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on March 11, 2014
I'll start by saying this is a very very polished game. It looks good, the gameplay is smooth and the balance is superb. For me anyway, the launch has been completely smooth with no server issues or game-breaking bugs.

Weapons: Nothing Earth-shattering here. You have your standard shooter arsenal. Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, etc. Some weapons have cool twists, like the smart pistol. Many people will hear about the smart pistol and immediately roll their eyes. It sounds ridiculously overpowered, a gun that locks on and then doesn't miss. Why would you use anything else?! Well, the developers were careful to keep it balanced. The smart pistol has a short range and takes a while to lock on. So a standard point-and-shoot will be superior in many situations.

Movement: It is very freeing to double-jump around, run along walls, etc. This is a welcome change from other shooters where there are pre-defined ramps and corridors. It wouldn't be easy to camp in this game, because the enemy can come from anywhere. It honestly takes a bit of getting used to. The maps still have the ramps and streets you're accustomed to, so you just slip into the habit of walking around on the ground, which is a decidedly bad idea in this game.

Titans: This is the part that is really different. Mixing mech-based combat with a first person shooter, AND preserving balance. There are three types of titans, basically a fast light one, a heavy tank, and an in-between. As you level up, you can customize abilities to suit your style. You have to be careful, as once your shield is gone, any damage you take is permanent (unlike when you're on foot). I was concerned that they may be something like tanks in battlefield, where the map deploys a certain number of titans and whoever gets there first wins. That's not the case, everybody can summon their titan after a few minute cooldown. They are certainly most effective in packs, and I found myself staying on foot most of the time.

The individual components of this game aren't particularly original. Perfect Dark had a locking pistol back in the day, there have been countless mech games (was always partial to starsiege, but that may reveal my age), parkour was in Mirror's Edge and double jumping has been a scout thing in team fortress 2 for years. However, combining all these things was just executed so well. When on foot, I have no hesitation trying to take out titans by jumping on them (though some abilities will make me more hesitant as people level up). When there's a bunch of enemy titans, I summon mine to bring out the big guns.

Worth noting, however, is the lack of a proper campaign. I know that most people don't care anymore, but I still enjoy a single-player story. Even an atrocious one, like battlefield and CoD are known for, would be welcome. As it is, the game has a multiplayer campaign. So it goes through a story, where the allies and enemies are played by real people. The problem with this, is it makes the story incredibly hard to follow. Single-player campaigns rely on stopping the action at key moments to tell a story. If it's multiplayer, you can't stop the action. There is plot dialog going on while you're fighting, but it's hard to follow because you're distracted. This annoyed me a little, but honestly the game is so strong that I'll forgive the lack of real campaign.

**Update 3/17**
Still loving the game, though I thought it worth mentioning burn cards. They are kind of tedious. Basically, you get cards, which serve as temporary buffs when you use them. They are good for exactly one life, and you can only have 26 in your deck. This means that unless you stay on top of them, your deck will fill and prevent you from getting new ones. I would prefer it if they were implemented more like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. In that game, you pick a buff for the whole round and you can hold more of them.

Sometimes, someone sneaks up on you and kills you. It happens, but if you just used a burn card, oh well. Your gun may be more powerful, but you never saw that guy and thus never fired. So it would be nice to have a buff for an entire round, which really isn't very long, but at least it guarantees you get a chance to use it.
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on April 21, 2014
This could have been a 5 Star game if not for a few choices Respawn decided to go with

Out of the box, this is a multiplayer game only and you will need a good Internet connection and there are no LAN options. As of 4-10-2014 they have added a BETA Private Mode where you can play 1 vs 1 or 6 vs 6 playing against people you know albeit without the Ranking and Bonuses to avoid gaming the system. To their credit, Respawn has been steadily releasing balance/Bug/ and BETA updates for users to test improvements like Matchmaking and game modes to better the overall experience.

The game does it's best to be accommodating to entry level players by adding AI bots to target as well. Playing as a Pilot or Titan, both are very well balanced. Both are lethal in their own ways. The weapons you start out with as a Pilot are very capable. You wont need to rank up to get the best weapons. In fact there are people who continue to use the starting rifle and shotgun through level 50 (the highest level achievable). Other Pilot weapons are there to add specialty or variety - none overpowered. Same goes with the Titan weapons. Burn Cards are awarded for achieving certain acts during battle. When you are killed you can activate one to temporarily boost a power, weapon, etc or even reduce the time to get your next Titan.

Based on a heavily modified version of Valves Source engine, the game is as stable as one could hope for. I've played it on four different PC's and have yet to experience a crash. The visuals aren't DX11 Benchmark material and on close inspection some textures and terrain geometry look rather dated even at Max levels. All the graphical settings are there, including the FOV that includes 90 degrees, so you're not locked into a Console sized view of the game world.

The Pros
Very stable on the PC
Absolutely seamless transition between Pilot and Titan combat - Very balanced game play
The parkour (pilot wall walking) element is not a gimmick and adds a whole new level of tactic and game play to a tired genre
The Burn Cards are a nice touch

The Cons
Servers are provided by Microsoft - There are no joining servers based on Ping
As of 4 -21 - 2014 - Matchmaking can take a very long time. Matchmaking involves finding suitable team mates and opposing players
Rare but it happens, in the middle of a match there will be a pause as the Server reconnects - very annoying.
The Kill Cam can get annoying but it serves as a pause to use a Burn Card.
You must install EA's Origin. Origin is a very weak Substitute for Steam.
Aside from a select few game modes, there is little depth here and almost no storyline.
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on November 2, 2014
This game is awesome on so many fronts, but there are some problems.

I'd say the top problem is player population and DLC map packs causing fragmenting. Any game can have crappy matchmaking and issues that arise from that, but even good matchmaking can't overcome players not being there to be matched with.

I considered getting the season pass, but couldn't really afford at the time to put out that kind of cash. Now it looks so dry in there, what would be the point? It makes me sad to watch a great idea burn because EA was so shortsighted about player base division. They bet too big on Titanfall being so ubiquitous that everyone who bought it would feel compelled to buy the maps.

I love the aesthetic, sound design, gameplay balance (except for maybe the smart pistol) and as silly as it sounds, they really nailed how awesome it would feel to run around in a mech.

The story is ridiculous, tacked on, and feels overly melodramatic. The fact that almost all the story happens over radio chatter, and there is so much back and forth of who is talking about what etc, it feels like a bad radio play, and hard to follow. I read some other reviews that mentioned that even with finishing both sides of the campaign, you still don't know what really happened. I agree. Get away from the campaign as quickly as you can.

If EA can find a way to get more people on to the DLC (bigger sale, long term price drop, free weekend for the DLC?) maybe it can breathe some life into this beautiful game.

Game Publishers: please stop crippling your games out of the gate with season passes/map packs that will make or break your whole game's community.
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on November 12, 2014
It's a shooter... with mechs. It's not a great game, but it is far from a bad one. The only things I don't like about the game so far are some of the players I've encountered so far.

Pros - Looks great. Play is smooth. Controls are familar even in the mechs.

Cons - Some of the other players. These are the same guys you run into on all shooters. Those little, bunny hopping, no tallent hacks that use an auto aiming pistol to do all the work while bouncing all over the screen in the hopes of increasing their longevity. It's their gaming playing "style" that hurts the game more than anything else.

On a side note. I picked this up for PC while it was on sale here for $10. For that price it's a great deal but I wouldn't pay more than $20-25 for it regardless of your platform. Also wouldn't waste any additional money on expansions. The incuded maps are more than enough to tide you over until they sell the map packs as a bundle at a much reduced rate. Hope this helps.
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on October 21, 2014
It's fun but the damn game lags so much I can't aim. I have a pretty bestial PC, but even with the settings turned down there are significant lag and frame rate issues. Maybe it's my ISP, but it makes the game pretty unplayable. Very well designed game for what it is though.
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on March 13, 2014
I mainly played the XB1 version, but Titanfall on PC is definitely the better version of the two. Runs and looks much better, even on a midrange PC, and seems to have fewer bugs.

Now with the game itself. It is a very fun, essentially multiplayer only game. It has a lot of similarities to Call of Duty multi-player, so if you're into that sort of thing, this game is for you and is probably worth every penny. If you typically get bored of Call of Duty style MP, then I would not recommend this at full price.

Titanfall was hyped up to be revolutionary, but it's more evolutionary in terms of MP. In terms of the overall game, to sum it up, I would call it a fun MP game that lacks value and substance.
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on April 2, 2014
Titanfall is a new concept in gaming due the parkour mobility inside the game, it allows people who are new to shooters enjoy the game by killing bots so its pretty cool, graphix are great maps are good.

Cons?! Yes a few
1. I have found is that game is to freaking Big!! It is 50 gb installation but if you have a big hd there would be no problem.
2. This is not happening to everyone but there is a bug with getting tickets from origin that gets you kicked from the game, yes there are solutions for this, but none worked for me.
3. NEED MORE GUNS!! the arsenal is very short, so short that they combined in the same menu Smg's, Lmg's, and assault "rifles" ("" because there is practically only one).

Overall a good game, a must have if you are a fps fan or if you are bored with the old fps camping and nading concept it is really refreshing. Hope this helps.
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on July 19, 2014
Lots of fun for a multiplayer only game. The free-running mechanic, paired with the piloting of a Titan (i.e. giant robot), make for a varied play style that doesn't disappoint. Here's my beefs:

1. The "Single Player" campaign should be just that, not just a version of multiplayer play. There's this big, open world that they build and I would have liked to explore it in a single player only campaign. However, we're stuck with multiplayer only. Maybe a "Titanfall 2" can include one, but don't expect true single player from this game.

2. Matchmaking is abysmal. It can take 5-10 minutes before you get a group of folks that you can do a few rounds with. Double that sentiment with the campaign mode. If you stomp the opposing team too hard, the matchmaking system dumps that team and looks for a new one. Another 10 minute wait for a 5 minute round. Oh boy!

3. Since this is true multiplayer only, you can't play the game at all if the servers are down. They're normally pretty good, but if you were jones'ing for a match and the servers are offline, there's absolutely no way to play the game. Not even bots!

If you're reading this and asking if Titanfall is worth your money, I would say yes. The gameplay is tons of fun when you get into the match, and they play style is like nothing I've experienced in other FPS'. The speed of play is similar to COD games, so this should fit like a glove for folks who are familiar with that franchise. That being said, a full 60 bucks for no single player is a hard pill to swallow. Wait for it to go on sale, then grab a copy.
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on December 5, 2014
Code delivered without any issues, game is hard to play this late in, matchmaking throws you in with top tier player with fully leveled mechs that destroy basic mechs immediately.
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on April 19, 2014
After getting tired of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series, Titanfall was a gift sent from heaven. A refreshing palatte cleanser that takes elements from the shooter genre and adds giant mechs. In the game you play as a "pilot" and you have a big array of movements at your disposal. You can wall run, wall jump, double jump, wall hang, and ride on enemy/friendly titans. Everybody gets a Titan, but the more kills you get the faster your Titan arrives. Once you get your Titan you can leave it on automatic and let it get kill for you (he will obviously be dumb and clumsy) or you can enter your Titan and reak havoc. You can customize your Titan outside of matches changing build, weapons, side arms, abilities etc. As a pilot you carry 3 weapons and, some explosives, some perks and special abilities. The weapons are pretty standard, for your primary weapon you can chose from assault rifle, SMG, LMG, sniper rifle, shotgun or the smart pistol. For a arm you chose from pistols. You also get an anti Titan weapon so you can take down the big guys. You get to chose from standard granades, electric granades (grate for taking down Titan shields), c4 and claymores (although they call them diferently that's pretty much what they are). There are a neat variety of perk, and some of the special abilties make you temporarily cloak, see through walls, or run and regenerate health faster. You also get "burn cards" these are cards that you unlock by doing stuff (killing dudes, finishing matches, completing achievemnts...) and you can use them once. When you activate them they are active until you die or finish the match. Once you use them they are gone forever, but you get so many that you don't need to worry about spending them. I've had to throw away some because I don't have enough space for them. It's a neat little system that can help you in a match. The cards can range from giving you a more powerfull version of a certain weapon, to making you permanently cloaked or getting a Titan right away. Just make sure you save the rare ones for special ocasions. The only disapointing thing I found is the campaign, you don't fight agains ai, instead they are multiplayer matches in set maps with a little bit of story about what's suppossed to be going on. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, you keep progressing. The hard part about the campaign is getting matches, sometimes you can't get to play the campaign because there is simply no one playing it. In any case. In my opinion the multiplayer is worth it for itself, and for less than $40 it's a must buy for any online shooter fan.
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