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on July 6, 2009
I ordered this a month ago or so. It came in and I assembled it that day. I figured out how to assemble it fine... other reviewers of this product on other sites said they had a hard time assembling it, so I was pleased to get over that hurdle. I put a fresh tank of propane on it and fired it up. No issues. Seemed to work great. I test ran it for about 10 minutes to burn off the coatings that are part of the heating element, then shut it down.

On another occasion very shortly thereafter I fired it up to test it and see how effective it was at making my deck more comfortable. Overall, the product did as I thought it would. It is effective within a few feet at turning a colder evening into one that is pleasant.

This weekend I had people over and we wanted to fire it up. This wasn't a test, but rather an actual use of the product. Totally could not get it to work. Pilot will not stay lit, no matter what. When it does stay lit, it will puff out within minutes. I once got it to trigger the main burner, but then it went out. Totally frustrating. This thing is brand new!!
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on September 5, 2010
I used this for several months - infrequently, and then found all of a sudden that it wouldn't stay lit. I did some troubleshooting and learned that it would stay lit if I held the flame from a propane fireplace starter under the thermocouple that is heated by the pilot light. I don't know if the problem is a failing thermocouple or a less than optimum heat pilot light flame; but whatever - this shouldn't have happened with a heater that was still on it's first tank of gas !!!
I'll eventually find some time to contact Customer Service and see what needs to be replaced.

UPDATE: I found the time to repair this heater. I started with the assumption (thanks to the other reviewer) that the pilot light wasn't keeping the thermocouple hot enough. When I dis-assembled the pilot light assembly, I found crud in the air collection chamber. I cleaned out the crud (and just for the heck of it soaked the pilot light "bead" regulator in auto fuel injector cleaner), and now the heater works just like the day I bought it.

Because the heater is very well built and easy to disassemble and repair; I'm bumping my rating from 2 stars to 4.
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on April 4, 2013
When I opened the heater I could tell that the contents of the box had been unpacked and re-packed, this is when I became suspicious. Upon examination, it is obvious that this is an ordinary patio heater and there is nothing particularly commercial grade about it. The heater mechanism itself appears almost identical to the last endless summer heater we owned which was not the commercial grade model. Base unit had scratches on it and the cover on the burner assembly had been knocked off and was bent to the point that it would not fit back on properly The package of screws had been opened and then tapped shut. The burner assembly was missing one of the screws that holds the burner valve in place (this is a factory assembled piece) and the copper tubing for the pilot light had been (apparently) replaced and was kinked so tight at one of the bends that it would likely obstruct gas flow or even leak. It was clear that the unit had been returned by another buyer and "factory reconditioned" and sold to me as new. It was also apparent that the condition of the unit was not safe for operation. I repackaged the unit and returned to Amazon. Amazon was great, they had UPS pick up the box at my door and credited my acount within two days.
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on October 24, 2013
Product was slightly damaged during shipping. The control panel was popped off and bent. I was able to squeeze it back into shape and repair it. However, the screws which attach the pole to the base were missing. It's impossible to attach the pole without them. Customer service didn't know what size they were ( so I couldn't go buy some) and mailing replacements would take 7-10 days. Fortunately I was replacing an older unit similar to this one. Therefore, I was able to scavenge parts from the old one (with a different pole design which didn't require the missing screws) and I was able to make it work. Assembly time should have taken 1 hr. Instead it too three. When I was finished it fired right up and put out good heat. Assembly instructions are vague.
Update: two days after my call to customer service I received the screws in the mail. I was pleased but I had already managed to assemble the heater. Fast forward two years, the heater has continued to perform flawlessly even after being stored outside (covered). I would definitely buy another one. I have also increased the star rating.
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on October 2, 2009
Overall, the Endless Summer 233000 Outdoor Heater is a well designed and manufactured product. Assembly instructions are very clear, and with basic tools, can be assembled in about an hour. The "commercial" rating of this heater is evident in the quality of material, and the manufacturing workmanship. Follow the directions for igniting the heater, particularly when installing a new tank of propane. The heater worked perfectly for the first tank of gas, giving off a very even, comfortable circle of heat of about 12 feet in diameter. When used at a medium setting, the 20lb. propane tank lasts about 8-10 hours. When a second tank of propane was installed, a frustrating problem occurred. The heater ignited O.K. but would shut off after about a minute. Suspecting a bad tank of gas, I changed it for another tank, but got the same result. After several hours of diagnosing the problem, I discovered that there is a thermocouple near the pilot light that is heated by part of the pilot light flame. If the thermocouple does not "sense" enough heat from the pilot flame, it will shut off the heater for safety. Sure enough, the pilot flame was burning yellow, not blue, and the yellow flame is not hot enough to keep the thermocouple energized. A simple cleaning of the pilot assembly cured the problem. Some bugs decided to make the small orifice where the pilot flame emits from their home. the debris left by the bugs was enough to affect the pilot flame quality to prevent the heater from functioning. Note: since my original post of this review. I have had the same problem at least two more times, including a complete blockage of the pilot by those nasty bugs! Once cleaned using fine wire and compressed air, the heater works perfectly. Plan on ordering a second unit this year (2011) and buying some bug spray too!
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on March 23, 2011
My dad had me order this on a whim. We wanted an outdoor heater so we could sit outside at night and all enjoy a glass of wine. Has worked great so far! As far as I know there were not set up problems...seems to have gotten put together fine. We bought this one because where we live we have a lot of wind and this thing holds up. The wind has ripped the shingles of my roof off but this thing has stayed in place. Love it!
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on November 27, 2009
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on March 13, 2012
Nice product, generating a lot of heat. Assembly instructions were very good, and the packaging was excellent, but the assembly process proved a bit more complex than anticipated. It took two people for several of the steps (such as hooking up the gas line nozzle to the burner nozzle). The tiny set screws in the upright stem holder may have slipped out during shipping -- do NOT throw any packaging away until you account for them! I have no idea why they do not include them as one of the shrink-wrapped, clearly-labeled assembly screws and bolts. The piezoelectric lighter is hit-or-miss, although that may be a breeze factor; the unit lit up very effectively with a gas match, and burned hot very quickly. Operating instructions are not as good as assembly instructions. We bought the wheel set, which is a very good investment if you expect to ever move this beast.
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on April 11, 2012
Recently purchased Endless Summer Triple Dome patio heater.

Arrived intact, two large boxes. Assembly instructions were dismal at best....obviously written by someone with a english as a second language. But, I persevered, figured it out on my own. Takes about two hours to assemble, and you do need some of your own wrenches and lock pliers.

As far as build goes, it just seems cheaply made. I have a Coleman Patio Heater which is 15 years old and much heavier gauge construction and just overall much better built than this. Would have purchased another Coleman, but they stopped making patio heaters. The triple dome just seems kind of "tinny" like it going to rust very easily.

Functionally, seems to work well. It fired right up without any issues, but only had it a few days of use. Not sure the "triple dome" really makes that much difference.

Overall, seem to be just an OK unit. Not sure I would spend this much $$ again, as I just don't think the quality is worth the money. I think you might be better off getting a $200-300 unit, which don't really seem that much different than this expensive "triple dome."
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on December 3, 2013
The heater works great, I own three of these but the packaging is terrible. The boxes on the last two i received where torn apprt and one of the boxes was missing the large weight that bolts to the bottom. I improvised and used some dumbell weight I had and made it work. Make sure you check the box before the driver leaves it or you may be in for a surprise. If not for the box issue I would have given it 4 stars maybe 5.
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