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on September 6, 2008
since nobody is gonna review the blu-ray version i will.well to say the least this is a very clean no means reference quality.but a nice clean transfer.if you are a fan of this movie you will be thrilled.the dolby true hd is where this blu-ray really shines.once again not reference quality but very satisfying.if you had the dvd this soundtrack blows it away.the only thing to note is when you pop this movie in, the movie starts right away so to get the dolby true hd soundtrack you have to go into the menu and change it because it uses the standard dolby digital 5.1 by default.which i thought was kinda weird but oh if you like this movie get it!15.00 you cant lose!
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on October 16, 1999
Although some of the FX are rather low quality by todays standards (the alligators are just too unreal), the over-all feeling is intense. James Cromwell's brief appearance is another notch in his belt, while Arnold has some great scenes as well ("Where is this?" "Earth. Welcome!"). Vanessa Williams has definately shed the beauty queen image with her smart acting style and she looks better than ever. James Caan is easy to hate in this movie as you'll find out early on. And don't forget Robert Pastorelli! He can jump-start any movie. James Coburn adds class as the head of WitSec. The DVD does lack features that many would love to see, such as behind-the-scenes footage, commentary, etc. I have been a fan of Arnold since the first Conan movie and always look forward to his next feature, but this one was beyond my expectations. Definitely a great deal!
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on May 7, 2012
The 2-year gap between True Lies and Eraser forced some action fans into thinking that Big Arn had retired. He had delivered at least one action movie per year since Terminator. Eraser had an awesome trailer, to the tune of Enigma's wonderful "I Love You, I'll Kill You", that rocked my world in the summer of 1996. I saw virtually every blockbuster that year, and the Eraser trailer was attached to every one of them. It came out out in the UK in the very last week of summer (and my first week back at school). I saw it at the now demolished UCI cinema in Edinburgh with a sold-out audience, mostly filled with guys out for a "lad's night". The movie was rated 18, and even though I was 3 years below that mark, I still got in, which was fortunate since the cinema version is the only uncut version of the film that has ever been released in the UK. For its VHS and DVD release the mad BBFC saw fit to cut 4 minutes from Eraser, turning it into an incomprehensible mess. It capped-off an awesome summer season (or so my 15-year-old self thought), and put to rest any fears that Big Arn was slowing down (although he has only made 5 action movies, to date, since then).

Arn is John Kruger (an amusing choice of name since director Chuck Russell also made the 3rd Nightmare on Elm Street Movie), a Witness Protection Program Agent who is tasked with 'erasing' and protecting a high-level informant who can prove that there are traitors within the US government who are selling weapons to Russian terrorists. Naturally the informant is the lovely, and wide-eyed, Vanessa Williams, who involves herself in a subdued romantic subplot with Kruger. James Caan and the always great James Coburn provide respectable support as Kruger's antagonist and mentor, but the best support is no doubt Robert Pastorelli (an actor who I really liked who died of a heroin overdose in 2004), who plays a previous witness who is eager to please Kruger in his latest, impossible quest.

Overall, it's hardly revolutionary, but what makes Eraser stand out from the crowd is the utterly breathtaking (literally) scene in which Kruger escapes a jet, mid-flight, without the comfort of a parachute on his shoulders. It's definitely one of the best action scenes in the last 20 years and, let me tell you, when that scene climaxed in the cinema, the packed audience of 'lads' totally sucked the air out of the auditorium. A massively exciting, and completely exhilarating, scene that never fails to get your heart racing.

Alan Silvestri's score is one of the film's more underrated features. Silvestri scored Big Arn's Predator, a famous score in its own right, and while Eraser is not as famous as Predator you should not rule out the integrity of the score. When separated from the movie it is still one of Silvestri's best efforts.

I guess the only complaint I could have about Eraser is that it's kinda anti-climatic. The best scene occurs at the end of the second act, leaving the final act pale in comparison. There's no iconic imagery to the film and it seems kinda forgettable when compared to other Arn characters who have endured the test of time. Nonetheless, it's at the top of the bottom of Arn's best movies, but make sure the version you watch has not been butchered by the BBFC.

The Blu Ray is in 2.40:1 1080p with Dolby TrueHD sound. Extras are non-existent.
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VINE VOICEon January 30, 2008
The Eraser DVD

The Eraser starring Arnold The Eraser DVD

The Eraser starring Arnold Swarzzennegger and James Caan is one of my favorite movies. Arnold plays John Kruger who is specializes in "erasing" people's identities, in this case Vanessa Williams plays a FBI whistleblower that is going to testify against a very important person and Arnold must protect her from assassination.
The plot is relatively simple, in fact, you will be likely to pick up on the "secret" early on in the film. But the action is non-stop,). There are a lot of explosions, especially of vehicles blowing sky-high but hey, we have to give the special effects guys something to do, and the secret weapon's effect is also pretty cool. Vanessa Williams underplays her role as FBI whistleblower, and James Caan is just superb as the heavy. The surprise fun came from the Wise Guys, who pay some debts in the plot. They were amusing and added a bit of fun to the action.
I found the suspense pleasantly gripping, and if it wasn't the smartest film on the block, it sure was plenty of entertainment.

Recommended for Arnold fans and fans of action movies.

Gunner January, 2008
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on December 29, 2003
If you like Arnold, you'll like this movie. If not, not. It's that simple.
This nonstop action-thriller follows the misadventures of John Kruger (Schwarzenegger), an 'eraser' with a secret witness-protection program who gets rid of all traces of a witness's previous identity. He reports to James Caan and he's assigned to protect Vanessa Williams as she rats out a megacorporation doing a dirty arms deal.
That's all you need to know, and it's very nearly all there is. There's some high-tech gadgetry, some not-altogether-persuasive CGI stuff, some humor, and a whole lot of hairbreadth escapes; there's also Robert Pastorelli in a terrific supporting role, and a brief appearance by a surprisingly menacing James Cromwell. But the plot in this one _is_ the action.
Perhaps the single most unconvincing portion is Caan duking it out with Schwarzenegger; in real life, Arnold would most likely have Jimmy for lunch. But Caan is terrific all the same (and if you like him, be sure to see _Rollerball_).
The whole thing is well produced and most gratifying to watch. If you like a good Arnold action-thriller, you may like this one better than _True Lies_.
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on March 7, 2005
that's what I said to myself the first time I saw this on vhs. moving, funny, powerful, packed with enough action to saw open a can of worms. it's that powerful. saw it 3 times on tv. better and better it is every time I see it. this movie may be from the 90's but it will stay an action classic for the next 100 years. I"m serious. if you like Arnold then see Kindergarten Cop. his role as the teacher and good guy cop is hilarious and awesome. not to mention the kids are adorable, funny and very interesting with each one of their personalities. I love this movie Eraser. it's an interesting plot. keeps you hooked from start to end. and really is amazing overall. the direction and director are (is) genious. keep up the great work Arnold. I can see you making movies til you're about 88 or 98. you have a healthy body too so you will live a long long time. and hopefully a happy life with your beautiful and devoted wife Maria Shriver. I think that's how you spell her name. thanks for your time fellow movie watchers.

and I'm so glad I saw this and have it on dvd. I'll watch it again and again and still feel the thrills and action
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on March 2, 2000
Previously I owned the laserdisc version of this film, and was impressed by the quality of the image and sound of that disc. The film itself is nice entertainment, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in good shape. Visually and technically this film is very good, filled with all kind of technical gadgets. There has been paid much attention to the quality of camerawork and imaging. Also, there are some nice sfx, especially in the scene where they have to cope with a few alligators broken loose from their cages. Playing the DVD did please me much, for it's quality is a bit better than the laserdisc I mentioned before. Image quality is very sharp en steady in color reproduction, which cannot be stated for every DVD production, as I know from experience. The DVD sound is impressive, with great clarity in the whole sound image and a nice output in the lowest frequencies, when needed. If you like Schwarzenegger action-movies you probably should own this one, but since the disc is exemplatory in quality, you might want to own it anyway and add it to your action genre collection. A great disc!
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on March 15, 2016
An employee (VWilliams) under WitProSecAgency is passing States evidence against CYREZ the company she works for due to fact it's CEO (JCromwell) and his cohorts led by FBI Marshall (JCaan) and UnderSecretary (RVarga) in selling heavy duty artillery-EM1 Rail guns to the Russians. The FBI Marshall (ASchwarzenegger) and his boss (JCoburn) create a situation to stop this action before a lot of people get hurt both here and off shore.
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on May 26, 2014
I just love this movie. The action is great and the story line is awesome. I have watched this movie many times and when I saw it was available for streaming, I grabbed it up. I am not sorry I did that either.
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on January 13, 2016
*Great movie. They were witness protection agents, and De Garron, (Rony Cox) was dirty. My favorite part towrds the end was when De Garron pulled away in his limo, the Eraser called him on the phone, and says: You've just been erased! (Booom!).
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