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on April 22, 2000
I cannot understand the bad reviews for this film! Sure, this isn't one of the best movies ever made, nor is it one of Schwarzenegger's best films, but I still liked it-it was better than okay.
Be warned however; this film is INTENSE and not for children, with references to and images of Satanism, representatives of a fringe group of Catholics trying to pin a girl down in order to stab and kill her, the devil having sex with 2 women, and some awfully gruesome murders.
A previous reviewer gave away the ending for this film (Thanks alot for ruining it for me, whoever you are) so I won't give it away again. I rented it with the worst expectations possible, and was surprised to discover that I liked it. Not something that I would want to buy or see more than once but I enjoyed it! Better than "Eraser", "Last Action Hero" "Batman And Robin" (but what wasn't better than that stinker?) and some of Schwarzenegger's earlier films, but not as good as "T2" or "True Lies". I don't know what else to write, without giving too much away.
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on May 1, 2000
"End of Days" is a good movie. The storyline is great, and Arnold is his usual self. Yes there are some unbelievable things in it, but what do you expect from an Arnold movie? These movies aren't made to analyze and prod over every single mistake, they are made to sit back and marvel at the spectacular special effects. I decided to give this four stars after seeing it for the third time.....the movie really grew on me.
Possibly my favorite part of this whole DVD is the two rarely seen music videos by Everlast and Rob Zombie. Just another reason to buy DVD insted of VHS. Also the sound quality is great, you can hear every little piece of cement fall when Arnold is in the Church. Overall a great DVD!
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on April 15, 2000
An excellent movie! The best blend of action/horror I've seen to date. Sure, some people will try to nick pick certain details, and complain endlessly about this and that, but overall this was the most entertaining movie of 1999. Sure we all realize now that the panic over the Y2K bug and any prophetic fears were silly, but you need to look past all those things to really appreciate this film. Basically, it's a horrifying thriller, packed with great action sequences. Yes, I realize many negative reviews are regarding "Arnold" vs "The Devil", and yes, that does sound silly, but how about Arnold vs the mafia/military (Commando), Arnold vs a technologically advanced alien (Predator), or Arnold vs the "System" (Total Recall) & (The Running Man) etc. The way to sum it up is to basically say, "All great Arnold movies ARE far fetched" That is WHY they are MOVIES. They are NOT supposed to be realistic, but an escape from reality. Enough with the negative reviews for being far-fetched. That is why the largest percentage of us WATCH movies. To escape! Once again, this is an EXCELLENT film. Do not take it too seriously, but then again, do not take any Arnold action flick seriously, or get your head examined.
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Released shortly before he went completely political, this film didn't do quite as well at the box office. Who cares? It was a fun popcorn movie with some seriously religious overtones and themes of redemption. Most importantly, the DTS HD audio was very well implemented with excellent audio tracking between the surrounds and good use of the sub channel. The video quality was really quite good and though most of the movie is shot in dark areas, detail in the shadows was very good. If this action packed film is your cup of tea than the blu ray version should be on your list of films to trade up to. There is a significant difference in both audio and video quality between the original standard release and the blu ray though the blu ray is sorely lacking in any extras.

All my movie reviews are of this nature and focus only on the quality of the transfer to BluRay so check them and see if they are of help as well.
Hopefully, this review has been of some help to you in determining your purchase, hope I am on the correct path with a review of the transfer quality as opposed to providing plot summaries.
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on May 4, 2000
Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Arnie and own most of his movies. Okay, Arnold is not the greatest actor to ever grace the screen, but he usually makes great, suspend-disbelief-and-they-are-entertaining movies. Gabriel Byrne is a great actor and usually appears in good movies. Kevin Pollack plays a side-kick as well as anyone and is good comic relief. Between the three of them, you would have hoped that one of them would have read this script and said, "Oh My God, this story is REALLY BAD!"
The plot of this movie is predictable and so full of logical holes that it makes one wonder if anyone actually wrote it or if they just started filming a bunch of "cool" action and occult scenes and thought putting it all together would make a good movie. The Devil is alternately brilliant and stupid. Arnold somehow manages to outsmart the Prince of Darkness and the New York Police Department, despite being an alcoholic burn-out. And, after watching this movie I am still confused as to who Arnold and Kevin actually work for. As for the number of the beast being 999 instead of 666 and that being why Satan has to mate in 1999, I am still confused as to what happened in the year 999. Wouldn't that have been the end of the thousand years they kept babling about in this movie? Did the Devil run into an ancient version of Arnold and get his butt kicked then, too? And if so, why didn't he learn?
In addition to the cast already mentioned, this movie also has other good actors who should have known better. Robin Tunney (great in "The Craft"), Rod Stieger ("On the Waterfront"), Anthony Fultz ("For Love of the Game") and CCH Pounder ("Face Off") are all wasted in this suprisingly bad movie.
Don't get me wrong. I can suspend disbelief with the best of them, and I know movies are supposed to be entertainment and not reality. But, at some level, the movie must make sense and fill in the blanks. This movie seems to be just a vehicle for Arnold to kick Satan's ass. That is not a good enough reason to see this film.
If you are a true Arnie fan, you will see this anyway, despite the flaws (I did). But, it is not up to his usual quality, and is best rented first, before bought. Caveat emptor.
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on June 13, 2005
I have watched this movie, "End of Days", twice now, the first time I didn't like it due to the fact that I am a Christian and approached this movie as if it should be Biblically and Theologically accurate. Of course, this movie is far from that and due to my mind set I didn't like it. Though I didn't care for it the first time I did like some elements to the movie and thought some things were done nicely and Arnold's journey of finding his faith in the film is a nice touch. When I decided to go back and rewatch this film I approached it as a normal film with religious overtones and viewed it like I viewed the 'Prophecy' films or "Constantine", which is it's not Biblically accurate but it does get some stuff right and is still entertaining.

Once I got past that problem it was an enjoyable film, I know it's received some bad reviews but I thought it was well done for what it was trying to convey. The basic premise of the film is that in the book of Revelation in the Bible, Satan will have been bound for 1000 years and would then be released, now the writer has interpreted this to mean that Satan had been bound for the last 1000 years and that in 1999 he would return to earth. However, this is where things go away from the Bible, Satan comes back to look for a bride who will bear his child, The Antichrist, and kick start Armageddon.

Arnold's character is interesting for him to play because he's always the action hero, whereas in this film he's playing more of a dramatic role and actually is forced to act and does so convincingly. His character, Jericho, is a former cop and believer in God, whose wife and daughter were murdered and now he's a suicidal alcoholic who works for a major security firm. His newest client just happens to be the man Satan has picked to embody for his new quest on earth. Satan is played by Gabriel Byrne, and he is definitely enjoying himself in this one, unlike his toned down and slightly bored looking performance in "Stigmata" (the other religious thriller he starred in this year).

The supporting cast is also great, Robin Tunney was perfect as Satan's would be bride. Kevin Pollack played Arnold's partner at the security firm and provided some very timely comic relief and Rod Steiger as a priest was nicely played.

As I said the movie is not Biblically accurate by any means, but if you don't approach it as such, it is enjoyable. If you're a fan of the 'Prophecy' films, "The Devil's Advocate", or "Constantine" then you will enjoy this film.

"End of Days" is rated R for violence, language, and brief sexuality/nudity.
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on October 11, 2000
"End of Days" was a flop, and deservedly so. The script was garbage, and was about as believable as guy being named Jericho Cane and admitting it. Does anyone in Hollywood know that people actually have normal names?
Anyway, the devil comes to earth in the form of a rich New York business man (why he didn't pick a high school janitor I'll never know) and he must impregnate a young woman that is destined to have his child before midnight of 12/31/00. Of course Arnold is thrust into the action trying to defend the woman from the Prince of Darkness, and very soon blood flows, things explode, and for some reason Rod Steiger plays a priest. (Yeah I know, I don't get it either.)
I will say that Arnold does a pretty good job of playing the burned out alcoholic ex-cop, but why do they always have to give the hero a dead family to make him dark and brooding? Can't people just be dark on their own? From an action standpoint, the movie is pretty good, and the special effects are impressive, but overall this is a pretty bad film. I know Arnold needed the work after being off because of heart surgery, but I would suggest reading the script a little more carefully. This should have been a Rutger Hauer straight to video release.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 29, 2014
I really wanted to like this film but for greatest part of it I simply couldn't, as, even if it had potential, it was mostly wasted. If amazon allowed it, my rating for it would be 2,5 stars, somewhere between "It is barely OK" and "I mostly didn't like it". Below, more of my impressions, with some limited SPOILERS.

As probably everybody knows, this film tells about Satan. Now, when they are well done, films which involve the Prince of Lies or one of his manifestations can be really great, like "Omen", "The exorcist", "Rosemary's baby", The ninth gate", "True Romance", "The devil and Daniel Webster" and "The night of the demon" or at least honest, like "The devil's avocate", "The imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" and "Devil" (the one from 2010).

However, when including such a powerful player in the game there is always the risk that things will go into an uncontrollable spin and land into ridiculous, embarassing, too weird or simply absurd ("Constantine", which was an abomination, is possibly the best example). In this film too, sadly, all those four elements are frequently present.

This is a pity, because this film had potential and in fact its beginning is not bad, even if it borrows heavily from both "Omen" and "Rosemary's baby". Schwarzenegger's character, Jericho Cane (great name by the way) a former police officer devastated by loss to the point of declaring that he lost his faith (when in the same time believing strongly enough to claim being angry at God), is actually pretty interesting one, at least in the beginning of the film. His sidekick, Chicago (Kevin Pollack) is also pretty interesting and well done. There are also some good one liners, I must give that much to this film.

That being said, the negative elements are much more numerous and they couldn't be avoided, being simply build into scenario's DNA. Schwarzenegger is an action hero - and you simply can't fight Satan with a Glock handgun or a Heckler und Koch MP5 submachine gun (even if you add a 40 mm M203 mm grenade lancher). Also Satan is shown here as a total contradiction in terms - one second he is all powerful, the other one he is powerless and needs sidekicks to help him. The whole thing about some renegade clergymen running with knives after people and engaging in some black magic is ridiculous and the sexual aspect is also really embarassing (poor, poor Robin Tunney, what was she thinking when she accepted her role?). Let's not even talk about the role of CCH Pounder, a greatly talented and charismatic actress, who probably needed a shot of vodka before turning her scenes, to force herself to play her part...

There was some potential in the dialogs between Satan (Gabriel Byrne, who probably had the fun of his life palying this role) and Jerciho Cane and some of their exchanges are honest. The whole idea of how the all-powerful fallen angel can finally be bested by a mere mortal was also not half-bad. However, all the rest of Gabriel Byrne's screen time as Satan was wasted in quite ridiculous scenes.

For all those reasons, as I already said, I rate this film 2,5 stars. Great fan of "Ahrnold" even in his lesser movies, I don't regret that I bought and watched this film, but I will not keep it. Only for Schwarzenegger's greatest fans - all other people, well, watch it at your own risk.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2007
End Of Days DVD

End Of Days starring Arnold Swarzennegger playing a cop turned security guard seeking to prevent a diabolical plot for Satan to mate with a human. Great special effects.

Recommended for Arnold Swarzennegger fans and fans of action movies.

Gunner December, 2007
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on August 1, 2015
Really enjoy this spin on the typical Schwarzenegger movies. The 'End of Days' DVD is action packed yet the good vs. evil story-line takes it into just enough of a horror genre to make it different from AS's usual flicks. I enjoyed it and am adding it to my other favorite demons/devil vs. good movies like 'Constantine' & 'Legion'.

Gabriel Byrne does a great job here as 'The Man'! My next favorite G. Byrne movie is 'Smilla's Sense of Snow' (the book is very good too and definitely worth the read!), so check them both out for suspense mystery entertainment.
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