Customer Reviews: Entourage: Season 4
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2008
I press "Play." The HBO static kicks in. Yet, the "Superhero" theme by Jane's Addiction is nowhere to be found. Before we begin, ENTOURAGE's 4th season presents a mini-documentary (like THE OFFICE) detailing the trials and tribulations of getting a dream project made. This change of pace promises great things to come; the premiere episode of ENTOURAGE's fourth season will undoubtedly go down as one of its greatest.

As the show continues, it continues its solid streak for a while. Although the remaining 11 episodes are shot in the traditional style we've seen this show use for years, things become even more desparate and challenging for Eric, Vince, and Ari than ever before. Their domestic lives and careers are really put through the ringer this time.

Eric continues to try to expand his career, but struggles to get what he wants most: Respect. Vince actually matures more than the rest of the cast this season. His optimism is no longer a boyish laziness; he actually steps up to plate when the line is drawn in the sand. Ari Gold has plenty of issues on his own. If you thought his financial woes in seasons' past made him a bitter man, wait until you see how his domestic life tests his aggressive masculinity.

You may have noticed I haven't mentioned Turtle or Johnny Drama yet. Well frankly, ENTOURAGE really drops the ball with them this season. While the gang's rapport is still very funny, I'm frustrated that neither of these two characters have shown any growth since the show began in 2004. Seriously, does Turtle really only think about sex, weed, and assorted materials? Gimme a break! Drama's insecurities are becoming pathetic, but at least Kevin Dillon's brilliant performance still sells it. Never once did I think that Drama wouldn't behave the way he does.

I don't want to give away any cameos, but be assured that they all pay off. Remember Scarlett Johannson's pointless bit from the Season One finale? Don't worry, you won't find any of that useless "Hey-Look-It's-Him/Her" garbage.

Special mention also has to go to Rhys Coiro's turn as crazed auteur Billy Walsh. While I can't believe a man like that is inspired by a real person, he's given just the right amount of screentime (and madness) to be effective, but not overstay his welcome. Also, Perrey Reeves and Rex Lee (as Mrs. Ari and Lloyd, respectively) get to kind of "star" in their own individual episode. While neither really contributes anything significant to Season Four's overall story, they were a nice change of pace.

I guess that last sentence summarizes my overall reaction to Season Four. I found these 12 episodes to be very entertaining, and with plenty of neat ideas thrown in to keep things from getting stale. But when I look at the season from beginning to end, the middle patch really doesn't have much to with the bookends. For example, there's a nice small angle involving Anna Faris. While it works the way it plays out, there were so many lateral moves the writers could've done with it. But in the end, very little has changed.

That's the problem with Season Four - Nothing's Really Changed.

The creators had one of their best plots when Ari Gold wasn't in Vince's good graces. That's why that particular season was so excellent. The writers and creators took a chance. But in Season Four, the chances are merely temporary. For four years, I've watched these characters take small steps into uncharted waters, only to return to shore. It's time to shake things up again before ENTOURAGE starts getting stale. That day hasn't come yet, but be assured that this series is still a very slick, entertaining comedy.

SEASON ONE --> 7.0 / 10
SEASON TWO --> 8.0 / 10
SEASON THREE > 8.0 / 10 (Part 1)
SEASON THREE > 9.0 / 10 (Part 2)
SEASON FOUR -> 8.5 / 10
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on August 27, 2008
I have enjoyed the HBO series "Entourage" since its first episode, but its fourth season somewhat squanders the gains its characters made in previous series. Turtle and Johnny Drama have very little to do here; Turtle seems to have given up any chance at an outside career, and not only do we see little of Drama's television work, he doesn't even cook this season. When Eric finally extends his management talent, the enterprise is uncerimoniously squashed. And forget about relationships this season: Women only pop up here to fill the usual nudity quota.

The series mostly focuses on the post-production and potential sale of "Medellin," the dream project for Vince, Eric, and unhinged director Billy Walsh, and the aside adventures of everyone's favorite agent, Ari Gold (played terrifically by Jeremy Piven). The Gold plotlines are great but isolated, often making one feel as if there are two different shows going on here. However, despite the season's narrow focus, you get the sense that these 12 episodes are preparing the viewer for some major changes in the lives of these Hollywood adventurers.

The DVD has a few audio commentaries, a nice making-of featurette of the "making of 'Medellin,'" a terrific, complete trailer for the film within the series, and a solid, 45-minute sit-down with show's creative heads and actors Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, and Jeremy Piven.
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on May 11, 2016
One of HBOs best shows ever!

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on October 15, 2015
Entourage keeps chugging along; they are starting to run into a few of the pitfalls to contrast with their bro-tastic fairy tale life in Hollowwood. The 'real' celebrity cameos are fun and the situations keep spinning in different directions. This season centers around Vince's latest "vanity" project, Medellin, and how it's marketed and completed. After being accepted at Cannes, the bidding war begins and escalates while nobody has really seen the finished film. The season finishes at the french festival and what happens after. There are interesting (but distracting) subplots about Ari's kids and wife's acting career, but as always the main focus is on the 'guys' and their perpetual search of booty, weed, and success (seemingly in that order). Still a fun ride!
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on June 18, 2015
Entourage has become a favorite show of mine. The quality of this was delivered exceptionally well, even with our poor internet here in Alaska. I don't think Entourage is comparable to anything else I've ever watched. I love Ari Gold and watching Vince's movie star career's ups and downs throughout this series! I would recommend this for anyone who is a womanizer - because that is exactly what they are.

This was quite an interesting season - something always goes wrong with Vince's career!
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on September 16, 2015
I am late in season 5 now. Throughout, I have been impressed with the cast, the anthropological oddity of the entertainment industry and the sheer plastic pulchritude of the glamorous people. From my experience, the drama represents the celebrity world with fidelity and skill.
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on October 26, 2013
Season 4 of Entourage hits a new level. Sure, the themes of party girls, weed, and Hollywood mayhem dominate, but the characters are growing. It kicks off with a "behind the scenes look" at the making of lead character Vince's pet project: Medellin. This episode alone is worth the price of the season. Things roll along with boys descending into Hollywood hades as their world crumbles with the vagaries and back stabbing of the business. Interestingly enough, Vince's manager, E, becomes the least likable character, as he strives for more respect but the writers don't give him the depth needed to show the frailties of such a quest in an environment where honor is hard to come by. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this season more than 2 and 3, most of all because it's not a bed of roses and beautiful women all the time but an equal measure of pain and disappointment. Such is life in Hollywood.
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on September 27, 2015
Great short show to watch before you prepare an evening meal, or just to fill in a few moments. It is also an interesting view of how newly-enriched young "celebrities" can throw their money around. See how many characters you can count who have a decent moral code.
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on September 25, 2015
Entourage gets 5 stars. Amazon prime video gets -5 stars. Not one time have I been able to watch an episode of anything without frequent interruptions and freeze ups and prime restarts. Soooo frustrating! And the tv is brand new- so you can't blame that! The Internet connection is superb, can't blame that either.
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on February 21, 2015
This is a very funny series. Most of the players do a very good job. If you liked the first 3 seasons you will like the 4th. Mostly the whole series was good. Has good points and bad overall a well done series. If you are a fan then you must buy
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