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on May 28, 2014
Normally, I would have bought this unit from Amazon as I do almost all electronics and much else. But I needed it right away, and next-day shipping to me from Amazon would have cost $100. So after reading the reviews on Amazon, I drove a few miles to my nearest Officexxx and picked one up the same day.

This is the usual copy-fax-scan-print machine but does so at up to tabloid and even 13"x19" format. I really only need the large-format scan capability, and except for one low cost and low software quality (for Mac, at least) unit available on Amazon, tabloid-size scanners cost much more than this Epson and can do nothing but scan.

As others have note, setup was a snap (including joining my wi-fi network without using a USB connection). The enclosed CD installed the scan driver necessary to use Apple's Image Capture software, but if you want Epson's even better scanner software you have to download in from their support page. When installed, that driver integrated itself with the software I already had for my letter-size Epson Perfection V30.

No question, the WF-7520 is a big and heavy unit. You need the real estate and a good back (or help) to put it in place. It needed a few extra inches of width than the color laser printer whose space it now takes but actually weighs about 6 pounds less. Scanner operation is very quick (even for color) and quieter than the laser printer (the noisy WF-7520 document feeder excepted).

I am no fan of ink jet printers, but you can't have everything for under $250. I may use it once in a while to print tabloid output, but it is worth far more to me than it cost just for the scanner function. I give it more than 5 stars.

Update 1. I finally got some 11"x17" paper and tested the 7520's printing function. The paper drawer adjusted easily to the larger size paper and now sticks out 6" more from the 7520, as you would expect. (Note: When I went through the initial Setup routine, I skipped setting paper sizes. It was no problem to go back into Setup and tell the 7520 that paper drawer/cassette 1 contains letter paper and drawer 2 contains 11"x17".) Adjusting the output tray for 11"x17" is similarly easy. I printed 2 pages from a large (12"x18") scrapbook scanned in the 7520, one color and one B&W. In both cases, the items on the scrapbook pages are newspaper clippings from the 1980's. Both pages were opened for printing using the Mac's Preview application, and I made no adjustments to quality of the images. I printed the color page using A3 Borderless paper size setting and the B&W page using the A3 setting. With the borderless setting, about 1/4" was cut off along the long edge in the color print. With the A3 setting for the B&W page, printing was still edge-to-edge with nothing apparently lost. My first print test was the color image, and the printer took a couple of minutes to initialize for printing. The color page also took a couple of minutes to print, but the B&W print came out in seconds. Both look like the images on my screen and like the original scrapbook. Blacks are strong and colors vivid. There are no distortions, skips, streaks, etc. apparent (there is a black smudge on the color print where there is nothing on the original--maybe because this was the first color print I tried).

Nothing definitive can be concluded from only 2 test pages, but they do give me even greater confidence that buying the Wf 7520 was a good decision.
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on August 3, 2012
I have used inket printers for my work for about 12 years, pretty much exclusively Epson or Canon. This model promised a larger scan bed, 2 full-time paper trays and printing up to 13 x 19, pro capabilities I was excited about having.

I was soon embarrassed to have promised my colleagues my ability to deliver 13 x 19 images yesterday, only to find I couldn't make it happen. I couldn't print on 13 x 19 paper from Indesign, Photoshop or Acrobat, from either paper tray, no matter how many places I set the print parameters, no matter how many times I deleted and re-added the printer (& drivers) to my Print & Fax prefs.

Today I've spent much of the day on the phone with Epson's tech support, and they blamed Adobe's industry-standard apps. The rest of the time I've been on the phone with Adobe. Guess what? Adobe blames Epson's drivers.

I'm sure most self-respecting professionals would expect a little bit more, in 2012, from two huge providers in this arena, than finger-pointing.

This heavy beast is going back to the store tomorrow. What a waste of time and energy, not the least of which was spent adapting my workstation setup to handle the added square inches and pounds. My last round with Epson...

UPDATE: After some thoughtful responses from smart people, it seems I fell into a hole just in terms of timing. Apparently there's a driver update now that deals with second-paper-tray problems. It doesn't explain why I couldn't print 13 x 19 from the top tray, either, but... I invested in a different printer, so the driver update does me no good, but if folks are purchasing now, it sounds like they may not share my experience.
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on March 3, 2013
I've been using the WF-7520 for about 3 months & 2 of those months have been spent with Epson Service trying to work out glaring problems....

Prior to this, used a Canon MP780 (very good) & now a Canon MX892 (nice unit) which is light years ahead of the Epson in terms of friendly to use, intuitive, excellent software & NO MORE PROBLEMS!

- Fast printing, rugged & good print cost

- Prints doc's differently when using economy vs normal (adds add'l page) printing - Have to constantly redo the doc's prior to printing
- Will cut off client calls with the fax starting up on it's own when no fax was ordered - Can't recognize voice vs fax easily & is really annoying as this happened constantly - Epson told me this is a known problem & can do nothing about it
- Constantly has to reset itself during the work day, very noisy - The Canon printers don't do this
- Rings every time a client calls & no way to turn it off - I just want my phone system to ring, not my printer
- Difficult to print envelopes & can only print them from pull out tray 1 - No easy rear tray available for quick envelopes

There are many other reasons why I returned this all-in-one, however with the time spent trying to remedy it's flaws, I'm done talking about it and just wanted everyone to be aware - Good riddance....
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on May 29, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This guy is big, but if it were smaller, it would be lower quality. And the quality is great! It is easy to set up, and the print and scan quality is surprisingly good. I was very impressed with the printing speed, as well as the accuracy when scanning. I was able to figure out the scanning and copying without resorting to instructions with no problems. It's a very easy to use machine that yields excellent results. The ONLY con at all is that because it is not a laser, the heads do get caked from time to time, resulting in big lines all the way down the page. When that happens, one must clean off the heads, and it's all fine again. I would definitely recommend this unit to someone looking for a multi-functional printer.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a HUGE printer. Not much wider than usual, but very tall--about three times the height of a conventional printer. It looks more like something you'd see in an office/commercial environment, rather than a home model.

Set up was easy, with simple instructions. Printers used to be so time-consuming to set up, but times have changed for the better. Connecting to my wireless network was a snap--all I had to do was type in my password. Note that there is no USB cord included, so if you run into problems, you won't be able to print anything from your pc. You'll have the same issue if your internet goes out.

Printing--excellent! Couldn't be more pleased with quality or speed. As an added bonus, photos print extremely well. By contrast, my new Canon PIXMA MG5220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One (4502B017) does a poor job on photos, even though it is a photo printer.

Copying--excellent! The copies are crisp and clear.

Perhaps the best feature of this printer is the ability to print in large formats. Although this isn't a feature I use on a daily basis, it has come in handy on several occasions.

Overall, this is a most excellent printer. Just be sure you take note of the dimensions so you aren't too surprised when the box arrives.
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on September 12, 2013
I bought the Epson Workforce WF-7520 for my 1-person office because I needed something that would print and scan up to 11"X17". I read reviews stating for a small office, this is the best ink-jet out there, won't break the bank, perfect for a small office, and has high print quality. To be honest, after a month of use, this is probably the worst ink-jet I have used.

It prints poorly and more slowly than identified in the specs. The only way to get a half-decent printout of report style text and figures is to set the printer on the highest quality print option and the result is mediocre at best and barely passable for a working copy for office use only. Anything less than the highest quality and the colors are faded and there are lines across the page every 5mm or so.

As for scanning, yes it does scan. But beyond that it is frustrating. The automatic document feeder jams regularly and even when it does work, it makes loud noises that sound like cheap plastic getting ready to break.

Long story short, I have bought a color laser printer for 8.5"X11" paper and a Scansnap scanner to replace these functions for my office. I still use the Epson for printing 11"X17", but only for office use. For any large prints that go to a client, I have to go down the street to the printer.
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on February 5, 2015
For the price, this is a nice printer. Some functions, mostly scanning, are a little funky and aren't as intuitive as I would hope...but it prints and scans with great quality...I've had this for maybe two and there it does false alarm jamming...or it says the paper isn't loaded correctly...little errors that turn out not to be actually real...but you just lift the cover and close it again and it seems to clear out those glitches.
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on November 15, 2012
I found the Epson WF-7520 amazingly easy to set up. Worked fine with wireless network and even remote printing from my cell phone. However, the print quality is not as good as I had expected. My old HP inkjet actually prints more clearly in both black and white and color. Large format is great for copying, scanning and printing documents.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The big deal: wireless. The other similar model by Epson, the 7010, has a cable. This being wireless puts it over the top for convenience.
easy to understand operation, visual display is intuitive, and it's easy to figure out. Just between model numbers, this has an easier learning curve even though it contains more options and versatility.

The flatbed top lifts securely and is sturdy. You can scan larger documents, which is helpful for textbooks and large cookbooks. It prints even larger, but note there is a difference between widest scan and widest print.

Heavy weight plastic throughout, all supplies come with it, including paper samples. (Make sure you have a good paper source, the 13 x 19 wasn't easy to find...) Nothing feels cheap. My older HP had very shoddy plastic that eventually snapped through lifting the flatbed lid often.

Not a big fan of multiple color refills, as even when one runs out, you'd think the others would continue working (my previous Epson turns all the colors off, even black, if one of the colors runs out...not convenient if you still need b/w and don't want to run to the store). This isn't laser, and it's similar to the 7010 in many ways, but I like this better. Even the 2 sided prints feel different on this one. I didn't notice as much of a color bleed on heavier weight paper (it wasn't huge on the other but noticeable on some finer details).

The fax is convenient but I doubt I would use that. I'm assuming most people are going for the wide print capability, which is incredibly helpful...more than you'd expect at first. And given that it's wireless, rather than Ethernet, makes it much superior to the others, even in the EPSON line, without a huge upgrade in price.

It used to be said to buy components separate: scanner, fax, copier. The multiple use copiers always seemed problematic, like they didn't do any one thing well. This does all of them quite well, and you'd save space and money.
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on March 4, 2014
This printer won me over at first as I had an epson a long time ago and it was great, and I was looking for a solid all-in-one that would be both affordable and print 11x17. Having two cassettes, one which I could use for letter and one for tabloid? Awesome. I was sold - as a an architect with a home office it should have been perfect. It was for about 4 months, then it went really bad.

Basically, 50% of jobs result in paper jambs now. And those that don't just waste paper. Imagine printing an 11x17, only to have 1 blank sheet come out, followed by a letter size sheet with the first 25% of your drawing, with the remaining 75% of the drawing on a tabloid sheet that you originally wanted the thing to print on. Anymore, I expect to go through three sheets of paper to print one. And I didn't even get through one set of ink cartridges before it all went bad.

Not bad at scanning. It faxes (who does that anymore?), but the printing and copying leaves a lot to be desired, at least after a while. Most positive reviews seem to be written right after the printer was bought, and most negatives come a few months later. This is not a coincidence. This printer had potential, but Epson had no interest in making it capable to lasting more than a year.

Seriously, save your money and avoid. I don't know if there's anything else in this category that's all that great, I just know that this printer isn't
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