Elite Vs Panasonic VT Anybody have an opinion? The Shart Elites are available and get rave reviews....the VT is alledgely going to be incredible and much less money. But now months away. So what would YOU buy? Yes, money being a trade off, not if you had money was no object. Thanks! Tom
asked by KER on April 5, 2012
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I agree. Dropping that much on a TV may be ok with you if your a millionaire and 10,000 plus for the TV and surround system isn't a problem for you but for the average joe the money saved buying the VT50 will allow you to get a kick ass surround system and even some blurays to complete the ultimate home theater and you'll still pay less than just gettin the Elite
Matt answered on May 24, 2012
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if money was no object....i would buy the elite....its bigger (70 inch i believe)....its the only LED ive seen to best a plasma, BUT with a price of almost 8 g's id def rather have the VT, and definitely if the VT beats last years model. so basically the elite is nicer, BUT id rather spend more money on the vt and get a bad ass surround sound :)
M. Mars answered on April 19, 2012
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If you want to see what everyone else is buying at amazon, and whats the best prices and movers and shakers.. hit the following amazon link:


It updates hourly, This panasonic is on the list always, and has great 5 stars usually.
Xbox BoxX answered on July 6, 2012
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