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on April 19, 2010
WD does listen to its customers. As proof I give you their new 1TB SE portable hard drive. No nasty bloatware gumming up the works, no unreliable connectivity. Just a plain simple drive that holds a massive amount of data in a suprisingly small unit. See we consumers can make a difference! WD congratulations on recognizing that "the customer is always right" even if it took a while for it to sink in. I'll be buying more WD products again, starting with another one of these.

UPDATE: I have had 2 of these drives for about a month now and decided I could offer more input to those of you trying to decide on a storage solution. We'll start with the CONS: I bought 2 of these drives and felt I had to return 1 because it had a loose usb port on the drive. The mini USB cable fits very snug in this port and perhaps WD over compensated for early reviews that the stability of the cable was a problem. The drive still functioned, but I was uncomfortable with the fact that the port was not solid after several uses. This is why I've changed my rating from 5 to 4 stars. (By the way return through Amazon was simple and pain free.) Now the PROS: I have kept the second drive and it is performing flawlessly. I'm hoping the port issue was just that particular unit, because I REALLY like this drive. The best thing about it is that WD kept it SIMPLE. There is no bloatware, just a vast amount of storage space! I considered Seagate, but all of their portable drives now appear to have a backup bloatware preinstalled and I don't need or WANT that. The WD elements se 1tb drive is perfect for storing my music, pictures and video to bring with me anywhere I go, and it won't fill up any time soon! Finally, it is the SMALLEST 1TB DRIVE I have seen measuring only about 3" x 4.5" x 0.9".
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on March 15, 2011
Warning: as mentioned by a few other reviewers, the USB cable design on this unit is too easy to come loose, thereby impacting file backups. I've purchased dozens of external USB drives from Amazon over the past several years, from many different manufacturers. Some have been slightly better or worse than others. Out of all of these, this has been the first that has been too-bad-to-use. Stay away from this design until they fix the usb connector!
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on April 9, 2010
I bought this at newegg and received it today (I mostly buy Amazon stuff but newegg had a much better deal this time). It's just what I wanted, small footprint (3"x 4.38" x 0.75"), very quiet, looks neat. I was going to buy the Seagate portable 1TB ext. hard drive (expansion) weeks back for a pretty good deal at Costco but decided to wait for something that's less in size. I saw two days ago at newegg for a deal on this new item and couldn't wait so took the plunge, wishing WD would have released an improved device after all the user feedbacks on the WD 1TB passport portable version. Looks like WD did. This one is still using micro USB connector, a minor disappointed at first upon opening package but none now with the very steady connection once plugged in. There is no extra software at all on the drive, pre-formatted in NTFS. Nothing more nothing less. Typical USB 2.0 speed. Very satisfied now and will update later when I use it more.
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on March 27, 2011
The USB connector on the HDD has been gradually getting worse. It got to the point where moving anything in the vicinity of the cable would cause the drive to disconnect from the PC. Then - scary! - the PC had trouble recognising the drive... finally got it to connect. I'll be copying my data off and taking it back to the store. Now to find a disk with a rock solid USB connector! Any tips?
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on July 12, 2010
We bought two of these drives for our video clips for live VJing (video DJing), as they were the first 1TB USB-powered mini drives we could buy.

Unfortunately for us, the power-saving function of these WD drives means that the platter stops spinning regularly (every minute or two) and there are 6-second freezes in the video. We thought it must be possible to turn this 'function' off, but we've just been advised by WD that it can't be disabled.

Apart from that, they're great little drives - just unfortunately of no use to us, or anyone else that requires constant access to data on the drive without 6 seconds of lag now and then.

I'd warn other VJs, and possibly DJs, to buy a different brand of drive.

If you're just editing to it, or using it for data storage or backups, I would still recommend it.

(kat from VJzoo)
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on April 24, 2010
Love this little hard drive. Its small, compact and usefull in carrying all my movies, music and photos. I'm glad western digtal released a better version of there 1TB portable external hard drive after hearing the bad reviews of the previous model. Well done western for listening to the customers!!
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on May 28, 2011
I purchased this item and got it in a very, very short time, so Amazon's shipping gets cudos!

However, when I hooked it up, the drive light flashed steadily at about 2 flashes per second and would'nt become steady like my other WD Elements SE drive, so I suspected some trouble. I downloaded WD's diagnostics software, and although it passed all the tests, the "Quick Test" (which should have taken about 5 minutes) took over 10 hours.

I wasn't comfortable, so I went through Amazon's return procedure, and must say that it was a VERY pleasant experience - identify what you want to return, tell them your concerns, print the lable and you're set to go - no postage neccessary!

I have a WD Elements 160GB that I've been using for about 4 months both at home and at work and am very pleased with the performance and reliability. The light is steady when not being accessed and blinks when accessed - just as it should. It's VERY quiet, just the right size, not encumbered with extra software and simply works. No cable issues, but then again, I don't disconnect the drive side when packing it up to go to or from work.

Bottom line is that every manufactured item has a few items that arrive in less than ideal condition, and we'll see if the replacement is better. If so, I'll update this review and perhaps change the overall star rating.

Would I recommend this item to a friend? At the current time, yes, but cautiously.

11-11-2011 Downgraded my stars to a one-star - after 5 months, very little usage and having to re-format the drive twice, it still refuses to be recognised on my XP machine and, wjile my Windows 7 machine will mount the drive, it slows both computers to a crawl. Copying files to it is impossible.

I called WD's customer Service, and they gave me no hassle at all and suggested that I request an RMA through their web site ( a pretty easy process) - so customer services gets some kudos.

Hopefully the third time will be a charm, because I'ven had absolutely no problems with their 250GB model and I like the idea of getting just a plain drive with nor extraneous software on it.

OK - here it is November 11th, and after two bouts of trouble and reformatting the drive, the replacement exibits many of the faults expressed here. It isn't recognised for the second time on my XP computer and, while the Windows 7 computer will mount it, it slows down both computers to a crawl. Copying files to it is impossible.

I called WD's customer service, and the technician gave me no hassles about the situation and recommended that I get it replaced through the on-site RMA process, which was pretty easy. So service gets kudos.

We'll see if the third time's a charm.. Hoping for the best because I haven't had a spec of trouble with their 250GB model.

2-15-2012: After three months of solid use, the third one (a refurbished unit) is still running great. Although it's a different pattern than the other unit, there is a difference in how the light flashes when the drive is being accessed than when it's not, which was not the case with the other two unitsit was admittedly a frustrating time having to return two units, but I feel that WD handled the situation very well, and I now have a unit that is a good hard drive. Would rather have not had to go through having to return two units, but am pleased with the purchase - especially the Customer Service at WD.
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on June 1, 2010
The drive uses a different plug than everyone else. It's not a standard USB mini plug. Other than that it gets a five. about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Plug it in to any USB port with sufficient power, and your off to the races. No advertising, no trials. Just a good sturdy drive that holds an incredible amount for a drive that doesn't have a power supply,

Dead silent too. Stays cool to the touch, even though it has no vent holes.

Delighted with this purchase.
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on November 23, 2010
This is the second WD Elements 2.5" portable drive that I have bought. I like the design of these drives, simple, understated and very usable with nice details like large rubber pads on the bottom to reduce noise and vibration. The included 18 inch cable is just the right length, neither too long or short and although fairly thick, has a good degree of flexibility.

My only complaint is that the drive feels a little slow, but that might be because I am filling it with large 6GB files.
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on November 17, 2010
I love this drive. So much so, that I am about to buy another just like. It is very simple, small, and portable. My favorite feature, there isn't power cable, only the USB cable is needed. There isn't extra software installed. It's just a hard drive. If you are looking for 1TB portable drive, look no further.

As a U.S. defense contractor in Afghanistan, I have put this drive though the mobility test. I would recommend it for any person who is alway on the move.
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