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on May 18, 2013
These guys rock and never miss a beat. This album reminds me of a mix between Enigma and One Nation Underground. The first few tracks start off really heavy and then the album finishes off with the great melodic mixes that my girlfriend would actually listen to. Highly recommended!
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on October 22, 2012
I have to say, when I previewed the songs, they weren't all too crazy sounding, but just going out today and buying this album is definitely worth the trouble. Word of caution, there is no lyrics in the album booklet. It's just the artwork and thank you/production notes from the band and crew who worked on the album. Anyways, continuing on, this is actually the band's shortest album to date, but it's far from being weak. These ten songs are powerful in their own ways. The vibe of the album is strange at times. From the opening track "The Depression" to songs like "Time Won't Save You," it's rather difficult at times to figure out which direction the band is veering to. Regardless of what they're trying to strive for, each song pulsates with a drowning crescendo of tribal rhythms, chugging hard rock patterns, and Latin guitar pieces, all backed up by Cristian's growling metal-core vocals to clean singing. Is this thirty eight (38) minute album worth the purchase? It depends on the person or fan I guess. Fans of the old Ill Nino will more than likely gear towards the nu-metal sound, despising the metal-core influences thrown into the recent albums (Enigma and Dead New World had some progressive elements blended into the mix). For the fans that don't care about what direction the band is going in so long as they're making music, then I would recommend this album. A personal note. Ill Nino might be known, but they're not over popular by any means. Purchasing any of their works, merchandise, or even going to see a concert of them playing live can make all the difference to them.

1. The Depression. The first song off the album. The song has potential to become a single and possibly a music video (they have the lyrics video posted up on youtube). It starts off with weird duck quacking noises in the background, along with some street ambiance before exploding with force. Cristian drives the song forward pretty well, only to have it slow down by the chorus and have it pick up again during the bridge and outro parts. 9/10

2. Only The Unloved. It starts off quiet like some of their songs, then it slams open with with Dave band marching with the snare, following up with Danny's taps on the percussion pieces and grinding with the guitars. Cristian saves the song from being a total loss by deep singing on the chorus parts. 8/10

3. La Epidemia. Metal-core with subtle touches of Latin flare tossed in. Not a big fan of it, but sometimes, it clicks in. 7/10

4. Eva. It starts out eerily, but then it transforms into a solid hard rock piece with the verses, and drowns in the alternative metal emotions during the chorus'. The song the falls asleep slowly. 7/10

5. Demi-God. The intro is pretty annoying at first (it sounds like wailing throughout the song), but the progression of the song is worth plowing through it. The verse and chorus are both mildly heavy. 6/10

6. Death Wants More. This song is pretty enjoyable. It's sort of reminiscent of "All I ask for" on their third album "One Nation Underground." The chorus has a bouncy alternative rock rhythm similar to "Mr Bright Side" by the killers. The bridge is beautiful with the solo, but it's cut short by the continuing outro of the song. 8/10

7. Escape. This song has an epic wall/mosh bounce to it. The verses dynamically go from quiet whispers to screamo growls. The chorus has this rapid fire 'staple kick' in the gut pummeling, creating a machine gun effect. Cristian's vocals don't really soar too bright in this song, but the bridge has a sense of escapism and fear within set. And then the song ends with random whisperings and a random groan from Cristian. 7/10

8. Time Won't Save You. Probably the most melodic song on the album. It's similar to "Ritual" from "Dead New World," in a sense that the song chugs during the verses and flows cleanly during the chorus section. The ending part has Cristian shoving out his sad emotions and ripping a hole within the song before it ends. 9/10

9. Forgive Me Father. A personal song about the singer's father (or his parents). Cristian sings perfectly on this song. His melodies backed up by the searing rift of the lead guitar and being propelled forward by the rhythm guitar. The song through out has some pretty subtle percussion parts. All in all, a very melodic and emotional song. 9/10

10. Invisible People. The beginning starts off somewhat silly, but then it goes into a machine gun vibe in the chorus, covered by Cristian's voice of urgency. The verses are okay for the most part, but the chorus is where the fun is located at. The ending is similar to the way the album starts off with the first song, but instead of coming in, it slowly fades out. It's pretty rough and straightforward for the most part. 8/10.

Final words: The album will either leave you feeling ripped off, or wanting more. In my honest opinion, it was worth the money to enjoy/experience this sweet ride. Heavy, tribal, melodic, cold, blazing, and a bunch of other words to describe this album. Have fun.
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on November 19, 2012
Ill Niño continue to be consistent if nothing more. There is no ground-breaking metal here but it is very good. It may just be me but the growling vocals seem harsher which makes the juxtaposition of the melodic vocals that much more pronounced. I think this is a plus. Technically, it is precise and shows that Ill Niño are no where near done. Get out and support them if you can.
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on November 2, 2012
i'm going to keep this review short and sweet and just say that this album KILLS on all levels. fantastic new outing from the jersey boys. it's fast, heavy, melodic, aggressive, and in your face. not a bad track on the whole album and NO ballads. i got this in the mail today and have already listened to it twice. they have lessened the "latin" influence on this album and upped the aggressive energy. a welcome change.
it's a killer new album that certainly deserves your ten bucks. the only downside to it is there are NO lyrics or band pics in the booklet. actually its a poster, not a booklet. but thats a small flaw thats easily overlooked.
if you were ever an ILL NINO fan and wanted to know what they were up to now, get this record.
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on April 16, 2013
This album is better then the last 2 albums! It is so crazy how good it is and they aren't really pushing it so much. Wow just buy it, turn it's so hard..if you like the first 3 albums, then you will definitely like this one a lot! It really rocks..shockingly very good!
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on October 16, 2013
Ill Nino is a band who has never really strayed far from their formula. Starting on their second album Confession, they stuck with the system they felt worked best, and have turned out some decent albums. Albums that have never sweeped me off my feet, but have occasionally caught me with their catchy songs. So when I saw the newest album, while I didn't jump to buy it, I knew it'd be an album I would want to get later, after I got all the other albums I really wanted.

Well, once again it's mostly the same, with a just a bit more heaviness. Ill Nino tried to be a bit more heavier, and the one song that shows this change the most is their single "La Epidemia" featuring the singer from Emmure (a band I'm not too familiar with). Still, mostly the same old. If you've liked Ill Nino's previous works, there's no reason why should be a complete letdown, or a surprise. It's a safe album, and I'm okay with it.

The biggest problem I've had with this album is that compared to the other albums, and this could just be me, the singer's voice seems to be a bit lower than the instruments. Something that I know other bands might have, but with Ill Nino, it really bothers me because almost all their songs rely heavily on the catchiness, and melody of the singer to really go into that "catchy tune" territory. I've played my CD in different players, and while some make it easier for me to understand the singer, the one I use the most (my car) doesn't seem to have the same effect. Which is weird for me cause I never have that problem with any other Cd I own. Other than that though I liked it a lot.

Other than that, I did enjoy it a lot. Songs that stood out to me on this album on the first listen were "Forgive Me Father" and "The Depression".
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on March 28, 2013
This albim blew me away. It was border line Death Metal with that unique Ill Nino touch.
In my opinion its the heaviest album theyve done so far without giving up what makes them unique and as for me all fans like me I really hope they keep it up.
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on November 22, 2012
I've been waiting for the next Ill nino album after Dead New World for some time now. After a year or two I was happy to hear about their new release "Epidemia". Upon my initial listening, I found it to be good...but their wasn't any one track that blew me away right off the bat. In fact I must admit that I found tracks to sound slightly similar and found myself wondering if I was listening to the same really long song at times. Well like every good fan, I took the time to give the album the ever important second and third listening. This is when I found the feel and style, and also noticed I was singing along with a couple of songs. Bottom line this is a good album, it just doesn't have the WOW factor like previous albums Enigma and Dead New World. Perhaps I have just been spoiled by the band's awesome collection of music, but nevertheless a definite buy for Ill Nino fans.

The Best Tracks in my opinion:

1. The Depression (Descent opening track)
2. Only the Unloved (One of the best tracks, should've been a single)
4. Eva (The most distinct sounding track on the album, this one rocks)
6. Death wants more (Best all around song on the album, should've been the first single)
8. Time won't save you (Reminiscent of style from Confessions, good song)
9. Father forgive me (Nice track, radio friendly)

Worst Track in my opinion:
10. Invisible people (It feels like I've heard this one before, gives the impression of album filler)
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on October 25, 2012
I started listening to Ill Nino in 2002 i own all there records and love all of them. That being said on to EPIDEMIA this album is very heavy La EPIDEMIA Demi God very brutal! The Depression is my favorite so far its perfect the whole album flows very well. If your a fan of the band you love this album it stands up to Revolution Revolucion. Ill be listening to this for a while.
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VINE VOICEon February 3, 2013
Typical Ill Nino. Spanish Metal rock. There are a few songs on this album that really rock. There are a few songs on this album that suck. If you like this band its for you.
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