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on November 9, 2011
I am a woman. If you cut me, do I not bleed? If you offer me chocolate, do I not take it? If you offer me romance, do I not read it?! Of course I do, I am woman. Let me introduce you to my newest weakness. Romance novels by author Kristen James. I met Kristen via an interview I recently did on her (Interview) and decided to try her book. Boy is the woman, and reader, in me happy I did! Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion is a well written love story, reminiscent of the movie Backdraft, in the fact that the main character, Jason, is a firefighter and his best friend, Mike, is killed in a fire.

The central characters of the story are Savanna, her best friend Cassie, Cassie's husband Mike and Mike's best friend Jason. The story starts off with Savanna moving herself, and her infant daughter Aubrey, or Bobby Boo as she is affectionately called, to Texas to help her best friend, Cassie, recover from the very recent death of her husband Mike. Mike is a firefighter who is killed in the line of duty. Mike's best friend, Jason, is held accountable by himself and Cassie, even though he was not involved in the accident. Savanna quickly realizes that Jason is the firefighter who saved her life a few years before.

Being the mother hen that she is, Savanna soon decides that she not only needs to repair Cassie but also Jason, thus throwing herself in the middle of the two since Cassie blames him. The reader soon realizes that Savanna needs some saving herself as the last 2 or so years of her life with her ex-husband Eric have been horrible. After hearing parts of Savanna's story, and an intense internal feeling of need, Jason also feels the need to help Savanna.

A beautifully woven plot, Embers of Hope, Flickers of Passion, will have you crying with Cassie, cheering for Jason, and praying Eric does not return to distinguish the flames that are spreading between Jason and Savanna. A romance novel that any woman with a history of being burned by love, and has hopes to rekindle the flame, can enjoy. Next up, More Than Memories, in the Kristen James romance novels.

I hope today you get your daily helping of romance and chocolate! Enjoy your day :)) -Melissa

A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero
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on May 10, 2012
I got this book because I recently read another one written by the same author and I enjoyed it so much. But this book is so poorly written, I am now submitting my first ever review of an ebook. There were so many spelling and grammer errors, several times I had to stop in the middle of a sentence to sort out what she actually meant. The story line jumped around so much, I found myself exclaiming out loud: "What??!!" Unfortunately this book reads like a first draft. I'll try another by this author because I know she can do better. But this one... I'm only going to finish because I'm now invested in the lead characters.
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on January 5, 2012
Gag me. With a spoon.

The writing level in this book is someone taking college courses, writing a novella for a class assignment. Poor sentence structure, mixed up words, bad grammar, and so on. It needs a solid once-over from an editor/proofreader (the author's blurb claims she is one, but if so.....) to clean up the mess. I was mentally rewriting the book while I was reading it.

The premise was good - a woman moves to Texas from Oregon, meets a guy, marries him, has a baby with him, then comes home because her best friend's husband died. The woman has secrets about her time in Texas, things she didn't tell either her best friend, Cassie, or her mother, Margaret.

To the book's detriment, therein lies much of the conflict in the story - Savannah reconciling her secrets within herself, and sharing them with her friend and her mother. In what could have been an interesting twist, turns out that the guy Cassie sends to pick Savannah up at the truck rental place when she hits town is Cassie's dead husband's best friend, and is also the firefighter who rescued Savannah from an apartment fire two years ago. Unfortunately, Cassie is angry at Jason for killing her husband (not that he actually did), and the chemistry between Savannah and Jason is tepid, at best. The enmity between Cassie and Jason is the remaining conflict in the story. There's a small B arc with the ex-husband suing for custody, but it's not even really interesting. That B arc did have the most glaring mistake in the book, so wrong that it stuck in my mind. A woman CANNOT keep a man from seeing his children just because he is not paying child support. CANNOT. In the eyes of the law, paying child support and spending time with your children are two completely disparate things.

Jason resists getting sexual with Savannah (with one maddening exception) for over 80% of the book, for reasons that didn't make sense to me at all. When they did finally consummate, there was a lot of ear-nuzzling and back-rubbing, leading to the least satisfying sexual experience I've read in quite a long time. I mean, they were talking throughout their encounter! If the sex is good, conversation with full words is damn near impossible.

I would have like to have enjoyed this book, but I really didn't. Too bad, because it could have been a really good story. I might give Ms. James another try in five or six years, in the hopes that her writing has matured, or she has a better editor. But since there are so many books out there to read, probably not.

This was a free Kindle edition.
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on January 7, 2012
Although I agree with some of the other reviews regarding the sentence and grammar structure, I was impressed with the story line and became instantly involved. I honestly couldn't put it down until I had to but then come right back eager to find out what was going to happen next. I would recommend this book to anyone!!
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on January 6, 2015
Embers of Hope starts with a rescue from a burning building of Savanna by handsome firefighter, Jason. A couple of years later they meet again when Savanna returns to Eugene, Oregon from Texas. She has married, divorced and had a daughter.

Savanna returns to Eugene to be with her best friend, Cassie because her husband, Mike has been killed in a fire he was fighting. This sets the emotional story of loss, love and finding a way to help each other in an excellent story. The traumatic loss of the characters and how they deal with it is handled with care showing all the emotions and conflict that develops with both Cassie and Jason. The reality of the loss of one of their own on the firefighter community is handled with consideration still keeping it real. Great job, Kristen James and I hope to read more of your excellent stories.

In our busy lives we take men that serve as firefighters for granted but we should remember to honor their service to us. I think this book does just that.
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on August 12, 2014
Another good book by Kristen James, but that shouldn't be a surprise. Every book I have read by her was good. I love her books.
The Book Description is good. I won't add to it. There's nothing I hate more is when too much is given in the description of the book. I didn't want to stop turning pages until I finished the book. I loved Savanna and Jason's story. I can't wait to read the next book with Cassie's story. I highly recommend this book.
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on May 17, 2014
This was an emotional ride. There were times when you could cry, laugh or get mad & want to tell Cassie to get over it! It's understood that she lost her husband, who was a fireman, but she kept blaming his best friend Jason (also a fireman) when she knew it was wrong. That put her best friend Savannah in the middle because she was in love with Jason. Thus all the emotions. If you want to read a good story of compassion,friendship & love, read this. You won't be sorry. Enjoy!
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on January 15, 2015
I enjoyed reading this story--there were some spelling, grammar and formatting mistakes but I could overlook them since the story was very good. Loved the tension between the hero and heroine, as well as Savannah's feelings for her friend.

Great job!
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on June 21, 2014
I thought the story was not only good but nice. The characters, Savannah and Jason really go well together. I think all firemen look like hunks and Jason definitely fit the bill, lucky Savannah....... The story line was a bit obvious, but is well worth a read if you like romance with a hunky fireman who is very handsome, kind and considerate.
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on August 17, 2013
Okay, so it might be chick-lit, but there is something to be understood from what all the characters live through. Savanna, Cassie and Jason try to understand the death of firefighter Mike, Cassie's husband. Jason, his best friend and a firefighter, too, wasn't there to save his life. Cassie blames him for that. Savanna, on the other hand, was saved many years ago by Jason, and both remember the incident. They all try to come to grips with death, divorce and underhanded tricks by Savanna's ex. Don't miss this story, it is heartwarming and a very good lesson to us all.
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