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4.0 out of 5 stars Game itself is great! Origin and Battlelog slightly bring down the experience.
I wanted to write a review about the game itself, and not focus so much on things outside of the game i.e. Origin and Battlelog.

I've been gaming on the PC since the late 90s, and this is one of the best games that I have experienced. If you enjoy first person shooters on the PC, then this is a must. The game features stunning graphics, but it can still run,...
Published on December 12, 2011 by Mark Garety

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1.0 out of 5 stars Battlefield 3
After building a new PC, I thought I would give Battlefield 3 a go.

Gone are the days of simply putting in the disc, letting it install, then playing the game. Oh no. Now we have to hop through the hoops of the publishers in the HOPE that the game will actually install and play at all. Want to know why the PC game market is imploding ? It isn't the content...
Published on October 10, 2012 by nehumanuscrede

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1.0 out of 5 stars Unfortunate., October 31, 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
I'm sure I'll receive flak for this review, and it is what it is. Here is my opinion on this game I was very excited for.

Single Player - The single player take the I out of A.I., as enemies are outright ridiculous. Shooting at nothing for no reason. Often times I've found myself standing right in front of an enemy who didn't recognize I had my gun pointed in his face at 2 feet away, he was looking directly at me in the same hiding position.

Friendlies are no better, more than once there have been firefights going on, I would be raining bullets on the enemies and (because the script says so) your teamate will non chalantly walk a foot in front of your gun with his head at the nussle when I'm in mid fire and HAVE BEEN firing and reloading for quite some time. Then the game has the audacity to say "Friendly Fire Will Not Be Tolerated!", but it wasn't really friendly fire, it was a friendly purposefully committing suicide. I'm sure the dialogue of these words aren't portraying how absurd it looks on screen, but it is pretty lackluster.

The campaign is also extremely scripted, and yes I'm aware that every single player is scripted. That's exactly what a game (or software program in general) is, a series of scripts. Many series of scripts, but this is to the point that the game may as well been a rail shooter. That way, you can enjoy all the pretty backgrounds without having to worry about anything else. For example: On the first level there is a portion where you are called to man a LMG up on a bridge (the same level shown in the first trailers, which ends in an Earthquake). Well, if you run up on that bridge, grab the LMG, and then position yourself behind a piece of the bridge that hasn't had it's cover blown off. It doesn't matter, you die a cheap death from an automated RPG or the bullets from everyone focusing on you. If you grab that gun, take a step back, and begin firing like Scareface (but actually hitting people), you'll still get that RPG visit, so say "goodbye". However, if you grab that LMG, then immediately aim thus posting against the fence, everyone's attention goes elsewhere, and that RPG? The guy(s) weilding that RPG will purposefully shoot elsewhere.

^ Is Dice serious? That's a direct Call of Duty attribute, where you must hit specific points on the map to truly progress, and you learn this in those games in brutal fashion once you play it on Veteran difficulty. Meaning you have to memorize the script points rather than disposing the enemies 9/10. It isn't about your accuracy or teamwork, but rather about being at the right place to progress in the game, your teammates will shoot those magical bullets that don't allow the infinite respawns to continue. Oh, and Battlefield 3 does have it's moments of infinite respawning enemies, in the same Call of Duty fashion I just mentioned.

Personally, I do not find any of that interesting. I know this may sound shallow, but why was Halo Combat Evolved superior in its campaign to this game in almost every single way? I say almost because it obviously couldn't in terms of graphics. In that game, fights changed just about every time I played. The enemy AI was very dynamic, and you could literally keep your men alive for additional firepower if you were skilled enough because of this dynamic feel. In fact, there were many places (take "Assault on the Control Room") for instance where you could play cooperatively, and through communication guide the other to assassinate entire rooms full of enemies without firing a single round. Just from simply playing stealthy and remaining undetected. On that same stage, when you would be spotted in one area an Elite once he spotted you (because they actually had a field of view) would bolt for a nearby Banshee. The thing is, he doesn't always make it to the vehicle, because with a well placed grenade or shots you can stop him from entering and even weild the powerful arial vehicle yourself. Things were so free, and yet full of action and wonder in that game. Why does Battlefield 3 not have any of this? What is the problem? You are literally guided through everything like they want this to be you watching a movie that a few hours too long and not really all that interesting to begin with (the story is almost a dejavu of Black Ops). If they wanted to give us that feeling, why not just give us customers a long movie to watch so I won't be burdened by having to move a mouse, I can just sit back, and chow down on some popcorn or fall asleep. You can't even pilot a jet in the game, you're just along for the ride, and while the sky is pretty, it's a very boring ride.

Last 2 notes about the Campaign:

The Xbox controller integration was completely half-___ed. You cannot do any of the quick time events with them. You do not get the actual 360/PS3 controller set up integration, rather, you get a PC control scheme with some of the button set ups mapped over. What do I mean by this? One instance, there is no sprint toggle, none. So if you want to run (and you will be wanting to RUN a lot in this game), you'll have to mash down L3 (analog stick) and hold forward simultaneously. Not only does this wear down the buttons, and your hand from its awkwardness, but it's just clunky and will often release because you unintentionally stopped pressing down hard enough.

The campaign drastically holds back on destruction (outside of scripted events such as the Earthquake you saw in the trailer). So I essentially can't do what I want because it's so scripted, the A._. obviously is missing it's intelligence, and I can't do much more than cause a car to explode if I'm using heavy artilery, or chip away at small pieces of cover on a building side? Please Dice, lets not try to make this any more boring and unmemorable. Please.


Gun mechanics work well. I guess they made the tank firing sounds more realistic, however they sound rather non threatening in Battlefield 3 because you don't get that rocking "Boom!" anymore and screen shake when you're near a firing T-90 like in Bad Company 2. However, if this is more realistic, no problem. I wouldn't know since I've never been near one going off.

The action is rather intense in many places and that's always cool to see. Those mechanics they have down well. As expected...


The map is an obvious downgrade from Battlefield 2, I don't understand the purpose in it, but I digress. This isn't a huge issue to me so I let it slide.

I cannot use the quick match function nor can I see pings of servers to find a game that I would connect well too (nor can they be viewed in game). Fortunately I have an extremely good connection. Maybe this is an issue that could be addressed by port forwarding? I'm thinking it could; however I have not bothered to fiddle with it, but it results in me finding a server that winds up being fairly laggy. To the point where I will unload half a clip into someone (showing as registered), they turn and kill me in a shot, and my death screen shows that very person with 100% health. Nice. It also means you'll find a ton of rubberbanding in 64 player servers (at least those I have chosen in my time with the game). HOWEVER, because the ping issue, not being able to see it, maybe just be something I can address with port forwarding, AND maybe because I may have just joined a bunch of laggy servers back to back (no way to verify) -- I'll let this slide for now.

Now, you see, my friends all got this game on consoles. However, I could afford to buy this on PC because I have a fairly strong rig (can run this and every other game I own on Ultra with no problems), so I did. I don't have any friends on PC, and this game does not support in-game VOIP (basically, voice chat). Basically this means I'm playing a tactical game where I cannot speak in real time. I'm playing a tactical game without tactics, and many complaints from people about this in game through the chat system. This causes a LOT of problems.
Example: You're playing on Caspian Border, there is one vehicle left and one of your squad mates grab it, you are right behind them and they flat out leave you behind because they do not know you're there. You're then forced to run, run, and run some more across a gigantic map - hoping you don't get murdered IMMEDIATELY as you get to your destination. Cool. Now remember me mentioning how there was no sprint toggle? (Mouse and Keyboard OR Controller, whichever method you choose) The result? You feeling like you're one step closer to rheumatoid arthritis with each asinine venture. How hard would it be to implement the same thing TES games do? Click one button to toggle on Run, click another to run straight until you either toggle it back off or tap backward on the keyboard. It isn't hard...
ALSO imagine you want to cover your squad's 6? Well, they won't know that because you can't tell them, but what makes it worse is that you can't tell them of any threats. There have been times I would get rushed by multiple men and I couldn't inform my squad to assist with support fire from their 6. The result is I die, and my entire squad dies along with me because there was no way for me to inform them of the oncoming threat. I do what I can to defend them for naught, because it's me vs a group, and my group has no opportunity to have an idea... It also makes for very silent games as well. Very boring games... An essential element to squad based teamplay is tactifully making your way to an objective, but this cannot be done (the commorose does not make up for chat by any means what so ever) and to top it off, there aren't even squad leaders.
^ Essentially, no chat option for people who aren't friends (and I do not have friends on PC) breaks the game. They may have well added a "lone wolf" mode since I can't communicate with my team and rather find myself having to chase after them becuase they just don't know what's on my mind and I don't know what's on theirs (what objective we're to set next or how to complete the one we wish to pursue at the time). I've been told on forums that I should get friends then, but that's absurd. It'd be nice to have friends, sure. But it isn't like I can havea full conversation and seriously play the game simultaneously. Considering I'd have to type out everything thus be inactive and vulnerable to death. Basically I'm being told by those arrogant few that I should just join a game, send out a bunch of random friend requests, hope I end up playing at the same time as them in the future (the point where we can connect on Origin and get paired up in a chat room before manually searching for a game), hope they accept, hope we play well together, and hope we even like each other after vocal discussions. Absurd...
... I can't even tell you how many times I've hopped out of a comrades tank to repair it just for him to think I bailed on him so he/she would just drive away at full speed as I began to repair, and eventually just be killed because I'm standing right out in the open because my mate left me behind... Cool.

The chat box on PC is FAR too big. It takes a more than a quarter of your screen, including a big blue box to further render your viewing pleasure. I can't tell you how many times I've died from someone directly in front of me because I couldn't see through the giant chat box that randomly pops up on my screen because someone typed something. Nice one Dice, how about making it a small text area in the corner of the screen like every other modern PC FPS online game on the planet?

Lastly, there's a bit of an issue with some hit detection. For instance, if someone is on the other side of a wire fence (where you can clearly see through with it's large gaping holes), you can't shoot through it. I fired at a guy on the other side of a fence for ages (who was directly on the opposite side) while manning a .50 cal machine gun on the back of a vehicle. Not a single bullet hit the guy. In fact he eventually turned to face me and just watched as I fired into the fence. Only once the fence was hit with a knife were bullets allowed to pass. Come on now, how much better is that then an invisible wall then? Considering they'll be able to see you, or you'll be able to see them, and you'll both know that you're essentially behind bullet proof glass and you don't have to watch out for the other unless one plays chicken and takes a swipe at the fence... At least reduce bullet damage, but impenetrable? Wrong type of fence, Dice.

This review is mighty long so I'll be extremely brief from this point forward.

Origin - Are we seriously discussing this? Any questions can be answered on the other 1 star reviews here, Origin is weak. If anything, they should have just left up their agreement with Steam and allowed people to use that instead. Origin? 0/10.

Browser based system - Horrible. Resource consuming. Poorly functioning. Rather pointless. Another 0/10. The console versions seem to be better in this regard. I have no idea why the only method of changing your options without being alive and in mid match online -- Is to go through the campaign option which actually gives you a hard coded game menu (however you cannot choose to go online through this method, only play the campaign and change your settings). Just horrible to me.

Flashlights - Way too bright during the daytime. In fact there is no difference in their power from day to night. It doesn't make any sense, it's like they have a star emmulating from their gun. Producing a huge flare on your screen regardless of your setting. I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever been utterly blinded by a flashlight in mid day with no overcast. The sun nullifies the effect because my eyes have heavily adjusted. In the darkness however, I can see this massive flair making sense.

MMO Unlock system - Don't really like having to unlock things for every single weapon, for each team (you may unlock the 4x scope on gun 1 on the American team, but you'll need to unlock it again for weapon 1 on the Russian team). Maybe Bad Company 2 was too fast, but BF3 is too slow. However, other people may like this extremely slow progression because it effectively gives them hardware handicaps or they just like to continually unlock things for hundreds of hours rather than focus of having fun with the mechanics of the match at hand. To each their own.

Overall, and sadly I'm afraid. I have to give BF3 a 1 star. I honestly wish I didn't preorder this title because now I find myself only hoping they patch up issues (like the game breaking no in game VOIP feature with your squad), and if they do not, they'll have lost me as a future customer. I know I'm just one of many, and I know when the game is played in optimal form (chat, no encumbersome rubberbanding/lag, and all) the game is very fun so for now (even though I don't get to experience this fun at the time of this review) I will give it the benefit of the doubt and rate the fun level 3 stars. It is what it is and if they fix some things I will be happy to edit this review if I remember to.

Sorry for the long review, leave a comment if you'd like. Cheers.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Forces you to use a browser plugin, slowing down computer permanently, December 4, 2011
M. Diehl (Portland, OR USA) - See all my reviews
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
EA forces you to install a browser plugin if you want to play the game. Even if you try to run the game from the start menu, it opens up your browser and tells you to install a browser plugin to play.

This means that every time you start your browser, it will start slower and use up more memory...even when you have no intention to play their game!

I installed the game last night, and have still not decided whether I am actually going to play it yet, because I don't want to install their memory-footprint and virus-attack-vector plugin.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Get a console version! Forced bloatware!, December 9, 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
The PC version is laden with a ridiculous amount of bloatware, an installation nightmare. To INSTALL the game you MUST first install and create an account with Origin (EA's version of Steam), then install a browser plugin. So to even just play the game you must launch Origin, login, then launch the browser plugin, then finally you can launch the game. I like my PC to run clean, especially when gaming, so forcing customers to adopt systems like Origin and their web-based launcher is a bit over the top. It's unfortunate I can't resell this as the game code is now linked to my account and useless to anyone else. Had I known, I wouldn't have bought simply out of principal.
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2.0 out of 5 stars EA & DICE out to lunch, November 25, 2011
This review is from: Battlefield 3 [Download] (Software Download)
On October 25, I rushed right out in a buying frenzy to get the most anticipated game out in years. I was an ALPHA & BETA tester, by the way. Right out of the box, I had to do a download to "UPDATE" BF3. Turns out that there were many glitches, bugs and outright mistakes in the software that was already sitting on the stores shelves on DVD's. You also are required to have Origin resident on your pc. Origin is kind of like Steam, but worse. Anyway, on Nov. 22 a third update was released. Many players, me included, are now complaining of not being able to get into servers or being "disconnected" from servers after beginning gameplay. I spent an hour with tech support this morning and was told to uninstall Origin and BF3, "This SHOULD fix the problem." Maybe EA and DICE should spend a little more time with the development and testing before releasing a new game. For me, I think I will do half of what the tech suggested; uninstall BF3 and Origin, but install MW3. BattleField 3 is an excellent game(when it runs right), vivid graphics, but not worth the flipping headaches, to me.
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1.0 out of 5 stars BF3 is a terrible dissapointment, October 28, 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
I love Battlefield series but this is horrible, here's a sincere review:

Graphics: 9 out of 10 on this one.

If you have the right machine, the graphics are amazing. Bar none. They did a great job with textures and DX11. You will need to cough up some money for a good card, however I have tried the Beta with a 2 year old card and it still looked fantastic on medium or low settings. With GTX590 (which I have) or the more powerful Radeon GPU this game looks amazing and runs smoothly.

Singleplayer: 1 out of 10 on this one.

Horrible. You would think a top tier company like DICE/EA would be able to produce an enjoyable campaign. The AI is horrible, EVERYTHING (i'm not kidding when I say this) is a scripted event. No freedom to do anything, a huge step backwards. If you played Halo back in 2001 when it came out you will remember it for how dynamic each fight was and how it was never the same when you played it again. In this game every time you replay a mission the same enemies pop out in the same places and the NPC's do the exact same movement and move to the exact same positions. It's just depressing that its 2011 and a game from 2001 showed significantly better AI and much more freedom to work with. You clearly have to stay within a certain area and can't explore levels. The destruction of environments that Frostbite 2.0 promised is completely missing in the campaign. This is incredibly disappointing, Bad Company 2 had better environments and a better Single player. The single player boils down to a show off of great graphics and no playability or fun factor involved, If you've watched the trailers and demos of the single player then you have basically seen the majority of all the cool events that happen and when you play it you will realize its the exact same clip with little to offer in terms of freedom its a scripted movie guys, albeit a very pretty one. You don't get to use any vehicle other than the tank in the campaign, the awesome F/A 18 Superhornet scene looks amazing but it is basically you as a copilot not flying or maneuvering. All you get to use are the 'E', '1','2', '3' and 'X' key and look around with your mouse. It's really really depressing.

Multiplayer: 8 out of 10 on this one.

The multiplayer has always been great on Battlefield. Large maps, vehicles and great weapons make for a great amount of content to play with. If you have the PC version you get the benefit of up to 64 players which make multiplayer very very different on PC vs Consoles. Let's be honest this game is meant for the PC, it is still fun on consoles but you really should get it for PC to get the dynamics of 64 players working for you. If you bought this game for the multiplayer then you made a good buy, there's a catch though. That catch may be the biggest deal breaker of all time. You have to use EA's Origin client to play the game. Here is a complimentary review of Origin below:

Origin: 1 out of 10

Origin is annoying, doesn't work right all the time and not being able to host your own server is really bad. I get it. EA wants to get a slice of Steam clientele and revenue right? The truth runs deeper. EA wants to control dedicated servers because they want to DLC the crap out of this game and all other games. They are trying to keep the mod community away from creating much better maps (although the ones on there are great now) and content. You probably will not see Project Reality or any great modded version of this game on PC because EA doesn't want it to happen. If they can't charge you a price for DLC then they rather control all of it and only allow you to purchase a map pack every once in a while. It's really sad where the PC gaming trend is going. Origin itself is very buggy its unnecessary. I feel bad for the developers of this game because I know they are talented and wanted to make a great game, but EA wanted them to make money not a great game so they made a cheesy campaign and completely messed up the online system. You can't play the game unless you're online because guess what, Origin is used to launch the campaign, the coop, and multiplayer. I can't imagine that the developers for this thought this was a good idea, they knew it was going to be bad. But what can they do, they have a job and families to feed.

Closing thoughts: I really think this has a great multiplayer but everything else is lacking and making it hard to enjoy the multiplayer (or get on it because Origin being so bad). I'm crossing my fingers for them to release it on Steam with a built in Server finder and dedicated support and open the game up to the mod community, but I think thats very very wishful thinking.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Game is just OK, Origin makes it SUCK, December 3, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Battlefield 3 [Download] (Software Download)
I'll start off saying this could be a good game, but they still have a lot of work to do. I've only clocked in about 10 hours and have encountered numerous bugs and issues, and it makes my computer randomly just shut down.

- graphics are great, better than MW3 in my opinion.
- You can definitely tell the difference between weapons

- 2-3 shots and you're dead. No need for a health bar when you're done so quick
- Level load times are insane. Regardless of if it's a level you've played before or not, it usually takes me about 2 minutes for level load. This is with top cable speed, gaming pc and 16GB of memory. This keeps me from playing.
- Everything, including the single player, goes through the Origin web interface. Horrible decision and increases crashes to desktop

I bought it on Black Friday sale for half off, but even at that price I wouldn't purchase this game again.
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1.0 out of 5 stars By Far the Worst of the Series, January 13, 2012
Shannon B. (Ukiah, CA United States) - See all my reviews
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
I started playing the Battlefield series when the early beta of Battlefield 1942 came out. I've played every Battlefield game there is and this one is by far the worst. There are just so many things wrong with it. From EA banning people from being able to play who complain on their forums, to numerous bugs, to people not even being able to download and/or install the downloadable version and then EA refusing to refund their money when they have a game that doesn't even work, the list seems almost endless.

The game now requires you to run it in a web browser and to make matter worse, you must also run their new gaming service, Origin, which is a buggy, bloated, CPU hog. It takes Origin almost as much time to load as Windows 7 on my two computers. Once you get it running it wants to load at start-up and every new version will try to slip this by you.

When, if ever, you do get the game working, you'll wish you hadn't. After waiting several minutes for Origin to load, you then must wait some more for the web browser part to load as well. Then, when you think you've joined a multiplayer game, sometimes you will and often you won't. It will just say loading.... FOREVER. The graphics are stunning, but not always in a good way. Too many lens flairs, too much gloss, and too many artifacts.

But the problems don't end there. I've never been a fan of the medals system. Bright shinny things don't appeal to me and this game is littered with them. Every time you turn around you get a ribbon of some kind. Sometimes you'll get the same ribbon 8 times in a round. Is that really necessary? Does it really add to the game or is it more to appeal to young children?

I've probably played two games where the teams were somewhat balanced. 99.9% of the time all of the best players will migrate to the same team and then spend most of their time killing the noobs. How this can remain interesting after 5 seconds is a mystery to me. I find it dull, yet there is nothing to stop it. The bunny hopping from previous games is still present. Once again EA/DICE have turned a deaf ear on fixing this problem, so most players hop around constantly. Now there is a new issue which seems to be getting equally ignored. People run around with their gun flashlights on so that it will flash a bright white light at you, even in daylight and distract you while they take advantage of this bug and shoot you. On your screen you'll see nothing but white, and can't see where to shoot the enemy back.

These are just a few of the many numerous bugs in BF3, but the real problem is that they have dumbed the game down to make it playable on consoles. Like many former PC only games, this one has been lobotomized and now doesn't play anywhere near as intelligently as its predecessors. It is no longer a good teamplay game. It is a run and gun.

There is another issue that die hard Battlefield fans on the PC like me really hate. No longer can you load a server and learn. It used to be you could load up a server on your own with bots and learn how to play the game. Try on some of the guns for size. See how things work and try to figure them out. Those days are over. Now you are FORCED to play against people when you don't have any idea what is going on or how to play so you become cannon fodder while you're trying to learn. To make matters worse, most of the other players have much better guns, equipment, armor, etc., making it even harder to play against them or learn anything. More than once, I would empty my clip into my enemy only to have him turn around while being shot numerous times and shoot me once, and kill me, then he would run off, like I was shooting water at him. Was he cheating? Who knows? These kinds of things happen all the time, so often to ruin the game.

This will be my last Battlefield game. I am done with both EA and DICE. They have ruined this wonderful franchise.
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1.0 out of 5 stars I Can't Stand This Game Anymore!!!, November 28, 2011
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
I just finished playing just now and I'm really pissed off. First let me say that I have ALLOT of games and I don't have any problems with any of them except for this one, so don't think I'm an idiot with a messed up system or something. But there are so may issues with this game that it is NO FUN! That is the point of a "game", is to have "fun", people pay good money for this game, but all I experience is frustration and anger!

First off, you have to run Origin, a web browser, and of course the game to play this. If you can even join a game without getting some kind of DirectX error or other type of error, good for you. Hopefully you'll be able to stay in the game without it crashing too. But you'll have to deal with other things like if you're in a party, you'll experience continuous chirping or screeching even if you have voice chat turned off. There are a host of bugs, and if you want to change servers, you'll have to completely exit the game to select a different server in the web browser and relaunch the game again! The Xbox and PS3 versions have in game browsers, but it is disabled in the PC version just to put you through more hell. I think this game may be some kind of social experiment to see how long they can annoy people before they stop playing.

I thought BC2 was bad with its few bugs but BF3 is 100 times worse. With all of the bugs and game-play issues and cheaters, I can't handle it anymore. It is a great game, both BC2 and BF3 are, but with all of the crazy issues in BF3, it's simply not worth it. I give this game a negative five stars.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Do not Buy this product! Ripoff, December 7, 2011
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Battlefield 3 (Video Game)
So EA has managed to really Fail Again at making a pc game Worth your time. PC gaming experience should be good. Huge disappointment.Origin? Seriously? Force me to join in order to play a game on my PC?I honestly don't understand how a company like EA can continue to sling this garbage out the door. The product is obviously not ready for the market.
I have spent HOURS! not able to get onto a server!
Come to find out Paul B. Ea origin Expert Banned my account From online access.Without proof or any explanation. So They will Take your game from you At anytime they feel like doing so.EA Has no right Robbing American citizens of $60.00 because they feel like doing so.Hundreds of innocent people lost their game this way.Thanks EA Huge Fail.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Game crashes frequently and is unplayable., November 7, 2011
This review is from: Battlefield 3 [Download] (Software Download)
Wait at least a year until they are done with the beta test. And by beta test I mean the the broken, non-functional, privacy invading, piece of crap, product they released to the public for which they received money.Many people are reporting frequent crashes with this game and EA/DICE will not even acknowledge the problem, let alone a solution.
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