End of the world environment

A Listmania! list by T-Rexx (France)
The list author says: "List of books and movies that accurately -although fictionally- describe the living conditions in a man-made, post-apocalyptic world."
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
1.  World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
The list author says:
  "Brilliant, far-reaching, all-encompassing work on human civilization after the dead started walking the Earth. The use of the living dead as the source of collapse of our entire society is only a pretext. This book is fabulous in its capability to show how weak our civilization actually is, in spite of all appearances."
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Day by Day Armageddon (A Zombie Novel)
2.  Day by Day Armageddon (A Zombie Novel) by J. L. Bourne
The list author says:
  "Extremely good survival book, written by a professional military. Truly flawless. A must-read for any reader with a minimum requirement in plot coherence, military and social accuracy, and credible human response to catastrophic events."
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The Zombie Diaries
3.  The Zombie Diaries DVD ~ Leonard Fenton
The list author says:
  "Low budget but powerful message. The Brits know their stuff like nobody else when it comes to horror. Little public exposure for this clever zombie movie. The thing is, this one's got something real special for y'all... An atrocious story in the story! Weak of hearts, pass your way."
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The Day After
4.  The Day After DVD ~ Jason Robards
The list author says:
  "When first released, this movie about the daily effects of an all-out nuclear war on John Doe's in the US was taken as a real sociological bomb. For the first time, it truly showed the ugliness of what had remained -by then- only a vague concept. It also played a definite role in the signature of nuclear non-proliferation treaties."
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The Road
5.  The Road by Cormac McCarthy
The list author says:
  "Utterly somber, yet very credible depiction of a post apocalyptic world in which the sun no longer breaks through the clouds of ash. So real, so well though-out, that it could actually be a real documentary on life in a desperate, hopeless world. Truly extraordinary."
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Soylent Green
6.  Soylent Green DVD ~ Charlton Heston
The list author says:
  "A terrible account of the desperate measures mankind would be led to adopt if we, as a species, were to continue looting and raping the Earth. We would be the first victims. Add the cynicism of large companies and Earth would turn into a self-supporting hell. Brilliant, and under-rated."
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7.  Autumn by David Moody
The list author says:
  "The slow & steady overtaking of the world by the walking dead. Extremely enjoyable, credible tale of a group of survivors' struggle for survival in the midst of chaos in a collapsing society. The question asked by the book -and its sequels- is: when society and what we take for granted collapse altogether simultaneously and the future yields no hope, what makes people want to fight on and survive?"
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28 Days Later [Blu-ray]
8.  28 Days Later [Blu-ray] DVD ~ Cillian Murphy
The list author says:
  "Human rage pushed to its limits brings the UK to a massive collapse. Bands of violent, bloodthirsty, infected people roam the streets. A man wakes up in a hospital in downtown London. In a world where all values are lost and all structures have collapsed, what does he need to do to ensure his survival? This movie brings its own explanation about how each of us would react in such a case."
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9.  One by Conrad Williams
The list author says:
  "A man's looking after his lost son and wife in the aftermath of a gigantic event that has wiped out most of the human species. Plot looks pretty standard on paper... but wait until you find out what's caused it and what it truly brought to mankind before discarding the book as one of these books on the end of the world!"
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American Zombie
10.  American Zombie DVD ~ John Durbin
The list author says:
  "Clever and fine depiction of a world in which the living dead and the living try to share space, jobs and mutual respect. Although it features zombies, the real theme of the movie is social exclusion in modern society. Intelligent."
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Thunder and Ashes (The Morningstar Strain) (Pt.2)
11.  Thunder and Ashes (The Morningstar Strain) (Pt.2) by Z. A. Recht
The list author says:
  "Much improved sequel to Plague of the Dead. Real improvement from the author, with a strong focus on quality, realism and pulse. Quite realistic and graphic at times too. The devastated, zombie-swarmed world does conceal some pieces of hope. Read the book to discover which ones!"
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28 Weeks Later (Widescreen Edition)
12.  28 Weeks Later (Widescreen Edition) DVD ~ Jeremy Renner
The list author says:
  "High-quality sequel to 28 Days. Features the attempt of civilization to reclaim England once the threat of infection has been contained and eradicated. Repopulation is planned but something comes in the way. Dark movie, with likeable characters, primarily focused on denouncing but not judging personal cowardice and the ruthlessness of military orders that are taken to protect the greatest numbers."
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Dead Sea
13.  Dead Sea by Brian Keene
The list author says:
  "An unconventional approach of zombie-ism, which is no longer limited to mankind, but slowly spreads across species. First, human beings, then animals, then... The dreadful evolution of this deadly infection only makes things worse for the rare, harassed survivors. The book's utterly somber, fatalistic, but provides a lot of originality in its theme and reads very fast."
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I Am Legend [Blu-ray]
14.  I Am Legend [Blu-ray] DVD ~ Will Smith
The list author says:
  "Brilliant movie but for its end about a man's attempt to survive in a hostile world populated by blood-thirsty creatures. Beyond action scenes, this movie is mostly a study of human's adaptation skills amidst chaos and its limits: although mankind is an adaptable species, it is also a social mammal group that isolation deeply harms. Wil Smith and his female friend Sam are amazingly credible."
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Swan Song
15.  Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon
The list author says:
  "The story of various groups of US survivors of an all-out nuclear conflict. Beyond trying to barely survive, some of them are fueled by the desire to create a new, better world. Beautiful and moving story about mankind's best and worst aspirations in a devastated world."
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Down to a Sunless Sea
16.  Down to a Sunless Sea by David Graham
The list author says:
  "The US has collapsed into a third-tier, bankrupt nation where poverty and violence rule. A british jumbo-jet pilot manages to take off from NYC on his way back to England... only to discover in flight that an all-out nuclear war broke out! A bit old-fashioned but enjoyable. How can you hope in what could be mankind's last days?"
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Zombie Honeymoon
17.  Zombie Honeymoon DVD ~ Tracy Coogan
The list author says:
  "Low budget for this movie, but intelligent approach. A just married couple moves to a beach-shore house. The guy is bitten by a stranger that comes out of the sea. He progressively turns into a flesh-eating zombie. His wife is torn between her love and the necessity of protecting her loved ones and friends."
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Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition)
18.  Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition) DVD ~ Lori Cardille
The list author says:
  "One of Romero's best zombie flicks. Thematic, controversial, desperate, human. A bunch of civilian and military survivors are trapped in an ex missile launching silo, surrounded by flesh eaters. The struggle inside threatens to be worse than the enemy outside."
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19.  Zombieland DVD ~ Jesse Eisenberg
The list author says:
  "The last of the living try to stay so by bonding and sticking to some basic rules.In the same vein as Shaun of the Dead, a good zombie comedy that mixes solid acting, good filming and humour."
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