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on October 6, 2010
This is just a review of the stove itself, I didn't buy it here.

If you're looking for an induction stove, this is the probably the best looking and sleekest stove you can buy (in slide-in range configuration). I love the all black sleek look. The control panel only lights up when you first touch the panel to "wake" it up. The stove top and control panel is all black except for the clock which looks really sleek. It has a power boil feature which boils a quart of water in 90 seconds (I tested it). All of the other thoughtful touches like ball bearing smooth gliding oven racks, built in temperature probe (for cooking turkeys), and soft fading oven light (after you shut the door - I know big woop, but it looks cool), makes you wonder why no one else thought of these things. Most other stove oven's have the racks still grinding against the oven wall. The oven racks on the Electrolux (except for one rack) have the "luxury" glide racks which glide like nice cabinet drawers. Overall, I love this stove. I never thought I would be excited about a stove.

The only troubles I ran into with the stove was during installation.

There didn't seem like an easy way to get the stove off the wood crate. My kitchen is relatively small and there aren't very many places to grab the stove to lift it off the wood crate.

Most stores only sell 6' 50 amp range cords. If you buy this stove, I would recommend looking for a 4' 50 amp range cord because 6' (plus the size of the wires for 50 amps) is very stiff. I had some trouble getting the stove pushed up against the wall all the way no matter how much I tried to tie up with zip ties excess wire before pushing it back. Four feet 50 amp cords are a little harder to find so you may have to look around.

The back panel where the cord plugs in is flimsy. I'm guessing they don't expect you to open and close the back panel very often. The back panel door which covers the nuts to connect the cord is simply a piece of sheet metal you bend (yes BEND) backwards to expose the nuts. If you bend it back shut and then back open again, it's noticeably looser. One more bend back and forth and it breaks off. So why was I opening and closing it so many times, you ask? See the previous paragraph. I originally bought a 6' cord and had trouble getting the stove up against the wall. So I had to swap out the cord for a shorter one.

If you're on the fence about induction technology, read below:

Originally I had an old GE electric coil range and I wanted switch over to gas because of all the advantages (instant heat, and instant on/off (plus my wife hated electric). I came across induction stove tops which I thought was intriguing.

Induction cooking:

- Boils water (or heats anything) faster than any gas or reg electric stove.
- Smooth glass surface is easy to clean, especially since it doesn't get hot (only heat radiating back from cookware to stove).
- Probably safer with young kids since the surface doesn't get hot (less chance of fires and burns).
- Stove only heats cookware when cookware is placed on the stove.
- Induction is 70% more efficient than gas, and 20% more than reg electric (so they claim). I'm guessing that's because all the heat goes straight to the cookware and the only wasted heat is the heat radiating off the cookware not going to your food. Think of it as microwave for your cookware. Microwaves heat the food and not the cookware. Induction stoves, heats only the cookware. There's no heat wasted coming off the side of an open flame or electric coil.

- Need magnetic pans. So if you have aluminum or copper bottom pot/pan, it won't work. Test your cookware by using a magnet on the bottom. If the magnet sticks, it will work.
- Glass surface might scratch if you drag cookware across it or drop something on it.

Do searches for induction stove on for demo of induction stoves.
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on June 7, 2011
I have had the stove for a week now and it seems that the front of the stove is separating from the top. there is now a 1/4 to 1/2 inch space on both sides of the stove (where it meets the countertop). It has dropped so much I can't open the drawers on either side of the stove.

I had the technician out here and he spent 2 hours trying to repair. He called another technician who actually owned the same stove and the technician/owner was experiencing the same problem and sent photos of his stove to confirm the problem. I went back to the showroom to look at the model - and this stove was beginning to do the same thing.

So far no word from the store or Electrolux about what they are going to do about this. Anybody else notice this issue?
review image review image
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on August 24, 2012
When this stove works, there's nothing like it. Look at the great reviews out there, and I would agree 100% with them. The problem is, I haven't been able to cook on this stove for more than a year without running into major breakdowns. The first Electrolux slide- in induction range was delivered a little more than two years ago. Within the first year, both the oven and induction units were deemed irreparable. So, I got a replacement stove. It worked like a charm, and I was again recommending it to anyone who would listen to me. It's so fast! So responsive! So cool that it's a pleasure to cook in the summer without heating up the kitchen. Then, right about one year later, all four induction units simply stopped working. No warning. All it did was chirp at me with a code that was supposed to indicate which electronic board had Failed. Four separate attempts at replacing parts didn't help a bit, so Electrolux agreed to replace the stove again. When the second replacement stove arrived, it was broken when it came out of the box. So, I'm back to square one again. My conclusion is that Electrolux has some very serious quality control problems. And I wouldn't recommend this product until the company addresses these issues.
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on November 27, 2010
I came very close to not purchasing this range due to the lack of reviews, new technology and price. Now that I have it, I realise that would have been a mistake. I do remodels for a living and always try to buy the best construction tools I can. This is a great tool that will make you a better crafts-person.

So how fast is it you might ask. We have a very powerful microwave (remember I buy good tools). In a direct heat off the range wins the prize. It is faster than the microwave every time.

So is it better than gas you might ask. I believe it is. The response time is immediate whether your raising the heat or lowering it. It has incremental heat controls for precision. Unlike gas, the cook-top is smooth and cleans easily. Also, I like the safety of electric over gas. I almost put gas in which would have meant blowing holes in my basement ceiling then patching and repainting. I am glad I did not have to go there.

So is it really better at cooking you might ask. We fancy ourselves as pretty good cooks and we cook everyday. The first time I made a sauce, I kept calling my wife over because the sauce was coming out so amazing. I could not believe a good tool could make so much difference. Now every time I make a sauce or gravy I still get a thrill. I am not sure why there is such a big difference but there is. I think it has to do with lag time. With this tool there is no lag time. When you turn the heat up/down the response is immediate. It is the difference between driving a delivery van and a Mazaratti GT.

So how about build quality you might ask. The build quality seems great. The ovens heat up very quickly, they maintain the right temperature, and they bake/cook evenly. The oven racks and bottom oven drawer glide easily rather than bumping along a rail and track. The electronics give me many options with timed cooking, delay modes, sabbath modes, convection modes, and programed cooking saved into memory. Having said all that, I did take out the five year extended warranty. Remember, I was uneasy about this range. Although we have had it for three months and have had several dinner parties I probably would still take out the extended warranty yet I am the type of person that would rarely ever do so. I did read some reviews where people had some problems. That has not been my experience.

So would I buy this tool again you might ask. Come on now. Do you really need to ask?
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on March 25, 2013
I purchased this Electrolux range in June of 2010. After two years of light use, it started giving error codes and turning off the cooktop. Not only that, it gives an annoying beep and won't stop until you turn off power to the range. At first, I could do this, and it would reset itself and work normally but after awhile, the cooktop simply refused to function. The oven would still work, but only if you could stand the incessant beeping while power was connected to it.

The repairman just left for the second time. The first time, he checked all the connections but could not fix the problem, so he ordered two circuit boards (to the tune of $400.00). Today he returned and installed them. Alas, that did not fix the problem, so I need to replace the touchpad. This will cost $800.00.

I suppose Electrolux sees nothing wrong with their customers replacing parts amounting to one-third the cost of the range every two to three years. I myself am shopping for another range rather than throwing good money after bad.

Now, in all fairness, when this range worked, it worked very, very well, and the cooktop was a dream to cook on. Alas, it comes at a maintenance cost that I am unwilling to bear.

If you absolutely must buy this range, do yourself a favor and purchase the longest extended warranty that you can, for you will surely need it.
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on February 21, 2012
This stove is a piece of crap. We paid over $3,000 for this and waited 6 weeks to get it. In lesss than six months we have had two warranty calls. Sears refuses to replace it. The entire electronics system needs to be replaced including the entire control panel. DO NOT BUY THIS. You cann't even cook on the stove top when you clean the oven. Seriously, avoid at all costs
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on August 19, 2011
I have had many repairs and a full-replacement of this induction range in the past year. Now the second appliance is having some of the same issues as the first one and is in the midst of repairs. The electronics/computers that run this beautiful range seem to be unreliable. Electrolux has been quite responsive, but out of the past 52 weeks, I have had an unusable range for 12 of those and counting. So, non-working 25% of the time.
Issues aside, this induction range is nice (when it works!) - it's beautiful, sleek, contemporary. The induction cooktop is a fabulous cook surface with hot hots and low lows. The oven is great too (love the cobalt blue interior) and small lower oven is a complete bonus. When this thing works...I love it.
The trick is to get one that works and keeps on working! I guess the best advice is to be sure to get the extended warranty.
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on December 29, 2012
I purchased this stove less than three years ago, and the convection motor failed during the Christmas holiday when I had guests visiting and a lot of food to prepare. I called customer service to order a new part, and was told that it would be shipped overnight. It wasn't, and after 20 minutes on hold with customer service I was informed that it would be shipped in 2-3 business days, which is not what I was promised. Do not purchase appliances from this company. The stove looks great, but it is not worth the headache. Major appliances should not fail after less than 3 years of use, especially an appliance that costs this much.
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on December 27, 2013
We purchased this range from Sears in 2010. It was expensive but we sought the induction feature and were happy with the unit at first. We have had nothing but problems with the range just prior to the 2 year extended warranty expiring. The circuit board went(which I understand is quite common). It was on warranty so Sears did replace it after a 2 week period waiting for the part. Three weeks after the extended warranty ended a puff of smoke and a "pop" was heard followed by a complete failure all working parts.

We have had a nightmare of a time with Sears. Initially they claimed that the replaced part had no warranty as it was replaced under warranty(?). After talking to a manager they agreed to come out as it was a safety issue. Sears failed to show up on their first "scheduled" visit…no call…nothing. They arrived three days later and replaced a circuit board. This did not fix the problem. which didn't work. The error code was misdiagnosed. They then did not order all the parts.

We waited another 10 days without a word from Sears. We were told the parts were in and scheduled another appointment. The repairman again failed to show!!!!! Numerous calls to Sears service centre were made but they were unable to connect us with the local office or a local manager. When they did finally arrive with the parts (one Week Later), the problem has still not been resolved.

As to date we have had a new circuit board, timer, UIB board, Control Assembly installed. We are now awaiting installation of the induction circuit board. This part has an estimated arrival date of 6 weeks. We have been without a functional range for 6 weeks and estimate another 4-5 weeks more(over Christmas).

Obviously a lot of the issues are with the service we have received, but I do wonder if the repair people really understand how to diagnose the correct problems with these units. Having said that, our last old- style electric element range lasted 20 years with no issues.

If you must buy this range, purchase the longest extended warranty and renew it when it expires(and keep your fingers crossed that it can actually be repaired).

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on December 5, 2011
I'm editing this review that I made when I first bought the range. It's still a fantastic range, but we became aware of a defect in manufacturing in the cooktop controls. It is a $500 part and 2-3 hours labor! You MUST buy all the warranties you can if you purchase this range. And have a Coleman camp stove as a backup while you wait for the stupid applicance repair company to order the part. That said, here is my originial review: We purchased this range in spite of a few bad reviews because we wanted induction and we liked the quality of Electrolux. We couldn't be more pleased with this range. The induction is fantastic. Super fast heating, cool cooktop so it cleans easily, doesn't burn food on the top, and the control is superb. It is really true, that induction has the power of electric and the control of gas. Gas is more work to clean, if you are a cleanie like me, and you have heat loss around the sides of the pots. Electric is slow to respond. The Electrolux oven is beautiful, works great like any oven except it has wonderful gliding ball-bearing racks like the higher end commercial ovens. The lower oven is fantastic too, heating up to 450 deg. The installation wasn't super easy, we had to lower our outlet and we had to shim up the range as our cabinets are slightly taller than standard, but it looks beautiful with a flange over the granite. I can imagine a traditional wok wouldn't work with induction because the heat is only on the bottom where the metal pot touches the cooktop; it doesn't lick up the sides like gas. You would need to switch to a 12" fry pan for stir-fry, I think. The control panel is super cool. A great purchase. Worth the extra for induction. And worth getting new pots and pans (they have to be ferromagnetic).
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