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on February 27, 2013
The good:

The graphics are fantastic. The interiors are meticulously crafted with great attention to detail, and the exteriors are absolutely breathtaking.

The game works fine on Windows 8. This is one of the few games where I bought the initial release and did not experience major performance bugs. In fact, I have played through twice without incidents which are not related to internet connectivity.

The custom weapons crafting is great. You can construct weapons with two fundamentally different functions. My personal favorite is a rivet chain gun with a force gun. There is a LOT of intense, close combat with multiple creatures. The force gun blows them back several feet, and the chain gun wipes them out with great efficiency. There are also instances (although relatively few) where a long range weapon comes in handy. A Seeker Rifle with a missile launcher is tremendous for these opportunities. One can create a very wide variety of different, very effective, weapons that have their uses in some of the unique situations in the game, and are just plain fun!

This game is SCARY! I'm over 50, and easily startled, but I still find a certain exhilaration from the creative (and often unforeseen) ambushes by some extremely well-designed monsters which come in a refreshingly wide variety.

The game provides a number of different strategies and tactics for different players' personalities. Oldsters like me with bad reflexes can beat the game just as well as the younger players.

The Bad:

So, why only 3 stars?

There are two design flaws in this game that I find extremely annoying, and make no sense, whatsoever.

First, the game has an automated progress save feature, and no manual progress save feature. There is NO excuse for this. It should be up to ME when to save my progress, not the developers.

Secondly, the game requires an active internet connection to start and play. I have a wireless network, and when my connection gets interrupted the game freezes during combat sequences. This just serves to magnify my irritation with the automatic saves, since I have to exit, reconnect, and then restart at a point BEFORE I lost my connection. There is no excuse for this, either. In the single-player campaign, there is NO practical reason to require an active internet connection.
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on February 12, 2013
Lots of negative reviews so I was compelled to leave my own. One of the biggest knocks on the game is that it isn't as scary as the previous ones. I'm not so sure that is so true. The fright level for Dead space 1 was largely in part of the user not knowing what to expect. Dead space 2 was a little "less scary." Part 3 is even less because by now, most players are comfortable with the environment. Combined that with the fact that the protagonist, Isaac, is now a seasoned veteran in dealing with the necromorphs. I feel that the fright level is right on par with the current storyline. It's still scary, but you know what to expect.

I am no fan of shooters, but after playing Dead Space 2 it quickly became one of the best games I've ever played in terms of being immersed in the story. I moved on to play part 1 and now with part 3 am very pleased. The ability to modify and customize your weapons is a very nice addition. You may find yourself spending a lot of time modifying your weapon depending on the situation you're in.

They also introduced "side missions." Which is nice, but they seem like the main part of the game that was just labeled side missions. I guess they're optional but I cannot imagine anyone not completing them. One nice thing that could be added to the series in future versions is the option to create a non-linear path. For example, the ability to choose which planet or area you need to go to for whatever reason fits the plot. It could be molded to be like an RPG.

I left out a star because the story is a bit strange in the way that it attempts to introduce co-op with single player. I've only played single player but the story seems odd in the way that it tries to create a storyline that fits both co-op and single player. Additionally, it seems very easy. I started out on the hard level and there is an overabundance of health, stasis refills, and ammo laying around.

Overall, a very good game. Don't let the bitterness of the way that the game is sold or delivered determine the rating of the actual game.
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on March 13, 2013
Dead Space has evolved from the horror of the original. The third installment is a straight-up action game, despite a few scares and surprises along the way.

That said, it's a well-executed action game-- the game is polished, the story integrity is maintained from the first two installments, and a lot of exposition goes into what the 'markers' really are. You are given enough motivation to keep moving forward and you never feel like you're just wandering about aimlessly. Co-op is actually handled very, very well, including offering up incentives for co-op play. The space-walk element is fantastic; it's so good that I wish there was much more of it.

If you play through at a decent clip, you'll likely spend about 12 hours on it, and there are incentives for a second (or even a third) play-through.

What I didn't like about it? It has very little actual 'horror' left, instead substituting a few surprises to provide shock value. I suppose that you could argue that Resident Evil isn't horror anymore either, but I believe they could've really ratcheted up terror with just a few different design choices. (Of course, apparently they were forced to shift to an action focus by EA management, so they probably saw the possibilities as well, given that they're professionals and all.) The microtransaction system also is totally unnecessary-- I'd be surprised if EA made $30 on it total, since fortunately, you don't have to spend any money to complete the game.

My biggest complaint would be the weapon/ammo situation: weapon-specific ammo has been done away with in favor of a generic 'clip'. This completely removes any incentive to use more than just the one weapon you really like. It also reduces the amount situational decision-making that needs to be done. (Do I have enough ammo? Is this gun the best for what I'm probably going to run into?)

The bottom line-
Did I have fun playing it? Yes
Did it keep me playing? Yes
Did it look good? Yes (but I have a high-end rig and had all the settings at 'max')
Do I feel like I got my money's worth? Pretty much.

That said, I'd only give it 3.5 stars, because it really had a chance to set itself apart, and instead we got a forgettable Dead-Space themed shooter.
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on April 22, 2015
Ive played it and its fun.Just four stars but three and a half, really. However, I will NEVER link my Amazon account to EA's Origin service. No matter what kind of sucker-bait Amazon and Electronic Arts collaborate on, I will never do it.

EA also gives away a "free" game so that they are sure to get older account holders to agree to their newly revised EULA terms. I admit its clever but its also nefarious and indicative of the EA business ethic, naturally.

When you consider purchasing a videogame, today's complex requirements to actually play it, means that you can no longer separate the game from the publisher. So, when you review one the other has to also be considered.

Buying a game through Origin means getting into bed with EA. Not something to take lightly, if you value your personal privacy and consumer rights.
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on October 27, 2013
I was one of those Dead Space purists who resented the move away from the classic Dead-Space
Survival Horror to the more Action-based DS3. Well I was wrong. I totally love this game now.
However the game is marred badly by the absolute worst, most unintuitive and annoying save
system I have ever seen in any game. The save system in DS1 and DS2 were perfect, why did they
have to change it? Try starting a new game before you have completed an existing game - good
luck with that, and if you can work out how to do it please let me know. Or worse, pay for any
DLC addition, play the DLC for a while (without completing it), then come back later and try
to find the damn thing in that mess of a menu system. Again good luck with that! Whoever designed
the DS3 save-system should be whipped.
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on February 14, 2013
Isaac Clarke has returned as the star of the third game in the Dead Space series and without a doubt it's an extremely solid game.
The series as a whole is known for it's scare factor and for Dead Space 3, this hasn't changed. There are moments when you will doubt about it.

Over all it's more tense than frightening though.

If you have played the other games in the series then you know that Dead Space is a third-person survival horror title and for the third installment, the over all experience has been built upon and enhanced. The game's biggest improvement is the new weapon crafting system, which can be used at any workbench in the game's 19 chapters. With this crafting system you can piece together different weapons combinations including different frames, engines and tips. You can go further by enhancing your weapons with acid coated or electrical projectiles.

Kinesis is still at play in this title and this allows you the ability to pick up objects and toss them towards the necromorphs.

Dead Space 3 has been developed for consoles and then ported directly to PC. Although it is possible to turn some settings up a little higher on the PC, modern features that are part of DirectX 11 or high-resolution textures are not supported out of the box. Read below for some tips on how to get a bit more out of this game graphically.

The music and sound design are top-notch just as with the other titles.

The addition of co-op allows the series to go from the fringes of core survival horror onto the mainstream stage of action gaming. Playing in co-op erase the sense of isolation though, but the scares and the persistent sense of dread the series is known for remains intact.

The amount of time needed to beat this title will depend on you and how you play. If you search for every hidden item and artifact then it can take up to 20 hours. If you race through the game it can be done in about 12 hours.

For me playing a game is like drinking a glass of wine you need to take the time and enjoy it :)

NOTE OF INTEREST: For those angry about the 30FPS lock on PC; turn vsync off in game, then with Nvidia control panel hit 3D options, select DS3, go down and force Vsync on - me having a 120 refresh rate monitor; doing this enabled SLI of my two 580 GTX's and gave me a constant 120 frames per second lock at 1920x1080@120hz refresh. the difference was ok to gorgeous! Enjoy!

Overall my friend, this is a great title. Turn the lights off, turn the sound up. Prepare to get frightened.

-Why only Four Stars?-

While I have enjoyed this game greatly, it is missing that high level of scare factor. It's there but it's not as rampant as with the other titles. Other than that; terrific game.


-Excellent weapon crafting system adds flexibility to combat
-Outstanding sense of atmosphere
-The Sound effects......
-Great amount of environmental variety
-Co-op makes for a fun alternate approach to the campaign.
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on October 22, 2013
The Dead Space series is one of my favorite game franchises. This as like the others is very entertaining. If you've played the others then you'll find the game play, story, and events to be very similar. This didn't bother me, as it's just like a continuation of the other games. I like the space maneuvering chapters in this game, always seemed like the others was lacking much of the actual EVA space scenes. Just be prepared to not stop playing this game once you start, really captures your attention and keeps you on it's toes with it's random "horror" moments. A truly unique third-person shooter.

This game has very good graphics (PC version played at max settings), and is very smooth - never noticed any jitters or frame loss. It runs great in Wine/CrossOver under a Linux OS (as all the DeadSpace games have). However I deducted one star because of EA/whoever not selling this version on Steam and forcing users to install/run Origin just to play this game. The Origin client is the biggest waste of software development I've ever seen. It is horribly buggy, slow, and in no way will ever compete with Steam. This is one of only a couple games I own that aren't on Steam, they need to realize the market potential there and give up on their failed products. (The previous two DS games were available on Steam).

The only other issue I had with this game is there were several bugs/glitches throughout it that could become annoying. Saved game/chapter corruption, unable to advance in a level and having to go back, etc. There are plenty of threads on it, if you come across any. Unfortunately they decided to fire most of the DS3 developers a long time ago, and these bugs will never be resolved. However you are able to continue playing with slight delays working around them.
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on September 11, 2015
I have Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but I gotta say I was most excited for this game because of the co-op.

I have actually only played it co-op, so I can't speak to the experience of it solo, but I really enjoy it. It has quite a different feel than playing solo-there are still jump scares and the horror ambiance is there, but with another person at your side it becomes more of an action shooter at times. Kind of reminds me of the path that Resident Evil has taken, but this is more of a RE5 compared to the previous games than an RE6.

Both the friend and I enjoyed the custom weapon builder and have spent more than a little time messing around with the different kinds of craftable guns. I personally enjoyed crafting a gun good for both close range and long range attacking--a plasma core with a diffraction torus and a military engine with precision tip, with upgrade circuits to increase the clip size of the rifle half. My buddy decided to go with shotgun and machine gun style weapons. The beauty of having a partner in this game is that you can complement each other--assuming you get along!

The side missions were a nice addition, because I like to explore we diverted from the story to do these quite often. Nothing special to say about them though.

Overall I liked the game, but didn't find it to be particularly challenging. We've started playing it again on a more difficult mode, but it is still fairly easy. I think once I try Hardcore mode or Pure Survival mode I will find a difference. Took that one star off just because I expected the base difficulty to be a little higher. Still, I quite enjoyed it and would probably buy again if given the choice.
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on March 25, 2013
The game has the combat, audio and graphic features down to a perfect science and the move from credits to craftables is excellent. But, it does have some issues that seemed to take away from my complete (3 game) Dead Space experience.
First, I have no problem with built in Cooperative play, as an option. I think it's a perfect feature but I do have an issue with it when it affects my solo-play's achievement record. Choosing to play solo and not being able to complete the game with an 100% achievement record is just as annoying as paying for a game that doesn't really work in the first place. (i.e. Star Wars: TFU2 for PC and it's cut-scene perma-crash halfway through the game that's never getting patched.)
Having artifacts and collectibles locked away and inaccesible to a solo player who made the decision to play the 'single player version' of the game, from the onset, makes me want to write this public review instead of finding someone to group with.
"...Just move the missing collectibles back into the solo game or de-list them from the overall game achievements. Consider solo and co-op 2 different and distinct games all together, simple."
Lastly, Ellie. What can I say. But, for one of the main reasons to push on through to the end and try to save the day, in Dead Space 2, with that rare but endearing Kyle Kataarn/Jan Ord (SW: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast) relationship being hollowed out from the start of Dead Space 3. She immediately lost her "Peng" factor both in graphical display and story. I just couldn't bring myself to care if she made it out of any particular predicament, in the later chapters through to the end of the game, or not. Honestly, the entire cast didn't strike a single cord. - "They were there, then they were gone. Ah well, shoot and scoot."
All that being said, I still give Dead Space 3 a solid 4/5 or a 8.5 out of 10 for my opening comments but wonder if a future Dead Space 4 can make things right for me or kill the franchise, in my eyes. (Customizable suits - mix and match from available list, texture and color choice would be a nice addition for DS-4.)
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on November 19, 2013
The game, while not being survival horror, was great as an action game with an intriguing story-line. While many people disliked the game for not being as oriented towards survival horror, the series had already became more action-oriented in the second one. The weapon customization is fun, although a few combinations were very ineffective. The coop campaign was fun for the increased interaction with Issac and his partner, although It felt jarring when the game went into a "cut scene" where the other player may not actually be present and suddenly pop back up next to the player with no explanation as to how he got there. I did also run into bugs where I flew through a wall and fell off the map and one where certain parts of the game would disappear and make it impossible to progress. Overall though, it was a fun game with a good customization system and would definitely recommend it to someone, just realize you may have to reload a checkpoint or two
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