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on September 6, 2012
We all know that there was the beginning of a severe recession in 2008, triggered by what has come to be known as the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. What most do not understand is that the trigger event was simply the culmination of long-term bad monetary policy on an international scale--with the United States leading the way. The 2012 "End of the Road" documentary film is a must watch for anyone with a desire to understand the dynamics driving this bad policy, and the ultimate natural consequences. This film is a wake-up call to everyone, and hopefully not one that is too late! Starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson's administration and ending with the 1971 decree by President Nixon that severed the dollar from its backing by gold, our currency no longer had any underlying intrinsic value and became a fiat currency.

Since the U.S. dollar had been established as the world's reserve currency at the 1944 Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference in New Hampshire, once our dollar became a fiat currency, all of the world's currencies became fiat currencies. In simple terms, there was no longer any limitation on how much money governments could spend. In order to keep this shell game from collapsing, the prices of gold and silver have been artificially manipulated to keep their values down. No administration wants to be in office when the house of cards comes tumbling down, which it must do at some point. The monetary policy of the world today is one of continual inflation of individual currencies to keep the game in play for as long as possible. Debt is what drives the game, so there is a continual clarion call to take on more debt. Think of the famous credit card commercials that told us to "think of it as money." The banks know the game is about to end, so money for loans is very tight. Not because the banks do not have the money to loan; collectively they have trillions of dollars stashed in their vaults. The smarter countries are now amassing gold on a massive scale: tons of gold (literally).

This loose fiscal policy is like an international game of musical chairs. No country wants to be the last one standing (without gold reserves) when the music stops. Neither do you! While prices for silver and gold are being held at artificially low rates by governments and Wall Street institutions it is a buyer's market, an unprecedented opportunity to transfer your own money into these commodities that have universal intrinsic value. When the music stops, as it must ultimately do, you do not want to be the last one standing with no "real money." The world is on the brink of seeing the most massive transfer of wealth in recorded history as this Ponzi scheme dies a natural death. Bernie Madoff's financial shell game will look like a spring picnic compared to what has been happening in the global financial arena.

The inevitability of a collapse has been known by governments and Wall Street since 1971, but not generally known or understood by the average citizen. As a former reviewer has pointed out, this is simply history repeating itself. Many nations have already experienced the natural consequences of their own loose fiscal policies. They were, so to speak, the last ones standing when the music stopped. Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe are classic textbook examples. Zimbabwe had paper money denominations of $100 trillion dollars before their final collapse. In case you think that is a typo, let me repeat . . . $100 trillion with a T.

The hour it will take to watch this documentary film could well be the best hour you spend this year. If you did not already know your history, this film will take you on a short course of where we are and how we got here, and will provide you with the necessary insight on what you should do to protect yourself and your loved ones from the coming international currency collapse. Will it happen tomorrow, next week, next month or next year? No one knows for sure, but they certainly do know that it WILL happen. Think of the "wizard" behind the curtain in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Once there is widespread understanding that the wizard is a phony, the system collapses very quickly, and no one knows for sure how much time remains. The politicians and Wall Street bankers will manipulate, manipulate, manipulate for as long as is humanly possible to forestall this collapse, but when it happens it will happen very fast. Do not be the last one without a chair when that happens. Reducing or eliminating personal debt, accumulating items with intrinsic value, saving, and getting your personal house of cards in order should be job one NOW! Those who do not prepare for this natural consequence of irresponsible government and personal fiscal policies will see their net worth disappear in the blink of an eye. Don't let it be you.
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on November 27, 2012
Overall, I enjoyed the documentary. The only thing I could have used less of were the sales pitches for buying gold. Made me question whether it was truly objective or partly infomercial.
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on November 6, 2012
Finally, a documentary that puts the U.S. economy into perspective through easy to understand concepts and descriptions. This show doesn't get lost in the weeds with political mudslinging, or caught up with doom and gloom of the "zombies are coming" crowd, but it does provide a fundamental account of how the Fed. Res., U.S. Gov. and Foreign interests are all tied together. Additionally, I had often wondered why the U.S. Gov. had a different inflation rate than the common sense one that consumers feel in everyday life, now I know. This flick does seem to get a little "gold buggy" toward the end, but there are no shameless plugs. Lastly, the important thing to keep in mind is what has historically happened when fiat currency loses the confidence of the people.
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on September 28, 2013
I think this video offers the viewer (in easy-to-understand terms) a straightforward explanation of our current economic model. I also think that this concept of our economy in terms of a scam is rather difficult for most people to swallow, as well as it is difficult for most people to grasp the details of how it is actually executed. So, I believe this video is useful in that regard because it presents the core material in an understandable way, without going into too much detail (which can confuse people, cloud the central issue, and perhaps make the material less "believable" to most). After all, what common person (likely harmless themselves) could easily conceive of an entire world economy being deliberately constructed and run on the foundation of a gigantic scam, with the goal of it's original creators and orchestrators being, of course, to confiscate wealth from the masses. This really is modern day slavery, which is essentially ultimate theft, at it's height. Regular people, even most of those working in the financial realm, don't understand what they are a part of or how it can ultimately destroy them economically. Once the basics are understood (and more importantly accepted) a person can do further research into the minutia to increase their knowledge of modern economics.
I believe this one subject is the least understood among us and the most important for us to grasp. Understanding these concepts helps us to make since of what goes on in Washington (i.e. the constant spending) and teaches us that we must not allow ourselves to become apathetic towards our duties as citizens of our freedom. We've got to know what's going on. It's not enough just to show up and cast a vote for the most skilled liar, or for someone who him/herself understands no better than we ourselves (which could perhaps be even more dangerous). Understanding subjects like economics (at least enough to spot a scam when we see it) is essential so that we can conduct ourselves as honest people ought to do.
So, watch the video. My recommendation is not to run out and put all of your hard earned saving into gold or anything else. Just get yourself educated and do remember, that if you can't hold it in your hand, it isn't really yours. What kinds of things do you need every day for yourself and your family. In the end this may not be all about protecting savings as much as it might be about keeping your head and providing essential items for the comfort of your loved ones. Which is basic anyhow. The first thing people tend to do when they find out that something bad is likely going to happen to them is panic. That won't help. There is, in my opinion no financial trick you can try, or mountain top you can move to that will completely insulate you and your wealth from this issue. When deciding what to do, I would suggest guarding against rash behavior.
That said, the video is very useful and I recommend viewing it.
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on August 30, 2012
This documentary is a must see for everyone. It will open your eyes to what is coming for the world. If you think it can't happen then you haven't studied history. History only repeats itself.
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17 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2013
I've spent my career as an investor, beginning just before the 1987 crash. I've been through some incredible booms and busts. Yet the economic policies we see today have little, if any, precedent in history. As such, we collectively are ill prepared for what i view is the Great Unwinding of these policies. It is difficult to know which assets will be more highly valued and which will get crushed. So we need to hedge in several ways, including some exposure to gold. That leads to my review of this show.

Overall, the show should cause the viewer to do more research and understand the interplay between macro economic policies and all assets, including stocks, bonds, currency, hard assets. That's the best and only good thing i can say about this show.

For starters calling Fed policies a Ponzi Scheme is utterly disingenuous. If anything, implied in the show's illustration of the mechanics, its Fiscal policy that's become untethered from useful economics, ie, the lack of multiplier efffect that theory says should occur. It's the growing US Government deficits that cause the Treasury to borrow increasing amounts from the Fed/Bond holders.

Further, the speakers completely ignore THE primary reason that foreign countries buy US Treasuries instead of repatriating dollars back to their county. If they repatriate, it makes their currencies rise and thus makes their exported goods less price competitive. If anything its those countries who are playing the Ponzi scheme, not the Fed. As a result of this trade behavior, US consumers benefit from lower prices, US government benefits from lower bond costs, but US manufacturers and labor are penalized due to less domestic production.

Overall the show makes weak arguments, scare tactics really, as to why to own gold. It provides some basic history on the gold standard. however, it never gets into the meat of the issues that could cause a dollar crisis, such as the Quantitative Easing policies of the Fed, the massive growing of its balance sheet and its dominance of ownership of US Treasury and mortgage bonds, nor the incredibly poor fiscal policies of the US government. All these issues will contribute to the strength or weakening of the US $ and to the future purchasing power of US citizens.

Lastly, several of those interviewed for the program are biased based on the fact that they run gold-oriented investment firms or media companies (news letters, books etc). As such, there wasn't much balance of views among the interviewees.

2 books i would recommend to better understand some of these issues is Barry Eichengreen's book, Exorbitant Privilege, and James Rickard's Currency Wars. Rickards had a cameo appearance in this show.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 15, 2013
A must watch presentation, this should be in every American home to watch every three months as a reminder of what's happening and what HAS happened to our monitary system. You owe it to yourself to watch it at least twice in a row to let it soak in good.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2013
I think that this is a great introductory primer on how money is created and intentionally depreciated over time to the benefit of Big Money and government. Unfortunately, you are on the loosing end of this deal as it leaves you perpetually trying to catch up with intentionally-created inflation (good luck with that, by the way). What is criminal about all of this is that we are forced to use as currency an I.O.U between two parties, neither of which have your best interests in mind.

I have watched it more than once. Share it with you friends and family. If you can afford it, by multiple copies and give them away. The only thing I would change is to taper down the return to the gold standard discussion at the end. I am not saying that it is not a useful discussion, but it comes off sounding like a commercial for that industry.
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on October 9, 2012
"If you can't hold it, you don't own it." But is gold really the stiff currency that the 100th Monkey film makers hope that it is? With Michael Ruppert of From The Wilderness tauting the story of the 100th monkey....after the 100th monkey is the turning point and catalyst for influending the whole population....then is gold in serious trouble, like oil? As demand shoots up and supply shrinks? Like Nelson and Bunker Hunt trying to corner the silver market or Kyle Bass pushing to corner the gold market or George Luther Stearns trying to corner the lead in bullets during the Civil War. "Will there be Civil War?" Stearns was asked. "If two men are fighting on a street and three are watching, two of the three will egg them on. I'm betting on war." So when bullet sales went sluggish in time of peace lead went into gasoline and paint. Paint. That our Civil Defense told us would help our homes survive a nuclear attack if it was white paint. White lead paint. Which at the same time they were promoting the MAD theory of mutually assured destruction. That was 50 years after Europe banned lead-based paint. What can we do with gold besides consumer electronics and earrings? Sniff it?

Michael Ruppert, whose complimentary film, Collapse, is like this one, only he's also selling nicotine through the entire film, is setting the stage along with this one for a huge bubble burst. Ruppert,whose favorite story is the story of the 100th monkey, says that we will become like Cuba. A nation of back yard farmers who have some gold, some turnip greens and tomatoes, but only if we're buying gold now ahead of the collapse. That's if we're lucky.

This excellent film lays bare the gold merchants' agenda and is a must watch for everyone who wishes not to be duped. It's as important to watch this film as it is to know that the father of advertising was Albert Lasker who said "Snowballs to eskimos? Hell, I can sell sand storms to naked Bedouins, but I'd rather sell cigarettes to nicotine addicts." And whose wife, Mary Lasker, on the day of her induction as president of the American Cancer Society said "Al is so smart. His Lucky Strike ads with L.S.M.F.T. not only boosted Lucky sales after the war, but with his astute knowledge of what motivates people will surely help us with our battle against cancer."

My only concern is that The End of the Road did not show the middle ground. For example, if Americans would demand that Social Security alone be backed by gold and that a percentage of each monthly payment to grandma and grandpa was a guaranteed residual for the family survivors like a 401K, then the AARP and other retirees can be insured that their retirement is safe and that all those youngsters who are working for their share of the American Dream will have it when it's their time to retire. Don't the old folks hold on to much of it anyway, especially if the Health Souths, Columbia/HCA's, TYCO's and other rip off artist are tried for treason and dealt with accordingly, thus lowering the cost of Medicare and Medicaid which as we all know the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, as CEO of Columbia/HCA led to a record $1.7 billion Medicare/Medicaid fraud fine before retiring with his $400 million severance package? It will also insure that the paper currency is sound since the bulk of gold supplies will be backing Social Security while the rest, the paper stuff with "In God We Trust" on it is aimed at "giving us this day our daily bread". The paper damn well better be back by your good neighbor, Sam or Jim or Festus or Mohammed or Ugurru. Unless you're a Mormon and are betting on the collapse of the economy, but hoping you won't have to tap your year's supply of canned goods in the garage, or pull out your sawed off 12 guage when the Baptists and Methodists down the street come knocking for a cup of sugar and a 100 pound sack of rice.
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31 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2012
This movie pissed me off. It started well, framed the issues intelligently and put forward a strong case against unchecked reckless money printing by the Fed. Then, it just became this ridiculous "buy gold buy gold buy gold" propaganda piece. They show this great chart of the price of gold since 2000 which only goes up. Great. What about the last 40 years since we went off the gold standard? It's a complex price history, and definitely not a slam dunk for retail investors.

Annoying. This is an important issue, and a missed opportunity to discuss it with rigor. I.O.USA was better. Watch that instead.
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