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on November 21, 2012
This is a long review because there's so little information about this model online.

What I was looking for was a portable stereo with decent sound, a CD player and the ability to play music from a USB stick, without spending a ridiculous amount of money. A few of the "name brands" made some a few years ago, but apparently not anymore. The only ones I could find are in India, and no one seems to have the old models for sale in the States. I searched for weeks. Now all the bigger names are concentrating on docking for Apple products, which I couldn't care less about. Many have aux inputs, which is nice but since I want portability I don't want to deal with multiple electronic pieces and extra cables. So USB was a requirement. And that left about 4 brands I'd never heard of to choose from.

I went with the Naxa NPB-428 because frankly it looked bigger than the others. I'm not expecting home stereo quality but I was hoping for something with some volume that sounded better than an old transistor radio. My experience with smaller off-name boomboxes is that they sound tiny and tinny (bass-boost is usually a joke), so I wanted to avoid as much disappointment up front as possible.

Having only just received it, I can't vouch for its durability. Here are my first impressions:

It's smaller than I expected. Which isn't to say it's tiny - it just somehow looked bigger in the only picture of it that seems to exist anywhere online. I've posted my own pictures here to help anyone else who's curious. It's also very light. This is certainly the golden age of plastic.

Despite its size, it's reasonably well laid out. Space is tight but the controls aren't all crammed together in an irritating way. A standard size USB stick gets a little in the way but not too badly.

The CD player works fine. I've only tried it with commercial discs. No idea how it'll perform with homemade mp3 discs, as I'll be using USB for mp3s. The USB input works great. It's exactly what I needed. The display doesn't give any info other than track number though, so don't expect fancy scrolling text. I have no intention of putting a cassette into this thing, so I have no info for that. I assume the aux in is fine. It's just an aux in, which is pretty much the same on anything that has one. The radio is nice in that it's digital. Why any modern boombox would use the old-fashioned dial-type radio is beyond me, but a lot still do. Reception for me is better than expected.

The sound is not as good as I'd want, but better than I expected. It has a fairly big sound (glad I avoided the smaller boomboxes) and detaching the speakers will only spread the sound more and make it seem bigger. If you want portable, it's fine with the speakers attached. It definitely sounds like mediocre speakers in plastic boxes, but the size helps with the fullness. The main thing is it's not tinny and small sounding. It's not extremely loud but it'll definitely fill up the immediate area. It didn't distort at all at full volume. The bass boost is ok for lower volume but at higher volume it really highlights the plastic box sound, so turn it off when you crank it. There are no EQ or tone settings at all - all you get is volume and bass boost, so don't expect to tailor the sound to your personal liking.

Unlike some other stereos I looked at, the remote will control the USB input, which is nice. Not mentioned in any information I could find is what batteries it takes. The stereo takes 8 D batteries, and the remote takes 2 AAA batteries. No idea how long they tend to last yet.

Overall, I'm pleased. It suits my needs perfectly, for working out in the yard or in the basement or wherever I have projects going on. Easy enough to pick up and bring with me, or I could leave it in one part of the yard and still hear it well enough in another. With the detachable speakers it's meant to double as a bookshelf system, but I think for most people it'd be disappointing in that role. As a boombox, it's more than adequate.
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on February 1, 2014
Before I bought the NAXA NPB-428, I read the reviews on Amazon, all the questions and answers, asked a question of my own, then compared this to a couple of other radio/cd players. I also went to major electronics store websites and discount mega-stores and searched for a stereo capable of doing what I needed. I was willing to have a device with fewer features, as another reviewer noted such comprehensive devices are hard to find. I did find a much more expensive Sony unit but it lacked mp3 cd disc playing. I have many such discs, I use them in my car as they are easy and inexpensive to prepare and offer many hours of entertainment. I also like to use them for audio books to listen to while ill or before sleep, but with digital mp3 players so popular, the disc is not a standard feature.

I also still have many cassette tapes around. It's hard to part with the Hawaiian music tapes I picked up in Hawaii, the comedy tapes of Prairie Home Companion, or out of print music from years ago. This NAXA unit provides a basic am/fm radio, regular and mp3 cd playing, cassette tape, and a USB port which can be used for other devices like a memory stick. An AUX IN can be used for MP3 players and other devices (no controls for AUX other than volume control, use the device controls for more). The "remote" is only for CD and mp3 playing but that is fine for me as I plan to keep the stereo near my bed. You do need to be near the unit and in a fairly straight line to use remote. It does not have a volume control which would be handy, but if all the funtions were available on the remote the unti would end up costing a lot more.

I worry a bit about dependability at such a price (I was willing to spend more) and will report problems if I come across them in this review at a later date. For now what I did to protect myself was buy a 3 year extended warranty for only $7.99, that way if the NAXA proves unreliable I will at least get 3 years of operation, certainly worth the price of the unit. I have had bad luck with similar devices in the past few years, a $200 device died after a year, a cheap "mini-boom box" has a tinny sound and is unreliable, I often have to insert a cd several times before it is recognized and will play, no information on the LCD screen except "CD" and only a simple dial with numbers on it for the radio. Then a retro style radio I bought last year is awful sounding and stations drift a lot. I will use the NAXA to replace both these items.

Setup: performed without reading the booklet, but I will read the booklet as I always do with such things. Speakers can be left detached or attached to the sides of the main unit by pressing the speakers onto tabs. A simple insertion of wires from the speakers into the back of the main unit (labeled Speaker L and R), 2 AAA batteries in the remote, AC power plugs into the back. Turn power on by depressing button. Choose mode of operation by switch on front.

AM/FM Radio: okay, not great, overall it meets my needs even if AM has a bit of static. There is an LCD display screen for tuning in. FM Stereo switch for stations with a strong FM signal and an indicator light will glow. A BASS boost button helps most music, some radios call this a Music/Talk button since less bass is usually best for talk. The dials for tuning and volume have little raised dots on them to help rotation of the dials.

CD: seems to work fine, programmable, random play and other functions, I usually just press play and let it rip!

CD MP3: seems okay, the only thing I haven't mastered is choosing "folders", when you make an MP3 disc you can have multiple folders for different music artists or different albums, in the past when I want to go to another folder I have been in the habit of pressing NEXT FOLDER button (like on my car stereo) but this requires you press FOLDER+/+10 button which advances you 10 tracks or by holding down you can choose exactly which folder you want. The information displayed on the LCD is folder number and track number, some more sophisticated units will display the name of the folder and track. In this case I need to remember what is on the disc if I want a particular track. When you shut power off, MP3 will reset back to the first track, some MP3 players will remember where you were at last, this one doesn't.

Cassette: seems to be fine, works as a regular cassette player. Place the cassette tape open side downward with full reel to left. Does not have reverse play operation, just basic play, auto shut-off at end of tape. You can record from either radio or CD.

USB Port: seems fine, works similar to the MP3 disc, you can select folder if any, and tracks, scan forward or backward to find a particular part of a track, use Folder+/+10 for folder and track selection, and there is a regular Forward and Backward track selection. You can use the remote to choose between CD and USB or press the USB button on the unit.

Remote: works for CD, CD MP3 disc, and USB port playing, has Back, Next, Play/Pause, Stop, CD/USB choice, +10 MP3, and Program/P-Mode buttons.

Overall sound: Okay for an inexpensive unit, the Bass Boost helps music, there is no other frequency control. Loud enough for a small room.

Overall operation: Simple enough except for what I said about Folder selection. If one uses the FOLDER+/+10 button on the unit, you can select FOLDER or just jump ahead 10 tracks, the FOLDER-/-10 is for the reverse direction. The REMOTE only has +10 function. SInce I use folders I need to use the button on the unit.

Overall decision: I think this is a fine unit for an inexpensive price, I am glad to have included the 3 year extended warranty as I wonder about reliability. I won't give this a 5 star rating as the quality is not that sort but all functions seem okay and that is good enough for what I need in the bedroom.

Specifications (from the booklet);
Power: AC 110/220V (or 8 D size batteries),
Power consumption: 20 Watts
Weight: 4.4 kg (about 11 pounds)
Dimensions: 455 mm (L) x 230 mm (W) x 220 mm (H)
CD Freq response: 100Hz-16KHz
Cassette Freq Response: 125Hz-6.3KHz
Power Output: 2.5 Watts x 2
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on December 26, 2012
I purchased this unit for my husband to use in the garage. We have a custom 55 Oldsmobile so he loves to play 50's music when he's tinkering with his car. Other units I looked at did not have the cassette player/recorder and with over 200 cassette tapes they were simply sitting in a cupboard collecting dust. Now he can bring them out of storage and listen to his favorite artists anytime he wants. I had a lot of trouble finding any large boom boxes in stores, and when I did they were not very large and the sound wasn't nearly as good.
I thought the price was excellent and the sound quality is fantastic! I highly recommend this over other similar products.
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38 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on January 3, 2013
I purchased this to put on a shelf out of the way in the garage and use the remote to listen to the radio and MP3s while changing the oil and waxing my vehicles. In that aspect, it totally fails. This is the worst portable radio I've every owned. The old saying about not buying a radio you haven't used is VERY true in this case. I guess I'm off to B.B. or some other shop to find a useful/usable portable.

*) It works

*) The remote is a joke. All it controls is CD/MP3 track selection. No control over on/off, mode (FM/AM/CD/MP3/Tape), no tuning control, no volume control. Why even bother?
*) Terrible FM reception, it won't even pickup the most powerful station without static. My pocket Sandisk MP3 player has much better reception.
*) Sound quality is terrible, poor/uneven reproduction, high distortion.
*) Bass boost should be re-named to distortion boost because that's what it does.
*) No presets for the radio!!! You've got to be kidding me, in this day and age.
*) The tuning and volume knobs are hard to turn do to them being stiff, very smooth and only sticking out a little bit.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2012
this replaced the old system i had & so far no complaints, sounds good & compact system makes it a great buy
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on December 25, 2012
My son was excited to get this radio Christmas morning, then quickly disappointed when we got it all put together, and the power cord that was included in the box did not connect to the unit. It wasn't even close. Our only option is to send the entire thing back. I haven't decided if I am going to re-purchase this exact item/brand or look around for something else. It looked really nice and was a nice size but I didn't get a chance to check out the performance. Plus, I can't be sure I won't get a bad cord again. I even tried to use cords from other radio/boomboxes we had, but none of them matched this unit. Seems like they all take the same type of cord but this unit had a cord with funny notches.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on February 18, 2013
I read the other reviews and decided to go with it based on what they said. Lightweight ... yes. Just loud enough but not overkill ... yes. Meets the MP3/CD need we had ... yes. Bought it for my son and he's been enjoying his audio books tremendously since we set it up in his bedroom.
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on January 2, 2013
I ordered this item to play CD's after the CD player on my old boombox quit. I sent it back 2 days after unpacking the unit. The CD player would not reliably work. It constantly needed to be reset. It would play one CD and then would not play another. Sometimes I could get it to play CD's by unplugging the unit so that it would reset, but often it had to be left for a half hour before it would play again. It worked a bit better if plugged into a surge protector/voltage regulator, but I still had problems. The only reason I give this unit 2 stars is because the sound was good, but good sound means nothing if the player itself does not work.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on December 17, 2012
Volume is limited. Better than most low end units. The remote is very important to me. It failed the first day. When I called NAXA, they could not supply me with another remote, even though I was willing to purchase another one. They referred me to after market sources saying that they do not deal with parts or accessories. Take your chances with middle-low end devices.
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on December 26, 2012
I purchased this radio, CD player so I could listen to music in bed before going to sleep. It is not going to be moved around it just needed to sit and tune into my radio station and let me use the remote which is the reason I bought this system. It had to have a remote all signs pointed toward a good purchase, but the remote only I repeat only turns on and off the cd. It has no controls for the radio on-off, volume or change station nothing, which defeats the purpose of buying a radio so I can listen in bed till I am ready to go to sleep. Radio is across the room. CD player is fine. You could find something cheaper for it's overall quality.
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