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on November 23, 2012
Review of the Energizer Single Position Inductive Charger.

This inductive charger is Qi compatible as is the Google/LG Nexus 4. It works as advertised! I also tested it on the Lumia 920 of a friend and it works on it as well.
I was able to charge the Nexus 4 from 60% to 100% in 1 hour and 12 minutes. I recently tested this charger with a slim case on my Nexus 4 and it charged from 24% to 100% in under 3 hours.

Although I have no case yet on the Nexus 4, I did place several pieces of thick card stock between it and this charger and it continues to charge the Nexus 4. By all indications, if you have a slim case on the Nexus 4, this charger will work. The blue LED is lit when the phone is charging and goes off when charge is complete. I found the charger to be intuitive in use and so far I have not had any issue of the Nexus 4 sliding due to the incline.

Once I get a case, I will update my review. One note is that since phones are now coming out with Qi compatibility, the price here on Amazon has been creeping up 10%.

****Update 12/13/2012****

This charger will work the Diztronic and Ringke Rearth slim cases. I've been very happy with this charger and not having to use a micro USB cable.
Input is 120/240 VAC 0.35 Amp max. Output is 12 VDC 1 Amp.
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on July 17, 2013
My first Qi charger, and let me say, it's the cat's pajamas. If you don't like cats, then this charger is the bees knees. If you don't like cats or bees, then this is a (insert awesome adjective) charger, and you are probably a terrible person for not appreciating all the hard work bees do. I was looking for a charger for my Nexus 4 devices, so I did some research and found that not all wireless chargers support the Qi standard.... Say what!?, that's some jive @ss spit right? So all the cheap palm, hp, and duracell chargers you thought about buying to save a buck, so you could go buy a few 50 packs of Ramen Noodles and big booty monthly, are no longer valid choices, because they will not work with your phone. After reading tons of reviews and looking at the features of other Qi chargers, I decided to go with the energizer charger, and I'm glad I did. After 2 months of using this charger, it's still working great every single time, even through an aftermarket case was placed on my phones.

1 - 3 position Qi sensor
2 - Works.....
3 - 2 charging plates
4 - sexier than your sisters bff
5 - charges through cruzerlite Nexus 4 case

1 - a bit pricey, but worth it
2 - does not make french toast
3 - blue light is a bit bright (place some electrical tape over most of the light to mitigate)
4 - causes friends to be jealous, so they go out and buy new phone and charger, but the type of friends you have don't have the disposable income to be buying such luxurious things, so they put it on their credit cards, and then don't pay their bills. The defaulted bills are then sent to collections, where they start to garnish your friends wages, which he thinks is unfair, but your friend is an idiot and does not understand how these things work. Now your friends can't pay their rent and get evicted from their apartment and ask to stay at your place until they get back on their feet......
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on December 2, 2011
Keep in mind that most of the negative reviews on here are becasue the phones they are using are not Qi enabled, and require the sleeve . Most of the new top tier smart phones these days are Qi enabled. With My Droid Charge I just snapped on the inductive back door and it works like a charm. I use my phone a lot and need to charge it at least once a day, so constantly having to plug it in can be a hassle, and some times it slips my mind and I have to make do on a 20% charge the next day. With this I just set it on my night stand where I usually would, it charges itself, and I can just grab it and go when I need it. If I get a call while it's charging, or want to quickly check my email, I don't have to unplug it. I can just pick it up as I normally would, which is very convenient and a time saver over the course of the day.
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on December 27, 2012
Energizer Qi 3-position inductive charger
Nexus 4
Diztronic Matte Black TPU Case

I'll keep it short and objective. The Energizer inductive charger has one port in the rear for AC power from the wall. The Nexus 4 has inductive coils built in to the phone. After placing the device on one of two inductive surfaces on the Energizer, there is a delay of two or three seconds before the blue light above the inductive surface blinks once and then fades in for the duration of the charge. When the phone is charged to 100%, the phone disconnects power and the blue light fades away.

From 0% to 100%, the Nexus 4 charges in, roughly, two hours.

Using a case, the Nexus 4 charges in a similar fashion as with no case, and the Nexus 4 does not move along the surface what so ever. The Energizer is inclined at about 10 degrees.

Note: The Nexus 4 itself does not slide "right off." There is a thin metal bezel around the Energizer, and if placed gently, the Nexus 4 will stay put. However, if the surface the Energizer is resting on is bumped, the Nexus will then slowly slide down.
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on November 22, 2012
I ordered this charger for my new Windows 8 HTC 8X phone that, through Verizon, comes with built in wireless charging capabilities.

Literally, the charger was as easy as taking it out of the box, plugging the cord into the unit and the wall, and setting my phone on top of it. That was it.

I'm shocked at some of the poor reviews for this product. From scanning some of them, I have to think, like others have speculated, that they did not realize that you must have the Qi wireless capabilities built in to your phone (or whatever you are charging) for this to work....or you need to purchase a sleeve. Sorry, but that is not the product's fault, that is on the user.

I will say that it is not small and it is as unattractive as it looks in the picture. I do wish they had made it a little more aesthetically pleasing.
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on December 18, 2012
I purchased this product to use with the HTC Droid DNA, which has built-in Qi compatibility (no sleeves required). So far, I love it! I place my phone on the pad at night when I go to bed around 9-10 p.m. and it is fully charged at 4:45 a.m. when I wake up. I have not owned any other wireless charging pad (for phones anyway), so I cannot compare it to the LG or Nokia pads. I can confirm that it does not make any noises - there are no beeps when you set it down or when it completes charging. For those who sleep next to their phone and are concerned about noise, you have nothing to worry about. Of course, if your phone normally makes noises when you charge it, then you may have to alter your phone settings, but this has nothing to do with the pad. The pad is constructed with a slight incline, but the rubberized texture of the Droid DNA keeps it from sliding off. If you have a phone with a smooth back, you may have issues with this. Otherwise, construction seems to be high quality. The greatest advantage I have experienced so far, compared to charging via the USB cable, is that I can pick up my phone quickly while it is charging (to check a text message or email, or take a quick call) and replace it on the charging pad without fiddling with wires. This may not sound like a big deal to some, but I have certainly enjoyed the freedom.

I highly recommend this product for HTC Droid DNA owners (especially since HTC put that annoying cover over the USB port). This makes charging a breeze!
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on July 29, 2011
The Energizer pad is spec'd to be "Qi" compatible, and the Droid 3's optional wireless charging cover is also supposed to be Qi compatible, so in theory they should work together. But for some reason they don't. I'm not sure which device is to "blame".

You have to VERY carefully place phone on the pad, and nudge it left and right and up and down the pad to get just the right spot to charge it. There are magnets (not sure if it's in the phone or pad or both) to help align the phone, but surprisingly this doesn't guarantee it's in the right spot. I've seen videos of the Energizer pad on YouTube being used with other phones and they didn't seem to have this problem, so you'd think that implies the Droid hardware is at fault.

However, the Droid 3 works beautifully with the other Qi pad, the one that Verizon is selling, which is actually the LG WCP-700 and it turns out is also available on Amazon. For that pad, you put the Droid anywhere reasonably close to the center and it fires up and charges great. So, that leads me to believe that the Droid 3 is perfectly fine, and that this newer pad is just more powerful. (The problem with that other LG pad is the incredibly loud beep every time you place the phone on it.)

To Energizer's credit, this pad is perfectly silent, you just see the nice blue light go on. So I'd really prefer the Energizer pad for the office, but alas I'm returning it.

A couple other notes:

* Both charging pads I've tried so far leave the Droid 3 a bit warm when you pick it up. Warmer than after a wall charge or even extended web surfing on the phone, although not disturbingly hot or anything. So this isn't a "problem", just an observation.

* If you do get the Droid 3 positioned correctly on the Energizer pad, it will sometimes charge your device, although sometimes you can never get it to 100%. Other times the Droid 3 claims to still be charging even after you've picked up the phone off of the pad! Again it's hard to say if this is Energizer's or Motorola's fault.

* In the interest of full disclosure, I'm using the extended Motorola battery with the Qi cover, which works fine with the LG pad, but Motorola doesn't officially claim that combination works together.

* This Energizer pad DOES ship with a dull plastic film that you can take off, which makes it look much nicer. But even under bright lights you'd swear there's no film to remove, because there's no seams or pull tabs, just a dull finish, and even scratching with your fingernail just appears to be marring the surface. But trust me, if you take some strong packing tape and repeatedly and strongly "dab" the surface, you'll eventually notice bubbles which are actually the film starting to give way. There's 2 pieces of file, in the big area, and in the upper rectangle where the 2 LEDs are. It does look much nicer if you can get the film off.

* In addition to being quiet, the Energizer pad also offers two spots for wireless charging (vs. LG's one spot), if your family has 2 devices. "But wait!", you say, "the product title for this Energizer pad clearly says '3 position' pad". Ha! A "gotcha", that "3rd" spot is a standard size USB plug, so you could charge a 3rd device if you were willing to use a standard cable. I think this is misleading of Energizer and they (or Amazon) should fix the title.

* Verizon and Motorola could make life much easier if they would clearly indicate that the Droid is using the Qi standard. Energizer wins on this front, except that it's not really working.... Same for the LG pad, in terms of lack of information.

* As of mid 2011 I think this Energizer pad and the LG pad are your only two choices, and only the LG seems to work with Droid 3. The existing Powermat pads are NOT Qi compatible at this time, although they're talking about releasing a Qi pad later this year so that's work rechecking. And I'm pretty sure the Palm / HP Touchstone pads sold with Palm / HP Pre webOS phones are NOT Qi compatible either; I couldn't find a specific statement to that effect, but Touchstone pads predate Qi by more than a year I think, and seems like HP would mention it if they were.

And finally, I'm giving this Energizer pad only 2 stars when being used with a Droid 3. It might be worthy of 4 stars when working with other devices. I don't think they deserve a perfect 5 stars no matter what, due to the misleading "3 station" title (only 2 WIRELESS stations), and stupid protective film packing issues. But those could be addressed with minor packaging tweaks.

I'd LOVE to hear comments on this review from any other Droid 3 owners, or anybody else who's tried various Qi products. I've tried to be as factual as possible here, and since vendors are so slow with decent info, maybe Amazon shoppers can fill in some of the missing information.
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on November 20, 2012
I'm not sure why they decided to use a slanted design for this product. It needs to lay flat. My Nexus 4 slides right off the thing. You can prop it up with something to make it flat, but this should of been thought of during the design stages.

I also bought this which works much better for the Nexus 4: LG WCP-700 Portable Power Mat Home and Office Charging Pad
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on December 6, 2012
I purchased this charger in anticipation of the LG Nexus 4. At the time, I didn't realize how far ahead I would receive the unit. It was shipped promptly, and for a reasonable cost.

Finally got around to using it. First impressions, it works great! I purchased this item, over the (I believe) LG charger since I planned to use it in the office and the beeping / chirping of the LG turned my off. Sure, it's easy to disable, and is a more compact unit, but glad I went with the Energizer and didn't have to mod the other out of the box.

The charger works well. I can 'drop' the Nexus 4 on the pad and don't really have to worry about placement. The 'sweet spot' is rather forgiving. There is more top-bottom leeway, than side-to-side, but it is more than adequate. In other words, you really don't have to place the phone precisely, but rather can quickly place it on the pad and start topping off your charge.

The one thing I did notice, the appreciable amount of heat generated in the charging process. It gets quite warm, and I guess I wasn't anticipating this effect of the inductive charging process. I should note here that the heat quickly dissipates once the charging cycle is complete. I have not noticed this heating when using a standard USB charger.

There is a blue indicator light that verifies charging. It does extinguish when the battery is charged. While not a scientific test, the phone charged 'quickly' when going from approximately 55% to full charge. In other words, while I don't have a time, it seemed faster than my USB chargers. Again, no stopwatch tests, but the charging is certainly not noticeably slower than another method. This is appreciated, since I wasn't sure if the tradeoff to wireless charging would be speed.

All in all, I can easily recommend this device, at least with the Nexus 4. I guess now I need one for my desk at home...
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on November 29, 2012
1. 3 position model means it has a place for 2 and has a usb port so you could charge a 3rd device. However you can't charge 3 devices at once. You can either charge wirelessly or through USB, not both ways at the same time. If you were charging a wireless device and plug in a USB device to charge, it will give priority to the USB device and quit charging wirelessly. Backwards from what you would expect.
2. Shiny back surface initially looks good, then quickly degrades as it gathers smudges, scratches, dust, etc.
3. Droid Incredible 2 can charge with a TPU case on it.
4. Nexus 4 can charge with a TPU case on it.
5. Recommended if your device has Qi built in or your device has a Qi back; sleeves not so much.
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