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on December 12, 2012
I have this printer for about a month, I am very impressed with it so far. I still didn't replace cartridges that came with. I was a bit anxious choosing this printer, because there was no user review online yet for XP-850. I found some reviews for XP-800, but would not compare,since this baby is completely new design. It uses different cartridges, and seemed to be more photo inclined. XP850 takes six cartridges: Black, Magenta, Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan and Yellow. The XP-800 uses C-M-Y-K and Photo Black.

I am a hobbyist photographer, and wanted a decent printer for my photos, but didn't want to spend more than $300 for one. So far I was printing my photos online, or at local CVS store. They were rarely printed to my taste, as usually they are adding more contrast or saturation to my photos, making them look different from what I have in my computer.
My monitor has visual color and gamma adjustment/calibration. I'm adjusting my photos using Lightroom 4. Photos are printed on Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper GLOSSY. The prints look accurate with what I see on my monitor, beautiful vivid colors.

I have the xp-850 wired to my main machine, also connected with WiFi to a laptop in another room. Also installed an application on my Android phone and I could print images or web pages from my smart phone. I don't see myself doing that, so I removed the app.
Wifi is easy to set up, works great, no issues. I like the fact that tray comes out automatically, on my older printer sometimes I would forget to open the door and extend the tray, and printed paper would get stuck inside. Printing from another room wirelessly, you won't have to ask yourself: Is the tray open or not ?
I have 4x6 photo paper in cassette1, and A4 in cassette2. But I have option to load 4x6 photo paper in cassette1, 8.5x11 photo paper in cassette2, and A4 paper in the rear feed slot. Easy to choose from the menu which of the cassette to use.

There are plenty features you get on this printer for less than $300. Two side printing, ADF (automatic document feeder), Fax, Scan, Copy, print from memory card, print on CD, touch screen with intuitive menu. Also wireless connection to your phone/tablet or laptop. I won't focus at all this features.
Most people care about print quality and how long the cartridges last. Everything else is bundle. I can confirm that print quality exceeded my expectation. Every photo that comes out is simply beautiful. I'm studying every inch of the photo, looking at all details and can't find anything to complain about. What I see on my IPS monitor, I'm holding in my hands as print. I can't compare it to competition, as my previous printer was a junk used mostly to print online coupons.

Will have to update my review after one or two cartridge changes.

Update April 18 - 2013

Hello everyone, I'm back six months after I purchased this printer as I promised, to update my review. First, I'm happy to see there are more reviews of this printer, and sad to see that some people are not fully happy with it.
This printer maintains highest rating of 5 stars from me. The quality of prints still amazes me. I can say that this printer improved my photography and pp editing skills. I am more careful when composing my photos, striving for better photos worth printing.
I went through two sets of cartridges and now a third one is loaded. I've printed so far 43 photos 4x6, 10 photos 8.5x11, and 6 printable discs (Philips DVD+R White inkjet printable). I don't have the exact number of draft prints, but I surely finished a pack of 500 sheets of Staples multipurpose paper (98 brightness)
All photos were printed with the highest quality available.
We're printing daily something. Either a crossword, a coupon, or a document. I never had any issue with printing speed unlike one of the reviewers, but that's maybe because I'm a patient kind of person. Or maybe because I would trade speed for quality. Speaking of that, there is a setting which gives you the option to have your prints come out faster.

Anyway, here some thoughts:

In my initial review, I didn't see myself printing from a smart phone or tablet. Well, Santa brought an Android tablet for my wife, and now she's printing daily crosswords, from the couch, using her tablet, while I'm working on the main computer. I find it very convenient. Without this feature, I would have to move away from the computer.

My advice to potential owners of this printer: Always have a spare set of cartridges. ALWAYS. Think ahead, buy in advance, because if you run out of one of those six cartridges, your printer can only be used to scan to PC. Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to go see a game or a Broadway show, and you realize you can't print your tickets. Didn't happen to me, this is just a scenario, but be warned.
The black cartridge seems to go faster, and I recommend to go with the XL version. The rest of the colors, don't need to be XL, unless you print a lot.
The six cartridges, will not finish the ink in the same time. Today you're changing the magenta, in 3 days the yellow, in one or 2 weeks the cyan, and so on. This might give the impression to some people that the printer sucks a lot of ink. Have spare cartridges ready.
Mistakes will happen, expect to trash few high quality papers. I's unavoidable. I screwed one DVD, because I didn't check the printing settings carefully. The Philips I bought, they have an inner circle of 23mm, and I would have to choose a custom diameter.
Other time, I loaded the 4x6 photo paper upside down, and printed on wrong side. The manual says that printer can be damaged if this occurs. Mine works fine, although I cleaned the printing heads immediately.
Remember to stock up on cartridges, otherwise you'll miss the show. LOL


UPDATE January 2014

More than a year has passed since I purchased this printer. I'm still maintaining the maximum rating of 5 stars.
I didn't experience any paper jams except once when I loaded a very thick paper (more like carton) to print a Halloween mask for my son. It was a Gap gift box I cut it the size of A4 paper. I tried second time and worked quite nice lol.
Interesting is that it never run out of ink in the middle of a printing. With low cartridge warning on for long time, I'm loading 8x10 photo paper and hit print, thinking it would be a waste of paper if it runs out of ink in the middle of the printing process. It never happened, I don't know how they do it.

I've said a lot of good things about this printer in my previous review, and thought to bring some critiques this time. But I really have nothing to complain about. If there is something, I could complain is the software that comes with.
If you want to print a jpeg on lower photo quality using regular white paper, the printer will give you options only for premium paper, and photo/best photo quality. You have to dig dip in the settings to rich the "bright white paper" and lower draft quality.
The CD printing software, I would like to see "maintain aspect ratio" when printing a photo on a cd. This option is missing, and have to drag the corners until the photo doesn't look distorted to my eye.
The printing preview of a cd is hidden under "Blur" settings. Took me some time to find it.

I would buy this printer again.
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on April 14, 2013
This is the first review that I have done on a product, but I feel I have to comment about this printer. I previously had the HP deskjet 995 printer which lasted 11 years. I heavily used this printer for home office use and printing photos. I also have a HP Scanjet 5490 scanner with ADF. So when my printer went up, I was looking for a replacement printer that would produce great quality photos. If it could scan as well, then it would be an added bonus.

I initially bought the Epson XP-800 and was not very impressed by the photos. But I'm not sure if it was because I was using my leftover HP photo paper. I returned that printer and purchased this printer after reading several web reviews and viewing a you tube video review. The review that was most helpful was located at After purchasing this printer, I still wasn't impressed with the printed photos. Then, I figured that I would try the Epson paper before returning the printer. I purchased Epson Ultra Premium Glossy paper at a local store and what a huge difference. The photos are incredible. I adjusted the color settings to Best photo, Epson standard (Gamma 1.8) as suggested in the article.

Scanner works well with the ADF. No jams have occurred so far.

Text is crisp using normal mode and prints fast.

The only thing to complain about this printer is what others have mentioned about the paper output tray not retracting. However, I would rather it stay out, than have a motor wear out from constantly throwing a tray in and out. The only time it is in the way is when I have to fill up the paper tray or change the paper to photo paper.

In addition, I had trouble finding replacement ink locally. No one carries it yet and I had to purchase it online (from Epson). And, 4 days after I purchased the ink online, I got a registration message for the printer. After completing the online registration, I received a 10% off coupon by email that expires in 2 wks.

If you are not looking for a PHOTO printer with scanning capability, then I would choose the Epson Workforce or less expensive XP-800.
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on November 14, 2013
I have had several Epson printers and have always raved about their photo quality and overall performance, until I bought this piece of junk. The rear paper feed is a joke. It's a think piece of plastic that's awkward and the sheets don't print until you run them through a second time. The ink cartridges don't last long and when I replaced the first one, there were lines in my photos so had to do a nozzle check, which then led to a nozzle clean. This caused the next cartridge to deplete itself so I had to replace that one with a subsequent nozzle cleaning because of the same problem. I ended up having to change all of the cartridges with nozzle cleanings done numerous times before it would print without lines. And guess what?! The first cartridge was almost completely empty just from these installations and nozzle cleanings. It also takes forever to get to the point of printing anything. It makes a lot of noise and moves stuff around in there for several minutes before it prints. Seriously? Save yourself money and tons of aggravation and don't buy this machine.
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on January 11, 2013
"Upgraded" from an HP unit, which was excellent, but, I wanted "more" for some photography printing along with the everyday things. I'm super pleased on all fronts. The ability to take thicker stock from a rear feed is nice if you need an 8x10 or a cover sheet for a presentation. Colors are excellent. Highly recommended!
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on February 28, 2014
THE GOOD: The printer prints fantastically. When all is working as it should, this printer puts out crisp text and vibrant graphics. The print quality is better than any printer I've used over the last 20 years.

THE BAD: One set of ink cartridges lasts for less than 20 prints / CDs. The print head has a tendency to streak and needs frequent cleanings and nozzle checks; each cleaning consumes roughly 1/3 of each ink cartridge.

THE UGLY: After changing a cartridge, the printer would always steak its output. So I'd perform a head cleaning and a nozzle check. Usually some other color was off after the check, so I'd repeat the head cleaning and nozzle check. By the time all the colors tested properly, I'd have to replace another cartridge because I used up all the ink doing head cleanings. Changing a cartridge would cause this cycle to repeat itself.

After going through several sets of cartridges trying to get the head cleaned properly, I called Epson. To make a long story short, I went through a total of 4 XP-850s shipped from Epson that all exhibited the same finickiness of the print head and massive consumption of ink to perform a cleaning. There is a massive design flaw in the print head / ink delivery mechanism on the XP-850. I talked Epson into replacing the XP-850 with an older Artisan 837.

The printer works great until you have to replace the cartridges. This printer was used in a business setting with moderate printing and heavy disc printing needs. We ended up spending more on ink than we did on the printer over the short 3 month span it (and its 3 successors) was in use.

Avoid this printer. See if you can still find an Artisan someplace.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 10, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am positively thrilled by this EPSON EXPRESSION PHOTO XP-850 printer! If you have space or cash for only one all-in-one printer, it's not a good choice, because the paper tray capacities are small and the photo-quality ink (black plus five colors, not three colors) is a little more expensive than regular ink. But for use as a dedicated copier, scanner, and printer for photos, printable CDs and DVDs, greeting cards, labels, card stock, and other specialized media, it really excels!

***TOUCH SCREEN. A great feature is the bright, full-color touch screen, which goes to sleep automatically and wakes instantly. A swipe of the screen is all it takes to change copy, print, or scan settings; and the screen displays step-by-step instructions (sometimes line drawings!) for performing all operations, including irregularly used ones such as head cleaning, printing directly from an inserted photo memory card, or printing labels directly on CDs or DVDs. The touch screen also shows printer status information like current cartridge ink levels. All of this information can be viewed both from a networked computer and the touch screen.

***MEDIA TRAYS. This printer has three media trays: cassette 1 (accepts 4"x6" or 5"x7" sheets, useful for keeping photo paper or small label sheets always loaded); cassette 2 (accepts letter size, A4, legal size, 4"x6", 5"x7", or 8"x10" sheets); and a CD/DVD tray that stores at the bottom of the machine, but is specially inserted when needed to print labels on printable discs.

One feature that I don't much like, is that you must close the output tray (which opens automatically when something is printed or copied) whenever you load paper, photo paper, or other media in the trays. When you close the output tray, you feel resistance--the user guide says this is normal, not to worry--but it usually feels a little like you may break something. (So far, I haven't.)

***PAPER FEEDS. The printer has a rear paper feed slot for single sheet copying of card stock and other thick media. It also has an automatic document feeder for faxing, scanning, or copying up to 30 letter-size or A4-size sheets, or 10 legal-size sheets.

***COPYING. The printer does single-sided or double-sided copying, as requested. When copying, it's important to specify the paper type. When I wanted an ordinary color copy on plain paper, but left the setting at high quality photo paper, the copy came out as a matte copy, very faded. The identical copying job with a plain paper setting gave me the excellent, true-color copy that I'd expected.

***PRINTING. This printer does single-sided or double-sided printing automatically or as requested. Print job settings (borders or not, quantities, paper types, etc.) can be ordered from your computer and transmitted wirelessly, or set up using the printer's touch screen.

***PHOTO PRINTING. Photos print with extraordinarily beautiful color detail, because the printer uses six cartridges (black plus cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow) rather than the usual four (black plus cyan, magenta, yellow). A photo printed on Staples Photo Plus (everyday use) glossy paper looked just as good as one printed on Epson Premium glossy paper; however, the photo looked even better when printed on Epson Ultra Premium glossy paper. A sample with two sheets of Epson Ultra Premium paper was packed in the box with the printer.

***CD/DVD PRINTING. This is the first printer I've owned that was capable of printing a label directly on a CD or DVD disc. You can print labels based on your own designs, or based on templates (e.g., a philodendron background with text) included in the accompanying "Epson Print CD" software; or you can print from copied CD/DVD labels. I got beautiful results using Memorex Printable CD-R discs; you burn the disc first, print the label (using the special tray), and then handle the disc carefully until the ink has completely dried (can be up to 24 hours). I found out the hard way that you need to use "printable" discs--the printer printed the labels on ordinary CDs, but the ink wouldn't dry, and faded to the extent that it did dry. This feature is wonderful if you want to make CDs or DVDs with professional-looking labels: photo collections as gifts for relatives, catalogs of books or collections, edited music files, demo discs, etc.)

***SPEED. Whether it's printing, copying, or scanning, this printer is very, very fast. It seems to produce pages and to scan even more quickly than my excellent "workhorse" printer, the Epson WorkForce 645 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax (C11CB86201).

***INK. This XP-850 printer uses Epson 277 cartridges (Claria photo ink), which are available in both standard and high-capacity sizes. The Epson 277 ink is not yet available at my local Staples store, but it can be purchased from Epson or from Amazon. Because the printer warns you whenever an ink cartridge is running low, it's easy to purchase ink to have on hand whenever a cartridge actually needs replacing.

I haven't used this printer for long enough to know how often I'll need to buy ink, or how much extra the ink will cost over the long run as compared to "regular" ink. However, since I'll be using the printer as a dedicated "special media" printer (for CD/DVD labels, photo prints, and the other things it is specifically designed to do), I don't expect that ink replacement costs will be a significant factor for me.

***FAX. I didn't test the faxing capacity of this printer, because I have a fax machine already set up that is working satisfactorily.

***EASE OF SETUP. For the easiest first-time wireless setup, this printer needs to be connected to a computer with a USB cable (not supplied). If you follow the instructions in the Quick Start guide carefully, this printer is very easy to set up as a wireless printer. You must install the software first, then connect the printer to your computer via the USB cable, and then establish the printer's connection to your wireless network. Once you've added the printer to your network, you will need to install the printer software on each networked computer that will be using the printer. If you don't have a USB cable, you can establish the wireless network connection by using the Touch Screen.

***SMALL FOOTPRINT. The Epson "Small-in-One" printers have small footprints that make them excellent choices for individual workstations. This EXPRESSION PHOTO XP-850 printer measures 7-1/2" high x 13-1/2" deep x 15-1/2" wide; thus it is small enough that I can find space in my home for this second printer that I'll use mostly for printing photos and special media.

***CONCLUSION. This is a terrific printer for families who print a lot of photos and burn a lot of photo/video CDs/DVDs and make their own greeting cards. As long as you use the correct paper or media and use the Touch Screen to adjust the settings, you'll get beautiful results every time. However, this little all-in-one printer isn't the best choice for an everyday "workhorse" printer, because it has small paper tray capacities and uses specialty ink designed for printing photos. That said, I genuinely love this printer, which does things I didn't realize I needed to do until I started using it.
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on February 24, 2014
Worked just OK the first few months, then it all went down hill.

Replaced cartridges for the first time and the print quality was horrendous. Lines throughout the text, incorrect colors printed, etc. Tech support had us clean the heads. Wasted a ton of ink. Cleaned them again. Wasted more. It hasn't printed anything correctly for two months now.

Just replaced with a set of brand new (expensive) ink cartridges. The print quality is atrocious. The test page printed the Epson logo in purple, blue, and burgundy. Nice.

Additional issues:

- Warns you that you're out of ink when in fact you aren't.
- Shuts down when you DO run out of ink. Can't print at all.
- Cannot choose 'Draft' mode. Only normal and above.

Very Frustrated, and done with Epson.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I generally use an Epson WorkForce Pro WP4540 but I've now had some time with the XP-800 so I was interested to see how this XP-850 would compare. The WorkForce Pro is about 60% heavier and 10" taller with the most significant benefit being the larger paper storage of the WorkForce. The XP-800 and XP-850 have precisely the same dimensions.

The 850 costs about 30% more than the 800. Rather than having three colors plus black and photo black on the 800, the 850 has 5 colors plus a single black cartridge. The advantage of the 850 is supposed to be superior photographs, so if you have a separate high-end photo printer, you'll be perfectly satisfied with the 800. Moreover, the 850, due to the multiple inks, is somewhat slower than the 800. The 800, for example, has a maximum output of 12ppm using black only vs 9.5ppm on the 850.

But let's take a look at some specifics:

The XP850 has WiFi connectivity but may also be connected to a single computer via its USB port. Both worked quite well and I easily connected to my password-protected network. I saw no difference in speed of operation and there is a WiFi LED indicator on the front panel (which has a color touchpad interface). The printer came with a CD which installed software on my OS X 10.8.3 system. Accessing the printer via its IP address allowed me to update the firmware with the latest version. A small Quick Start guide is included in the packaging and the XP850 also includes a 40 page Quick Guide, but the actual printer manual is 348 pages long and can be reviewed as a pdf. I was quickly able to register the printer with Google Cloud Print and Epson Connect services, and it can be easily accessed from iPhone/iPad for printing as desired.

First of all, the XP-850 has 6 ink cartridges including both black and photo black, and the printer delivers a 5760x1440 dpi maximum resolution (this is superior to the 4800x1200 of Epson's office printers) at a 9.5 ppm speed for black or 9 ppm for color. The color output speed is comparable to that of Epson's office printers, and I actually found the optimization of 4x6 color prints to be somewhat faster here on the XP-850. Printing a bunch of small photos will go quickly. There is a rear paper port for odd sizes of paper, and there are two storage carts. The paper storage trays are a bit difficult to get to. They're under an automated paper reception tray (which doesn't appear to have a button for retraction). Once you figure it out, it will go smoothly - you can store 100 sheets of regular paper and 20 sheets of photo paper in the two cartridges. Again, this isn't a lot of storage, but this printer is small enough to sit right at your workspace. The printer has the ability to print directly on CD/DVDs that have that capacity, though I did not try this with the 850. Photos on the XP-800 look wonderful. They won't be confused with professionally printed photos, but they are most definitely a step above the WorkForce Pro's photo output. The XP-850 takes this quite a few steps higher. A quick glance at an identical 4x6 photo printed on the 800 and 850 doesn't reveal much, but looking closely demonstrates far superior white flesh tone reproduction as well as superior blues. The overall reproduction is smoother without evidence of the ink dots utilized to form the image and the overall tone of the output is superior on the 850 (I used the exact same settings for both). Whereas the 800 output is not up to professional standards, the 850 output is similar to what you might receive from a typical photo lab.

Copying & Scanning: Scans can be initiated from the control panel on the printer or accessed directly from your Mac's Preview software. There is a 30 page automated document feeder on the top of the printer. Duplex scanning works nicely - the only downside here compared to the WorkForce unit is that paper being output has a tendency to fall off the edge of the printer if many pages are being output. Scanning has an optical resolution of 4800 dpi, far better than the 2400 dpi of the WorkForce units. I scanned some black and white 8x10's from the 1960s which had begun to fade and crack; I was very impressed with the scanning speed, software, and overall appearance of the final product. The new print looks superior to the original.

Fax: Not tested, but the software seems to be quite capable.

The printer has a Compact Flash as well as SD/SDHC/SDXC and MS Duo card ports. I was able to insert the CF card from my Canon camera and print directly from the card. The card was then accessible directly from my computer. This is a convenient way to access cards when a dedicated card reader is not nearby. A USB Type A port is on the front of the printer for external devices using this interface.

Why 4 stars instead of 5: I'd like a complete printed manual, automatic firmware and utility software updates (and better explanation as to what Apple's software updater is installing so that I know if I need to also download straight from Epson's website), and a print tray retraction button so I don't feel like the tray motor will break eventually due to being manually spun.

Final Note: If you're about to buy this, look closely at Epson's XP-800. It's the exact same size, and a few pounds heavier, less expensive, and faster, but without the excellent photo output found here.
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on January 16, 2013
Had an Epson 220 photo printer which was used exclusively by my wife to print 4X6 photos. She would use the printer maybe every three months. Printer worked great for 4-5 years, but then one of the print heads appears to have gotten slightly clogged, and the printer utilities could not correct the problem. All it takes is one slightly bad head to affect the quality of the photo.

I may have a preference for Epson photo printers, but I review HP and Canon printers. Really just needed a photo printer versus a all-in-one (have an HP Officejet 6500A Plus), but I decide on the XP-850 based on reviews and compact size and price. Pictures generated so far are excellent. Ink cartridges are a little small, but we don't print that many photos. Not fond of the output tray automatically coming out and then requiring me to manually push back in.

I would recommend purchasing this printer. Does have a nice compact footprint and excellent features.
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on March 15, 2014
I am calling Epson on Monday 3/17/2014, AGAIN. Heads plugged Again! This will be the 4TH PRINTER REPLACEMENT IN 5 MONTHS WITH PLUGED PRINT HEADS, ONE SENT TO ME WITH PLUGED HEAD.
WORST PRINTER I HAVE EVER OWNED. (I have never put anything but the original Epson ink in it)
UPDATE Got the replacement today and installed. so far OK. Except the initial setup used over ½ the ink. Absolute Junk. Very expensive ink because when one cartage needs changing you might as well change all of them because installing one will drain the others and then you will need to replace them too.
UPDATE 4 days later and after printing less than 20 type pages normal quality (not pictures) it shows black ink is low, all the other colors are nearly as low. That's $62 worth of ink! I may have to trash the printer and get another brand.
UPDATE 4/7/14 This weekend I was printing 2 copies of just a few lines of text. One copy printed fine the second would not because of an error. The error was that 4 of the 6 inks were empty! Really, 4 all at once after just printing 1 page with just a few lines of text that looked great. I changed all 6 because the other two showed nearly empty too. The light magenta then showed a plugged head, after cleaning it all appears OK again. At least I didn't have to call Epson to get a replacement. As others have committed, this is a major problem that it just refuses to print when it does not appear to be actually out of ink. I have not printed more than 40 type pages (no pictures, normal quality) with the replacement printer shipped with new ink. That comes to well over a dollar a page!!! Also, you cannot find ink locally, it must be ordered.
UPDATE 9/2/14 Had to change in cartages and the head plugged again. After a long phone call to Epson I am getting another replacement printer sent.
I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH A PRINTER!!! The warranty runs out in December then it will go into the trash with the next plugged head. I don't know why Epson can't fix the problem with the head, so many reviews with head problems and it wasting ink.
LAST UPDATE 11/14 Well, it quit again, this time it's out of the Epson Warranty (Epson sent 5 replacement printers over the year) but I purchased the Square Trade extended warranty and they are sending a refund. So glad to get rid of the ink hog and plugging print heads issues. When it worked it was a great printer though, I don't know why Epson couldn't fix the issues.
I'm trying then Canon Maxify MB5320. I sure hope it is a whole lot less problems!!! I know it won't have the photo quality but that is not my main need.
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