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on January 7, 2014
I am writing this review as an attempt to give a calm description of the game, and not a knee jerk reaction to a bad launch. I noticed a great amount of the reviews are early (i.e. around launch and/or before the first major patch, let alone the other patches).

Was Battlefield 4 a bad launch? Yes it was.
Was Battlefield 3 a buggy launch? Yes it was. Was Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a buggy launch? Yes. See a pattern?
Okay, lets get real. Was the BF4 launch worse than any of those other buggy launches? Yes I agree with that too.

Not to make excuses though, let's look at it realistically.
It is a new game using a new engine (first of the Frostbite 3 realm).
I launched on 5 platforms all at once (PS3, PS4, X360, XBOne, PC). 2 of those platforms are brand new and didn't have anything released on them before. Sure, EA/Dice had dev kits and such, but there wasn't an existing hardware and ecosystem established. That is a pretty big hurdle.
There were bugs on all platforms, some more than others. The 2 prominent "bad" and unplayable platforms are regarded as PS4 and PC. So, one of the platforms is a new system and new waters to explore. The other is the standard platform, but is so open with a zillion different variables to them.
I'd say it makes some sense why they had such a bad launch. I'm surprised they have done as well as they have considering all of this.

Okay, so what is the game like? (Technically speaking that is)
Well, I have on PS3 and PC, and had "some" problems on PC. None on PS3.
At times I would play and have no issues at all. Other times it would crash repeatedly while in game.
This is better than some, worse than others.

Now the big thing is, once they first major patch came out I have not had any of those issues.
Subsequent patches have changed things, and I think the game is pretty stable. Not perfect, but 90% there. Sometimes I have issues getting into a server. Other times the program doesn't want to shut down all the way when I quit. But these are little and few and far between. Everything usually works just fine.

Okay, so now how is the game? (Entertainment wise)
I love it. Absolutely love it. I was a big BF3 fan, and I wasn't too impressed with the BF4 beta. But as I played more, I realized the things I didn't like at first I actually do like a lot. There are a couple things I like better in BF3 (like how the guns feel) but overall I am extremely happy with this game.
In fact, the more I think about it the more I see BF4 as going back to the roots of Battlefield. BF2 was great, but then Bad Company came around and catered to more of the general gamer than hard core Battlefield guy. I liked those games too, and thought BF:BC2 had some great multiplayer aspects and maps. I think BF3 followed along those lines and it strayed from the core BF2 (and prior) premise. Many people were not happy with that game even though I loved it. So now I really view BF3 as more of a Bad Company 3 type game (multiplayer wise) and BF4 as the true BF3 release and successor in the series.

So what makes BF4 so great? It isn't about the great graphics, weather effects and environment, the "Levelution" aspects, commander mode, or anything like that. It is all of those things combined that make it a great game. It isn't a gimmick, it is just made well. It continues to offer that "Battlefield" essence that I just can't find in any other game.
Top that with great maps that are designed really well. Granted, some more than others (and for some game modes), but they really feel great. Especially the China Rising expansion, that has totally blown me away - about as much as the Back to Karkand expansion did on BF3.

As for the campaign, yeah I'm one of those guys that plays the campaign. I liked it. It wasn't great, but it was entertaining. I think it was loads better than BF3 (which I also enjoyed) but not nearly as good as Medal of Honor. But it had likable characters and I liked going on that ride.

So at the end of the day, do you want this game? Then get it.
Are you worried about the bugs and technical trouble? Don't. Expect some, but not a lot. And it will only get better with time.

Really, my only advice to not get this game is to wait for a deal. I saw some really good deals during the holidays, so they will come again and soon. Is the game worth $60. Heck yeah it is, but why pay more if you don't have to?

My basic computer specs if you are interested:
Core i5 (Haswell)
GTX 660
8GB RAM (I recently upgraded from 4GB and this makes a big difference with how fast the game loads and speed you can get in the match)
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on October 2, 2014
Battlefield is one of those games you just seem to get addicted to, you play it for hours on end, put it down and then want to play it some more. This is how I felt with just about every Battlefield game minus Battlefield 3, the "art design" of Battlefield 3 made it very hard for me to play it and I mean the bleak look, huge sun flares and harsh blue tint.

Battlefield 4 solved all of that, looks great, plays great and no stupid visual filters to ruin your fun. That being said, Battlefield 4 had TERRIBLE issues from the very beginning, it's like Beta testing did nothing, they released it with the same issues it had during the beta but have since fixed most of them and in the past few months I've been playing it on PC it's been a great experience and I haven't crashed a single time, unlike the seven times I crashed in a row in just two hours time when I first bought the game. The performance has also been DRASTICALLY improved, I went from 25-40FPS on Medium settings to 45-80FPS and it's been getting even better with every update. I don't believe games should be released before they're ready, the developers should take the time instead of trying to make quick money then damage controlling with patches and updates.

That being said, the game has some minor issues with online play, if you get someone with high ping there's a good chance you'll put two clips into him, die and then he dies five seconds after you die or it acts like your bullets never hit him when 80% of your shots show hit markers on screen and then you die by seemingly one or two bullets from pistol body shots but he lives. This doesn't always happen but it's annoying and BF3 had the same issues.

Story Mode is eh, BF3's was pretty nice, but BF4's seems rehashed, boring and for no good reason, very difficult at random times and you'll often times have moments where you won't get a mission update or objective update and go in blind until it decides to tell you what to do. But this review is mostly for multiplayer since most of you will be playing that over story mode.

Multiplayer has a great amount of customizations, all your weapons can have a paint scheme, vehicles can have paint schemes and so can your soldier. A lot of these have to be unlocked by means of Battle Packs though which is BF's equivalent of Team Fortress 2's Mann Co crates. It's not all that bad but you can tell it was EA/DICE money grubbing since you can purchase Battle Packs separately. Weapons can be customized with TONS of different addons from sights, stocks, barrells and bi-pods to lasers and flashlights and each section has a lot to choose from. Some weapon addons can also only be gotten through Battle Packs, you can get Battle Packs from leveling up and multiple items come from Battle Packs, not just single items so it's not all that bad. There are also quite a few grenades to choose from, haven't messed with them much besides the stock grenade and flash bangs. As for vehicles, there are currently jets, warthogs, jeeps, ATV's, dirt bikes, tanks and various helos like the Black Bird, Huey and the Apache. They control a lot more strict and less floaty than they did in BF3, it takes a bit to get used to how they feel, especially helicopters.

My BIGGEST gripe with Battlefield now is the fact that for the price, you get only half a game really and have to pay double the amount with DLC that adds OVER twice the ammount of content you got from paying full price for the game itself. There are only a handful of multiplayer maps with stock BF4 and with DLC which costs like $40-$50 or maybe $30 on sale AKA BF Premium it adds five times the amount of maps you get with the stock game plus added weapons and maybe some added vehicles.

Closing: Battlefield 4 is a great game for multiplayer but story mode is forgettable, short and sometimes frustrating. Multiplayer is where it's all at. I would recommend this game to any Battlefield fan or someone who wants more than CoD but less than Arma, I also highly suggest getting it on sale since you'll really want to get that DLC for multiplayer. I also highly recommend staying away from the PS3/X360 versions, they look bad, play okay but have a lot of issues. I would know, I mistakenly purchased the Xbox 360 version on Amazon instead of the PC version, luckily I have both consoles and a decent PC which I do most of my gaming on but man, the console version is baaaaad and I bought the game twice, shame on me.

tl;dr: The game is good now that most of the issues have been fixed, it's safe to buy and it's really fun for people looking to play multiplayer.
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on September 15, 2014
Okay, let me get this out of the way first for people not familiar with Origin. I'm a Steam person and have only ever used Origin to play BF3. When there was a recent, steep discount for BF4, I jumped at the purchase. I opted for the instant access assuming it was like Steam. I bought two copies of the game via Instant Access (one for me and a friend). I assumed two copies would sit in my inventory on Origin and I could gift one to my friend. I should have done my due diligence because Origin does not have the ability to gift games. What's worse, my magical second copy was nowhere to be seen. Amazon and EA were unwilling to help. In the end, I had to eat the purchase and chalk it up to a life lesson. What I should have done, and I recommend this for everyone instead of Instant Access, is to just buy the game code. Live and learn I suppose.

Coming from BF3 on my Asus gaming laptop, I was was blown away with the graphics and sounds of BF4. I was also blown away by the crazy loading times my Core i7 2.5GHz machine endured loading a map--painful. My friend's quad-core 3.6GHz XPS from 5 years or so ago loaded them faster. I ended up replacing them with a CybertronPC Minotaur:

i5-4670K 3.4GHz
120GB SSD (OS only)
2TB HDD (BF4 sits here)
PNY GTX 770 (everything on Ultra for BF4 at 1080 on a 24" AOC monitor)

Load times are greatly improved even though BF4 is on the standard HDD. It's literally night and day. Now I'm one of the first 5 or so to get into the map.

Game wise, BF4 (as of September 2014) runs smoothly. I've never crashed or be randomly disconnected. The environmental interactivity is just phenomenal. There is nothing like mowing down trees or bringing down a building full of people with C4 or a cruise missile as commander. The guns seem pretty well balanced other than shotguns. I seem to get two-shoot killed from 20 yards by them. It's insane to the point of being slightly annoying. My solution was to starting using a shotty myself.

Vehicles are great and the customization you can do is really nice. I'm quite fond of the Parcel map--or any map with the attack boats. There is something so satisfying as piloting those boats and raining down death to anything on land, in the air or floating on the water. I'm sure there were tons of problems at lunch (I recall reading about them); however, at this point, the game runs great (albeit slower on my weaker machine).

At this point, I only have the base game and there are no shortages of servers to play on. I am tempted to get Premium for the extra maps and vehicles (if there is a sale). Between this, TF2 and Hearthstone, I am a content gamer.
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on December 25, 2013
Now that i can play the game for hours on end, I will say its graphics and sound are incredible. Its immersive, i feel like im really on the battlefield. Jets scream by, helicopters sound super realistic as they whir and hum around you. Flying the aircraft takes a little finesse and practice but isnt terribly hard so even a low to average skill gamer such as myself can get the hang of it eventually. Land vehicles are very easy to manage. The weapon variety is fun, with lots of customization and unlocks via battlepacks that you unlock by using the different categories of professions, weapons and vehicles extensively. Rock Paper Scissors with countering vehicles makes things more or less balanced, but some additional balancing needs to be done on the power of the vehicles (aka, how quickly some vehicles can destroy other vehicles, and how hard to kill they are in return). If you are on foot, theres plenty of rocket launchers to counter a specific type of vehicle, so you can take out that annoying helicopter that is camping the flag you want to capture! Also as another reviewer mentioned, "after being shot, you can still leap about like leopards" so the player you just shot first who also happens to be great at shooting accurately while bunny-hopping circles around you may likely be the survivor of your little duel instead of meeting a quick as would be the expected outcome. I am not good at accurately firing while moving, so i tend to get shot in the face at this point, as usual for FPS games i play lol. I do wish they would take an arrow to the knee.

Now for bad initial experience and troubleshooting part of my review. I purchased this at the end of november. It played fine for the first few hours and then i started experiencing the inability to get into a server, because the server browser is the website and uses a plug in for your browser (firefox, chrome, etc).
At first i assumed it was video card driver issues (Nvidia gtx 770 here). I changed from windows 7 to 8.1 and updated all video card drivers, this did not fix the game freeze-crash and the nvidia drivers crashing / recovering. As it turns out, the issues was related to the following 2 events: Sometimes the plugin does not show as needing an update on the webpage, so youll need to delete it out or use the direct address to redownload and install it manually. Once I had that issue figured out...back to playing I went...temporarily!!! The next issue was even worse, as instead of just never entering a server, the game would crash when trying to join a server almost every time. Rebooting the computer sometimes would solve this issue for a little while. After much googling, i found a post that stated that re-running the 2 vc redistributable files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\__Installer\vc would usually solve the crash issue. I tried this and so far have not had any more game nor nvidia driver crashes.
Fingers crossed, knocking on a bit of wood.

I purchased the basic game during black friday sales events for twenty five and i feel that it was worth it, but i also think i should not have had to troubleshoot a new game, especially due to the fact it wasnt properly installing / managing itself. This concludes my review, see you in-game xD

Kristine M. aka blkhorizn
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on December 30, 2013
I bought this on sale on Black Friday and I am very happy with what I got for the price (US$25). Had I paid the $99 or whatever EA want me to pay I'd be less satisfied.

For US$25 I got Battlefield 3 v1.5 - it looks about the same and it plays about the same. The single player campaign feels shorter but gameplay is more polished.

Hasn't crashed yet, but I imagine that's because I bought it well after launch. That's a lesson I learned from pre-ordering SimCity.
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on January 2, 2014
the game is good , the only problem is that the computer freezes every time map is changing ;P , so the only way i can handle that is quit the game after every round, and wait to server load the next map and then join the server :P i dont like that.

and i dont think it is the pc, i have phenom IIX4 965 6 gb ram ddr 3 1333mhz, and MSI RADEON 7870 OC EDITION so i think the pc isnt the reason to the game freezes.
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on February 18, 2014
Even now, the patches and updates getting pushed out are buggy and poorly done. The game feels rushed, and you'll be prompted to pay more for DLC constantly. Why would I pay more if the original content still isn't working properly? Stay away from more EA junk.
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on December 3, 2013
Can't play. Game crash every 5 min im playing. Cant seem to work. Waste of money. Beware from buying this game.
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on May 10, 2014
Despite the issues the game has I've enjoyed this game a lot. Though they have taken their sweet time EA has been patching up their mistakes and it's help a lot. I've had many hours of fun and entertainment and would recommend this game to my friends (and I have).
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on October 17, 2014
Game is just overflowing with cheating, waste of money, wont buy anything along these lines from EA again.
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