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on November 5, 2011
I only read about 35% to be fair, but it's basically filled with technical and procedural jargans mixed with daily memoir of an engineer. The other reviews say the explosion or the interesting part begins at 50%! That is like watching 40 minutes of credits during the feature movie then an explosion transition into a sermon. Don't trust the other 5 star reviewers.
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on December 7, 2011
I'm not finished the book yet, so maybe my opinion will change, but halfway in I can tell you that there is a lot written that should have been taken out. Most readers don't need all the detail that is in here.
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on October 28, 2013
This book began with such promise. The first scene describes a plane crash in great detail and Chris Hambleton grabs the reader's attention and won't let go. Not for a while, at least. Unfortunately, the author quickly lost focus and seemingly spent the rest of the book trying to remember what his story was supposed to be about. Along the way, the reader is confronted with a great many unnecessary details. A hundred pages or more of this 350+ page book could have been cut without the story being affected significantly. Strangely, at crucial moments in the story, the author says too little. The one thread that did run throughout the book, the ultimate fate of the young woman sitting beside the main character during the plane crash, is left untied at the end. We're left wondering about her fate, which might be good for a sequel (if there is one), but leaves an unsatisfactory resolution for this book.

Hambleton undoubtedly has ability as a writer, but he also has serious problems with plotting his storyline and pacing the action to keep things moving along throughout a book of this length. While the mechanics (formatting, spelling, grammar, etc.) have only a few minor problems, this book needed major attention from an editor to clean out the underbrush and leave the reader with a sharp and focused reading experience rather than a seemingly aimless wandering.

This reviewer does not object to the religious content of the book, but I do consider it miscategorized. Although it does involve time travel (as the title suggests), it is not really science fiction. It is actually a Christian romance and could have been edited into an excellent example of that genre. As published, however, what could have been excellent is merely mediocre.
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on September 27, 2013
I think we all have times when we wish we could go back and do life differently. This book is about someone who had the chance to do just that, with several twists. I actually found the book really hard to get into, with lots of technical computer jargon, and a definite science fiction feel to it. Then a turning point event happens and the book got a lot easier to read. It is just after this that the facts of Christianity are brought into the book, and the whole plot takes a new spin. I did enjoy the book, especially the second half, and would certainly recommend it to those interested in technology and it's impact on our lives. While many have criticised the author for his explicit expression of Christianity and how it changed the life of the main character, I would like to applaud him for his accuracy in representing Christianity as a life-changing faith. Well done!
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on March 27, 2014
I realize this was a Christian Sci-Fi and the story was very interesting and the Christian message was very good, but some of the story line just didn't fit in and was not really explained, especially the ending. How did he fall back in love and what did he do in electrical storms? I wish the author would have not jumped ahead leaving so many unanswered questions.
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on December 20, 2012
What an interesting take on time travel. it is a good read, but makes some traditional rookie mistakes when doing a story on time travel. You got to watch for paradoxes. He does not do a real good job. The story makes for a good read, but with the paradoxes it is a little unbelievable.
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on October 13, 2011
If I had realized this was a religious book, I would not have downloaded it even for free. Please post accurate descriptions of your books.

added 05/14/2012 - Book description now includes the fact that it is religious fiction.
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on June 7, 2016
I certainly enjoyed reading this book and the clean language with no "steamy" scenes made it great! I'd like to read a sequel to it. I know it's totally sci-fi and time travel is not possible so the comments by some that the time travel concept was flawed . . it was Mr Hambleton's perception so I saw nothing wrong with it. I would recommend this book as a good read!
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on October 23, 2011
To be clear, this isn't just another one-star review because it's a surprise evangelism book. The story actually starts out fairly decently written, with an intriguing premise and thorough character development. But as soon as the time-travel happens, it's like a new author took over, one with no time to devote to the actual plot that's supposed to be the main focus of the book because he's too busy stuffing it with as much Christian preaching as possible.

[Potential spoilers ahead]

After all the careful buildup, suspension of disbelief is thrown out the window in order to move the seemingly now inconvenient plot along as fast as possible. Daniel's parents are established to be paying a significant portion of his tuition, and have saved up $2000 in savings bonds for him - but they don't do more than ask him if he's sure when he wants to drop out and cash out that savings to move to Florida? In less dialog than it takes to fill the Kindle screen, a NASA engineer accepts some 19-year-old kid's claim that he's a time-traveler and invites him to church?

I was expecting there to be more to stopping the Endeavor explosion, since that seemed to be the point of the whole buildup. But instead, a computer is hacked, a few e-mails sent out, meetings are held, and the launch is delayed, all in a few pages! Great, now there's plenty of space to copy and paste one of those evangelistic pamphlets and change the names to those of our main characters!

If you're looking to be preached at, there are plenty of websites that will get right to the point, or you can find a local church. If you're looking for an entertaining and well written science fiction story, this book is not for you. If you're looking for the crushing disappointment when a book develops a storyline for a long time, only to suddenly crash to a halt with "and then he woke up and it was all a dream, so let's talk about something else now," this may be the book you're looking for.
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on November 4, 2012
So I kind of enjoyed the beginning. I thought with all the description of what's "it's" name at the beginning, it would be a vital part of the book. The middle of the book seemed to have more than enough detail about everything and then all of a sudden something happens that I didn't appreciate (don't want to put a spoiler here) and then a little more detail of what happens along with more details that sound important (random hidden gun) but don't go anywhere and it's over.

I would say this could be a pretty good book if there wasn't so much detail on things that seems like it is foreshadowing or building up to something, but then he doesn't go anywhere with it so it's basically useless information. Take out a lot of that and write more about the time period for the last 10-20 pages or so of the book. I really was enjoying it until the thing happened and then it pretty much was too short after that and didn't wrap things up very well. It seemed kind of like the author realized how many pages the book was at and then said, "Ok time to end this." Is there a sequel coming? It sort of just ended abruptly compared to the detailed explanations of the rest of the book.

A very good draft. Cut a lot of things out that don't go anywhere and write more for a new ending, perhaps making some of the extra stuff we read about have a point.

I would say it is an ok deal for Free. Wouldn't have been happy paying much more than that in it's current state.
Let me know if a second edition comes out.
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