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on January 7, 2014
I loved Starters and Enders is a great sequel. You MUST read Starters to enjoy or even understand what is going on in Enders. The only thing I wish there was more of in both books was romance; it was sadly too supine!!!! Other than that, it was fast paced, exciting, surprising and continued in that "out of body" experience that Starters introduced us to.

Callie finds out in Starters that "you win or lose by the way you chose" and she lost big time when she chose to have a chip planted in her head hoping to get medical help for her brother, Tyler with her sacrifice. Instead, she got a lot of drama and intrigue that almost got her killed in Starters and continued to keep her life in peril in Enders. In Starters, Callie found that she was present when her body was rented out. In Enders Callie finds that others have found a way to control her and her actions while she is still conscious. This is a real danger for her and others as tyhe could be used as terrorist weapons. Since she can't remove the chip, the only way she can live safely is to find "the Old Man" and stop him.

Callie is being targeted by "the Old Man" who can now talk to her in her head. He is blowing people up to show her that he is still in control despite her blowing up Prime Connections. She doesn't know how to get him out of her head, and when she starts hearing her dead father's voice too, she becomes confused, wanting to believe he is still alive, despite KNOWING he is dead. Then she is kidnaped/rescued by Hyden, the son of the Old Man who has skin that can't be touched without causing him severe pain.

Michael is still a minor character whose job is to babysitter Tyler and is used as pawn against her. Callie is still looking for Helena's granddaughter, but is in for a surprise when she finally finds her. She leads them to an organization, headed by Enders, and a man named Dawson who wants to do some tests on Callie to control her, just like the Old Man does. They don't seem to be that much better than the Old Man, but Callie agrees to the tests to save Hyden. While Hyden deceived Callie, the Enders headed by Dawson controlled her body, making her a killing machine within their control. She could only helplessly watch her body as it did Dawson's bidding.

There are major plot changes and twist and turns at the end that really make the story more exciting and as nail-biting as Starters was. There is some kissing but really not enough romance, in my opinion, and that is the only thing I would REALY change or add to this story. It needed that human element to it. If you like Starters, you will not be disappointed with Enders..

No profanity, some very minor kissing, lots of violence.

Would I/Did I buy it? Yes
Would I read it again? Yes
Would I recommend it to friends? Yes
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on January 19, 2014
I adored Starters, and Enders was just as mesmerizing. This beautifully written novel is full of action, suspense, and plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to read what Lissa Price writes next!
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on February 22, 2014
Keeping to the tradition of most series these days, this one wasn't as good as the first. Things seemed a bit too forced or convenient. The natural flow of things wasn't there. Sure, there were some nice twists but overall it just didn't have that spark the first one had.

Boy, have the elderly been made to seem evil in this one. The first book seemed to have a few greedy Enders but this one makes it out like finding a nice senior is almost impossible. Unrealistic.

Now that it's over, I'm curious about the Spore War...some country wipes out all the adults leaving only children and the elderly but then what? No invasion. No continuing war. There had to have been some point to it. You don't just wipe out millions of people for the fun of it.

Overall it was a decent read. I would recommend it for young adults but older adults like myself can't help but question the lack of reality in this one.
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on February 11, 2014
I enjoyed this book a little more then book one, everything about this book was great.

This book had a really great concepted to it and it pulled me in right away. The main character Callie was so easy for me to fall in love with I just wanted everything to get better for her, but it seem the more she try to make it right the worst things got.

The author wrote this book so well it had me so involved in it from the start. I feel that I can say that this author has made my favorite authors list, I cant wait to read more from this author. This is a very good book and i would recommend this book to anyone how loves a good read. Thios will be a book that i will read for years to come.
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on January 10, 2014
Enders is a worthy sequel to the masterfully written Starters. Lissa Price does a wonderful job in weaving a complex plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat and doesn't beat around the bush. Both Starters and Enders are action packed and make you want to read the entire book in one sitting. Enders is filled with plot twists and climactic scenes that make you wish the series was more than just a duology.
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on January 16, 2014
ENDERS by Lissa Price is the phenomenal sequel to STARTERS, and well worth the wait. Even though it’s been nearly two years since STARTERS was released, the beginning of ENDERS immediately pulls the reader back into Callie’s dangerous world. Hang on tight – the plot is fast-paced with unpredictable twists and turns and a chilling antagonist who hides behind many faces. As a mom and a middle school library volunteer, I highly recommend both STARTERS and ENDERS – these stories have broad appeal to both boys and girls, as well as adults who love a riveting thriller. A great addition to every library.
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on March 9, 2014
This novel pulled me in and kept my attention to the very last page. Sequels are perhaps the hardest novels to write in a trilogy, but Price did an amazing job with Enders and I actually enjoyed in more than the first book in the series, Starters. I felt that there was a lot more action in this novel, and it kept me guessing as it unfolded. The fact that I was better able to connect with the characters in this sequel was also helpful, and I found that I liked Callie much more this time around. Price really threw me for a loop with a few of her revelations within this novel, which made it all the more fun because I never saw any of it coming.

Although Prime Destinations is no longer a threat, the chips in the starter’s heads are still just as lethal, especially as the Old Man has developed a way to remotely detonate them. Callie is the main target, but not for detonation. Instead, she is wanted because of her unique ability to co-exist within her body at the same time that someone else controls it, as was seen in Starters. This makes her the only entity that can be controlled and used as a weapon, which is bad news for Callie and everyone she cares about. Imagine being taken over and having to control of your body, but being able to see and hear everything happening around you. That is scary in and of itself, and Callie’s life just got a whole lot scarier as she learns the truth about her abilities, and those of the Old Man.

This is a great read that went in directions I hadn’t even thought about. I really enjoyed it, and I highly suggest it to readers who enjoy sci-fi and dystopian novels, even if Starters wasn’t your favorite. It’s a fun ride.

Delacorte Press has been extremely gracious in allowing me to read an ARC of this novel, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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on February 8, 2014
First there was Starters , the young ones whom hadn't been affected by death when the world of Spores wiped through their planet killing all those who were Middles. In Starters, Callie signed up to Prime Destinations to rent her body out to an Ender in order to make money for her and her brother Tyler. However, Callie's body ended up being used for evil and murder. Stopping that, Callie soon discovered that she had the ability to be herself in the rented body and also the memory chip embedded allowed her to hear others voices - causing Callie to become telepathic. She is a rarity among this kind. In Enders, we read as Prime Destinations has finally been destroyed and Callie is living it up in her renter's home as her renter Helena passed away leaving Callie half her estate. Definitely a step-up from when they were homeless and had to live as squatters. Callie soon meets Hyden who is supposedly "The Old Man's son" and wants Callie to help him destroy Prime Destinations once and for all and set all those who have been affected free. The twist I loved in this book was the fact that Lissa Price introduced Callie's father who it seemed had actually played quite an important part in setting up the technology Prime Destinations use and we are thrown into a world where A) Callie is trying to save those she loves from destruction and also B) the man-hunt for her father and the clinging possibility that he still lives.
I loved the twists that came with the ending of this novel and believe that Lissa answered many of those questions from Book #1 in this awesome conclusion. I also love the titles of Starters (Beginning) and Enders - (Ending).
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on June 16, 2014
The book starts off where the first one left off, Callie can still hear the Old Man in her head and since taking the chip out is risking death she has no choice but to be stuck with him. At the same time she wants a better life for her and her brother and she knows as long as the Old Man has control over her there is no way that can happen so she sets off to find a way to stop him.

I really liked Callie in Starters but in Enders I questioned her action quite a bit to where I just couldn't connect with her. I don't understand how she could possibly trust Hyden as fast as she did and didn't find some of his actions suspicious and I felt like she was just doing things going along with things a little too blindly.

Another thing that was a little fickle to me was the romance we found out in the first book Blake wasn't really who we thought so that relationship tanked, then there is her friend Michael who is pretty much just that a friend even in Enders and now in Enders we meet Hyden who you can say was interesting and a romance develops between Callie and him but I didn't find the emotions between them believable there just was no spark that had me rooting for the two.

I did like the fact that all the questions I had about everything from the first book was answered in Enders. There was also enough twists and turns and shocking revelations that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next and who can really be trusted.

Overall Enders didn't live up fully to my high expectations but it was still a good conclusion to the series.
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on February 2, 2014
I read a LOT. This two book series is a really interesting take on the dystopian world genre. It's a fascinating combination of science and fiction and definitely delves into human nature from one extreme to the other and all the shades of gray in between.
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