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on September 28, 2001
This is a great book for the general public as well as naive health care professionals to learn about Natural Medicine. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THIS BOOK AND STUDY IT. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT. I have learned that I am eating totally wrong and am setting myself up for a cardiovascular disaster. And I'm a doctor and should know better! Now I can set things straight.
Yeah, I'm an M.D. and have been trained to treat my patients with chemicals (Allopathic Medicine), but I have been trying to expand my knowledge base about the practice of medicine and luckly stumbled on Dr. Murray's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.
I will integrate what I have and will learn about Natural Medicine in my everyday practice (and my own life!). I feel that, with certain exceptions, Natural Medicine should be tried first. Only when that fails or is inappropriate should Allopathic Medicine be used.
There is a growing trend for M.D.'s to use Natural Medicine in their practice. ...
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on August 30, 2004
I have found this book to be the best source for natural medicine information bar none and use it in my practice as a registered nutritionist. The information is appropriately referenced and only included where supporting references exist. This make the information very trustworthy. I sincerely hope the authors will be producing a third edition. This is an important work in the field.
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on March 18, 1999
No, I do not think this book deserves 5 stars, although it is the best book in this area. So, why only 3 stars? - because of the missed potential. I think I have read every word in every one of Dr. Murray's books. With minor changes and adaptations, this encyclopedia brings together the texts of 3 of his major books: the one on herbs, the one on nutritional supp., and the previous encyclopedia. What's wrong in that? - the fact that we got a very heavy book of over 900 pages with not much more new info. I was surprised to find out that none of the other reviewers mentioned the fact that this book still does not have a chapter on Cancer!! My feeling is that Drs. Murray & Pizzorno did not forget the second leading ailment of this era - at this moment, they are probably finalizing their next book, this time a whole book on cancer. As a professor of Medicine and a cancer researcher I feel that an encyclopedia of natural medicine that has not even one chapter on cancer prevention and natural medication is a "bug 2000" bearing item. Another aspect - this days, such an encyclopedia would be better "printed" on a CD, with an advanced search engine, rather then on paper. One last word, the book suffers from some faults and "deletions" of very important info, but unfortunately there is no way one can contact Drs. Murray or Pizzorno and discuss these faults directly with them. No e-mail address, nor fax number is provided. I would recommend them to contact me before they issue the 3rd edition of this encyclopedia. So, should you buy this book? - the answer is definitely yes. Just as I said: this is the best book available, though not the perfect one these two authors could write...
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on December 21, 2001
When I bought this book, I had no idea how powerful an effect it would have in my life. As a science afficianado (and probable borderline hypochondriac), I have taken vitamin supplements for years "just in case" I might not be receiving proper nutrition from my modern microwave and fast food regimen. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine is an eye-opening discovery of the side of medicine that is too often missing in the world of the M.D.: treating the cause of an illness, not just it's symptoms.
The writing is comprehensive yet precise, including evidence of the therapeutic effect of a given supplement, it's method of action (pharmacology), and even caveats about any weaknesses in supporting studies, including whether evidence comes from statistically meaningful double-blind controlled studies or from clinical or cultural experiences.
If you are the type of person to take supplements, exercise, or eat healthy and natural foods out of a desire to protect your health, I highly recommend you BUY AND READ THIS BOOK! And if, on the other hand, you don't do any of the above, and you have a medical condition or take any presription or over-the-counter medication, or just generally feel yucky, I would definitely urge you to BUY AND READ THIS BOOK!
And Finally, if you are currently in the medical field, or typically prescribe or endorse only synthetic drugs manufactured by American Pharmaceutical companies licensed by the FDA, please BUY AND READ THIS BOOK!
Then again, I'm probably biased; after acting on the information in this book, I feel better than I have in a long time. And as any scientist will tell you, such results are not statistically significant ; )
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on November 9, 2002
If you are to own one basic medical reference book, this is it.
Contains the basics of medical ills/diseases, as well as the latest medical research for both standard therapies and alternative ones. I refer to it frequently. I just wish more doctors used it as a reference.
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on July 31, 1998
As a student preparing to enter into the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine provides a wonderfully interesting, informative and easy-to-reference guide to natural medicines. What I enjoyed most was the fact that this book avoids giving a simple "run-down" of the natural treatments used for specific conditions. Instead, it teaches the reader the philosiphy behind how those natural treatments work (for example by promoting the healing power of our body), and therefore why they are used to treat certain conditions. The authors also do a great job of "backing-up" what is written with solid scientific evidence. This addresses a major concern readers have, namely, the validity of natural treatments. While there is still a multitude of research yet to be done, the authors utilize the available research and combine it nicely with the wisdom of centuries-old medical practices from various cultures around the wor! ld. Finally, the applicability of this book is widespread. It is a complete and comprehensive guide for both the everyday person as well as doctors and students (of both Traditional and Naturopathic/Complimentary Medicines).
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on March 20, 1998
Micheal Murray and Pizzorno are some of the most prolific natural medicine authors out. They are also founding fathers of the Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine; a very well respected institution. I am a medical student myself and found this book to be just as in depth (and much more useful) as many of my biochemistry/nutrition class notes! The authors give SPECIFIC (and refreshingly moderate) recommendations for a variety of illnesses, and back up their recomendations with very extensive references from various journals. They also describe the etiology of the illness very well, telling the reader WHY they have the problem they do...very few books for laypeople of any type do this. I cannot give this book high enough praise. It has certainly changed the way I will treat my own patients.
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on May 22, 2006
I am a physician (MD type) and find myself turning to this book often.

It does a good job of teaching patients about the medical problems at hand (sometimes quite thoroughly), and presents well-researched potential solutions to their problems.

My only complaint - where's a new edition (this one dates back to late 90's!)?
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Did you know that the style and arrangement of your fingerprints can indicate a predisposition to Alzheimer's disease? Or that a simple inspection of your earlobe will reveal whether or not you suffer from hardening of the arteries? Or why you should not drink orange juice when you have a cold? These are neither hocus pocus nor old wives' tales, they are medical fact. Doctors Murray and Pizzorno have accumulated a wealth of vital information, backed up by numerous studies and research papers, which will be of interest to anyone who values health and longevity.
But don't let the scholarly background put you off. The book is easy to read, and it's chock full of illustrations and tables to make the reading experience both interesting and enjoyable. Beginning with coverage of general categories such as basic principles of health, detoxification, immune support, life extension, pain control and stress, it then addresses over seventy specific health problems in detail. For each condition you'll find causative factors, therapy, treatment and recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet and supplementation.

I followed their recommendations during a recent bout with a cold, and I'm here to tell you: it worked! I was able to reduce both the time and severity of my suffering. They've made me a believer in natural medicine.

I consider this book a "must read," a valuable reference work you should always have on hand, and a perfect companion to Murray's Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements. And you can't beat Amazon's prices!
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on September 2, 2006
When people ask me to recommend the book, most likely improve their health, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition, is one of the books I recommend, unless they suffer from diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or cancer. I recommend Michael Murray's How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine and How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine, when they are more specific, to patient problems. From Fatigued to Fantastic, by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD is a better fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue book.

The information on liver detoxification, diabetes, alcoholism, attention deficits, depression, migraines, osteoarthritis, restless leg syndrome, obesity, high blood pressure, hepatitis, rheumatism, inflammatory bowel disease and prostatitis has improved patient outcomes.

I have seen restless leg syndromes totally eliminated, in 2 days, using research contained in this book, The prostatitis protocols have produced 75 % reductions in nocturia. The migraine protocols can totally eliminate histamine headaches and reduce migraine pain, at least 50 %. I have seen an insulin diabetic's blood sugar decrease 50 points using Gymnema, an herbal, recommended by this book.

The book is thoroughly and exhaustively researched and documented. This book is readable, unlike much of the original research, published in journals. This book would be especially helpful for skeptics who ask where the published research for natural treatments is.

I do not understand the relationship between fingerprint patterns and Alzheimers disease, discussed in this book. I did not have the Alzheimers pattern, but am taking antioxidants and anti-inflammatory herbals, in addition to oral chelation, to decrease my risk for Alzheimers.

The main addition, which would make the book more complete, would be additional information about bioidentical hormone replacement. Disease Prevention and Treatment, Expanded Fourth Edition, by Life Extension Media, is a better book, since it integrates hormonal and pharmaceutical treatments, in addition to herbal, neutraceutical and nutritional treatment.

I have heard Michael Murray lecture and he is brilliant and knowledgeable. His interest in reducing suffering is obvious.

Dr. Murray continues to research more effective herbal and nutritional formulas and I have found formulas he developed to be highly potent and effective. Pharma GABA and Celery Factor are especially effective.

Steven Sponaugle,
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