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on December 14, 2011
Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Our Canon all-in-one printer died so I was looking for a replacement when the Epson WP-4530 was offered. We don't have a land line and typically don't fax, however we use the remaining features. I was most curious about the scanning abilities and if I could achieve photo editing quality.

Set-up takes a little time between unpacking, removing blue tape and small protective inserts used to protect the crated printer, and preparing for use. Once completely unpacked, the Epson WP-4530 is plugged in, some basic settings are keyed in, and the four provided ink cartridges are installed. The Epson WP-4530 begins an ink priming process which can last for up to 12 minutes. Then the process is finished by loading paper into the cassette, connecting the phone cord, and installing software onto a computer. The process is pretty simple, but expect 30-45 minutes before the printer is ready.

For more functionality, the printer can be registered and an account created at the website. Epson connect allows printing by email, restricts email print users, sends email alerts, shows print logs, changes basic settings, and suspends the email print service. Not only does the email body print, but most common attachments can be printed as well along with a coversheet.

Printing from the Epson WP-4530 is amazingly simple. If desired, the printer can remain wired after setup. However for us, the network cable gets in the way and is unsightly. The optimal location we chose for the printer makes going 100% wireless the best option. We have no problems printing from our computers, tablet, or smart phones while connected to the network.

The Epson WP-4530 can copy with auto duplexing for two sided documents while giving the option of a one or two sided print. This process works well, and is relatively quick. Print quality is good, but not perfect. I copied a printed color document with standard settings. The black text came out well, but the logo colors were noticeably light. I tried again after changing the print quality to best and the copy was an improvement, but the logo colors were still lighter. My third attempt I bumped up the density a couple steps. The colors came out great, but the black letters were noticeably heavier. Even though I didn't get a good match, all versions were sharp and readable.

The main paper tray holds 330 paper sheets and the rear adjustable manual feed can either hold more or be used for 4x6 or larger photo paper. The copying/printing process is a bit noisy, but typical for an all-in-one.

Next to printing, creating high quality photographic scans is important to me. In the past, I've needed a separate scanner from the printer due to all-in-one scanner limitations. The Epson WP-4530 features a basic scanner by default, where scans are completed with the press of a button and no settings to alter. This method works well for scanning documents. However, scanning a damaged photo to restore in Adobe Photoshop requires more control and greatly improved settings.

Epson's product page on their website has a scanner tool download, which provides greater control. The scanner tool includes settings for home, office, and professional users, each providing the same basic options. However, each user setting presents the most common options for that particular user with home being the most simplistic. Using the professional user I can produce an enlarged photo scan with extremely high dpi in a lossless photo file type.

We cannot connect the fax to a telephone line for testing as we only use mobile phones. When I have to send a fax, I scan the document and use a website like myfax or faxzero. Epson provides a Fax utility which is available for download from the Epson WP-4530's web page which can be used to send faxes from a computer through the printer. It would be a nice built in feature to fax over the web, but as far as I can tell this isn't currently an option. Fortunately we don't fax often.

As an all-in-one printer, the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530 does a great job, and is a definite improvement over the Canon it replaced. With the 50% lower printing costs, Wi-Fi networking, duplexing, and high quality scans, we'll get plenty of use from this inkjet printer. If exact copies are not a requirement, this all-in-one is a worthy purchase.

Wireless printing and scanning
330 sheet paper capacity
Print wirelessly and by email
Advanced scanning software available

Copies print acceptably but not exact
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VINE VOICEon October 6, 2011
Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
See video for the review. I really put the printer through a tough test: I made it print over 5,000 black-text filled pages.

Only a couple of paper jams, which weren't really true jams, but rather miss-feeds. To fix it, all I had to do was pull out the paper tray and put it back in (there was jammed paper to remove).

So that's less than one in 1000 pages that had a problem.

The only thing I didn't thoroughly test was the fax machine. Scanning, copying, and color printing was good.

One black ink cartridge costs about $38. It lasts 1000-1500 pages of normal text (no graphics).

EDIT: In my video review, I credit the "special software" for allowing me to print my book in a format that Kinko's likes (they just have to cut it in half and bind it). Instead of "software" I probably should have said "driver." The printer's driver gives options that I didn't have in my previous HP printer.
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Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As with most electronics, printers are something I've been upgrading as technology and multi-function capability has been progressing through the years. I started out with Canon almost exclusively, but moved to Hewlett-Packard for the last several upgrades. I don't have any particular loyalty to HP, but have found the home units well designed and useful. My primary complaint is the frequency with which I've had to replace ink cartridges. So I was shopping for something weightier, something maybe a step up from my most recent printer. When I had the opportunity to sample the Epson (not previously experienced with the brand) Workforce Pro WP-4530 Multifunction machine, it seemed crazy not to take it. Let's be honest, not every home has enormous printing needs--this is something I might recommend if you actually work out of your home office or are even a small business owner. Its footprint is larger than I'm used to--had to shift the office around to maximize the space effectively. But, to me, it's a small point to get the power and functionality in the Epson unit--which I am quite pleased with.

Set-up: Written instructions are thorough. No problems loading software, on-screen prompts were easy to follow and intuitive (there's even a back button in case you make a mistake). I didn't have any problems on installation, and I noticed no glitches. The entire process took me about 40 minutes give or take with the bulk of that time spent in a Primer phase for the ink cartridges. No issues setting up to Wireless settings.

Print Quality and Speed: Very pleased with crisp and efficient printing. Specialized ink dries very quickly (it claims on contact) so I haven't experienced smudging or anything unpleasant. Great for two-sided copying and printed items that are heavily inked. Printer has a large load tray (about 330 pages) which makes it perfect for larger jobs. Rate of black/white printing is approximately 16ppm or color at 11ppm.

Practical Issues: Noise factor is satisfactory. The unit certainly isn't silent, but I've had smaller printers make more of a ruckus.

Copying/Scanning/Faxing: The unit, unlike many smaller ones, has a document feeder for multiple pages that can be utilized in any function. I've had problems with other feeders pulling multiple pages in the past, I have NOT noticed this as an issue. The keypad interface is, once again, intuitive and easy to use (but there are sufficient written instructions if you're more analytical). The FAX, as is common, can be done straight from keypad or through the computer. The scanner functions integrate well with my computer and the process is easy to navigate. I'm pleased with the clean quality of the resultant copies from any of these functions as well.

Downside: As I mentioned, size may be an issue for some--but only it you have a very tight office space. The ink is proprietary and expensive. You can't really shop bargain or generic brands, you feed this baby what it wants. However, on the plus side, the cartridge is reputed to be able to support 2400 black pages and 1200 color before it needs replacement. Heck, if I don't vary my current printing needs, I should only need to purchase replacements every 8-9 months. That's incredible and more than makes up for any perceived expensiveness!

Granted, at this point, I'm very much in the honeymoon phase with the Epson Workforce Pro. But things are off to a great start, and I hope we spend many happy days together. Met and exceeded my initial expectations. KGHarris, 10/11.
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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2012
I switched to Epson many years ago (at least 15 years ago) after being disappointed with a couple different HP printers. I have consistently had good luck with Epson. I replaced an Epson Workforce 600 with this Workforce Pro 4530 because the 600 was getting to be really old and I wanted one with good wifi capabilities but I ended up replacing the 600 a few months earlier than I had planed because as I was replacing the ink, one of the ink cartridges was apparently counterfeit since the printer would not recognize it even though it said Epson and the rest of the cartridges in the package worked. Rather than buy more new ink, I went ahead and bought the new printer a bit earlier than I had planned. Which was a good move --- the 4530 is awesome.

The 4530 arrived all the way to Hawaii in only 5 days. I am a Mac user and the CD that comes in the box is for windows only, us Mac users are given their web address for LION but if you type in MOUTAINLION instead you are at Epson's Mountain Lion page where you down load the printer software. As far as the printer goes this is straight forward and easy to do. I set my MacBook Pro up to use the printer via USB and set my MacBook Air up to use the printer via WIFI --- both worked right away. However, setting up the scanner was a different story. The manual that comes with the 4530 does not tell you what to do to get Epson Scan but does tell you that you can use Mac's Preview to scan. To get Epson Scan it was necessary to search the Epson Web Site for SCANNER SOFTWARE and then download the software. If you had a previous Epson All in One, like I did, it is necessary to go to the Epson Scan Settings App and select 4530 or Epson Scan will be trying to find the old non-existant scanner.

The new large ink cartridges are great and are much easier to install than the old regular size cartridges.
WIFI works great
Two paper trays
Scan works good and third party scan software is no longer required to get good results.
FAX works much better than my old plain paper fax. Have not tried the color feature yet.

Instruction Manual could be more detailed in a few areas.
Paper Trays --- enough is not said about loading the paper trays, in particular the rear one. On my initial installation, I kept getting an error message and after reloading the paper 3 times it finally worked.
There is an envelope guide for the rear tray that was lying loose in the box and is not mentioned in the manual.
Epson Scan Software for the Mac takes a little hunting to find but Preview could be used to scan.

I've had the printer for a couple of weeks and really like it. I initially had problems with it because the app that measures the ink levels wasn't working properly and the icon was portrayed (which shows low levels of ink) instead of the actual amount of ink --- once this was fixed the app shows the ink cartridges are almost full. It now works fine with the computer connected via USB but will not read the levels on the computers connected via wifi.
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on February 16, 2012
This printer... oh this printer. I work in a small law office, and the head attorney purchased this item hoping that it would be easier to print out very large documents and motions. Every single day, the printer breaks. I don't know how, I don't know why, but every day without fail, I come in and my boss asks me to fix the printer. One day it's the network connection. The next, there's an invisible paper jam. The next, the scanner is taking half an hour to scan a 10-page document. Maybe we received a defective model, but as I'm typing this review, I have to keep exiting the error messages that it continually sends my computer, as the network connection has yet again been severed. Save yourself, and your office, by leaving this product behind.
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on August 13, 2012
My team dedicates this review in celebration of having saved thousands of dollars in ink-costs thanks to this highly practical printer - in combination with a compatible CISS system. We have NO affiliations with Epson, nor the CISS ink cartridge seller - Just trying to do the right thing and pass forward a good experience..

- QUALITY: Most printers that we tested (and eventually returned) during our 2-month analysis have failed in the areas of quality and speed. These Epson WP printers live up to their promise: producing thousands of pages in good quality - and with a minimum of paper jams. (Tip: if not in a rush, use "quiet mode" which will add an additional boost in quality)

- COMPATIBLE WITH BEST CISS SYTEM (CISS = Continuous Ink Supply System). Our business has saved thousands of dollars with the purchase of this printer - in combination of the X-large-capacity auto-refill ink cartridge tanks that have chip-counter-auto-reset features. Our favorite compatible auto-reset cartridge brand is found below:
inkXpro Brand Refillable Ink Cartridges 676XL with 400ml pigment ink for Epson Workforce Pro WP-4020, WP-4530, WP-4540 continuous ink system CISS

- CAPACITY: these 100ML cartridges are HUGE - and it takes a couple of thousand pages before refilling (especially for the auto-reset cartridges). Mark my words: these cartridges last a looooooooong time.

- $$$ SAVINGS: We purchased each of the three Epson WP models listed below - each of them having the CISS cartridges installed. The printers and CISS cartridges have paid back the original cost 10-fold in a short amount of time - compared to alternative printer and cartridge models. Another hidden benefit: Epson color cartridge chip-sets deplete ink whether used or not! This has been a major issue for my business as we only print in black color and never use color ink. With the auto-chip reset cartridges, we just keep the color cartridges EMPTY and only fill up the black cartridge with black pigment ink. BIG $AVING once again :) !

- SPEED: One of our favorite features of the WP printers is the automatic double-sided printing - which has enabled us to generate very large batch jobs of collated pages - with the click of the 'print-button' :). Note: we use basic PDF and PowerPoint files to generate the batch-print jobs and let the printers auto-assemble the completed packages. The Epson WP printers provide 3 speed levels, out of which we prefer normal speeds for an optimum quality/speed balance.

Epson 4020 / 4530 / 4540 printer models are the SAME, except the 4020 has only the printing feature, whereas the 4530 and 4540 come with LCD screens and fax/scanner features. The 4540 has an additional paper tray

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on August 8, 2012
This printer Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax (C11CB33201) has been a dream. For the kiddies out there, I'll translate: it's been "sweet".

I often work from home, and with kids printing school reports I need a reliable, fast, duplex printer. I've been buying high end, networked, duplexing ink jet printers for years. They've had all sorts of issues, including features that just plain don't work (and I'm a computer professional).

This has just about every useful feature needed in a home or small office printer. So far, no problems at all.

Other reviews list the specs, so I'll skip that. Here's what stands out for me:

1. Epson frequently updates both the printer firmware and their software. This shows they're committed to maintaining it, fixing bugs and a the occasional enhancement. HP abandoned me and my previous printer.
1. It has a 'quiet' mode! It prints just slightly slower, and much quieter. This is great for late night printing. In fact I just leave it on all the time.
2. It will scan multi-page documents unattended. Had to send a number of documents to a company. Long distance fax kept "erroring" out. Just place the pile on top of the printer, and walk away while it scans your docs.
3. Fax works well with >95% of fax numbers I've tried. (Note, try turning off v.34, then ecm error correction, if you have repeated fax errors with a specific number. Turning off ecm fixed my errors with one guy's cheap fax machine)
4. Fax, Copy, Scan all work with the auto document feeder, and support duplex as well. No bad surprises.
5. Large paper feeder == fewer trips to load paper == time saved.
6. Second paper feeder allows me to keep my secondly most often used paper on hand, so no more getting up and manually feeding special paper. I use it for glossy photo paper, but you can use it for a higher quality paper, envelopes, whatever you like. So now if I want to print a nice photo, I just change printer properties to use the second feeder.
7. Fastest printer I've had. Sure laser is great for speed but you have to tolerate the "toner" cloud of fine dust particles that surrounds laser printers (and anyone who sits near them.) No thanks!
8. Pic quality is acceptable to most.
9. Fastest setup I've ever had (once the hardware is ready. lot's of tape to remove as usual.)
10. Ink cartridges last a long time, although I always buy the largest capacity when available, as it is almost always cheaper.
11. Works fine with both Windows and Mac's.
12. More reliable than any HP I've owned.
13. Yes, you can print from your Andriod device. I assume you can print from work, etc.

1. Has a few quirks, as all printers do. Cannot recall any at the moment, so I guess they're not that memorable.
2. Software could "look" a little more modern.
3. Software Help is missing some detail. For example they don't explain what "color smoothing" is.
4. Help for the software should popup on the UI rather than have to open an old fashioned help file.
5. The browser interface looks like it was thrown together in a day, hardly does anything.
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on June 12, 2012
This is an incredibly frustrating printer. The paper constantly jams. I can't print more than 20 pages with a jam occurring. Double sided printing only works with specified paper types. There are two different paper trays, yet the printer decides which tray it will use each time. At random, the printer decides to run black lines down the page. Now that we have had the printer for 6 months, it will the paper will not feed at all, but rather it jams on every print. The topper is that every month, Epson sends you a new survey to see how satisfied you are with the product. It doesn't seem to matter when you complain through survey or through live phone call. They really are not interested in solving the issues. I have spent far less money on lower quality printers that worked consistently. I will never buy another EPSON after this experience.
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on July 30, 2012
The promotional materials hide the fact that the scanner does not work with any Mac operating system after 10.5 without tweaks, downloads and work arounds. The instructions on the Epson web site are not very clear on how to remedy this, and my first couple of tries did not work. Finally I purchased and downloaded Vuescan and now scanning works fine with this $40 addition. Otherwise it seems to be a good printer. Getting it on the network wasn't too difficult, and it makes good copies quickly and somewhat noisily.
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on March 1, 2012
I ordered this product for a small business hoping that Epson would build a good printer/fax since that is their main product line. I have used Brother MFC's for years and had real good service. Also a couple of different models from HP. None of them were any good. So I gave Epson a shot and they failed miserably.

Unfortunately, this MFC is not what it advertises. The printing function seems to work well and it prints relatively fast for an inkjet. Scanning works okay but I had trouble with scan to PC. I contacted Epson twice about that feature (got someone in India). They were not much help. I guess their manual did not have enough info on my particular problem. After over an hour on the phone, we did finally get it to scan to a PC but not to PDF... I didn't have another hour for that one.

The unfortunate thing about this "MFC" is the faxing. At my business, we fax a lot. Many times a day. Both in and out. The WP-4530 was very random on when it would send or receive a fax. Sometimes we could send to a normal business partner, other times we could not. I called Epson support (India again) and we changed some settings for the fax feature and it seemed to help some, but still at very random times, it would not send. Continued to get "communication error" after 2 pages, 7 pages, 9 pages, and every combination in between. I called customer support again (India) and we checked a few settings (basically the same ones as before). The polite young man finally ask what phone service I was using and I told him ATT. He communicated to me that ATT uses digital service and this Epson device may not always work with digital because it is set up for analog. Can you believe that! Analog! In 2012! And who would want to build a machine to work with some small insignificant company like ATT!
WOW! I was taken aback! I could not believe that this service rep had just told me that! Why would you build a device that will not work with one of the largest communication companies in the world!?

If this is truly the case, Epson should have the courtesy to inform the customer of this issue so we can make a decision based on whether or not we have a digital based phone system BEFORE we order their product.

I finally gathered my composure and thanked the rep for the help and told him I will be returning my (last) Epson to Amazon.

I have now ordered another Brother (from Amazon of course) so I can use all features of the "MFC".
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