Customer Reviews: How Obama Embraces Islam's Sharia Agenda (Encounter Broadsides)
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on March 25, 2011
The book is accurate, well documented, insightful and if anything understated. The author understands that open terrorism is only one of many weapons in the Islamist agenda, and not the most dangerous. Much more dangerous is the aggressive insinuation of Sharia into our society: its schools, media, government agencies, courts, financial institutions... or as the leaders of the leading Islamist groups in the U.S. put it in a meeting that was recorded by the FBI, "a grand civilizational jihad to destroy Western society from within."

McCarthy is also correct in pointing out that BO, wittingly or not, has filled his administration with Islamist sympathizers. It is shocking to think that he draws his closest advisors from organizations that are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, and that these groups vet his appointees. Why do the Islamists even need violence when they have an ally in the White House?

An eye-opening, important work, and inexpensive enough that you can buy it in quantity to give as gifts.
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on June 10, 2015
Heads up to the world. If your father was a muslem and you adore him. If your step father was
a muslem. If you attended mosques. If you did go to church in America, but it was ruled by a
radical anti American preacher and you act like there is no real serious muslem onslaught then
you must be a muslem in semi disguise. Keep on spreading the truth and fear not.
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VINE VOICEon January 8, 2016
We live in historic times and in this book you'll find some well documented reasons why. The Author keeps you interested, documents his findings of how our current President has opened the doors of our government to Islam. Many dispute this, many have blinders on. In this book you will find a way to connect the dots to a tragedy taking place in America. We have been infiltrated and the Author shows you how it happened and who is responsible.
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on October 4, 2013
This book shows what a liar Obama is and how he is throwing America and Americans under the bus in favor of Muslim way of life under Sharia law. He must be stopped if we are to preserve our freedoms here in America.
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VINE VOICEon January 23, 2011
Andrew McCarthy makes a telling case in this pamphlet that we should make a sharp demarcation between those Muslims who endorse Sharia law for society and those who are more attracted to the European Enlightenment. The latter accept a distinction between the secular and spiritual world while the former do not. Why should we make this distinction? McCarthy argues that our current understanding of the terrorist threat is to differentiate between those followers of Islam who advocate violence and those who do not. But this distinction is vague, especially insofar as some Muslims demonstrably would like to impose Sharia law but do not see violence as a very expedient means of doing so. And Sharia law, as McCarthy points out in great detail, is not overly compatible with western legal traditions that emphasize civil liberties and individual freedom.

While I agree with the main premise of the book, my problem with it lies in the title. I think the assertion that President Obama embraces the Sharia agenda is a bit overwrought. Certainly Obama does accept some variations of "multi-culturalism" which is itself a rejection of the western legal tradition. (In the western tradition, rights belong to individuals, not to groups.) But this is a far cry from endorsing Sharia law. Does McCarthy seriously believe, for example, that President Obama would endorse capital punishment for openly gay people? I doubt it. What McCarthy does claim is that some of the symbolism from the Obama regime would appear to lend sympathy to some Sharia sympathizers. For example, Obama spoke at al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, and the university has specialists in Sharia law. Indeed, McCarthy can even find a half dozen of its several thousand graduates who are terrorists. But this smacks me as guilt by association, not really a reasonable argument. And I say this as a person who is not generally prone to defending our current president.

But if the book makes sketchy ties to Obama, it does offer sound reason for rejecting multi-culturalism as a basis for public policy. The author notes dozens of examples in which law is subverted, if not by the adoption of Sharia law, then at least by silliness of those who do not have a good philosophical grounding in the concepts of individual rights and liberty. The state of Minnesota, for example, subsidizes the purchase of homes by Muslims since they are not allowed to pay interest! Where is the ACLU when you need them? Rest assured, even the slightest hint of subsidizing the faith of believers in any other religion, most especially Christianity, would not stand in our current court system. And what of the instance where four idealistic Christian missionaries were arrested for distributing tracts (Gospel of John) on a public sidewalk in a Muslim neighborhood. Free speech generally enjoys its strongest protections in public space with printed materials. Truly frightening was the argument actually made by a judge that a man can repeatedly rape his soon to be separated spouse if his religion allows for it. Happily, that particular argument was overturned on appeal.

But none of this nonsense shows that Sharia law is being imposed on the United States. It does show that multiculturalism is a hopelessly muddled concept and a poor guide for public policy. Insofar as Obama in particular, and the left in general, seem wedded to this sort of intellectual pabulum it is worth exposing them. I might have gone beyond exposure and added some much needed ridicule. But I worry when we seriously try to claim that Obama is embracing Sharia law. He clearly is not, and wild claims like this one undermine the more serious problems with this administration. This pamphlet makes a good argument about how to view Muslims in terms of foreign policy. It additionally makes a good case against multiculturalism. But I suspect much of its value will be lost by those who take its title a bit too literally.
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on November 29, 2014
This is how Obama - or should I say 'Obummer'?, I'm so completely disgusted with him as a result of all I've been reading for the
last two months or so - allowed himself to get involved with Muslim terrorist organizations and bringing them into this country to allow them to do their harm. I'm inclined to think it was deliberate design , because as you read the book you'll learn about his figuratively emasculating all the policing apparatus in Washington - all the agencies that could've worked against terrorism from the beginning of his presidency - and apparently he he didn't want that. Also, under the Muslim org.'s insistance, he purged all training manuals - of the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security - of any reference to "jihad", "terrorism", "Islam", "Mohammed", and such. He also ordered heads of the regular police departments to do likewise. To me, that alone is treason. Then there's the gradual disabling of our economic system and the colossal debt he's built up...
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on May 26, 2015
Well, he was born a Muslim, raised as a Muslim, and I don't understad why we're surprised at his show of favoritism . . .
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on August 25, 2014
Well documented and shocking detailed information about how this administration has Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers within it's ranks. Contains excellent discussion comparing sharia law and our nation's core beliefs. Includes description of how our government includes sharia in our financial system - namely sharia compliant finance. Would recommend.
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on April 20, 2014
The title of Mr. McCarthy's essay only pertains to a portion of the covered subject matter (albeit an important one). Nonetheless, this short work provides an excellent overview of the relationship between overt terrorist tactics and "civilizational jihad", and the threat they pose to western society and our concepts of liberty.
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on January 30, 2014
A very quick, easy read filled with direct information.

Fact filled from Islam's literature with developed conclusions.

Easily understood, McCarthy has outdone himself.
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