Emachine E725-4250 vs. Compaq CQ61-313 or CQ61-420 Hello,
Walmart had this Emachine for $298.00, but now that sale is over. It went up to $350.00, which is the same price as a Compaq CQ61-313..or CQ61-420....not sure which second set of numbers on the Compaq. But the Emachine here, and one of these 2 Compaq's are priced the same at Walmart. The Compaq had a User Number of 4.4 under the Computer/System Properties.. that seems pretty good. I checked, the Compaq CQ61 at Walmart has 3 USB Ports, versus 2 for this Emachine, but this Emachine has an extra GB of RAM....So, my question is, which machine is better?? If spending the same money, since sale is now over, and dont know when it will happen again, which machine is the better buy? Is Compaq better than Emachine?? The Compaq looks very nice, and feels very nice...they didn't have the Emachines out of Box, they are in the Locked Steel Cage underneath. So I can vuy either one, but only the Compaq was out and visible to play with....Any Tech out there familiar with both machines? Which would I be better with? Thanks, Ray
asked by Raymond Riendeau on March 25, 2010
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This is a bit late, but if you have not yet decided, the Compaq CQ61-313 seems to be a better machine. Elsewhere I have seen it selling for over US$500. Looking at the specs, the Compaq has built-in webcam and Lightscribe technology for direct disc labeling. These are absent from the Emachine.

Given a choice of both machines going at the same price, I would definitely go for the Compaq.
J_Furst answered on April 7, 2010
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Doesn't the CQ61 have an AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core (2.1GHz) processor ? That would be slower performance than the older but faster Intel Duo in the e725. According to a comparison i read earlier.
My only other thought is it seems like emachines quality has improved quite a bit after the early model "toastings." Compaq/HP is very established. The only complaint I have about most of them now is I really love a responsive touch pad and the new style touchpads really are hard to get sensitive enough for my quick mouse needs.

Gerr answered on April 20, 2010
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