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on August 12, 2012
I've had this printer for 3-4 months. It is EXTREMELY slow to scan documents, and has a tendency to grab 2-3 sheets at the same time. So you spend 3-5 minutes scanning 2 pages and then you go to look at what you scanned and you got the first page, and half of the second page. It's copy paper, 20 lbs. I print contracts out with the printer, and then get signatures, and try to get it to scan them back in, and it is constantly screwing up. I've tried lowering the scan settings, and that doesn't help, still slow.

It prints good. Print quality is good, and pictures come out good. Just sucks at scanning.

*UPDATE* 27Aug2013.. This printer has been leaking yellow ink on all of my documents for the past couple of months. It's evidently a known bug/bad hardware design. I replaced the cartridge thinking it was just my cartridge going bad, and the new one is doing the same thing 2 weeks later... Look it up on google.. lots of people having the issue.. Someone said to open a word document and change all the text to yellow and print the document 3-5 times and that would clean it out. It doesn't do anything for the yellow ink that has already dripped out and is waiting for new papers to come through to ruin them though..

A year into this printer, and I need to replace it... I just replaced the ink cartridges a month ago, what a waste that was... Next printer I buy, I am not buying replacement cartridges until I need them.
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The Epson WorkForce Pro is an office-quality printer that you can use at home. It is a great all-in-one solution with some great paper and labor saving features. It is fax, scanner, copier, and printer in one nice printer. It can handle pretty much every standard office use printing task with ease (legal paper, envelopes, large documents, etc).

The printer is fairly large (about 2 feet long, and a bit over a foot high, and a foot wide). But this larger size lends itself to some great advantages:
1) large paper drum: you can put almost half a ream of paper in the paper storage drum, which means running out of paper less often.
2) easy access pannel to change the ink. The ink is spring loaded in the front and pops in and out easily through an access pannel that provides plent of room to access the cartridges.

But the glossy black finish with matte black duplex tray on top allow the WorkForce printer to blend in well with any modern home decor. The front buttons and LCD display are also nice. You get an office quality printer without looking like your home is an office.

The WorkForce was really easy to set up and install. The box includes very simple, straightforward instructions (believe me, I am techno-illiterate: If I can get this printer up and networked, then anyone can). When in doubt, look at the instructions.

The wireless networking was very easy. The printer offered me the option of setting wireless up connecting one time via USB cable to printer, or just set up totally wireless with no connection at all via USB. I chose wireless set up without connecting with USB cable. A few more menus come up and ask you to to select the language, time and date with a few options on how I want this information to display.

The initial setup/startup when you put in the ink took about 8 minutes (it can take up to 12 according to manual) so in my experience it was a bit faster.

Once the ink is in and the wireless network is established, it asks you to install the drivers to your computer. The included disc walks you through the process: VERY easy and fast (you have to know your SSID for network and your password or it will not work of course). The instructions also provide a web address if you want to directly download the drivers (or if you lose the disc down the road).

1) Print speed: Claims 16b&w/11color single sided and 9b&w/7color double sided pages per minute. This print speed is about right. Once the printer spools up, the pages come out quickly. About 3 or 4 seconds for a page of text is what I experienced.
2) Eco-features: Double sided printing will easily cut down on paper usage. The printer also goes into a low energy sleep mode when not in use. It is also energy star qualified (though using a power strip to turn off power to all devices and not draw "ghost" energy is the best way to energy friendly). The cartridges (like most these days) are recyclable through many office supply stores.
3) Networking: The Workforce easily networks with both computers in my household. There is also an app for printing from your phone (I have not tried this, but it is a neat feature).
4) Smudge Fade Resistant Documents: I printed a photo and the paper did not come out feeling wet. Black ink/type is dry before the paper hits the document holder. I did not experience any smudging with printed documents. Even a full-color printed photo was dry to the touch, and the paper was not wrinkled from excess ink.
5) Professional Quality Color: Absolutely. I test printed a PowerPoint presentation, and there was ZERO bleed between the colors on the charts. The colors were crisp and sharp. I would feel confident using this for work or school presentations.

I am very impressed with the construction of the Epson WorkForce. The access panels for the ink and paper are large and easy to access. They open and close easily. After printing about 100 pages, I tried to feel if the printer was getting hot, but I did not notice any heat build up. The motors and tracks work very quietly, suggesting that the parts work together easily.

Super easy. Fill the paper. Select the printer on your computer. Print. The extra options (like double sided printing) are easy to access with very clear directions on the LCD screen.

The wifi connecting is really easy, and the installation is super easy as well. This by far is the simplest ink cartridge to install: it does not feel like you are breaking the printer when you change cartridges because the track on the left where you install the ink cartriges is solid and doest hang. The only concern with this printer (as with most printers these days) is the ink price. The ink is readily available on amazon: black Epson DuraBrite Ultra Ink, Black (T676XL120) magenta Epson DuraBrite Ultra Ink, Magenta (T676XL320) cyan Epson DuraBrite Ultra Ink, Cyan (T676XL220) and yellow Epson DuraBrite Ultra T676XL420 Epson DuraBrite Ultra Ink, Yellow Ink. Unless you are able to find a discount somewhere, buying replacements for all the ink cartridges will cost around hundred dollars. This cost may seem like lot, but it is comparable to most other printers. The cartridges will print up to 4 reams of paper, so the ink is relatively reasonable.

This is a 5-star printer all the way. You get the power and options of a high-end office printer in your home. It has some nice paper and energy saving features. It prints clean, precise pages in both color and black and white.
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on November 27, 2012
I purchased the EPSON WORKFORCE WP-4530 in April of 2012. Five months later it started to leak ink from somewhere inside the printer. After speaking with Epson they wanted to send me a refurbished WP-4530. That was my BIG mistake. When it arrived the refurbished WP-4530 was not able to receive 3 of the 4 the ink cartridges because of defects. Epson assured me they carefully and thoroughly check out every refurbished printer they send out. They apologized and wanted to send me another refurbished WP-4530. When the 2nd refurbished WP-4530 arrived it had electrical problems and would not recognize two of the four cartridges. Fortunately there is an authorized EPSON service center a short ways from where I live. After speaking with EPSON they agreed to have the 2nd refurbished printer repaired at the service center. A week later the authorized repair center called to tell me that EPSON will not repair many of their models of printers and the WP-4530 is one model they will not repair. The only thing EPSON will do with the WP-4530 is send out "refurbished" exchanges. So the THIRD "refurbished" WP-4530 arrived at the EPSON authorized service center AND IT WAS DEFECTIVE! So as things now stand, (several weeks after the original printer problem) the authorized service center is waiting on ink cartridges to arrive from EPSON so that the service center can further test out the THIRD DEFECTIVE WP-4530 PRINTER to determine what the exact problems are. If I ever do receive a functioning WP-4530 IT WILL BE MY LAST EPSON PRINTER. THEY ARE SIMPLY UNWILLING TO HONOR THEIR WARRANTY.
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on February 2, 2012
I bought the Epson 4530 because I have had 3 or 4 HP's and been a love hate relationship with them and their customer service. So I decided to try the Epson. Set up was amazingly simple, and the quality of the print very good. It really prints what you see in Word, rather than having to shift things like with my HP. About 20 pages of printing and I started to get error messages that it was jammed or the paper was out. Neither was true! Plenty of paper, nothing jammed, not sure but the sensor must be bad. I hate it when I have to be the Quality Control,l on a product. I'll take it back and exchange it and try it 1 more time, but then it's Lexmark or Brother!
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on November 4, 2011
I purchased this All-In-One to replace a very good Canon All-In-One that I was giving to a friend. I chose this All-In-One for its duplexing abilities and native AirPrint support, which Canon didn't offer on any of it's printers.

I have a mixed MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7 household.

Printer setup was easy, even over wireless.

It is apparent that most of the software design was geared for Windows, which is understandable given its advertised for workgroups and most of the computers in the world run Windows.

The printer and scanner work well, but the Windows software is much better integrated with the OS. I have not tested the fax as I rarely have the need for that function.

Now the reason I rated this printer with only two stars (I would have rated it with four stars otherwise): Epson support!

Epson includes a third-party product called ABBYY which is what they use to OCR scans. The version supplied, 8.0, will not run under OS X Lion.

They have a FAQ specifically for this issue on their support web site: [...]

This method was tested on two separate Macs running OS X Lion and didn't work in either case.

Contacting Epson via their email support generated a response email that it was obvious that they didn't actually read the email.
Subsequently contacting them via phone support was an even more frustrating experience as I was transferred to one person after another, and still no one was able to to anything; just eventually read from a prepared script.

I usually don't need support, but when I do it needs to be helpful.

I shall be a bit more patient the next time I upgrade, and Canon will be my choice as Epson has some of the worst support that I have ever expierenced.

The bottom line, you cannot OCR under OS X Lion with the software supplied from Epson!
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on September 11, 2012
My wife and I were tired of replacing expensive ink cartridges on our HP printer. (Seriously, we were spending at least $20-30 per month on ink for a family of two adults and three students.) I was very intrigued by HP's new line of pro inkjets that purportedly used less ink, but I kept reading very lackluster reviews on them. I am so glad I waited. We bought the Epson WorkForce Pro 4530 at the end of 2011 and have been so happy with it. Setup (on the Mac, at least) was almost effortless. The wireless connection works beautifully. We've had only a handful of paper jams; they're very rare. The tray holds plenty of paper. The two-sided option works flawlessly. It's really, really fast. Print quality is excellent. And ink usage? We had heard that if the printer runs out of one color, it simply stops printing. So we went ahead and bought a full set of replacement cartridges with the printer. It was a little tough laying down an extra $100+ for those cartridges, especially when we weren't sure how efficient the printer was going to be. As I said, we started using the printer at the tail end of 2011. January passed ... still plenty of ink. February. March. April (are you kidding me?). May! June!! Finally, in early July we replaced the black ink cartridge (which took all of 15 seconds). Since then, we've replaced the others. The yellow was the last to go. But I didn't pull it because it was empty, but because you're supposed to replace ink cartridges every six months and it was pushing eight months since we bought the printer. I wish I could say how many pages we printed, but it was quite a number of reams. Easily the best printer we've ever owned. Highly recommended. (So why did I title this review "Almost perfect"? Because nothing's perfect, but this printer come awfully close.)
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on May 11, 2013
I bought my first WP-4530 through Amazon with an AMEX card. Great printer, no jams and for an inkjet printer it's fast. The scanning is fast and overall it worked great. After 14 months, 2 months after the warranty was up, it started spraying yellow ink all over my desk and just flooded the inside of the printer. Epson said they couldn't do anything because it was out of warranty but - AMEX doubles the warranty on any product you buy using their card. I had just purchased new ink cartridges so I replaced the defective printer with a new one.

Although the first printer failed - I felt it was probably a defective printer from the start. Overall - this is a great printer and a good deal for the money.
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on February 2, 2014
From the day I bought this printer I loved it. It was fast & printed with excellent quality. The ADF worked perfectly, unlike my experience with several HP's. I bought replacement ink cartridges directly from Epson at very competitive prices and was happy with that, but now month 16 after purchase, it started leaking ink. Then the paper jammed and after clearing the jam it won't print anything at all. I just get a "Print Error" message. I called the Epson tech support number and all they could do was go through the same steps as on line, then give me a "Passcode" to their customer loyalty web site for a "special price" on replacing it (probably with a refurbished unit). Funny thing, I can buy it new on line here on Amazon or at Office Depot for less. If my email to Epson Customer Service fails to get a favorable reply I just may not be looking at Epson ever again. Long term reliability on this product was horrible.

UPDATE: 3 February 2014
I sent an email to Epson on Sat 1 Feb 2014 and received a phone call this morning (3 Feb) that they were shipping a new WP-4530 WITH a set of ink cartridges. Needles to say that put a smile on my face as it was a big surprise. Still not happy that it failed so soon, but I have to give credit to Epson for standing behind their product when it was out of warranty! Upgrading from 1 star to 3 stars. Thanks Epson!
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on May 17, 2013
This was a great printer for a year. Then one day the fax stopped working. OK, we can make do.

Now we get yellow ink splotches on every page. Usually several inches long by half an inch wide. So many people have described this problem that I won't repeat the details. I opened the printer up and yellow pools of ink are on the bottom of the print area. I tried a new cartridge (genuine Epson) absolutely no change. Great, I just wasted another $30 on ink!! I would include a photo but it appears that I cannot.

I called Epson, they said "out of warranty (more than 12 months). They also told me "It's not a design problem, only a few people are having it. Maybe 10 or 20!" I see that Amazon says 30 reviews have similar comments!

I'm giving it 2 stars because for the first year it did everything we wanted. It was hard to find a printer that was:
Duplex (2 sided)

I sure hope HP makes them now, or Canon, because bye-bye Epson.
review image
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on February 22, 2012
(See update at bottom; original review first):

I bought this printer to replace an HP that choked on a viral firmware update (until recently, HP printers did not validate their firmware updates, and once someone figured out they could ruin random peoples' printers that way, then OF COURSE they did it, because hey, they have no lives. But I digress...)

Anyway, after setting up this printer and printing a few pages, I was very favorably impressed. Some people had complained that it was loud, or had some other problems with it, but all I noticed was that it prints a whole sheet in the time my old HP took to warm up.

As far as the noise issue, I'm sensitive to noise, and I can assure you that this one is not going to bother you. Yes, you can hear it print; no doubt. But it seems easier to ignore than my HP was, and the noise it *does* make is mainly the sound of the paper slicing through the air just before dropping into the bin---done. That's a joyous sound, in my book.

The printing is clear and crisp, the price of the unit itself is terrific, and the ink prices look competitive compared to many others. It can also operate via wireless internet connection, so setup is a breeze, and the front panel makes perfect sense to me. The whole unit is sturdy and well-made. I'm really glad I went back to Epson; they've really earned a new customer here.

UPDATE 2013-05-07:

One year later. I'm not so happy anymore. My printer started to streak pages with yellow ink, then stopped printing yellow altogether. The cartridges were fine, so I tried cleaning the print head several times (using the menu) and no help. Eventually got a print-head cleaning kit. When I went into the printer, however, I saw yellow ink spurted all around inside. I wiped it off as best I could and cleaned the heads several times but no joy. It rode out with the other trash on Monday morning.

I suppose I could have kept it for black-and-white-only prints, but it was due for new ink cartridges anyway, and with what those cost (plus the fact the printer was just limping along), I put the money towards a new color laser printer (a Dell) instead.

I've seen a couple of other people who had the same issue; it seems the ink-feeding tubes must pop off the heads on some of these, in which case the related head eventually dries out. It's a shame, because it was a pretty great little printer until that happened, but oh well. Guess you lost me as a customer again, Epson...
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