Customer Reviews: Endless Ocean: Blue World with Wii Speak
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on March 7, 2010
We bought the first Endless Ocean game for Wii for our daughter in 2008. Our daughter was immediately obsessed with it! She was nine years old at the time. Hopefully that gives you an idea of the age range for this game. She has a high reading level so that helped.

We placed an advance order for the sequel, Endless Ocean 2: Blue World, in November 2009. Althought the game wouldn't arrive until late February/early March, we put a note on the Christmas tree about the game. She was SO excited!

She has had the sequel to the game for about two weeks now. She is OBSESSED with this game and plays it every day. As a former teacher (my husband still teaches), I love it because it encourages her to read for content, remember important clues, solve problems, read maps, think about geography and climates, etc. In the latest game, Endless Ocean 2: Blue World, there are references to many different countries and mythical gods. We have spent a lot of time together on the internet researching different countries and the various gods mentioned in the game. This has been some really great quality time for us between parents and child.

These two games have developed a love for all things ocean related in our daughter. She has read many books about marine life and related careers over the past two years... She even took swimming classes and begged us to go to Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL so she could swim with the dolphins. We went to Discovery Cove last year for part of our family vacation. It was, BY FAR, one of the most fantastic family vacations we will ever have. The look of complete JOY on her face when she plays this game and when we went swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove have made this the SINGLE MOST PRICELESS PURCHASE OF A VIDEO GAME WE HAVE EVER MADE.

If you have a child that likes to read, loves adventure, loves nature, etc. then they will probably love this game too. For a boy, the music on the game might be a little "girly." I'm not sure if there is a way to turn that off or not. However, some of the music (besides the girly singing stuff) is dramatic and suits the mood of the various scenes well so if you have a boy playing this game and he complains about the music, you might want to tell him to play the game for a while first before making a decision about the music. There are various musical selections which range from susspenseful to creepy to relaxing, etc.

I'm not one to enjoy WATCHING someone else play a video game. What's the point in doing that anyway? But this game is the exception to all of that. I love watching my daughter play the game. We discuss a lot of the topics that come up during gameplay and will often pause the game to "google" something for more info.

I also highly recommend some of the African Safari adventure games that are available for Wii. Our daughter has two of those and enjoys them, but neither one is as engrossing to her as Endless Ocean 2: Blue World.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the developers of this game!!!
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on November 7, 2010
I purchased the Endless Ocean Blue World and was just amazed at the graphics and realism. The game is made for one player to play at a time and has places for three players to save data. There is an internet connection and codes that you can connect to other players and dive together in a very unique interactive form. The internet connection only allows two players (two connections) at a time.

The game begins with a storyline and each player has to navigate through the first portion (only once). However this portion of the game introduces players to the storyline, characters and explains how to use the tools. It doesn't take very long and the game progresses quickly. The characters make gestures but do not actually speak, there is a text box at the bottom of the screen that shows what each person is saying. Also there is background music that players may or may not like. I really liked it during the game but was a little annoyed by the music in the background when playing on line and using the Wii speak to talk to the other player.

There are over 300 animals to identify, 200 salvage items to find, 100 rare coins to find as well as "quests" to perform to gain higher levels. The game provides hints for the player and there are "books" in the game to refer to in order to learn more. This game is fun but it's also educational. There is no violence in the game which is one of the reasons that I chose it. It's relaxing to "swim" through beautiful sites and navigate through underwater structures. The graphics are just amazing and the animals are very life-like. The player can "feed" the fish and interact with them which is very neat. I was a little surprised at how much I learned about the different animals and where they are found.

I have really enjoyed this game and even though I have completed all the tasks in the game, I still go back and play it just because it's fun. I have purchased two copies of this game, I gave the last one as a gift and I would recommend it highly.
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on November 22, 2010
When I got Endless Ocean Dive Discover Dream, I thought that it was the funnest game ever. However, I then got Endless Ocean II and couldn't believe how much better it was. Although, in the second one you can be attacked by sharks!

But it is not easy- When you get to the river and attempt to open the gate, it is very difficult. It is harder still when you get to the Cave of the Gods. It is a real challenge to get the Pacific Treasure because the whales go crazy and knock down the entrance. You then have to earn 1,000,000p to re-open it.

Overall, simply the best game I've ever played!
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on August 4, 2010
Endless Ocean is a great game. As soon as I got it I was immediately in love. I literally played it all day 3 days straight before my mom said that I couldn't play it for that long of a time. The only reason why I would stop besides that was when I was in bed, eating, or using the bathroom. You can explore all kinds of oceans and there's even a river you can go in. Also there's an aquarium that you can be in charge of. You only have three main areas though, the main tank where you put large fully aquatic life (Dolphins, whales, sharks), the small worlds tanks (small fish), and the marine life annex (seals, sea birds, penguins). There is also an island called nine ball island where you can train a dolphin and other animals you befriend, see all the animals that you've ever seen and read more about them, talk to your crew mates (Oceana, Jean-Eric, Haoyoko Sakari, and GG) You can also find some quests and read the story line that you completed so far, and collect titles. You can even make your own dolphin show. In the oceans you can look for treasure, see over three-hundred species of aquatic life, interact with animals by petting and feeding them, write directions with an under water pen, use a sea whistle to call your dolphin if you are diving with it too, even use a pulsar to heal fish! The pictures are also really good and look so life like. You HAVE to get this game. If you love animals and want to have a job in the ocean this is the perfect game for you.
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on February 11, 2012
Pros - Decent graphics for a Wii game. If you are into undersea creatures or scuba diving this game may appeal to you. Relaxing and leisurely (could also be considered a con if you like more action). Has a lot of undersea creatures to discover. And some pretty cool looking places you can visit. Can befriend certain animals (mostly dolphins) and train them.

Cons- Gets a little repetitive and boring. There really isn't much interaction you can have with animals touch, heal - thats about it and all this accomplishes is you learn a little more about that creature which is stored in a log book. There are 3 levels of notes which for most creatures I didn't bother to achieve ( I only took the time with the animals I thought were cool). Dolphin training got real old , real fast. What really got annoying was the preachy dialogue i.e. animals are great and if you dont believe that you are evil. I like animals alot but don't need a video game to tell me their perception of right and wrong.

Bottom line- It was kinda fun for awhile but I owned the first Endless Ocean. This is basically the same game ( a few changes but not much). So if you like deep sea adventure (well... adventure may be too strong a word) I would own the first one or the second one but I see no reason to own both.
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on January 4, 2011
The reviews of this game reinforced personal recommendations I received.
The graphics are awesome.
The pace is good.
The directions/map are well thought-out and displayed.
Overall, it's a winner!!
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on January 8, 2013
I bought this Wii game for my 7 year old son who loves all things ocean. He likes this game. He hasn't played it a whole lot yet. I like the graphics. It is a very cool visual game and much more calming than the shoot it up games. He keeps dying because he runs out of air in his tank. It's a good game. Would recommend to anyone.
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on August 7, 2012
WOW! did I mention WOW! My daughter bought a PS3 where I bought a Wii, I can't get her off my Wii because of this game. She has looked and can't find it in PS3 format but she did say that she would pay the high prices that some of the games run where normally she will wait for a game to run its course and reduce down in price before she will purchase it. Its a visual delight and very educational as far as fish and even some geography is concerned. There are many varations in the game so it never gets boring. And even after you solve the main story the game continues with additional challenges. LOVE LOVE LOVE
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on January 30, 2011
My wife was painfully recovering from surgery and she loves the sea, mermaids and dolphins, but she was unable to even get out from home. So I bought this game.

I just bought this game thinking it would be like Disney mermaid world without mermaids. I was wrong, nicely surprised when I saw the game. It is not an action game but an exploration game and there is no way to die or get hurt as far as I can tell. So if you are for action games and incredible hardcore and tough gaming challenges, combos and that sort of thing, that's not for you. It is slow and peaceful like real scuba diving. Also if you expect physical activity to get out of the couch, you may be disappointed. Once you are warned, let's proceed with the review.

At the beginning you have a storyline and tutorial and not too much freedom to do what you want, but later in the game you will enjoy complete freedom. You may either follow the storyline, or complete secondary quests, or just go and swim around to enjoy the cool looking sea landscape. My wife is not very much an expert in videogames and she had problems with the cursor that is used to move yourself in the game and that's perhaps one of the few minor issues I had. But she likes it.

There are some apparently useless features in the game that turns the game into a screensaver, with stunning tropical views, my wife find quite relaxing. I like it too as it creates an atmophere if you are doing something else.

The only danger in the game is when you get close to dangerous species. In the case of sharks I think they were unfairly demonized since they only attack when they think you are food, or when they feel threatened. Surfers are often attacked in real life because from below they look like seals and sharks like to eat seals. So I find it unreasonable that sharks chase and attack me as if they were Terminator. Fortunately I did not die, but I think this aspect is not quite educational, especially for kids. Shark attacks on humans in real world account about 100 a year around the world (far less like the probability of being hit by a lightning) while we humans kill millions of sharks and their numbers are being decimated. So I find it as a contradiction as is presents as a danger an animal that is in danger. I would have loved more scientific accuracy there and this is the only reason not to recommend it as an educational tool for parents. Kids may be freaked out by sharks in the game. Probably they added this feature to give it some emotion, a fear factor.

Also I do not like the idea of the game of presenting aquariums as something good, because they keep animals as prisoners, as they remain starved and they need to do tricks in order to eat. This was discovered by the trainer of Flipper that dolphins in captivity may get depressed and commit suicide. That motivated him to defend dolphins freedom and later to film his awarded documentary "The cove" about mistreatment and slaughter of dolphins in the japanese town of Taiji where dolphins are either sold as prisoners to aquariums, an the remaining are sold as meat. Dolphins have a brain that is bigger than human brain, so we may think they are just as intelligent as we are and they may feel pain and suffering as we do. Killing whales and dolphins is dangerous to human health. They have far in excess of the allowable limits of mercury in their meat. They aren't safe for human consumptio­n. Their food isn't regulated and, thanks to the mercury from the coal industry, they are poisonous to humans. Aquariums often buy small fish sprayed with cyanide which destroys internal organs of fish and damage corals.

You may see more details on how beauty sea life is and how humans are destroying sea life in this BBC production:

Blue Planet: Seas of Life (Special Edition) (2008)

Other than that, the game delivers a message of loving animals, which is good. However, aside of sharks and other few dangerous but not so threatening animals, most of others are harmless. It has more than 300 species and you will not get bored as the game presents lots of things to do. So it may become an educational tool if you explain kids that sharks do not behave like in the game and that aquariums have animals as prisoners, so if you want to see animals, see them where they are free.

A minor (almost unnoticeable) glitch is that you may hear whales singing, while I understand they do not sing while they swim normally.

I see this game not only as a game, but also as social responsibility initiative by Nintendo, as it promotes an attitude that is consistent with a civilized view towards nature. So in that matter, kudos to Nintendo, showing a civilized behavior in the same nation of the uncivilized Taiji slaughtering. So by delivering a good message, Nintendo is saving the lives of japanese consumers who may play and buy Wii games for a longer time, instead of poisoning themselves with meat.

The game does not have voices but text in english (probably audio would take too much disk space and extra costs), so if you have a kid who can't read or if players do not read english, they may have to find a way to solve this issue to understand instructions and the storyline. I would have loved to have spanish text as the manual has, but as far as I can tell it is english only. However I like text better for even a non english speaker would find it easier to follow a storyline with text instead of audio.

It has some balance between in land and diving activities, so if you expected to be all the time diving, be prepared to spend some time with inland tasks and some text chatter.

As an overall view I would say:
Visuals: Stunning. Not only the visuals of the sea, but how characters and animals are animated.
Music: Good most of times. It is appropriate for adult taste as my mother in law loves it.
Gameplay: Immersive storyline despite of text chatter.
AI: Animals behave in a very natural way. You may feel they are alive.

I really love it. I bought something for my wife but I ended up loving it more than her.
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on September 8, 2011
I am in my 60s and was looking for something to enjoy at the same time learn something new. This DVD Endless Ocean is very enjoyable and relaxing.
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