Customer Reviews: Epson V11H475020 318-Inches PowerLite Home Cinema 710 HD 720p 3LCD Home Theater Projector
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I am a teacher and am now using three versions of this projector currently in my classrooms as well as sharing with others, the EX7210 and the EX3210 and this projector the Powerlite Home Cinema 710HD . I have also used them to view movies at home as well. The EX3210 is a lower end model without the HDMI connector, and if you want to use it for movies that model is not a good option. Both the EX7210 and the Powerlite Home Cinema 710 provide excellent movie viewing experiences. Viewed from a distance of five feet from the screen one does not observe pixilation. If you get your nose up to it, you can see the pixels slightly. You could use either of these projector both for movie watching and for presentations. This is an excellent option rather than a huge big screen TV, as it takes up much less space and is more versatile. You can use it for movies (even outside if you are willing to come up with a screen) or in the classroom. They are small and light enough to bring along with you. They have horizontal and vertical adjustment so that if your screen is not perfectly perpendicular you can still watch a movie that is not slanted. You do need to come up with some other option for speakers if you want to watch a movie with this projector and have a full movie experience.

COMPARING the EX7210 and the Powerlite 720HD

I compared the EX7210 and the Powerlite 710HD head to head and could find almost no difference when viewing other than the color of the projector casing. Both have WXGA (1280 X800) resolution and we noticed no difference in the clarity or brightness between the two.


Contrast 3000:1 for both, weight 5.1 lbs for both, size same, Inputs all the same, zoom lens the same, aspect ratio the same (16:10), lamp life the same (4000 hours) both with 3LCDs. Both have a maximum audible noise of 37.0 dB. The remotes are exactly the same.

These specifications were different (besides the casing color): The Powerlight specifically mentions that it has four preset color modes for various environments and that it can be mounted on the ceiling 3.5 feet to 35.5 feet away from the screen. If you plan to mount it on the ceiling, be aware that the focus adjustment is manual, so you will need to have the screen stay in the same place or be able to reach the projector.
So it seems that the projectors are very similar, with the Powerlight being aimed toward movie watching and games. However, when using them on a 120 inch screen from the same distance, no difference was perceptible.

GENERAL INFO about both EPSON projectors:
The projector itself is smaller than I expected. It is also reasonably light and comes with a carry case for easy transport. As teacher who moves from room to room the portability is handy. The carry case has a strap long enough to throw it over your shoulder, a real plus when you are juggling stuff between classrooms. The case has a front pocket for the power cord and remote as well. The manual and CD (for extra info) are originally packed inside this front pocket of the case.

The projector is absolutely idiot proof when it comes to inputs. You can push the button that says Source Search and it will find where you are trying to input and start displaying the information.

*Light output:
Light output is strong enough that Powerpoint presentations and movies can be seen with the projector 20 feet away from the screen (this is as far back as I can get it in the room in partially lit room. Partially lit in this case is defined as the overhead lights are off but the three windows do not have blinds. The room is bright enough that the students can easily see their papers and take notes (and I can see the students!). These projectors put out 2800 lumens (a lumen is a unit of visible light emitted by a source). The school has 1500 lumen projectors, which I rarely used because the lights had to be all the way off for the student to see the projections, and that leads to trouble.
You can watch a movie in normal ambient room light, but a slightly darkened room is better and a really dark room provides a fantastic experience.

*Sound output:
It has built in speakers and they are loud enough for use in a room with 50 students but just barely. In the smaller room with 25 kids it is great. If you use it with a laptop I would suggest adding some speakers for sound. You are not going to want to watch a movie on a giant screen with just the sound coming out of this unit, you are better off running the sound from the DVD player into some decent speakers.

*Noise and Heat:
They hum. The fan whirs. Not very loud but it is audible. They get hot, and fast. The manual says you do not have to wait for them to cool, but I usually do so.

*Other uses:
The projector can also be used in science class to project a clear slide of one color of light to show color absorption and reflection. I know this is not what it was designed for at all, but it works very well for this purpose. I simply made an image of the various colors I want to compare, put those images on a usb drive and since the projector uses LCD to make the light the wavelengths are very precise. Although this will probably not be useful for most users it does show you how clear a projection the device yields. The clarity of these projects is such that I can use three overlapping squares of the primary colors of light and the secondary colors are easy to see, with the overlap of the three being white, as expected.

*Other issues:

I originally tried to use the projectors with really cheap (think less than a cup of high end coffee) 25 foot long HDMI cables. This caused some problems, with the signal dropping out every once in a while. Digital is either all there, or not. With a slightly better (think two fast food dinners) 25 foot cable I did not have this problem.

The replacement lamp is currently just over 160 dollars on Amazon. Since it is rated for 4,000 hours that is a lot of science and math (or movies!).

I cannot speak to the price/value for these projectors (as I only have these and the school ones but they are a LOT better than the school provided ones. Everybody wants to borrow them, and since they are easy to move around it is simple to loan them out.

I received this projector through Amazon Vine.
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on August 29, 2012
First of all, I don't know what the negative reviews on this projector are talking about. They said the picture wasn't clear. That's what the focus ring is for. They said the sound was poor. Projectors aren't supposed to have good sound; get an external set of speakers.

On to my review. Out of the box the colors in theater mode are pretty darn good. I messed with the settings a little bit, but I ended up going back to the factory default on "theater" mode and it looks awesome. See the review on for a similar opinion on color. The clarity of picture is excellent. The reviewer on claims that its best to let the 710hd warm up for 5 minutes and then set the focus ring. I have not experienced this. I focus it at the beginning and have no issues after that. The motion is smooth on action scenes as well. The menu is very straightforward and user friendly. This projector is also a light cannon. It will be perfect for outdoor movies on screens larger than living room setups (larger screens require more light).

There are two things that I'm not too crazy about on the projector. 1) The blacks aren't terrific. I'm over it though and completely forget about it as I become engrossed in a film. 2) I place my projector on a coffee table in the living room. I have to place the projector on a small box about 12 inches high because the bottom of image is nearly level with the lens. Basically, there really isn't any offset angle on this projector. I could just angle it up and use keystone correction, but that harms the resolution of the image, and I'm not going to do that.

In summary, I love this projector. I am sensitive to rainbows and sold my DLP projector to get this one. I couldn't be happier as I can focus on the movies now and not get distracted by the rainbow effect. Don't let forums or reviews convince you that you NEED 1080p. 720 looks phenomenal with blu-ray and you won't be disappointed. Use the extra 300-400 dollars you save in not getting a decent 1080p projector, and get a nice screen or lots of blu-rays. Don't get me wrong, 1080p will look crisper, and eventually, I will even upgrade when prices drop even further. But, I promise you will not be disappointed in 720p.
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on February 23, 2013
Ok, I've been using this projector for about 3 days now (about 40 hours of use). I've had 2 other projectors before this and did a ton of research for all 3 purchases, so I'm not new to the game.
As 720p, home "entertainment" projectors go, this is about your best bet. You can get a 1080 projector for a similar ballpark price, but it's gonna have about 1k lumens, not 2800!
I use this in my living room as daily-use entertainment, not a totally dark, basement "home theater". It's perfect. Before this, I had the Viewsonic 720p machine. Before that, a palm-sized, 30 lumen Optoma pico projector that was great for the extreme portability, but I wanted home entertainment.
The Viewsonic was nice, but this Epson is a tad quieter, has a crisper image and, most importantly, the colors! The colors on the Viewsonic were way off, brownish yellows and that sort of thing. I've heard that you can use software to get it up to par but I was never able to get good colors out of it with the built in menu. This Epson is amazing out of the box! I'll get around to tweaking it eventually, but I don't see it needing much. Feels like better quality overall than the Viewsonic. Sleeker cabinet, better remote, etc.
Don't expect to use onboard speakers with a living room setup, only portable situations, if even then. Hook this up to a nice surround sound system.

P.S. to anyone on the fence about buying their first projector: I was at a local electronics store yesterday and saw the 90" Sharp Aquos LED. The world's largest LED tv...$9000...I thought of my $600 Epson at home showing 120" with the quality of a 720p plasma...I laughed. So you say if I watch in 720 instead of 1080, you'll give me another 30" and $8400 back? Um, okay!
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on June 1, 2013
Bought this to replace a 5 year old Panasonic that was failing. Not only is it brighter, but it cost half as much. The bulb has a longer projected life and costs less as well. Although I was leaning towards a 1080 HD this time around, the picture quality is fine.
The only problem I had was the throw length. The original mount was 14 feet from the screen, which worked just fine for the Panasonic. It was too far for this model. I could not bring the projected image down to fit my 9 foot screen. Also couldn't move it forward as it is in a room with a vaulted ceiling. Fortunately, building a shelf to move it forward another foot sufficed.

Update: I've had this projector for over two and a half years and have been pretty satisfied with it. Over the last couple of days, I started to notice the image was a little dimmer. Today, the bulb just went with no warning message. There are some bulbs at great prices here on Amazon, but they seem a little dodgy. You know what they say when something seems too good to be true. And besides, despite my prime membership, they wouldn't arrive until Tuesday, and this is Thursday morning! So, I got an OEM lamp on another site for about $100 with next day delivery.

I still think the projector is a bargain, but the 930 HD, the successor for this model, is only $399.
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on March 8, 2016
Ever go to a town hall meeting or a little cinema in the back of a cafe and there is a little magical movie projector up on the ceiling making the movie on the wall or a big screen?

This is one of those gadgets, and it's simple and easy to use. The performance is fantastic.

What a toy! We couldn't be more pleased with our projector.
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on May 19, 2015
We purchased this for family movie nights, to project the movie on the side of our house, in our yard. After years of owning it but less than 12 times used, the down side is that the volume is not loud enough. We have tried unsuccessfully to out put the sound to speakers, etc. It does not have an av/HDMI out.
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on September 7, 2012
I was very impressed with this projector. This is what I was expecting from the projector industry over the past few years--much lower prices, and still a lot of brightness. The picture is bright and sharp. Much brighter than my projectors from a few years ago that were twice the price.
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on January 4, 2013
I was looking at this and the Epson EX7210. I called Epson to ask what the difference was, the specifications are the same The only difference is this one has a two year warranty and the Epson EX7210 has a one year warranty, I still cant figure that one out. I hooked it up to the component (RGB) on a LGBD670 Blu-Ray with "Wired-Up 15m Premium VGA to RGB Component Cable M /M - Black [PC]" works perfect, also tried with a 40 foot HDMI cable again perfect. The projector comes with a RGB to component adapter that is about 6 inches long.
I would recommend this projector to anyone.
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on March 25, 2013
We agree with the other reviewers about sound output. While it's not bad and is louder then we expected, we prefer to use an external speaker to provide an awesome movie experience. Would definitely recommend this projector. Make sure as you compare different projectors you're reviewing their color brightness. This one passes the test but the color brightness should be at least 2800 for great color and the white and color lumens should match in numbers. This projector's color brightness is 2800 lumens for both white and color output. If the projector doesn't specify don't purchase it even if the pixels and other information is the same, you will be disappointed with the picture.
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on June 13, 2013
Bought this unit after months of planning and reading hoping all would work out...and it has not let me down! 1080p costs were out of my range so wanted 720p HD and the picture quality is very good. Not 55" LED good but very good non the less. I ended up using a ceiling mount about 17' away from my projected to wall and have a great 135" screen. I love the many settings available to set keystone corners and image size. Basic setup works well but lots of tweaking options if you like to mess with color etc. I ended up painting a screen on my wall using Silver Screen paint by Behr and black felt flocking as a border and it turned out amazing. (Google for info). Colors are very true. I do have this in a basement with no outside lighting and have dimming light controls but the picture is very good with all lights on. I use for sporting events and movies. Wife is very impressed too. I ended up using an amplified HDMI cable to run a clean install from front of room to ceiling, thru the walls. Got that here too along with ceiling mount. Very pleased with Amazon and the ability to use reviews to plan this project.
review image review image
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