Customer Reviews: Energizer Hard Case Professional 3-LED Puck Light (Batteries Included)
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on May 31, 2011
This is the best LED battery-operated light I've seen. It is also the largest and heaviest, so that may eliminate it from some uses.

For me, I have put it on the ceiling of a closet in my office. The light is noticably brighter than the Sylvania 36051 Silver Linear Dot It Portable LED Light, Silver, which had previously been my favorite such light.

This light is also easy to put up, as long as you're willing to use 3 screws (either wood screws or drywall fasteners) to mount the circular mounting plate. The mounting plate is metal and there are magnets on the back of the light. That means that, when it's time to change the batteries, you just pull the light off the mounting plate. No velcro to mess with; the Syvlania's Sylvania 36051 Silver Linear Dot It Portable LED Light, Silver velcro held to itself better than to the ceiling, so the first time I had to change the batteries, I ended up pulling the sticky tape off the ceiling, rendering the velcro tape useless.

I appreciate that this uses 3 AA batteries instead of AAA batteries. They make it possible for this light to shine brighter and longer.

I also like the switching action: to turn the light on (or off) you push on the center of its plastic lens. (The "touch" action of the Sylvania works less reliably, sometimes taking several attempts with my calloused fingers.)


Larger and heavier than some alternatives.
You must be able to reach it to turn it on (unlike a motion-sensor light).
The light beam cannot be aimed. It is broad and bright, but you cant direct it to one side or the other, as you can the Sylvania.

This light is so bright and easy to mount that, as soon as I saw how bright the light is, I went through the whole house, counting how many more places could use one of these!
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on September 21, 2011
I really needed these pucks to be GREAT, and I have to say that I am really happy with them.

I vend at outdoor markets, and I use 4 of them, 7'-6" above the floor, spaced 24" apart in a 10' x 6' space, and it illuminates a table wonderfully at night. So much so that other vendors come over a lot and ask where I got these powerful little lights.

Details: the actual light itself has 3 small magnets on the back of it, and the magnets "grab onto" a separate plate with pre-drilled mounting holes. I thread twine through the holes and tie the plates to the canopy above. The plates could also be drilled into something, like wood, or drywall.
But the magnets are not arranged in such a way that would allow just the puck light itself to attach securely to a narrow metal pipe or frame. A refrigerator or car hood? Yes. A pipe? No.

Once up, a very gentle push turns the light on. It is almost too easily turned on - I have found that they often turn on in my storage bag without me knowing. The magnets seem strong, and the light hasn't popped off yet, but I'm very careful when I press them, just in case, so the light doesn't come crashing down to my table.

The lights themselves are rather heavy for what they are. The outside is a very chunky rubber shell. I would not worry about dropping these on concrete! They seem very durable.

I love that they take 3 AAs because they are so bright for puck lights. I think that they are bright for battery powered lights, in general. Really, I couldn't be happier with the light source.

Well...the LEDs are quite "blue." If the LEDs were a warm white instead of a cold white, then they would indeed be perfect. Still, no regrets, I would totally buy them again, 5 Stars all the way.
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on November 27, 2010
This Energizer LED light is better than most of the round LED stick-on lights that have been available. It turns on and off by pushing once on the domed plastic face of the light. It is bigger and heavier than most LED stick-on lights, just under 4" in diameter, and has a slip-on rubber shell to protect it from drops. (So it's too large to carry around in a pocket.) It uses 3 AA batteries instead of AAA batteries, so it will last up to 31 hours.

It is fairly bright for a small light - about 50 lumens according to the package. However, this is still only about the amount of light you would get from a non-LED, two D-cell flashlight with a Krypton bulb or about as bright as a single interior dome light inside a car. The light produced is the LED-type blue-white light, which is harsher than the more natural yellow light produced by incandescent bulbs.

It three small flat magnets on the back, so you can use it as an emergency light to stick on the underside of your car hood or trunk. The light also comes with a metal mounting plate with three screws so you can mount the plate to a wall and stick the light to it. You could also use 3M heavy duty double sided tape on the back of the light to stick it to the plate or a smooth surface for a permanent mount.
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on January 5, 2015
Not too sure if this thing has ever been called the toughest tap light around... BUT, it should be. I bought 2 of them for a reason then I forgot what 1 was for. SO, I put it to the test!! I dropped it a few times from different heights on to a concrete floor, kicked it a couple times, bounced a tire off it, picked it back up, threw it against a cinder block wall repeatedly, hit it with a machete 3 times(cut right through the rubber but barely phased the clear light cover), smacked it against the corner of my vise a few times, etc... By this time I was certain it was a goner. Tried it and darn thing still turned on every time like it was new(also turned on and off every time it hit something)!! So I tried 1 last thing... Placed it on the floor again, face down. Held a 10 lb sledge hammer 12" above and dropped it. Nothing, turned it on when it hit it. Tried it again from 24", still nothing, turned it back off. Tried from 3' with it facing up this time, just turned it back on!! Finally, I held the sledge hammer as high as I could and let it go... Should have worn steel toes when attempting this! JK! The hammer slammed down on the light turning it back on again and this time it did some damage. The plastic housing were the batteries go split in a couple places, BUT still hanging on there and the light still works just fine. I'll go ahead and throw it out there... THIS IS THE TOUGHEST TAP LIGHT ON THE MARKET!!! Although, it can be purchased at Advanced Auto Parts for almost a dollar less than I paid here for it. BUT still a great product.
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on September 14, 2012
What a nifty light! Not too big. Holds three AA batteries. The magnet is strong for the size. The mounting plate (if you are going to use it) is solid an holds the magnet firmly.

It is extremely bright. You cannot, should not, look directly at it, even for a moment. Keep this in mind when considering where and how you will use it. You won't want this to be in front of you for very long. But this is probably true for any powerful LED flashlight. (I've got a handheld Dorcy LED light also.) Nice for keeping in the car for under the hood or in your trunk if not well lit. Maybe under the car in an emergency repair. And areas in the basement or attic can use it too.

It would be nice if you could buy extra mounting plates so you could carry one light around and stick it on whichever mounting plate is nearby. But you can easily improvise with any thin piece of metal that holds a magnet.

UPDATE: I would now recommend instead the Ullman Rotating Magnetic LED Work Light ULLRT2LT. You can change the direction of the light while it is mounted.
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on March 16, 2013
This puck light is the best!

It is portable and gives off a lot of light. These are stationed in two of our closets and we just press them on and off.

I used double-sided tape to install the bases in a good locations in the closets for maximum illumination. The light fixture itself has a magnetic back which sticks to the metal base. No screws needed. This makes it super easy to remove it from the base and take it wherever you need some extra light. When you are done, you just return it to the base and the magnet holds it nicely in place.

It has a rubber around it to absorb shock from accidental falls. Very sturdy product and produces great light. I have tried a few closet lights and this one is the best by far.

Highly recommend.
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on August 25, 2012
I have a pantry that is largely dark. In the past I've tried stick up/secured lights that didn't work out. They were incandescent battery lights that burned out really fast. With the advent of led flashlight I got a small led
flashlight and hung it from a tack on a sidewall. This worked out well for me but my 86 year old mother found it to
be a pain in the ass. I came across this light and mounted it properly. Mom loves it!! Provides ALL the light she needs to see everything, no problem. Being a led the batteries last a year instead of 3 weeks. Both of us love this
great little light. An addition GREAT plus is that it attaches to it mount plate via magnets. This light can be easily pulled off its mount and used as a flashlight. It snaps right back onto the mount plate. I love this great
light and highly recommend it to anyone who needs light in a unusual/awkward situation.
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on October 8, 2013
I bought these to go along with my purchase of Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving Unit, Platinum. Set up was easy-just remove the outer rubber sleeve, install the included batteries and let it rip. For my use I wedged the energizer light in the spaced ribs under one of the shelves just to see if I needed mounting and how it fit. One small strip of DS Velcro and it's ready to go.

The push On/Off works great, and the included batteries saved me a few $. Highly recommend and if a storm comes up I'm ready.
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on November 25, 2013
This is very bright, but the light is not diffused. It basically lights a very small area only. I put this in a closet and it was pretty useless (except for the area about one foot in front of it). I ended up having to buy another light that was more effective. I would recommend not wasting your money on this.
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on July 16, 2013
If you are not mounting this on a metal surface, the provided velco may not do the trick. Tried to install this in the back of the wife's SUV as a secondary light source for camping trips. I even bought other velco after the provided set failed. The problem is this guy's a little heavy and the adhesive on the strips is a bit weak. If you stick this to a metal surface though, the magnets are great.
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