoir so that I don't have to fill it frequently.

Hope that helps.

Sonja BabcockElectrolux Perfect Glide Iron, Blue
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VINE VOICEon June 29, 2012
Color: SilverVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had not owned an iron nor an ironing board for years until I recently took up sewing again. First, not wanting to spend a lot of money, I bought a Rowenta DA1560 Classic 1000-Watt Compact Steam Iron with 400 Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate That worked fine but was naturally rather small - a reasonable solution for occasional use. Next, I borrowed my mom's larger deluxe iron and ironing board. That was more like it! When I saw this Electrolux Iron, I knew it was what I was looking for. This iron is quite large and moderately heavy (this is a good thing), even without adding water. When I say heavy, it feels very solid but it's easy to use. It is bigger than mom's old powerglide iron. The iron itself is bigger and the sole plate is bigger than any iron I've ever used. It has lots of well-distributed steam vents on the soleplate. What else can I say? - I'm happy with it. This iron is designed for someone who does lots of ironing. It's very stable when resting on it's builtin stand - it does not wobble like older irons. The cord swivels and does not get in the way. The tip is pretty tapered which is very helpful.
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on August 14, 2013
Started as a terrific iron. Held its temp, unlike so many other irons, and emitted a ton of steam. Perfect! Then, after a couple of months use, I noticed a burning smell as I was ironing. Thought I had imagined it, then noticed smoking coming from the iron, between the soleplate and body. A LOT of smoke. Thinking the iron was about to ignite, I quickly unplugged it and took it outside. Emailed Amazon, and their typically amazing customer service responded quickly, and arranged for a replacement to be sent. That was a Friday evening, and I had the new iron on MONDAY. The replacement wouldn't steam initially. When it finally began to steam, it spurted rusty water out onto the garment being ironed. Rusty water??? This time I called Electrolux directly - big mistake - and dealt with a less than helpful customer service rep, who told me they'd have a replacement for me in a couple of weeks. WHAT?? Told her that was totally unacceptable, and shared with her what Amazon's customer service had been able to accomplish. She somehow managed to get the replacement to me in about 3 days. Surely this iron would work, right? Wrong. Same thing - rusty water spurted onto garment. This time I contacted Amazon, and received not only a refund for the piece of junk, but also a free shipping label to return it. My advice is to save yourself some aggravation, possibly a house fire(?) or at least ruined clothing, and avoid this iron!!!
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on March 18, 2013
After reading good reviews of this iron, I tried it and have been using it for about six months. It irons well but it leaks water very frequently. I have hard water so I use distilled in it, allow it to heat fully before ironing, and yet it still spits and drips. It also doesn't seem to stay at ironing temperature long at all. The yellow light comes on after about 5 seconds of ironing, signifying the temperature is low for steam ironing. If I waited for the iron to regain a "green" condition, it would take an hour to iron one blouse! I am very disappointed in this iron and am now looking for a replacement.
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