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on June 4, 2012
I read all her books to the Chosen Series. I also just finished reading this short story. It was great to know how everything started and I did not want the story to end!! Cannot wait to read more to this series including more short stories! She is one of the best authors I have come across!
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on June 13, 2012
If you haven't read any of the Chosen Series, you simply do not know what you are missing. Emergence would be a great place to start, being. Short story that takes place before the meat of the series begins! For those who have read the series, this is a perfect "snack" while we wait for the next installment!
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on August 22, 2012
Goodreads Description- Even before Jake's birth, Emma Thompson focused all her energy on providing a safe and sheltered world for her two-year-old son. The life she'd always wanted as a child--a loving mother and financial security. But another "incident" had has led to Jake's expulsion from his second daycare center in two weeks, and now her accounting job with a high profile commercial firm is on the line.

Soon Emma wishes losing her job was her only worry when it becomes evident that someone is not only watching her, but is determined to make contact with her son, forcing her to make the biggest decision of her life.

Emma is a single mother of 2 year old Jake. When she gets a call at work that Jake has had another incident in daycare she knows that his days are numbered there. He has already been expelled from his previous daycare and now it seems that he has , again, foretold accidents that the other children were then involved in. The daycare wants him out. On her way to her car, one of the daycare workers stops her and recommends a nanny and gives her a card. Determined not to lose her job, Emma calls and arranges an interview the next day. However the woman who shows up just raises the hair on Emma's neck and later that night, when Jake warns Emma that the bad men are coming to take him, does she finally see that she really is in trouble. Not knowing what to do, Emma buys a gun and packs her bags. She is ready to leave in the morning. But when the "bad men" knock on her door in the middle of the night, Emma has to escape to save her son. Barely escaping her garage and a car chase, the cars chasing her collide and explode. Emma finally thinks she is free. However, just as Jake tells her that they are safe, Emma turns around to see a man emerge from the flames. What do they want her son for? Can he really see into the future? What kind of power does her son hold? Emma decides she has to save her son and leaves her life behind not knowing what the future may hold.

This is a quick, fast paced half-step book in The Chosen series. The writing and dialogue are simplistic but I'm not sure if this is YA and since I am just starting to read fantasy, I don't really have any standards yet. However, from this short read, I was impelled to add Chosen, the first book in the series, to my to be read list. So I guess that says it all. If an author can get me to purchase her book in 42 pages then she has done her job. This isn't a fantastic piece of literature but it was effective in pulling me in, taking me for a ride and getting my interest. I liked it and I am going to give the series a try. 3 stars!
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on June 13, 2012
Spoilers Warning.

So, in the beginning of Chosen we see Emma leaving one of her many jobs she's held for the last few years since Jake told her that "the bad men were coming".
In Emergence, we go more in dept to the story that started it all. When Jake started having this visions, and how Emma decided to leave everything behind for the sake of her baby. Emergence is a must read because is key to the Chosen Series, we see a very brave 2 year old with a mind of an adult scared for the things that are happening and how he can see that in a future mommy will have no choice but to leave him and the bad men that are after him will take him away from her. How they had to run in the middle of the night for their lives and never look back, is bravery and at the same time is heart breaking because this little boy is been the target of certain powerful man that want him for what he can do. How Emma struggles from job to job on chosen is only a glimpse of how it all started, in emergence we see her doing her dream job as an accountant, owning a home, a van, but yet, struggling to keep her baby in the same daycare for more than 2 weeks at a time but she stands by her son, and does whatever it takes to protect him like every mother would with her baby.

Cant wait for the next short installment, the story of Will which should be out soon. But really if you want to understand this prequel, you must first read chosen. I've read them all and i'm totally in love with the series and cant wait for the next book to come out by the end of this year! Awesome book!
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on June 13, 2012
I loved being able to see Emma & Jake's backstory!!! Looking forward to reading Will's. This has been a truly FUN series to read & cannot wait for the last book.
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on June 12, 2012
Loved getting a look inside of Emma's life before the chaos began. Helps you to see even deeper into her personality.
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on January 21, 2015
Denise Grover Swank writes incredible novels and her novellas are even more special as they take you deeper into the characters' thoughts, feelings and backgrounds. I started this prequel to The Chosen series kind with ambivalence. I had just finished "The Chosen" and wanted to read the next book to see what happens but I also wanted to read about Emma's earlier experiences. As I expected, the prequel was wonderful. It gives us a clearer sense of Emma and Jake's torment from the beginning and only endeared the characters to me more. I read it so quickly, unable to put it down, that when I finished I said, "What? Was that only 10 pages?" But no, it's over 40 pages. It just went by that fast because it's that good. On to the next book in the series. I can't wait.
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on July 4, 2015
This series must be read in order except for the short stories. The first book is Chosen. This is the first short story and can be read before or after Chosen though I reccomend reading it after due to mild spoilers.

Emma is an overachieving single mom who has a plan. She has a good job,a house and a minivan. She also has an incredibly perfect, amazingly advanced, super intelligent two year old son named Jake who keeps getting himsef kicked out of daycares... How is she supposed to keep their awesome life if she gets fired for being a flake at work? How i it all going wrong? Why is it all going wrong?

***This series is suitable for adult readers who like little horror in their modern paranormal action adventure dark fantasy
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on June 13, 2012
This morning I started reading the book Chosen by Denise Grover Swank. Started really getting into it and I had to go into my appointment. I wondered how Emma and Jake started out and the reason for them being on the run. Well on Facebook today Denise mentioned Emergence (The Chosen,Short #1. So I came on to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle Version for my phone. I couldn't put it down. Totally drawn into this series now and I can't wait to read more of the Chosen. My first story I have read by Denise Groven Swank and I have to say she is an AMAZING AUTHOR and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ME. Glad I read Emergence before I got to far in the Chosen. Emergence (The Chosen, Short #1)
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on November 6, 2012
The story line I do like and the characters are good but I personally can do without the bad language. But since I do like the story I will probably finish the series except for when Will returns from Iraq. I learned from other reviews that the language is really bad and strong. I liked Shank's other books better, there wasn't as much bad language. I like Emma, how she is a devoted mother. And that she is trying so hard to do the right thing with herself, her son, Jake and to Will. And later to unborn son, oops getting ahead there. I think the author is a good enough writer not to use strong language. I can get into the story without it:D
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