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on April 20, 2012
Out of the box, I was very impressed with how easily I was able to set the printer up and connect it to my wireless network. Its small footprint is perfect for the space I had in mind. After setting up the printer and printing a test page, I turned it off and didn't need it again for several weeks. Unfortunately, once I turned it back on, it insisted that there was a paper jam, and despite following the instructions to clear the imaginary jam what felt like 100+ times, every time I powered it back on, it still said there was a jam. This also prevented me from using it as a scanner. I finally gave in and called Epson, where I was walked through the same process for clearing the imaginary jam that I'd already been through. When that didn't work, they offered to send me a refurbished printer to replace this one, since more than 30 days had passed since my original purchase date. We'll see if that works when it arrives in a few days. If you do order this printer, I strongly suggest using it frequently in the first few weeks to make sure no issues arise. If I still had the packaging, I would send it back to Amazon and order a different printer.
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on February 12, 2013
If you're on the market for a new all-in-one printer stay away from this brand, or at least this particular model (I don't know if all Epson printers work the same way). It is ridiculous that you can't print anything out once one of the ink cartridges runs out. I used to have an all in one HP before, and if one of the cartridges would ran out, I would always had the option to print using a different color. Also, this Epson printer will "NOT" let you scan a document if one of your ink cartridges is out!!! really??? What does ink has to do when scanning a document???
Printer is long gone and will never buy Epson products again.
Hope this helps.
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on December 13, 2011
WARNING: I learned over many months of use that this printer has design problems. For example, a full color 8x10 print on the best photo setting takes 25-30 minutes to print. I am not exaggerating. I can only use it if I am busy doing something else and time doesn't matter. The next best photo image setting is 10-15 minutes for one print.

CISS- The (Florida source - latest version with the push-button reset button on the ink cartridge) Continuous Ink Supply System I bought for the unit was a pain to install but does work...but catch this...It is only reliable when you leave the entire hinged unit up in the OPEN position. I discovered this by accident. If I leave the hinged cover down in place, I get a warning that the scanner unit is not closed. So now the unit sits fully open all the time, waiting to collect dust and dirt that floats by. The original inks went so quickly that were it not for the CISS, I would not have kept this past the 14 day return policy.

Print Quality on an average priced glossy photo paper is outstanding. Very impressed with the printing. In fact I have never even bothered to buy a premium photo paper.

The comments below are from earlier when I had just bought the unit.

We live in a rural area, and had a power failure, which also apparently caused our internet service to go down. We couldn't get Comcast to come in quickly after failing to sort it out with phone help.

We had a local library with Wi-Fi that allowed you to use the library internet VERY hi-speed service even when sitting in your car in the parking lot with a laptop. With a home business, and the need to print out orders from gmail, and print out shipping labels from Fedex, we just had to find a solution. The library Wi-Fi would work for us in their parking lot 24 hours a day.

Since the Epson NX430 is small, lightweight, and has a very low power consumption, we were able to set the printer in the back seat of a car, use a 12vdc to 120vac inverter and run our office internet needs from the library parking lot. (Until Comcast came thru for us finally).

The salesman had told us that one of the good things about Epson printers was that they do not use a small capacity "starter ink" which I found to not be true at all. I was shocked at how quickly the black ran down on ink, in just several days of relatively small amounts of printing. I have had many ink jet and laser printers and while I am aware that ink jets use ink quickly, never had I used it up SO FAST as with this printer. So much so that I hesitate to buy more ink and am thinking of returning the unit. There is a 14 day return policy. I had purchased one spare black Epson 126 hi-capacity ink cartridge and will run that and keep careful track of the pages it can do, then make my decision. This is my first Epson brand printer.

Update one week later: The NX430 seems to give a warning that you are running out of ink FAR TOO EARLY. When it finally really did run out of ink a message came on the screen stating the black was totally empty and asked if I wanted the printing to proceed with a mixture of the colored inks making up the black. I thought that was a thoughtful feature. I have just ordered a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) from a company based in Florida and will report how that works out. As many of you know these ink jet printers can have quite an appetite for ink cartridges. I spent several hours searching for a CISS that was backed by a support system in the USA, as opposed to one from overseas. Early CISS had various problems, some even ruined printers when they leaked. It is important to follow the installation instructions and probably not go for the lowest price you can find. I have recently read about what is called the "waste ink storage" container which needs to be cleaned out eventually.
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on April 16, 2012
Overall, the Epson NX430 is a solid all-in-one printer. At a retail price of $99, it may not be worth it but if you can catch a sale like I did and get it for $49 it is well worth the price. Appearance wise the finish is a black that is glossy, but has some texture to it so it doesn't get all marked up with fingerprints too bad. The front has a fold up LCD screen with several virtual buttons that looks like something you would find a more pricy unit. When not in use, everything folds up nice and compact.

Setup could not be easier for the NX430. Using the supplied disc and a user supplied USB cable; it took 10 minutes start to finish. The disc runs you through the setup procedure, clearly stating exactly what to do so anyone should be able to install this. It also prompts you to register, pulling in the serial number as well as updating the firmware for the printer. Definitely one of the easiest printer setups I've ever seen. Just make sure you know your wireless network SSID and password and it should run flawlessly.

Features and Performance
I'm sure a big draw to this printer is the wireless, and I can say it works great. Once a job is sent to the printer, it starts almost immediately just as though it was plugged in. It has good range for the wireless as well. Scanning wirelessly takes a little more effort as you have to open the scan software Epson installs - this program is very simple and basic but works great. A drawback is you cannot initiate a scan at the unit itself wirelessly but you have to insert the item to be scanned then initiate it at the computer via the scan software. If connected via USB, you can initiate the scan at the printer itself. Scan quality is decent, not perfect but I'm sure good enough for almost all users. This unit also has a method to print by sending an email or from a tablet or phone. I have not used this, but at setup you are prompted to setup an account and it looks to be a very simple process.

Printing also works very well. The paper tray is in the back which is nice so there is no tray sticking out. I have had no issues with it not pulling paper in - just make sure the paper is straight and the guide is adjusted correctly to prevent the paper from being pulled in crooked. So far everything I have printed has come out nice and clear, and this has consisted of mostly text documents and coupons with a few color images thrown in. The one picture I printed seems to be of decent quality, obviously not as good as a photo printer but not bad for an all-in-one. I never recommend printing pictures on an all-in-one for reasons of quality and the ink it will suck. It's so easy to head to Walgreens or other places to print photos these days and is much more economical with higher quality. Copies scanned and printed the document quickly as well on the NX430. Speed-wise this isn't the fastest unit, but it's not bad and should be just fine for most users.

I was actually surprised at how well the LCD display and virtual buttons worked. The display is nice and clear and the buttons are responsive. The menu structure is well laid out and for a given screen, only the usable buttons are illuminated. If you ever get in a menu and don't know where you are, there is a back button and a home button so you can just start over. I haven't printed via a SD card yet, but I popped one in just to see how it would work and it looks to be simple enough, displaying the pictures on the screen.

The ink usage for the NX430 doesn't seem to be any better or worse than other printers I've used. Of course the first cartridge isn't going to last long - it is the smaller size and on startup this printer "Primes" the ink system, which takes much of the ink from the startup cartridges. It is nice having 4 instead of 2 so you don't waste a color cartridge by having to replace it when one color is gone but others may be almost full. The cartridges are very easy to remove and install. Pricewise the cost is also comparable to others and about the same everywhere. Occasionally you can find a deal through Epson with free shipping or a good sale at Target, and I recommend stocking up at this time. Get the 126's, not the 124's as these contain much more ink, will last longer and are a better value.

Overall the Epson NX430 is a nice all-in-one printer that I can recommend. I have had zero issues so far, and the ink usage doesn't seem to be any worse than other inkjets. I am giving it 4 stars because at the normal price of $79 - $99 with a few quirks that may be a bit much, but if you catch a sale and get it for $49 - $59 like I did, then I would give it a 5 and a great value.
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on January 20, 2013
We barely used this printer before it broke. When we replaced the ink cartridges for the first time the printer did not recognize the yellow cartridge. I thought that maybe the coding had been damaged when I put it in so I replaced it again. ($17.95 for just the yellow.) Now it says it does not recognize the blue cartridge!
When I put the old cartridges back in it does recognize them but it still won't print because if even one cartridge is low it won't print at all.IT WON'T EVEN PRINT BLACK AND WHITE. While I was reading the trouble-shooting guide I discovered that if the printer is turned off while checking the print head/nozzle it will be broken permanently. Seriously???
We did not turn it off but it still won't print. Save your money and find a better product. (Not Epson.) DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER. Do not buy any Epson printer.
(Update.)I replaced all the ink cartridges but this printer STILL WILL NOT PRINT!!!!! There is completely inadequate customer support from Epson. The printer says it is connected to WiFi, none of the computers can find it. When I go to print a report I get a blank page. When I go to print from the computer I get an error message but no description of the error. I have reinstalled the software/drivers etc. NOTHING WORKS!!!! Buy another brand because this is misery!
We have printed possibly 50 pages total from this printer. It worked only until the initial ink cartridges were done. (Well one of them.) What an unbelievable waste of money!!!!
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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We just got this printer last week and I have been putting it thru the paces. It sets up easily, user friendly, the color on photos is super, and even allows you to print color 4x6 photos with or without white borders. I purchased separately 4x6 glossy Epson photo paper and 8 1/2 x11 Ultra Premium Matte presentation paper, and the results are spectacular. I especially like the 4x6 color photos.
I ink cartridges come with the printer (paper does not), and I also ordered two sets of the extra ink cartridges directly from Epson (as I could not find them on Amazon), and the ink cartridges come in two sizes, one for normal and one more expensive set for extended/heavy use. The regular use cartridges from Epson cost about $25 per set, and the heavy duty-use cartridges cost around $45 for a set.
On really nice feature of this printer is the slot for an SD memory chip on the left side, so that you can insert your camera memory chip directly into the printer without even having to turn on your computer, or go thru it. You can print directly from the SD memory chip, the scanner on the top or via the wireless from existing photos/scans on your computer.

I compared side by side, the quality of a print made on Epson glossy 4x6 paper made by this computer with a 4x6 print made on Kodak paper at the local drugstore photo print machine and the quality is the same (except the printer allows white borders which I like, the drug store prints did not), colors are almost exactly the same.

All in all a great printer, small footprint (the control panel and paper reciever fold up into the printer), which I highly recommend!

edit: Now it is Nov 3 and I have bought 4x6 photo print paper and high quality print paper...and extra color ink cartridge packs, as well as the SEPARATE black ink cartridge packs. I am extremely happy and impressed with the 4x6 color photo printing quality, speed etc on this printer, as well as the color and black and white printing on the heavier paper. I rarely append my reviews, but this printer is outstanding. The only complaints I have about it are I can't figure out how to use the scanner very well, nor print as well from an SD disk as I can from the computer. I can print from the SD disk, so it is possible and you can even edit the photos from the display on the printer which is cool...just not as easy as it is from a wireless computer connected to the printer. I did find out that when you buy a "set" of ink cartridges that the black cartridge is not included and must be purchased separately (which I did not know), I ended up buying extra high capacity black cartridges (my thought being that I use more black due to printing text) and have been very very happy with the number of prints made, from each cartridge (longevity). So there you have it..still very happy with this inexpensive color printer.
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on January 1, 2012
I bought this printer because it has the Apple feature "air print" so I can print from my iPad2. The printer is affordable and does a good job at what it is designed to do. For most homeowners, this printer sill meet your basic printing needs. It is compact, lightweight, and has a small footprint. It is very easy to set up and will print via a wireless connection. I needed to download an Epson app to print from my iPad2, but this was very simple to do and the results are excellent.

The printer is sleek and attractive. It has individual print color cartridges so you only need to buy the color you need rather than waste toner. It meets all of my printing needs and I look forward to years of solid performance from it.
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on January 28, 2012
I got exactly one print job out of my Epson Stylus before I ran out of ink--after only 12 pages? On the ink-saving settings? I was confused, but chalked it up to user error (it warned me about turning off the printer while the ink-jets were priming, which I foolishly did). So I ordered new ink cartridges--none of which were acknowledged by my printer. Neither refurbished nor name-brand Epson cartridges worked with this printer. It was like they weren't even there! I later found out that this is a chronic problem with the Epson printer and that a lawsuit is moving forward against them for this "planned obsolescence" that renders the printer all but useless without the purchase of new "chips" that allow it to read cartridges after the originals are drained. Without these chips, there is absolutely no work-around to make your printer work. You either buy them . . . or you have a $60 paperweight.

While I would never fault Amazon or the seller for their excellent service--quick, efficient, and all in order--my Epson is going back where it came from, which as near as I can tell is one of the shallower pits of hell.
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on April 13, 2014
I bought this printer because liked the idea of printing directly from my IOS devices. Unfortunately, this printer worked for about a year before it started giving me serious headache. Specifically, the ink would stop appearing on the paper, requiring me to run it's nozzlecheck utility several times before printing. Also, this thing eats ink, and at $15/cartridge is not cheap. Additionally, despite having a full black ink cartridge, would not let me print a greyscale document until I had replaced the other color cartridges. Finally, and most recently, the device has completely stopped printing black ink. Very disappointed in the product, and will never buy an Epson again.
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on May 11, 2012
The problem with this printer is that the ink cartridges don't last. I only managed to print 26 pages before exhausting 2 black and 1 set of color cartridges. This brings my printing expenses to over one dollar a page. I should note that I am using original Epson printer cartridges. Epson was unhelpful accusing me of using fake cartridges.
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