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on March 16, 2014
No one ever talked to Jade (Gabriella Wilde) while she was in high school because she was too beautiful and too rich. David (Alex Pettyfer), who has never talked to her, likes her as they speak for the first time as he parks their family car at the country club. Soon she joyously loses her virginity by the fireside. Her home has magical floor boards that squeak when you walk on them, but not when you make love on them. Be gentle it's my first time and the floor boards squeak.

Her mom (Joely Richardson) is supportive of their relationship. Dad (Bruce Greenwood) is not. The evil Dad schemes for Jade to be a doctor and go to Brown University. David, who is intelligent, plans on taking over his dad's (Robert Patrick) garage and hopefully he can stop punching a time clock.

This is a not a guy's film. Grown ups running around with sparklers? Falling in love forever on a first meeting. Having your first sex somewhere besides an automobile. Daughter not knowing what a jerk her dad is after living with him for 18 years. A mechanic with smooth hands. Seriously Shana?

This is a one star film for guys, 5 stars for women. Please ladies, don't make your man sit through this one forcing him not to chuckle while you have a Puffs moment.

Parental Guide: 1 F-bomb near end. Implied love making. Brief sheer fabric nudity. Were her straps still on her shoulder while laying down after she took the garment off?
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on May 22, 2014
I haven't loved a romantic movie so much since "Her", which is not that old, but I didn't thought I would see another romantic movie so good so soon!
"Endless Love" is not Oscar material or anything, so don't pay attention to harsh reviews, or comparisons to the original movie/book. The movie stands by its own as a movie full of hope, true love, a great cast (the chemistry between Alex and Gabriella is undeniable), a great soundtrack, and beautiful photography all along with the film.

The movie follows the typical "good girl falls in love with the bad boy" story, but what makes this movie more unique than other teen romance films is how the story is told, you are rooting for (almost all) the characters since the very beginning. You laugh, you cry, you even get angry and shockedat times, the movie is a great rollercoaster that's entertaining from beginning to end, and I see myself watching the movie a lot of times once I get the Blu-Ray.

I recommend it to people who are looking for new movies that weren't given the chance when they were on theaters, you're going to love "Endless Love" if you love movies like "The Notebook", "About Time", "A Day To Remember", "Safe Haven", among others!
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on October 3, 2014
You have seen it all before... Bad boy falls for pretty wealthy girl from the right side of the tracks. Bad boy keeps making mistakes, and obviously the father is not going to like him for a variety of reasons even though the mother does as does everyone else. To please his daughter, the dad tried to be nice and allow the son to stay around even though he does not trust him and especially when the bad boy finds out that daddy dearest has a secret of his own. The couple break up but, and you'd have to be blind not to see it coming but yes love conquers all.

Good looking people, but with a weak script and a very typical story and ending. Some move really do not have to be re-made anymore.
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on May 29, 2014
What a good romance and Alex Pettyfur is so handsome. Be still my heart. This is the type of movie that you wished that you were the girl. This is another teen movie that is so good. This is another rich girl meets poor boy. This girl is only 17 and both of them just graduated from high school. She didn't have any friends at the school and he was always wanting to meet with her, but didn't know how to go about it. Even when they graduated that night he was watching her. She was a very pretty girl and the other girls were jealous of her and did try to get to know her. Her folks took her and her brother out for dinner and she just happened to bring her year book with her. The place where they went just so happened to be the place where Alex worked as a valet. She gets out of the car and the book falls and he picks it up for her. They exchange greeting and she goes to enter, but then she turns and asks if he would sign it. He then write something like " Maybe it won't take four years to talk again." That was the start of it. She wanted to know so she asked for a party so that she could invite Alex. Her dad was a doctor and didn't like her seeing him, but the mom liked him. The dad was hard on his son and the son didn't feel that he did anything right to please there dad. So the girl and Alex fell in love and the dad was doing anything that he to stop it. He called him and his dad low lives. But his daughter didn't care and loved him any way. Her brother liked him and told him so. Alex trys to prevent a lot that happens to them, but everything that he does the father see it as being bad, but in the end the father gives in. Great movie.
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on February 26, 2015
Pretty girl? Check! Handsome boy? Check! Love at first sight? Double check! The handsome boy is a bad guy? Spot on! "Endless Love" is this year's over-hyped Valentine's Day movie, meaning that it's a complete waste of two hours of your time. This remake of Franco Zeffirelli's heavily-panned 1981 movie of the same name is actually the second adaptation of the book by Scott Spencer.

The story is nothing you haven't seen or read before. David Elliot, played by Alex Pettyfer, is an affable boy with a corrupt history. He falls in love with the privileged Jade Butterfield, played by Gabriella Wilde, only to be stopped by her parents, who try to keep them apart.

Although Gabriella Wilde's role in the "Carrie" 2013 remake was promising, no acting power can overcome Endless Love's poorly-written script. On the other hand, Alex Pettyfer turned heads after his role as a male stripper in "Magic Mike." "Endless Love" is a little less racy than "Magic Mike," featuring lots of kissing, jumping, and frolicking, yet the two strip down whenever they are alone. If you enjoyed Pettyfer in "Magic Mike," you can probably get through this one without falling asleep.

"Endless Love" has been heavily advertised as a Valentine's Day date movie, yet its unimpressive script renders it a flop. The ads are all over Facebook and YouTube, trying too hard to appeal to both male and female demographics when the movie will probably end up doing poorly at the box office.

*I also wrote this review for The Wesleyan Argus Newspaper. (Published February 2014)
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on July 5, 2014
This movie was so much better than the original. Brooke shields was a teenager in the original one. It was cold and it made the David character unattractive, not the actor, but his character's personality was lacking, boring, weak and and that intelligent. They also made the character Jade cold and way too naïve and immature. The mom did love the David character in the original and the brother was a jerk and they came across like rich hippies. Also the father was way more thick headed.
This one was so much better, the love they had for one another made way more sense, David was someone you could picture falling really hard for if you were Jade.I actually didn't like Alex Pettyfer before this,I didn't want to see it because of it but now I think he is great and totally understand his appeal. And the Jade character has a lot more depth. I definitely recommend this move especially if you saw the original, it is interesting to compare the two and this one blows it away. Really great star crossed lover's story.
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on July 13, 2016
Great story! I bought this movie for a romantic night at home and it fit the scene perfectly. It arrived in a box and was carefully wrapped inside. Nothing was broken or damaged. The movie keeps your feelings alive. You live their love story. Would definitely buy again.
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on November 8, 2014
...and as such, there are no real people in this movie. There's a reason why there are only FOUR soap operas left on network television (out of as many as 14 that were broadcasting all at once in the same era)... and that reason is because they suck really bad. No real people doing and acting the way real people in the real world do. We've grown away from that type of entertainment and are used to more realistic acting characters. Christ even characters in fantasy movies like The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter and the Twilight movies act more like real life people than soap characters do. So unless you like the soaps, I recommend giving this gag-fest a big ol' pass.
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on June 19, 2014
All this film had going for it really were good looking co-stars, a funny black best friend, and a few good actors to hold it all together (the parents). There was plenty of bad acting (almost painful to watch) mostly on the part of the female lead. Yikes! But even more annoying was the cheesiness and over the top melodrama. Those of us who grew up in the 80s/90s have seen plenty of similar teen romance storylines repeated over and over... girl too good for boy, girl's family doesn't like boy, choreographed dance routines, high school cast that look like they're 30, jealous ex's who linger in the background waiting to strike. Nothing new here. I had watched the original from the 80's starring Brooke Shields and am shocked that this movie is even remotely a remake of that classic. The original Endless Love is dark, depressing, and incredibly original. Not sure why this was remade into teen fluff.
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on April 21, 2016
Great product, no complaints about this particular item. Highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase something like this. Would definitely purchase this again if I needed to. Haven't had a single problem thus far!
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