Customer Reviews: Epson Expression XP-410 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer
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Please be aware that this is a budget-level inkjet printer. It's nothing fancy. And it only has the most basic of features. If you want a powerful printer (which, apparently, some mistakenly think this is), please look elsewhere and be prepared to spend quite a bit more money. It's frustrating to read the complaints of other reviewers who, for some reason, don't research an item prior to purchase OR read the product details.

Now that that's cleared up...

I absolutely love this printer. After owning a few Canons previously, I made the decision to switch back to Epson. I'm glad I did. I also knew exactly what I wanted: An inexpensive printer for light household/personal use that was wireless, and could also copy/scan. I rarely print photos on my printer, so photo quality was not a deciding factor.

(1) This printer is extremely lightweight. Wow. Around 9 pounds.
(2) Four ink cartridges (your typical black, cyan, magenta, yellow). While many list ink pricing as a CON, I do NOT. Why? As often as I print, the price of ink means little to me. OEM cartridges run about $13 for black and $8 for each of the colors. Capacity for the T200 ink is about 140-50 pages. For T200X, you spend a little more on ink, but cost per page ends up a tad less. Regardless, ink price was not a turn off for me (and I research this before buying a printer).
(3) Extremely easy to set up. Providing you READ THE DIRECTIONS. There's a quick-start sheet that's insanely easy to follow. Follow it. Don't think you know more than Epson.
(4) Print quality for text is amazing. No issues there. Basic graphics are fine, too. I haven't printed any photos yet, but I'm not a huge fan of inkjet-printed photos anyway. That's what Walgreens is for.
(5) You can set up without a USB cable -- providing you have a wireless network. And most, do. Again, please make sure you follow the directions! I was a tad irritated by the process, but only because I typed my password incorrectly. Silly me!
(6) Epson has some of the best (at least in my opinion) wireless printing options available. All of their newer printers -- even the budget ones (which is rare, apparently) -- are assigned an "email" address. Using their Epson Connect service (it's free), software, and apps (for Android, iPhone, and most tablets), I can send items I want to print to my printer's "email." Next time I turn my printer on, the items will automatically print. If you're out of town, items are held for 72 hours (3 days). I can even print from cloud storage services like Dropbox. I absolutely love this feature! Especially in a printer that costs under $100.
(7) Intuitive 2.5" color panel that lets you adjust settings, set up wi-fi, and scan/print/copy.
(8) SD card reader. Again, many label this a CON, as it only does SD cards, but who doesn't have an SD adaptor for micro cards, etc? (Okay. I don't. But I used to. And they're cheap).
(9) Multiple paper-types accepted (though know the width is 8.5" max), including "iron-on". I frequently print on cardstock, so this is a good thing.

CONS (Well, maybe for some...):
(1) No USB reader/input. Not a huge deal for ME, but may be for others.
(2) Rear feed tray only. Again, I can work with this, but others may like the "tray" option.
(3) Goes through ink quickly (tanks are small). Again, I use my printer infrequently, so not a huge deal. And I think tank prices are okay (see above).
(4) No "document" feeder for multiple page copying or scanning; however, remember what I said above about this being a budget printer? If you want the fancy add-ons, you need to spend more. And get an "office quality" printer. Let's be honest with ourselves, eh? :)

Overall opinion? I'm quickly becoming an Epson fan again. I only required the most basic features, and the XP-410 delivers. And then some, honestly. I did not know about the Epson Connect features when I purchased the printer, so that was a VERY pleasant "bonus" that Epson, honestly, did not need to include with a budget-level printer. But I'm glad they did.


For the average HOME USE who requires the basic abilities to print, copy, and scan, this printer fits the bill. If you want to print high-quality photos, 200-page books in under 10 minutes, or frame-worthy photos, you may want to look elsewhere.

Note: The printer does not automatically ask you to "align" the print heads like many upper-end printers do. I recommend you do this (from either the printer menu or the computer software/maintenance).
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Style: XP-410|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It took me about 25 minutes to unpack this printer/scanner/copier, install the ink cartridges and connect it to my Verizon FiOS Wi-Fi using the printer's front-panel controls to enter the encryption code. Once that was done, the printer's drivers and supporting software "found" the printer on the network and installed automatically from the included disk onto my Windows 7 computer and via downloads from an Internet connection. After the drivers were installed they checked for, downloaded and installed a firmware update on the printer, which took another eight or ten minutes, then offered me an opportunity to do an on-line warranty registration. Be advised that your wireless network will need an Internet connection for you to be able to satisfactorily complete the printer's installation.

My first test was the scanner. I put a color magazine cover on the scanner's platen and tried the fully-automatic scanning mode. Since the automatic mode did not recognize the magazine cover as a screened document, my results were not satisfactory. I tried scanning again using the "professional" mode and set the scanner to de-screen the scanned document. Results were dramatically better. I then printed the scanned magazine cover on plain bright white paper and was impressed that the results were almost indistinguishable from the original.

Next I made a high-resolution 4 X 6 borderless color print on premium glossy photo paper from my computer using the printer's best-quality settings. It took nearly three minutes for the printer to do its job, but the results were as good as I would have received from a photo lab. Next I took a photograph of someone in a dimly-lighted room, knowing that the camera's built-in flash would cause red-eye. Then I removed the SD card from the camera, inserted it into the printer's card slot and made two prints; one with red-eye correction turned "off" and the other with red-eye correction turned "on". The printer was able to recognize the subject and automatically correct the red-eye in the second print.

Epson advertises on-line features that allow printing directly from smartphones, tablets and from remote locations via the cloud and/or by assigning a unique email address to the printer and simply emailing photos and documents to the printer. After writing this review, I installed one of these printers for friends who had two Windows notebook computers but also wanted to print from an iPad. Although I am not an iPad user, I quickly found a link on Epson's Website that pointed me to an Epson Print application which we downloaded and installed. The app identified this printer on their network and printed flawlessly. My friends were so delighted that they bought another one of these printers for their vacation home. This device comes with a decent software bundle for scanning and printing and will make Acrobat PDF files directly.

For Epson to be able to pack so many quality features into such a small package for less than $100, there were inevitably some sacrifices. The printer works fine on a modern wireless network or with a direct connection to a Windows or Macintosh computer with a USB cable (not included) but the printer has no CAT-5 network connection nor does it support Bluetooth. Whether printing photos from a computer or directly from an SD camera card, it takes about three minutes to produce a 4 X 6 borderless print at the highest quality setting. The memory card slot accommodates ONLY SD memory cards and has no direct connection for a memory card adapter or direct-print camera, so if your camera uses another type of memory card you'll need to load the files onto a computer first before printing them. There is no document feeder on the scanner, so scanning or copying multiple page documents would be an arduous process. Some small printer/scanner/copiers also have FAX capabilities, but this one does not. None of my photo or PDF editing programs can recognize and scan directly from this device.

In summary, this printer/scanner/copier should work fine in a home setting where compactness, quality and low cost are more important than speed. Some users complain that the standard ink cartridges don't last very long but each color can be replaced separately when a cartridge is empty. High-capacity cartridges are also available.
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Style: XP-410|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Epson XP-410 does more things than any printer I have owned. You get more ways to connect to more devices, including ones that were difficult or impossible to print from with older printers.

This printer can print photos directly from an SD card. That's nothing new and printers have been doing that for years. But this one does it well. Its display shows a bright clear image of what you are going to print and makes it easy to crop them. It also gives you a number of adjustments, but not as many as if you use the drivers or utilities on a PC.

Of course, you can also print from a PC. The printer comes with a driver disk, and unlike other similar disks that often contain out of date software, this disk downloads the latest drivers directly making the process very smooth. The only part that wasn't smooth for me was the registration, and that's because they never tested it on PCs with larger font settings. So there was no way to see the right side of the fields or a button to submit things.

You can hook this to a computer with a USB 2.0 cable (not included) or have a number of choices using WiFi. I tried WPS, which meant I merely had to press a button on my wireless device (typically a router or wireless access point) and the printer connected itself. I also tried the old fashioned way of finding my network on a list (SSID) and selecting it and giving it a key. That went smoothly too.

Another feature this offers is WiFi Direct. That allows you to print from your computer using WiFi even when you don't have a network. There are reasons you might want to print from a computer, phone or other device without using a network. You might be in a hotel room or dorm room where you aren't allowed to add the printer to their network. Typically you'd need to disconnect from any other WiFi network to use this that way. Getting WiFi direct set up was relatively easy, but the instructions in the manual only worked if I removed the printer from existing networks first.

Perhaps Google has offered you Cloud printing and you didn't know what it was, or you tried to set it up and found that it wouldn't work with your printer. With this printer, it's easy. Equally easy, or perhaps easier, is printing from an iPad or iPhone using Airprint. I started reading Apple's explanation of how it works, but I found that it's easier to accept that it just works. From an iPad, when you go to any application that has an icon for printing, selecting it will show this on the list of printers (possibly the only one on the list since most printers aren't compatible) and you're on your way.

If that's not enough ways to print, you can send a document to an email address that's set up just for your printer. So printing from anywhere with that or Google are real options. There's also a remote print driver for the PC that essentially uses that email address behind the scenes, but you merely see the printer on your list of devices as with any other printer. But you can use it anywhere there is Internet connectivity. The only problem with the email address itself is that it has fourteen seemingly random characters before the "at" sign and isn't something practical to remember. So the driver is the best way to use it.

There's also an app for iPad/iPhone or Android that lets you print or scan, and send any scanned files to a printer, save them on your local device, save them in Google Drive, and more. The apps look very similar on both platforms and work about the same.

Of course getting things to the printer is important but more important is how well it prints. I started off printing a photo using an SD card. It produced a smooth detailed photo that appeared to be of high quality, but the colors were a bit lackluster. When I went to print test pages (text) after trying each of the above connectivity options, I found the printing very streaky. The printer's test pattern showed that the heads needed cleaning, and I had to go through two rounds before it showed that it was correct. I posted a side by side comparison of the next photo I printed, and it's clear that it still had problems with the print heads. At that point, I noticed that the half dozen pages and two photos I printed used about 1/3 of the black ink and about 20% of each other color. Either that, or the levels displayed were inaccurate but that would still be Epson's fault.

I could have spent a lot more time trying to resolve this, and don't doubt that the print quality will improve, but it still means that the starter cartridges serve little practical purpose beyond setting up the machine. Epson prices replacement cartridges at $38, or $81 for a set of high yield ones. So I had to consider that part of the purchase price, because you will really need to buy a set right away. At $138, the printer is far less of a bargain, so I had to deduct a star for that 40% immediate add on.

I mentioned the side by side photo I posted, and you have to keep in mind that there are two levels of degradation since it meant printing things out and then scanning them back in. Which raises the question of how much was lost printing and how much was lost scanning.

I compared this with the excellent Epson V600 plus scanner. That one supports slide and negative scanning, an extra UV scanner to detect and cancel dust, and a lot more options. I didn't expect this one to come close, but on many prints it did. When I scanned the photo I posted, the V600 gave much truer colors. It also got rid of dust better, but the level of detail was surprisingly close. I scanned professionally printed photos too, and aside from dust, things were even closer and the color balance was correct. I don't expect this to be as good as a dedicated scanner that costs double what this all-in-one costs but I was surprised at how close it came.

Scanning from a smartphone or iPad was a different story. It was relatively easy, and a non-intutive movable bracket in a lower corner let me select the area of the scan I wished to keep. It worked fine when I had it email the results, but the trimming didn't work when I tried to save it locally or in Google Drive. Also, when I told the app to print a single page I selected from a 16 page document on my phone, it tried to print all 16 pages. That happened on both platforms, so the app needs some work there and in other areas too.

Overall, it left me very impressed. I felt it didn't quite deserve four stars since I had no guarantee of consistent printing, but more than that the price with extra ink made me feel that I'd soon be spending almost the price of the printer on ink. I realize that it's a common practice, but the need usually arises after exhausting a set of standard cartridges.
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on July 10, 2013
I held my breath in new Epson printer was delivered today....I unpacked it and stared at it, wondering if my anxiety meter was ever going to go down. For 2 hours the printer sat on my table, mean and menacing,while I intermittently circled around it. Finally , taking a deep breath, I approached it, hoping that my 65 year old tech challenged brain could overcome this new piece of 21st century monster that now lived in my home....OK, so it took me less than 1/2 hour to have this beautiful machine up and running.....WIRELESSLY EVEN! Thank you Epson! This is the easiest install I have ever all you tech challenged seniors out there, run, don't walk, and get yourself an Epson printer!
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on November 5, 2013
This printer is nice and well-built, but it does use a TON of ink.... and everything prints VERY dark (unless in Draft mode, then it is so light that it's barely visible).

HOWEVER, there is a fix that will help you print TRUE TO COLOR, PRINT FASTER and SAVE INK!
<Go into Control Panel/Devices and Printers
<Right Click on XP-410 Series Printer and click on "Printing Preferences"
<Click on the "Advanced" Tab
<Select the print mode you use most often (for me it is Text and Image)
<In the right hand "Color Management" column, click the "SETTINGS" button (Color mode should be set to EPSON vivid)
<On the bottom left of the Color Control Menu, increase the brightness to +15, and the density to -20
<Click okay and the menu will save your settings and close
Do a test print to see if this is printing more true to color for your screen. If not, try a different quality in those columns until you get the right "recipe" for your setup.
You can adjust these qualities for each print job, but if you set them as your printing preferences, it will default to these qualities every time and save lots of ink. (You can always change it as needed)

Ever since I made this change, I LOVE this printer! The colors are now beautiful instead of dark, I get great ink usage, and I love the compact/sturdy feel and the fast wireless printing. This printer is FANTASTIC with just a couple tweaks!
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on October 28, 2013
This printer is great in theory. The only problem is, I have had it for less than two months and I have already had to buy $75 worth of ink. and I do not even print that often.

It will not let me print just black documents unless I have all the color cartridges full. I now have to buy color ink even though I don't print in color. It is a waste of money and do not buy it. You will end up paying double the price because of the ink.
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on October 5, 2013
Epson America, Inc. settled a class action lawsuit brought before the Los Angeles Superior Court. It did not admit guilt, but they agreed to refund $45 to anyone who purchased an Epson inkjet printer after 4/8/99 (at least $20 of which must be used at Epson's E-Store).

PC World:

Epson Faces Consumer Suits

Consumers fed up with the high cost of ink jet cartridges are taking Epson America to court, accusing it of manipulating equipment in order to sell more ink. A lawsuit filed Friday in District Court in Texas claims some models of Epson ink jet cartridges prematurely block Epson printers from functioning even though "substantial ink" remains in the cartridge.

The suit, filed in Jefferson County, is the third such suit involving the same law firm. Like the others, it seeks class action status and asks a judge to order Epson to notify customers that replacement cartridges may still be usable even when Epson's equipment says they're spent, and to compensate customers who discard the usable cartridges.

Harnes Keller LLP of New York, together with local counsel, filed similar claims in a San Mateo, California, Superior Court on Monday, and also at Kings County, New York, Supreme Court in August. Neither case has gone to trial.

An Epson spokesperson declines to comment on any of the lawsuits, beyond calling the initial New York lawsuit "unfounded."
Chip and Cartridge Challenge

The problem is with Epson ink jet cartridges outfitted with an Intellidge microchip, say Harnes Keller attorneys. Because the Intellidge chip stops Epson printers from operating until the ink jet cartridge is replaced, the plaintiffs charge that Epson is in breach of contract with its customers, who are entitled to use all the ink in the cartridge.

The cartridges actually contain up to 38 percent more usable ink after the Intellidge chip cuts them off, according to research cited in the suits.

"Because of Epson's deceptive practices, consumers have been forced to purchase replacement inkjet cartridges prematurely and have paid for ink in inkjet cartridges they can never use," the complaint reads.

Epson responds that a safety reserve of ink remains inside its cartridges after they expire to prevent damage that can occur to the print head if the cartridge runs dry.

The lawyers say they are seeking class status in order to represent anyone who purchased an Epson brand ink jet cartridge fitted with an Intellidge chip.
Not Running on Empty

The complaint also cites research by the British magazine Which! Online. Testers there were able to override the Intellidge chip on Epson cartridges and print between 17 and 38 percent more "good-quality pages."

The testers used a $30 chip resetting mechanism to override the Epson printer chip. Which! Online also reports "premature warnings" of low or no ink using ink jet cartridges from HP, Canon, and Lexmark that continued to produce quality printouts.
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on April 17, 2014
I've owned this printer for a month now and have only printed a few black and white pages per day and it is completely out of ink in all of the cartridges. I have not been printing in color so this has baffled me. I looked up the problem online and this seems to be a consistent issue even on Epsons FAQ page. Others users say that even when printing in black and white it uses ink from each cartridge.

The printer will not print at all until the empty cartridges are replaced. I put a brand new black cartridge in it and chose the black/grayscale print option and it won't let me print. I tried every trick in the book from restating the printer, computer, removing the cartridges and shaking them and putting them back in, and many other tricks. The printer will NOT allow me to print until every color is replaced with a full cartridge even though I have a new black cartridge in place and I'm only trying to print in black and white.

This is ridiculous. I had to order all new cartridges which will also run out extremely fast, so now I need to look at purchasing a new printer. This printer was a waste of $70. The printer looks like a good deal because they make all the money off you from the ink. Even if you buy the ink from 3rd party companies it adds up fast. Its actually cheaper for me to print from kinkos then from this printer.
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on November 10, 2013
Print quality is great but the ink runs out very quickly. Even if just one color runs out the printer won't work. And the ink cartridges are expensive to replace. I regret this purchase.
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on August 31, 2013
This is a good quality printer but it cost a lot to operate! We have this printer for few months and we have already replaced ink cartridge 6 times! yes, 6 times! We do not use the printer often - just occasional for printing homework for school or work. If one of the ink cartridges is low (not even empty!), this machine shut down and won't even print anything until you replace it to a new cartridge. I used to have HP printer and it operates until the ink cartridge is empty....
So get ready to spend money for ink cartridges if you are buying this printer...
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