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5.0 out of 5 stars Exceeded my expectations, January 24, 2014
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Like most people before dropping this kind of money on a chair I did my research. I attempted to read every review I could find online before pulling the trigger. Most of the reviews online are spot on but there are exceptions. For instance, someone reviewed the chair and said that they felt it could have been built better because the chair incorporates an excessive amount of plastic. What the failed to mention was that the plastic that this chair incorporates is a very durable plastic that I can't foresee causing an issue over the years. I haven't been able to measure the thickness of the plastic but I imagine that it is at least 1/2 inch thick and is composed of materials that aren't normally found in average plastic products to ensure durability. I think a lot of the complaints that people report of having problems adjusting the chairs lumbar support come from either poorly adjusted chairs or body sizes that may not conform to the chairs back. I'm an average guy, 5'8" and 170lbs. The chairs slim back follows the curves of my back perfectly and I love that I now have the ability to move my shoulders in their full ROM (range of motion). Some have pointed out that the seat doesn't have enough cushion. I disagree here as well as I think the chair relies more on the suspension system under the cushion than the cushion itself. My last chair (paid roughly 200) had plenty of cushion but after nearly 1 year of use the cushion was completely flat and no longer supportive. I feel that the embody will not have this problem.

Aesthetically the chair has exceeded my expectations. The pictures really don't do the chair justice. I went with the white frame, titanium base, hard floor translucent casters, and berry blue rhythm fabric. One thing to note is that I found that the fabric color wasn't completely accurate in the pictures provided. This could be due to my monitors color representation or it could simply be a problem with the pictures provided. The berry blue fabric color provided in the pictures is slightly darker than the actual fabric on the chair. This wasn't a problem because I rather the actual color rather than the color provided online. As mentioned above, the plastic parts of the chair were a concern before I received the chair. Those concerns were quickly dispelled once I was able to unpack the chair from the box. The base of the chair is made of a metal (i'm guessing aluminum) and isn't that cheap plastic you find on your typical office chair. The hard floor casters are beautiful, buttery smooth, and completely quiet. The fabric looks like it will be easy to clean but the spine may be a pain to dust.

After assembling the back to the chair I sat in the chair and began adjusting the settings to my liking. Immediately I felt my spine relax. Amazing! I've been seated in it since I received the chair while at home and have contuined to make minor adjustments. I've read complaints by some that the chair is overly difficult to adjust properly. I can see what they mean but I'd rather the chair have a deeper level of adjustment than have less. This allows the user to fine tune the chair to their bodies. Reclining in this chair is a dream. Pressure is exerted on the upper spine as you recline and I've found adding a bit of firmness to the recline keeps your head straight forward while your back is allowed to rest along the back of the chair. The arms are fully adjustable and I'm excited that I can now adjust the arm rests so that one arm is slightly higher than the other. I have my mechanical keyboard placed on the upper level of my desk and I keep my mouse on the keyboard tray. I've done this for years because I like having my keyboard visible while I game. Now, I can adjust each arm rest so that they are level with each device in my setup.

I think the main factor that troubles people with this chair is the price point. I do agree that it is steep for a chair. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this chair unless they spend a lot of time in front of their computers. Another thing to note is the warranty. If you've found yourself buying a new office chair every other year or so then maybe it's time to consider a long term investment. The buy in on this chair is high but with the 12 year warranty you don't have to worry about buying another chair for over a decade.

I've only had my embody for a short while so I intend to update this after I get more use out of the chair.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Life Changing, October 21, 2013
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If you work at a desk for more than a 10 hours a day you need to get this chair right now.

I used to have posture problems, back pain, trouble sleeping, hip pain, and terrible incapacitating headaches. One week with this chair changed all of that. It's now been over a year with my beloved Embody and I can honestly say that this chair has paid for itself 10 times over. 12 year warranty means I paid something like 8 - 10 bucks a month for this thing. So worth it.

The design of the chair encourages you to move - to bend against it and use its flexibility to counter your body's desire to stretch. People weren't made to sit, but this chair definitely makes the most of a bad situation.

- No more pain.
- Better posture.
- Longer work times without fatigue..
- Ridiculously adjustable.
- Looks like i'm commanding a spaceship.

- Can't play guitar in it comfortably ( may vary with larger people )
- Ruins every other sitting apparatus for life. ( when i'm driving, at the theater, in a restaurant, on a bench, or sitting in any way - all I can think about is how I want to be in my embody. )
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Chair Ever, August 18, 2013
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I don't think I will ever sit in a more perfect computer chair. I know $1,500 is a lot for a chair but this thing delivers so much you won't want to ever sit in anything else. If you're skeptical about spending this much money and not quite sure just move your mouse cursor over the "buy now with one click button" close your eyes and click it. That will be the best decision you ever make!!!
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