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on January 17, 2012
I had a 110 inch Carada at my old house - a great screen, great company - but when it came time to put a screen in my new house I decided to take a chance, save some bucks (hey, new houses are expensive) and try this Elite based on reviews here and over at AVSForum. I'm pretty darn pleased with the end result; using the same projector (currently an Epson 8350) this screen looks just as good as my 1.4 gain Carada did, at about a third of the price (and cheaper shipping too). If you are looking for a quality screen that will help your PJ deliver an excellent picture then this Elite does the job.

I was also impressed with how this screen was packed for shipping. Somewhere in China, a young MBA sat down at the factory that makes and packs this thing and explained in great detail how spending X in up front packing costs would reduce Y in later damage claims. This advice (I assume) was taken to heart because this thing is packed like it is being sent off to war. Prodigious amounts of foam, straps, and hard plastic tubes you could ship an artillery shell in are all present. Should young Jimmy, pulling a second shift down at the docks, have one too many and confuse the left pedal of his forklift with the right, thus driving the blades directly in to the box this screen ships in, I would place better than even odds that it would survive to be hung on someone's wall. That's how well it was packed.

Now for the caveats:

First, having come from the Carada, I didn't realized how spoiled I was when it comes to installation - the Carada's frame is 4 pieces, machined to the nth degree so they fit together easily and perfectly, while the screen itself is secured via many easy to use snaps. If you have a screwdriver handy and any skill at turning it you'll have that screen assembled and ready to go in 10 minutes.

That is not the case with the Elite. Hey, you get what you pay for, and you should only have to assemble it once, right? Just be aware that it's going to take some time, patience (supplanted with beer) and a prodigious amount of swearing to get the job done. One of the reasons this screen is so cheap (and cheap to ship, packing notwithstanding) is because the top and bottom frame pieces are shipped in two parts. In addition to having to assemble this bit (which is easy to do, but hard to master, because you have to be very careful about lining the pieces up right and screwing the bracket in the correct order) it leaves a small but noticeable seam in the top and bottom part of the screen. It's not easy to see (you won't see it sitting down) but it's there if you look. If you are the kind of person bothered by this - you know who you are - then look elsewhere.

The parts are also not machined particularly well, in fact several of the screw holes in mine still had the aluminum cutouts in them, requiring a screwdriver to punch out/remove. I had a fun time getting all the corner pieces inserted correctly, and then lined up so the frame fit together at right angles. Swearing, beer, and a rubber mallet got the job done in the end.

One of many things to watch out for - the "black velvet" look of the frame, which does look very good by the way, is some kind of spray-on felt deal, which attracts pet hair like you wouldn't believe. If you have pets, and you are installing this on a carpeted floor, vacuum first, and vacuum well.

Finally, the screen itself is installed via some plastic tubes you stick around the edges, which are then inserted in to a groove in the frame, which are then held in place by little plastic tabs - about a million of them, if I counted right (the beer might have skewed this total). Add to this the fact that the screen needs to stretch, so by default it is smaller than the inside area of the frame at first, and you are in for a fun afternoon. All I can say is follow the directions on tab order *exactly* and it'll get done.

The good news is, once I had it all up and going, it looked good, the screen itself was tensioned right - no creases, sags, or folds to be seen - and it ended up looking good on my wall, doing a solid job of reflecting the picture my PJ was blasting it with back to my eyeballs.

You can get a better machined screen that looks just as good if not better, but for a far higher price. If you are looking for a budget screen this one does the job - just have a six pack handy, and maybe a buddy, for the install.
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on October 18, 2012
This is a video that I found on YouTube from Paul Kragthorpe of the installation process for the Sable Frames. This one is the ER120WH1, but the installation process is the same for all variations. Hope this helps!
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on September 21, 2013
I ordered this screen here on Amazon and received it quickly. I installed it that Saturday by myself. From unpacking to mounted perfectly on my wall, it took me about 4 hours. During assembly, I noticed slight issues with the quality of the felt on the frame, but from a few feet away you couldn't see them at all, so I let that slide. But when I finally got it hung and had a projected image on it, I noticed some defects in the material. There were light grey vertical streaks everywhere. Right then and there I should have just sucked it up, taken it apart, and sent it back to Amazon for an exchange. But I decided to give the company a chance to help me out as I thought a material exchange would be much easier for both of us, boy was I wrong.

I contacted them right after install and received a response on Monday asking me to fill out a RMA form on their website. I filled it out a few days later and a few more business days passed. I received another email telling me that I forgot to submit my proof of purchase and pictures of the defect. Funny thing is, I DID. I submitted it via email this time instead of their buggy online form and I was told they would get back to me. We are now almost 3 weeks into this and Amazon's return window was closing fast. I constantly had to ask for updates because they were never sent to me. Either they were lying about sending the emails or they never made it to me. But funny, I always received the emails with their excuses.

Finally AFTER the return window closed, they said they would replace the material only if I sent my material back first. WHAT?! I waited 4 weeks of back and forth, and proof making and writing emails for that resolution? and I can't even pack it up and send it to Amazon anymore?! I was fuming. Eventually, my rep said he'd look into getting an advanced replacement. Once again, no updates at all. I went out of town on business for 4 days, and what do you know, when I returned I had three FedEX stickers on my door requesting a signature release for a package from Elite Screens. If I would have known it was coming, I could have had someone come to my house and sign the release sticker. Now I had to reserve the package (because they would not try and ship to my house anymore after three attempts) and take more time out of another one of my days to go pick it up from the nearest FedEX location 20 minutes away.

I FINALLY got my package, went home, took off the old material, put on the replacement material, and IT LOOKS AWESOME.

I contacted them again asking them what I should do with my old material, and received a response that I had to cover the shipping back. The final thorn in my side from this company.

Quite the hell they put me through to finally reach this point, but I am happy with the end result, but still furious at how they handled it.

All in all, take a chance on this screen. It is quite the bargain and looks great when compared to other screens of the same size. BUT, if you have any defects that you can't live with, suck it up and send it back to Amazon! They will make a painless exchange for a new one and you will only be out your assembly time. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH ELITE SCREENS HORRIBLE SUPPORT.
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on April 12, 2012
I bought this as my first screen to go with my new Panasonic PT-AE7000U projector, which sits 19' back from the screen and a little more than 5' off the ground. The 2D picture is amazing, especially at night when the room is in total darkness. During the day, I do my best to darken the room with black out curtains but some light always creeps through the edges. Despite that, the onscreen image is bright enough that I can enjoy a movie during daylight hours. Without the curtains, however, it would be difficult, especially given the screen's modest 1.1 gain. Which leads to...

The 3D picture. The 3D image quality is good but nowhere near as stunning as the 2D presentation in terms of brightness. A shorter throw distance or projector with higher output would increase brightness, of course, but so would a screen with higher gain. If I had to buy the screen today knowing what I know now, I would probably opt for a screen with higher gain since 3D is important to me. In the meantime, boosting the projector's brightness, contrast and color levels a bit increases the 3D image quality enough that I can live with it.

Based on other people's comments about putting the screen together, I decided to enlist 2 helpers to facilitate the process. We were very careful about unpacking everything and a little paranoid about damaging things. Thus, it took us nearly 4 hours to construct the beast. Now that I know where all the pieces go, I'm sure it would take much less time, but as newbies there was a learning curve since we didn't know what we were unpacking or where it went in the grand scheme of things. The extra bodies really helped when stretching and affixing the screen material to the frame and then hanging the whole thing.

As others have noted, the screen material has an odor like a latex balloon; however, I think it was gone after the first week, certainly after the second. The black velvet frame adds a nice touch of elegance, but you'll want to pick up a lint roller if you like your frame dust free. Make sure to lay a large sheet down, as others have suggested, before you construct the frame or it will be filthy before you even hang it.

By the way, the frame comes with 2 brackets for you to secure to studs in your wall. The brackets need not be centered on the wall for the frame to be centered on the wall. Once the brackets are secured, the frame can be slid left or right so it hangs centered on your wall. The outer measurements of the assembled frame are 109 1/2" wide x 63 1/2" high. The frame is about 2 3/8" thick on all sides.
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on January 19, 2013
For various reasons, we have just used our walls over the years with our projector--InFocus Screen Play 5000. Finally decided to take the plunge. Got the 120" CineWhite.

It took me 1:45 to assemble it by myself mostly, probly another 30 min to mount. You could do it alone, but there are a few parts where having help makes a diff. My thumbs are sore from snapping in all the clips. Nothing very complicated. Just slow, fingerbreaking work. I followed the advice of other reviewers to put sheets under it. Even though I was on hardwood, I was worried about potential abrasion. Worked well. Just a few pieces of knot and string to pull off. Needed two--one king wasn't big enough for this one.

The snap instructions were a bit ambiguous. Not clear which snaps are part of which number in the sequence. I just guessed and left a few near the corners not snapped cuz the corners are numbered last. They also don't tell you, but I assume the little red marker marks were where to attach them. That's what I followed and it worked fine.

I was anxious about getting the higher gain screen, but with this, it looks great. I was able to pull the brightness down to 42 from like 70. The blacks are much blacker and colors much sharper and truer, as should be expected. I also read that having too high gain in home theater setups can actually be less desirable. So save the money unless you know you need it.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 14, 2010
I was putting together a nice home theater area in the basement for the family. I did a lot of researching on what screens to buy. I am no expert by any means when it comes to home theater components but this Elite screen really impressed me.

It was easy to put together. It took maybe 45 minutes and everything snapped into place with ease. I thought stretching the screen might become a little of a chore but it was simple and straight forward. The frame (covered in black velvet) screwed together with the enclosed allen wrench. Mounting on the wall was a breeze. Attached the brackets to studs in the wall, level of course and the screen sits right on the brackets. We were watching movies by that evening.

The picture was excellent using our Optoma HD20. The screen has a gain of 1.1 and gaming and Blu Ray movies were sharp and bright on this white matte screen. I realize the projector is an important part but the screen also adds to the experience and this Elite screen combines great performance and ease of installation.
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on February 21, 2012
I own an Epson 8350 projector which I also purchased from Amazon. It's my first projector and to start off I projected onto an off white wall in a light controlled room. I thought the picture was more than adequate so I decided to hold off buying a screen. Now, after 9 months, I've decided I want to paint the theater room a darker color, so I bought this Elite Sable screen.

I'm very happy with this purchase for two main reasons. First, the screen does offer an image quality improvement over a painted wall. The picture is slightly brighter, a little clearer, and the colors are a little more accurate. None of these were dramatic improvements, but they were all noticeable and the combined result is a significantly better image.

The second reason, and really the biggest benefit for me, is the look of the screen in my theater room. Before, when the projector wasn't on, my room looked like someone had stolen my TV. Now, on or off, it's clearly a theater room. Also, a huge unexpected benefit is that it provides a frame for the picture that gives my eyes a defined viewing area. I never felt like anything was missing while I was projecting on the wall, but now that I have that black border I realize that my eyes prefer the defined viewing area.

This is a great looking screen when not in use, it really adds to a room. I assembled it by myself in a little over an hour, and it was not difficult. I followed the instructions and had a perfectly stretched canvas when done. It was also very easy to hang the screen from the wall.

I highly recommend this screen, either on its own, or in combination with an Epson 8350. I regret not getting the screen sooner.
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on May 16, 2013
Another one of my budget home theater purchases was this Elite Screens 110" Sable Fixed Frame screen I bought on Amazon. I was first drawn to this screen due to the price, but most importantly, the availability of a 110" screen (Monoprice does not offer one, 106 was too small and 120 was way too big). Elite Screens offers some of the most affordable projection screens I found, which would usually trigger a red flag as I am typically a supporter of the "you get what you pay for" statement. However, that statement certainly does not apply this screen.

The screen frame itself is made of aluminum, which is lightweight yet very sturdy once assembled. Upon assembly, it did take some tweaking to get the corners perfectly square, but the mounting holes and screens allow for some variance to accomplish this. There were a couple spots where it appears the frame hit the corner of something as the velvet was marred, but it didn't bother me enough to send it back (nothing a little black marker couldn't take care of). Some have commented on having gray streaks in the screen material, but I did not notice any. Other than a few creases, which instantly vanished once the screen was properly tensioned, the screen itself was perfect.

Assembly took me about an hour as I really took my time to make everything perfect. Make sure you have plenty of floor space, the screen was much larger than I expected when laying flat on the floor. Also, make sure you keep the floor clean and clear of loose items, I'm sure a sharp edge would make a 'lasting impression' you wouldn't want on a screen you're going to be staring at for hours on end. If I did it over again, I would have worn gloves! Do yourself a favor and get a pair of mechanics gloves, something that will cushion your fingers, but still provide plenty of dexterity. There are countless 'tabs' that you will use to secure the screen material to the frame, some take some force to get in. My fingers were raw by the time I was done (my fault for being impatient and not working smart). I used the drywall anchors that came with the screen to mount the hangers (measured and spaced evenly across). A laser level and/or 4ft level really come in handy here, you really want to make sure the screen is level (especially for someone as OCD as I am). Once the hangers are mounted to the wall and the screen is hung, it feels very secure.

Another minor complaint I have is that the center support bar on the back of the screen sometimes vibrates against the wall at certain low frequencies. This likely has something to do with the placement of my subwoofer (directly below the screen), but it can be annoying. I plan to pull the screen down and adhere some kind of material to the bar to absorb and quite the transfer of vibration.

Performance is excellent, but feel that is mostly dependent on the projector (I am using an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UB) and lighting conditions of the room. I will say that it does need to be quite dark in order for the blacks to be truly black, but that's not the screens fault, that's mine for not being able to adequately control my lighting. In a perfectly dark room, the screen is flawless and the picture quality is impeccable.

The reason I only gave this 4½ stars is due to the minor blemishes in the velvet, minor tweaking it took to get the frame just right, and vibration of the support bar at certain frequencies. Overall, this screen is a phenomenal value and I would highly recommend it (or other in another size) to anyone who is looking for an attractive screen that performs well for a low cost.
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on August 14, 2013
I just bought this screen bc I wanted to make my theater look more professional and I just bought the Optoma HD25-lv projector and I did not want to take any chances with that painted on screen. I think I read every review and decided that everyone for the most part stated that it was a @$%#* to put together but the end result was hella sexy , so I figured well damn I think I am handy enough to try especially since screens already put together around the same gain are double the price plus some. Also most people stated their spouses or friends and family assisted them so I too was like heck yea I got a wife! Well everything shipped fast and was crazy secured! Only one problem my wife was not off from work when it came I I couldn't wait for her to get home so I pulled the trigger and got started! I listened to previous reviews and put a dark velvet like blanket down and it took me about 2 hrs to put this beast together and it only took that long bc I am a perfectionist and wanted it to be strong and lined up. The clips were the hardest part about this project and if u have good coordination and u know how to use a flat head it saves your fingers ( like I said I read all the reviews and I be damned if I choose to not listen and end up with raw thumbs!) so I placed the clips where every dot was by hand and then I took my flat head and used it as a wedge and pushed them into place saving my thumbs! At first I was worried I would put a hole in the screen but it ended up being pretty easy bc I took my sweet time. After the screen was put together it was pretty freaking big! I ended up sitting back and drank a beer a just looked at it! I was so damn happy that all the edges lined up and it looked like a professional built the damn thing! I was still a little worried that this was to good to be true bc I still had to test the screen with my projector. So I thought I would wait for wifey to get home to lift the bad boy and put in on the wall mounts but yet again the kid inside me couldn't wait so I lifted it up by myself and placed it on the wall and I couldn't believe it was done and I did it all by myself I am 168lb and 5'11 thin build so I am not some beast dude so I think u guys and gals should be fine! I turned my projector on and put it in VESA 3d mode with a set of Optoma ZF2100GLS Active Shutter 3D-RF Glasses and the 3d was incredible! I am an IMAX junkie and I refuse to see anything less at movie theaters so I had extremely high standards even though I am somewhat cheap but it's safe to say that Avatar looked about 95% as close as it did in the IMAX theater and that was without fine tuning the projector! My wife ( who I believed planned this I won't be home crap to avoid helping lol) came in the basement and (she is not a very easily impressed individual) was extremely proud of me and my purchase and when she saw the 3d she said, " OMG we don't ever have to spend $50 on another IMAX and food experience again! Imagine no babies crying and a beer in hand sitting next to a bathroom and a pause button...... Hell yea folks hells yea. Anyway I love this screen my friends think I am a drug dealer which if u didn't know is a compliment these days as it implies " where the hell are u gettin all this money from to afford a screen that looks like that?!?!?". So yea I am happy with this purchase p.s.the velvet makes this this thing look off the charts great! Thank u amazon and elite for being there for us sequestered middle class folk and putting out something that is affordable and high quality ( which is rare these days) pull the trigger folks and get it u will love it!
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on April 4, 2015
Makes your picture uniform and makes colors Pop especially at night time! Love it!
review image
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