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Format: Office Product|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was excited to see an all-in-one printer that had the added capability of high quality photo printing. The XP-800 is a good printer as all of Epson's printers are, but I'd recommend choosing one of their workforce series all-in-ones and buy a high quality photo printer separately.

The reason is that the photo capability all but kills the regular paper capacity of the unit in order to make room for the special photo paper tray. They also include a tray for printing CD's and DVD's that have special printable tops to them. The XP-800 uses an extra "photo black" cartridge for photo prints. Photo print quality is good but I've seen better out of dedicated photo printers. A few test images I sent to the printer are a bit grainy despite setting the printer to its highest settings and printing on glossy photo paper.

Another odd decision was the motorized output tray that pops out of the unit when printing. Kind of an odd thing to have especially since it won't retract it when the printed papers are removed. Pushing the tray back in is met with some resistance from the electric motor and it feels like something might break after awhile. Document print speed is good and about on par with the product description.

I do like the expanded Epson Cloud Connect feature. You can now scan directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.Net, Evernote, and email. Setup is easy and just requires running a piece of software initially to configure things. They also kept my favorite feature, scan to memory card, which will scan images to PDF and save them on a memory card inserted in the printer's card reader. Turning on a file sharing feature will allow you to access those files over your home network.

Configuration on my Mac was incredibly easy. I didn't have to install any drivers and the printer appeared immediately after I configured it to access my home wifi network. It also showed up on my list of printers on my iPhone and iPad. Very cool.

Bottom line: This printer tries to do it all but doesn't do a very good job of it. If you're looking for a home or small office all-in-one consider one of the Epson Workforce printers and buy a second printer for photo prints.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 21, 2012
I was ready for a new printer and having had a prior Epson printer and currently having an Epson scanner, I researched various Epson printers and despite having no reviews on Amazon at the time, I dove for this one. While we really don't need to print pictures, this one can and it has a higher scanner spec than the ones I was comparing it to.
The short version of my review is below:

In summary:

***Quick & easy setup
***Crisp clean prints
***Seamless wireless setup even when not attached to a computer
***Having the option to print to mobile (but the setup of this was awful)

***Suggesting setup attached to a computer
***Seems fragile
***Paper trays not easy to find
***Setup for print from mobile abysmal.
***LCTM client is a means of getting advertisements directly on my computer.

I have not scanned to a computer yet, or printed a picture. Also I have not yet sent a fax. Nor have I used the multi-page feed mechanism yet. When I do, I will repost.

What first struck me with this printer, is that it seemed fragile and fussy. Not a good start, but given the durability of other printers have not been an issue, we'll see how it goes. Only time will address this.

Out of the box, there was lot of blue tape to remove. Apparently there are a lot of moving parts that have to be secured to ship this item. I would say about 25-30 and loads of clear plastic.

The scanner multi-feed tray closes nicely giving the printer a sleek look, but at the slightest press it snaps open. One of my cats were startled to discover this option. I'm concerned that these plastic components seem fragile. Hopefully this action will keep my cat from stepping on this printer in the future, but anyone who has cats know that what they are allowed to do and what they do when you are not home are two different things. I hope they don't break it.

The Quick start guide walked us through a simple bunch of steps. Including plugging it in and installing software on our computer, as well as putting paper in it. One thing it suggested us to do was to connect to a computer for initial setup, which I balked at. I didn't buy a wireless printer to set it up tethered. Luckily it had a direct to wireless option, that I used seamlessly to punch in the long WPA2 password for our router security. Worked great.

It was a very quick and easy start up and in under 30 minutes we were printing. 10 minutes of that was removing blue tape.

It took me the longest to figure out where to put the paper. As short as this printer is, there are multiple paper trays. One for pictures, one for paper, one for CDs and even a back input for on the fly paper additions. The output tray glides out by itself, which I thought was pretty cool.

The LCD display looks nice and is clean and easy to figure out. I keep trying to press the down arrows on the display, but some were so close to other icons, I kept hitting those. They had up/down arrows to the right of the LCD that worked fine though. However when are poking at a touch screen, you don't notice them.

Another reason I had opted to get a new printer, was to use the print from phone, or tablet option. Epson connect is something that provides this and I don't think I have had more difficulty than this in a long time setting something up. I have an Android phone and an iPad. Both easily found the app. However initiating this option for the printer on the computer was a maddening experience. Finding info on the main Epson site was impossible. Apparently all the info is on the Epson connect site. We needed an Epson printer email that took a day and a half to obtain, only because the site had a circular logic to it. While I registered the printer, and Epson acknowledged it, this was not visible to me in my account settings at the main Epson site. This seemed to be necessary to unlock the epson email address to my printer. My printer was not acknowledging this, so I could not install the software. We spent a lot of time and hazarded on to the solution more by accident than design. I can't recommend this. They need to fix this process as it was painful and if not for our persistence beyond all reason, this would have never gotten sorted out. Every time I looked for something in the site, it gave me all the steps after I had the email address. However it never really told me how to get this email address. It told me where it would be(sort of, as they didn't call the things the same name from one area to the next)...but not how to get to the step to initialize it (registering). As a usability engineer, I know they need work on testing this process and getting the instructions in line. Better yet, make it seamless. More of us want prints from our mobile devices. This is not a "me too" option but more important than they realize..
Also I wrote an email to the first Epson connection in this search for information and instead of help, I received a note telling me I had written to the accessories division and I had to write to a different location to get help. Shame on you. What would it take to forward this note to the right parties? You are both representing the same company. When I received a reply from the "right" division, it was a form letter using keywords from my note sending me back to same useless locations, that I had already tried....which I had included in my letter.

Once I had the print to mobile working, I could print from stuff on my phone/ipad and even scan to my phone. I'm still seeing how well that works. I tried to print from my Google drive and it was sporadic. I printed a spreadsheet that the orientation was wrong on. Since I had previously printed this same spreadsheet out in the correct orientation, I don't know why it was wrong here. No small issue as it took a page that would have printed in 1 page to 5. No idea how to fix it and I could not print Google documents. It kept saying failure to transfer error -15. Not very helpful mind you. I did however scan to google docs, which was kind of cool. I will use this more.

Generally when I add software to my computer from a manufacturer whose product I purchased I don't expect them to push spam. Yeah I know an occasional tool bar, but not a whole program. However I ended up getting something called the LCTM client that is an advertisers means of getting directly to me. Epson would also sent me offers through this but it was also for 3rd party advertisers as well. Shame on you Epson, I bought your commodity (the printer) and you will make more than enough money from me through the ink to make it worth your while, you don't have to sell me off as a client from the get go.

As I use the printer more, I will add to this review.

UPDATE 2/19/2013
I would like to say, when I complained about the print from Mobile setup above. I also did so directly to the company. It is very likely they repaired the circular link that was part of my frustration. I'm a savvy computer person and was floored that I could not get the links to get me where I needed to go. I had another seasoned computer person look over my shoulder to see what the issue was and they too, were frustrated with the inability to complete the steps stated. Could have been a fluke, but once it was resolved it all seemed to work. You see that's the thing about a review. It was my personal first time use... I can't speak for anyone else. I can say the printer works very well and gets weekly use. We don't push the limits. I have printed mostly black and white documents. Soon, I need to change the black ink. I have copied and have scanned and sent it to a network computer. I'm very pleased with the printer to date and despite the issues of the mobile setup would recommend this printer to anyone.
I still am not thrilled about including the LCTM client in the software package as it if is to my benefit. To me when you pay for something you are entitled to not have to deal with ads. Most people install everything they get and don't read.. Just seems seedy.

Update 7/13/13
This multi-function printer for printing and copying worked like a champ...and then one day the scanner did some weird stuff. When I scanned stuff; one inch from the left and one inch wide, the full length of the document, nothing got scanned. So when I made a copy this area was filled with a mishmash of nothing. To resolve first I updated the scanner firmware. Well that didn't fix it. Then I contacted the company. They asked me to send them a scan of what was happening. Once they saw that, they asked me to call them. I had to wait till a weekend due to the time needed for the call. When I did call and they had me try a few things they said, the printer needed to be replaced and a refurbished one was on it's way to me. I had to send the old one back to them, when I got the new one, all at their cost. A few days later I got the new one and mailed them the old one and now I'm back in business. It was seamless. Would have preferred the unit not to have been flawed, but they handled it well.
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on December 17, 2012
I have an old HP Photosmart C6180 All-In-One that decided to fade and add lines on my scanned docs. I came to the conclusion that it would cost just as much to repair vs buying a new scanner/printer, so the hunt began with...The Epson WF3520 I purchased about 2 days ago (from a local dept store) & I wrote a good review on it. As much as I loved that printer, I returned it to get an actual touch screen model vs a touch panel (which is what the WF3520 had).

So, I purchased the HP PS7520 thinking I was getting a better quality/more updated multifunction than the WF3520. Boy was I wrong! It had a full touch screen & scan to email (without PC), but that's as far as it goes. There was no automatic double side scan, you had to manually flip the papers & put them back in the feeder. The HP web apps are a joke and the size of the printer is HUGE! Once again, I was on the hunt and back at the customer service counter doing another return.

Then came the Epson XP 800. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRINTER. The price could've been a little bit cheaper but that's just me. Set up was a breeze. It flawlessly connected with my Windows 7 PC, Google Drive, Cloud Print, and Dropbox. The features are great and easy to use. I'm going to have a blast with the CD/DVD printing! I use the Epson iPrint app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to scan & print docs. The ePrint feature to a customized email address is pretty cool. The automatic double side scan is the best and the automatic output tray is an added bonus. I do agree with other reviews I've seen about the output tray retracting. However, I'm assuming the printer would need a sensor to know when the printed docs are removed in order to retract. Otherwise, where would the printed docs go...I'll leave it up to Epson to implement that on the next model.

Overall, it's a great product! I hope this was my last trip to the return counter...LOL. So if you're on the hunt like I was for an all-in-one replacement, look no further...Epson XP 800 is the way to go!
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on December 20, 2012
The printer worked correctly right out of the box. Instructions were clearly written and everything went well.

This printer is AirPrint compatible with approproate Apple products (iPAD, iPhone, MAC) but the instructions are NOT in the manual. I had to go to the Epson website to find out how to set it up. It was easy, though. You just set up the printer for your wifi network (those instructions are in the manual) and then look for the printer on your Apple device.

Couldn't have been easier.
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on August 28, 2013
Epson sells printers for dirt cheap at almost no profit for their company because they make their money through selling ink. I have had my epson printer for almost two years and about every 50 pages I print I need to buy an ink cartridge. They are $15 each. All I print are black and white pages, but the colors still require new cartridges constantly. After doing some research I found out that Epson's ink cartridges have chips that count how many pages you print and despite the amount of ink left in the cartridge the printer will say it's time to replace it. I've watched several videos on youtube of people opening their cartridges to find plenty of ink left to print a significant amount more. I am so fed up with this and I strongly encourage you not to buy an Epson printer of any kind.
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on May 29, 2013
After a couple weeks and maybe twenty pages of printing, the regular black began to streak, and then disappear entirely. I dutifully went through the nozzle cleaning 6 or 7 times, but it didn't work. I replaced the main black cartridge -- it didn't work either, and I went through the whole nozzle clean process again.

I called Epson and told them all I had done. In a short time, the technician said it was a hardware problem, and they would ship me a new printer (placing a hold on my credit card until the old printer is returned within 7 days via Fed Ex). It was a hassle, but for the moment, I was pleased they reacted quickly. It took about a week for it to arrive.

The new printer did the exact same thing right out of the box. I spent an hour on the phone with Epson who wanted me to go through the whole nozzle-cleaning process again. I gritted my teeth and did so, but when they arrived at their solution, I balked: They said they just needed to send me new ink cartridges! (only about a week's wait) Even talking to a supervisor did no good. I'm not sure if it was a language barrier or if they just had a script of resolutions they had to follow, but they did not seem to realize it was unusual for two brand new machines to have the same defect, and that multiple new ink cartridges had been tried -- it felt like I was talking to robots; they didn't even respond to what I was saying; they'd just wait till I finished talking and then repeat the same thing that was on their script. The supervisor also wanted to run the nozzle check 6 times before shipping out the new ink (arrgh!) I had to go to work, so I said I simply couldn't spend anymore time either on the phone testing ink nozzles, or spend days waiting for replacement inks, or taking broken printers to Fed Ex.

I ended the call, and then contacted Office Depot who said they would take the printer back and give me credit for the extra ink I'd bought. I returned the old printer to Fed Ex. Astonishing waste of time for something as arguably simple as a printer. I wanted to try a brand other than HP because of their software bloat, but this wasn't worth it. I'm going back to Office Depot tonight to get a new HP printer.
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VINE VOICEon February 7, 2013
Format: Office Product|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Not being a big proponent of Epson printers, I was sure I would eventually end up panning the XP-800 only to discover I really didn't have any genuine foundation to support a less complimentary review. But, if you are interested, purchase it pretty soon as the likelihood is it will be disappearing from the market just like other two devices that won me over although each of them (Logitech Squeezebox Boom and HP MediaSmart EX487 server) is still in use on my network. Sure, there are a few deficiencies with the XP800 as far as my personal preferences are concerned, but when weighed against the positive attributes none of them would be a deal breaker for me.

General Impressions

I was skeptical about the utility of the XP-800 from the outset, believing for the applications I had in mind any of the units from the Workforce series were easily the more sensible choice but after experimenting with this unit for a few weeks, I am no longer as convinced that is necessarily the case. In most phases the Expressions printer has proven to be a superior performer. It is somewhat ironic in the manufacturer's ambitious attempt to meet a comprehensive range of needs, the printer's major deficiency may be just how versatile it is, excelling in performance as compared to my Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner ADF, Fax. Prints from Tablet/Smartphone. AirPrint Compatible (C11CC36201) but falling short in some very basic convenience factors.

As was the case with the WF2540, I can easily access the printer for all functions over wireless networking from devices running Windows 7, Vista, XP Home and iOS. Overall, the XP-800 (at more than double the cost of the WF2540 currently) appears to be a better choice for personal oriented printer needs and while faster in every function I tried I still consider the Workforce series, particularly the 3500 models, a better choice if home office or small business use is intended as the primary focus due to the limited capacity of paper trays and actual convenience of use for moderate to high volume printing, scanning and copying. However, I don't believe the Expressions XP800 was ever intended to be positioned in the Epson printer family to serve as the first choice for moderate to high volume print needs.

Physical Characteristics

Despite inspired marketing, the "small in one" XP-800 is essentially the same size as the Workforce 2540, being merely one inch less in height due to the different configuration of the 30 page automatic document feed - acknowledging the WF2540 requires more clearance space above once it is loaded with paper - about two inches less in width but nearly two inches more in depth resulting in an effective footprint of similar dimensions. Aesthetically, I prefer the high gloss external finish over the matted finish of the Workforce series and the control panel of the XP-800 has a more modern appearance than the button clustered WF2540. It should be noted however higher priced units from the WorkForce models have control panel very comparable to the XP-800. In terms of build quality I have reservations regarding the vast number of plastic components in both series and over time durability may become an issue. Both seem fragile, comprised of potentially brittle plastic parts and external encasements, particularly the auto eject paper tray of the XP800 which is similar in action to a dvd/cd drive chasis but requires manual action to be recessed. I feel like I am forcing the gears whenever I carefully push it in.

Similarly to the higher end units of the Workforce series, this unit has a 3.5" LCD touch screen whereas the Workforce 2540 I am comparing it to has a 2.5" LCD display screen and a key pad set. Most functions can be fully exploited from the XP-800's touch screen, including scan operations although resolution does not appear to be adjustable from the touch screen. Both printers have a front located USB port but the XP800 also has memory card slots providing wider accommodation for alternative data storage/transfer options. It also has dedicated trays for photo paper and DVDs/CDs.

Unfortunately the existence of these trays also serves to reduce the amount of paper that can be accommodated by the primary paper tray rendering the printer less conducive to moderate volume printing. There is a rear located manual feed slot that will facilitate use of specialized paper, card stock and envelopes as well as the sculpted top 30 page ADF which will accept legal size documents but seems to open at the slightest touch.


As my second recent Epson acquisition so I was not nonplussed by the amount of blue tape securing the internal parts that must be removed before commencing the installation steps. As I noted with the Workforce 2540, it probably takes more time for remove all of the packing tape than any other step. Before mounting the Install CD the basic print, copy and fax basic settings should be input through the printer control touch pad before attempting to set up a connection to the PC or network. After completion of preliminaries, installation from the CD is pretty simple and fast. The CD contains Drivers and utilities (required for each PC that will be enabled to access this printer), a link to the online user's guide, and special offers enticement including LCTM client which some users may wish to delete from the install options. Connection can be accomplished via wireless, USB or Ethernet networked connection. It is recommended during the install process to use USB for setup even if the eventual communications mode will be wireless, but as I discovered with the previous install, using the wireless route is just as painless. Although I' m sure most users would have a USB cable available if they desired to take that path, a cable is not part of this printer package.

One frustrating aspect can be setting up mobile printing for a first time user and even for someone who has gone through it before, it is still an annoyance due to the convoluted nature of the Epson site.


Each printer features a great deal of versatility in print methods and functions but the XP-800 has the wider range of choices, including auto-duplexing and activation via the control panel for mounted memory cards. With two-sided printing however, there have been a few delays for as long as three minutes over wireless from an XP OS desktop before printing commenced for documents as small as four pages. I haven't noticed the same delay from devices operating under Windows 7 or Vista. As noted above each printer will handle print requests from a USB stick without computer intervention. While not up to laser standards, I think print quality is very good on both printers. Direct print on CD/DVDs is supported with the XP-800 but I did not try it.

For photo reproduction, in my opinion the Expressions printer is the clear favorite. In this area, it is much more convenient with the dedicated paper tray and speed comparisons are patently unfair here. Waiting on the 2540 for creation of a color photo is like doing a hand drawing compared to the speed of the XP-800. The Expressions printer also had superior color saturation but I didn't recognize any significant difference in resolution between the printers or can I state I noticed any major differences in drying time on matte or glossy paper due to the distinctions in ink composition.

The positive side is this is as my second set up of an Epson Printer with Epson Connect I am slowly beginning to understand the application. The negative side is Epson's website organization doesn't make that any easier regardless of the number of printer setups initiated. Essentially there are six options available, some dependent on the device to be employed and in many respects they are overlapping for a specific device. Once an email address is established for the printer via Epson Connect it is feasible to initiate print functionality from remote locations from an email enabled device and I have used the utility on both of the printers I refer to here. Through Epson iPrint or Airprint from an iOS mobile device, printing and scanning is possible from Android or iOS devices. I have tested the utility from an iPhone and iPod Touch although I personally don't have a significant amount of need for it. To date, I haven't tried remote print from my laptop or Mac although the capability does exist. Similarly, another utility I have no use for, files can be scanned to Google Cloud or Evernote from the either printer.


Documents and photos can be scanned directly from the scanner bed, loaded into the ADF for auto feed, files from a PC, up/downloaded to/from designated Cloud sites or a USB drive/Memory card inserted in the front side printer port. Significantly, two-sided scan is easily accomplished with the XP800 but not supported with the 2540. Scan functions can be adjusted from the printer control panel or computer. Naturally, as dpi resolution is enhanced, resultant scan time will be impacted however with resolution of 4800dpi the XP-800 was still appreciably faster, especially with color scans. I did not attempt scanning to any Cloud from an iOS or android mobile device. I don't currently employ any offsite alternatives and I am not interested in exploring them.


Up to 99 copies of any plain paper document can be initiated by placement of document on scanner glass or feeding (up to 30 pages) via the ADF, which may also be somewhat of a pain as the XP-800 paper tray will require frequent refilling for larger jobs. For pages with color complexity I was relieved to discover it was not anywhere near as annoying as waiting for the WF2540 to get it done, being about 60% faster in my non-scientific testing of the same Access created form with text and shaded boxes, where with the XP800 it required about a minute and 15 seconds and it took nearly 5 minutes for the WF2540 to copy the same page. Copy settings are adjustable via the control panel including two-sided copying options, a feature not available with the WF2540 (but available with the upper models of the WF series).


Fax features may be set from the Printer control panel or Windows/Mac Fax utilities. Documents can be loaded from the ADF, scan bed or by computer command. I only tested as far as confirming the utility worked by sending/receiving a fax via the printer. I have fax capability setup on another unit (and I haven't used that in 3 years).


Whereas the Workforce 2540 has four Durabrite (pigment based) cartridges and will accept XL capacity cartridges, the XP-800 has five Claria cartridges (4 dye based and 1 pigment based black) cartridges. The life of either series of cartridges will be dependent upon print tendencies for any user but it appears the Durabrite cartridges for the WF series may turn out to be the better value. With the cost differential I encountered heavier printing requirements on the XP-800 could result in it becoming a costly proposition.


Essentially, this multifunction printer is a competitive choice for personal printing needs most notably for users who need a reasonably good photo printer that features other capabilities.. For limited business applications, it will get the job done and admittedly a bit faster than the WF2540 I have. However, if the primary focus is Home Office or Small business applications, potentially the user may discover doing it all is not all that attractive if in the long run the printer stands a real good chance of being worn out from excessive demand.
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on March 10, 2013
I bought this printer because my HP had "connectile dysfunction" and because I wanted an Airprint compatible printer. Wi-fi setup was much smoother than the HP had been, but that is not saying much. If I were asked whether I wanted to set up another HP printer or take a beating, I'd have to think about it. Setting this Epson up for Ipad seems to be just about as frustrating and I'm pretty techie.


Something will come out of the printer but only from my computer.

1. I have downloaded an app, firmware, etc. and can't get it to print from my Ipad which was why I selected this printer.

2. Epson's website troubleshooting -- Seriously? You've had years to work on this and THIS is your website troubleshooting? It doesn't address what to do if you can't print from an Ipad except to say, "Press the print button" but no solution if nothing happens when said print button is pressed.

Good thing I still have the packaging. This may be going back to Amazon.

OK, I worked out all the bugs in the connectivity and iPad printing, but this thing ALWAYS needs an ink cartridge even though I hardly print at all. It won't even print print black & white if there is an empty color cartridge even if the black cartridge has ink. Sheesh. Way too much trouble and expense.
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on February 11, 2013
Purchased this printer from Best Buy. Less than a week afterwards, the printer stopped printing in black, while all other colors continued working fine. The black ink level seemed almost full and cleaning the heads using the cleaning option didn't help. Unrelated to the ink issue that sent me back to the store, the printer's operating system is very not user friendly and a far cry from all other Epson printers I've seen. Additionally, the automatically moving screen and print tray seemed like a huge potential for problems. Back to my beloved Epson WF-2540, same print quality, less headache.
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on April 10, 2013
I bought this printer a month ago and it was fine for the first couple of weeks. Then I tried to print a envelope through the rear feed slot, it took the envelope and passed it out the output tray, then printed the address on a regular sheet from the front tray and output that. At the end of the episode it made a grinding sound and came up with a error message to shut it down and restart the printer. Since then I've been having troubles with other problems and haven't had time to call Epson but this is my second Epson all-in-one and the other printer gave me problems too. This one started coming up with various error messages and started useing ink like mad, a second set of ink cartridges lasted only about 40-50 type only sheets!

I thought they would have fixed the problems by now but I guess I was wrong. This is the last printer I will buy from Epson, ALL the problems I've had should never have happened in the forst place. I understand a system having a problem but this is way too many.
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