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on September 24, 2009
We have a Baby Bjorn (Original) as well as an Ergo baby carrier. I think both have their advantages and disadvantages, which I will try to explain below.

We purchased the Ergo carrier before our daughter was born based on the recommendation of a friend. However, we found that she could not sit in it comfortably at first. Before your baby can straddle your torso (until about 4 months/15 lbs), you have to put both legs on one side. I watched the instructional DVD several times and tried to place her into the carrier as comfortably as possible, but she did not like it at all. It didn't look comfortable either with her back twisted and body squished. This is when we decided to try the original Baby Bjorn carrier.

Our daughter loved being in the Bjorn (facing in or out). This carrier is easy to put on and take off and quite compact. However, it was not very comfortable for me (especially as she got heavier) since it put a lot of pressure on my back and shoulders. The fact that there is no waist belt and little padding on the shoulder straps probably contributes to this. The newer Baby Bjorn Active carrier with lumbar support may alleviate some of these problems. I haven't tried this product though, so I'm not speaking from personal experience). We used the Bjorn until she turned 4 months (about 15 lbs).

I was so relieved when she could finally fit into the Ergo properly (with one leg on each side). It is so much easier on my back and shoulders. With the Bjorn, I could maybe last 15 minutes (at 15 lbs). With the Ergo, I can comfortably go for an hour or two (at almost 20 lbs now). I go grocery shopping and on longer walks this way. She seems very comfortable in it now. She's happy whenever I put her in it and will even go to sleep in it. (Sometimes, this is the only way I can get her to sleep). It looks a lot more comfortable than the Bjorn since she's sitting in it as opposed to being suspended from her crotch. I also don't have any trouble nursing discretely in the Ergo.

Around 6 months I also began carrying her on my back in the Ergo, which was even easier on my back. I have found this to be really convenient when doing things around the house such as vacuuming, doing laundry, cooking etc. It's also nice for outdoor activities like apple picking, strawberry picking, hiking etc. I find these activities somewhat more difficult when carrying a baby in front. While it is easy to put your baby in the front carrying position by yourself, it takes some practice to wear your baby on your back. At first, I needed somebody to help me get her situated on my back, but now I can easily do it by myself. Some may not like the fact that you cannot face your baby outward in the Ergo (and some babies may not like facing inward). This has not been a problem for us. While our daughter loved facing outward in the Bjorn, she did not object to facing inward in the Ergo. Rather than being pressed up against me, she's sitting in it, so she can still look at things to the sides. One more thing about the Ergo - I would recommend purchasing the sucking pads (ERGO Sucking Pads - Cream). Our daughter loves sucking on the straps and it's just much more convenient to wash the sucking pads rather than the whole carrier.

In summary, I think that both, the Bjorn as well as the Ergo, are good carriers, each with some drawbacks. The Bjorn is wonderful for a newborn up to about 12-15 lbs. Being able to have your baby facing in or out is a nice feature. Because of the strain on your back however, I would not recommend using this carrier with older/heavier babies. The Ergo is great for babies starting at around 15 lbs or when they are able to wrap their legs around you. It is much easier on your back and being able to carry your baby on your back can be convenient. For us, the Ergo was not very useful before our daughter turned 4 months as she was not comfortable with her legs on one side, but this probably depends on the baby.

I would rate the Bjorn 3 stars (because it's so hard on your back and we could only use it for a few months) and the Ergo 4 stars (because we couldn't use it with our newborn). My recommendation would be to get one of each if you can. We bought a gently used Bjorn for less than $10, and I have seen a lot of these on Ebay as well as Craigslist. Maybe you could even borrow one from a friend. It just seems like a lot of money to spend on something you aren't going to use for very long. However, I loved carrying my newborn around in it, so I wouldn't have wanted to do without it.

UPDATE July 2011:
We went on a trip overseas and I was able to carry my 25 lb toddler on my back at 6 months pregnant for about an hour at a time if she got tired.

UPDATE January 2013:
Loved using the Ergo for baby #2 as well. He didn't want/need to be carried around as much as his sister (around the house), but it was still nice to have for grocery shopping and when we were out and about. I actually didn't use the Bjorn at all this time, so I think I'm going to get rid of it at this point. Instead, I got a moby Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black and a k'tan Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, Black, Small. I mainly used the k'tan from 0-4 months (it's similar to the moby, but "pre-wrapped" so you're not dealing with 5 feet of fabric), then switched to the Ergo. I loved having a soft carrier for my newborn! So my NEW RECOMMENDATION would be to get a soft carrier for the first few months and the Ergo. The moby is nice if several people need to use it since it is one-size. I personally found the k'tan more convenient, but it is sized, so another caregiver may not be able to use it.
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on July 6, 2008
and so do I! I started out with the Moby wrap and that worked fairly well for us, but it was a hot to wear, inconvenient to wrap when out and about, and tricky (but possible) to nurse in. I knew I wanted something else, but baby carriers are expensive and one could easily spend a fortune trying out all the variations.

We decided on the Ergo and we couldn't be happier. We've had it for six months now and it is the number one thing I could not live without as far as all baby gear is concerned. I too was worried about her only facing inwards, but she has never minded and she seems to prefer it. She holds on like a little koala bear as we go about our daily business. Unlike the Moby, she isn't flat against my chest, she's sitting, so that she can easily check out the scenery by looking to the sides.

When she was big enough--probably in the neighborhood of 5.5 or 6 months, I started wearing her on my back and that is great! Now when I do those glorious household tasks like cleaning toilets and baseboards, she isn't dangling off the front of me. We get a lot more cleaning done now that she can ride on my back. :-) At first, I needed help to put her on my back. However, now that she's 9 months and can hold on a bit, I can get her on easily--I even trust our abilities over concrete these days (when I started getting her into the back carry position on my own, I would practice over the couch. It *was* tricky at first (we made some mistakes), but once we got the hang of it, it wasn't a problem at all.

My husband can wear her too and it's simple to readjust the straps so that they fit both of us.

Like any of the carriers, this one takes some practice (though the front carry is about as easy as it can get). Breastfeeding in this for me is difficult, but I can do it in a pinch. I can carry her long distances and after a long while (probably 4-5 miles), my neck will hurt a bit, but my back is fine.

My daughter loves her Ergo in the way some kids take to a lovey. She'll stop by and give it a visit when she's crawling around exploring the house. When I see her chewing on the straps (they second as a favorite teething toy) or playing peek-a-boo with them, I'll put it on and she gets all excited (we compare it to the way a dog gets excited when his owner gets out the leash to take him for a walk). It is very sweet and funny. When she went for her first trip to our friend's house to be babysat, the only thing that would calm her when she was sad was being carried in her Ergo. If she has a meltdown when she's home with daddy, the Ergo saves the day (she just needs to play with it--not even ride in it).

I love the time my daughter and I spend walking our neighborhood with her in the Ergo. Sometimes we're quiet and other times she'll make happy bounces and that's my cue to do some hops and bounces for her. Our family members wonder why we never need a stroller. "Isn't she heavy?" they ask. They think we're a little weird. I don't know any parents out there who will look back on their child's life and wish that perhaps they had carried him/her less. We don't carry her all the time, but we do carry her more. The forward-facing position allows for optimal baby who wouldn't want more of that? (except maybe the baby :-))--but a few more here and there are always nice, especially if you can sneak them in when they're asleep or not looking.

Hug your baby, carry your baby, dance with your baby...the Ergo will let you have more time to do those things *and* maybe get the dishes done too :-).
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on July 10, 2012
I received this item as a baby registry gift through Amazon sold by toystax LLC.

Once I received it I knew the item was fake.

The box was poorly printed. And after further investigation, noticed that the box says copyright 2006 and the is an award symbol for 2008.

The box says it includes a DVD instructions but it didn't.
It came with a poorly printed instruction manual that said Ergo Baby Organic on the small logos when mine was a standard Ergo.

Now after internet research and looking at a lot of sites with photos of fakes I realized the copycats are getting better.
My fake did come with the warning label in the correct spot on the waistband but it had misspellings! Nice try.

The Ergo Baby logo patch on the front was also incorrect. it has a weird background but it was cut off on the sides.

The box also said "Made in China". However the tag inside the ergo pocket said "Made in India" (Ergos are made in both places). But this was a inconsistency. The tag was a better fake since it had fake serial numbers.

The stitching patterns did not match the real ones I saw photos of.

The padding was less thick.

Large buckle said WARRIOR instead of STEALTH, *BUT* Some of the side buckles said STEALTH. One buckle said both WARRIORSTEALTH.

Do a search on google to see how to determine fakes but beware that they are getting better and mine passed most of the old tests. The copiers read the same articles and have been making better fakes. Like the logo is even on the zipper. Just check the dates of the posts and you'll see they are getting smarter.

Why I gave the item a 1-star because what I received was horrible and people will read this. Also Hopefully this review will save people from dangerous fakes that may cause injury to their baby.

I recommend people to be careful and look at who is the actual seller. I will no longer trust any 3rd party seller even if it is Fulfilled by Amazon. I think the only safe way is to buy from a Authorized dealer or make sure it is Sold by Amazon directly.

This item is going back of course and hopefully Amazon regulates this type of thing.

Update: I went to a big box baby store last night to look at this in person and whoa what a difference.One major thing I noticed was how much better the material was. The hood was softer and thicker material. The button straps was only half as long. The pocket in front was much larger. Everything was larger overall. I was right about the logo patch and the fake box. The warning label was sooooo different. I can't imagine the problems I could of had with the fake and maybe some of the reviews on the size and use maybe because they got a fake.
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on December 5, 2012
BUYER BEWARE. There are several reviews about this product being a counterfeit. After contacting Ergobaby, they have determined that my Galaxy Grey is in fact, counterfeit. This is extremely dangerous, and I cannot believe that Amazon is selling counterfeit products that put children at safety risk! Please be very careful if you are considering purchasing an Ergo from Amazon. I urge you to spend the extra money and purchase from one of the authorized sellers listed on the Ergobaby website.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on February 23, 2012
I have a Baby Bjorn and loved it until my monster was about 15 lbs, then there was so much pain involved in lugging him around in that thing. I just got my Ergo today but wore him around in it all afternoon here at home folding laundry, doing dishes, made the bed, I LOVE IT! So easy to carry him around, got to have my hands free, and he loved being close to me...he's 6 months old today and 17 lbs, and it didn't bother my poor back at all!

BUYER BEWARE: I originally bought an Ergo off Ebay, "new in box" but it turned out to be a fake!! Some tips if you're considering buying from Ebay or you recently bought an Ergo that your aren't sure is genuine: my fake one had a rigid tag on the front with sharp corners, the real one has a soft tag; the warning label inside the waistband of the fake was in several languages but the real one only had it in 2 languages; the fake came with a really small booklet and a DVD, the real one has a large booklet with instructions in 8 languages; the fake's hood's straps went through a loop on the shoulder strap then doubled over and snapped to themselves, the real one's hood's straps snapped to the shoulder strap itself without doubling; the real one's shoulder and waist straps can be "let out" from the added strap rolled up and held with elastic, the fake one did not have this feature; the fake one had black nylon straps where the real one has straps that match the color of the body. The knock-offs are VERY DANGEROUS because they aren't tested to any safety standards, whereas the actual Ergo brand tests their products extensively and offer something safe and reliable. Be careful! Our children's safety is worth the extra little bit of money. Plus, the genuine item can be registered with Ergo, and they offer a warranty.

Get it! Trust me, you and your kid will love it!
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on June 26, 2012
I recently purchased the ERGObaby Original carrier in Galaxy Grey for $90. I thought I was getting a great deal until I realized that it was a COUNTERFEIT product. How could I tell that mine was fake? The plastic on the waist buckle was chipping off and the buckle itself did not snap open and close properly. I did some research and read that authentic Ergo buckles are made by Stealth. Mine was made by Warrior. In short, I will be returning this item for a full refund and will buy my next ERGObaby carrier from an authorized retailer.
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on July 9, 2008
We have a number of carriers in our house, including a ring sling, a moby wrap, a mei tai and a snugli, but the Ergo has been the best for our baby since we got it at 4 months. We use it every day to calm him down for naps and for bedtime. We did not need the infant insert, but I have heard that you can use just a folded blanket for infants less than 3 months, instead of buying the infant insert. I have also heard that you can put them in straight up and down (instead of at an angle) if you prefer. I would like to try this for a newborn, but I used and loved the Moby wrap and mei tai with head support for the early months. For older babies, this is a wonderful product, and is good for babies up to 40 pounds.

Our baby weighs almost 20 pounds, and I have to be honest, I do have some back pain from wearing him on the front all the time. However, it out-performs most other carriers in terms of back support, and the benefits over all the other carriers are many:
*EASY to put on - quick for front carry; can even be buckled while baby is in your arms (with some practice). Flipping to back is a little more challenging, but still easier than others.
*comfortable in comparison to other carriers
*handy pocket is really helpful
*sleeping hood great for blocking out visual stimulation when time for sleep
*lots of padding where needed

The "chest" strap (ends up on your back if you are carrying on the front) is only hard to snap shut if it is very low, but can be easily moved.
Only two (very minor) complaints: it would be great if there were more padding around the bottom strap for when baby is on your back (post-partum moms don't want their bellies split in two); suck pads sold separately are ridiculously expensive, but we ended up buying them because when baby sucked on straps, mold began to develop; on a similar note, not easy to wash product -- they say it can only hold up a couple of machine washes, but we just did it by hand to avoid probs.
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on November 11, 2008
I have this carrier and the baby bjorn active. My son was born in May in 90 degree weather so this carrier was way to hot to use outdoors, at least with the infant insert. Once he was old enough to do without the infant insert, he wanted to face outwards so I used the baby bjorn- even though it killed mey back. So the 2 major shortcomings of this product are that 1)it is very hot with the infant insert and 2)the baby cannot face outwards. Now that my son is 18 lbs and the baby bjorn puts too much strain on my back I am useing the ergo carrier in the hip carry position, which I LOVE! My son loves it too. I tried the back carry position but it was very hard to put him in that positon- he always cries. Also I have no access to him on my back. Even though this product is supposed to be versatile, I have only able to use it in the hip carry position and indoors with the infant insert. It does have great back support.
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on September 6, 2012
Wish I read the reviews before purchasing this ergo carrier. I knew it was fake right away. All the threads were already coming out when I opened it and the box and manual were printed in poor quality. Would not recommend this company at all. If a product is that cheap compared to the original it's most likely a fake. Sent it back for a refund and ordered through ergobaby to ensure I get a real one.
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The Ergo is a wonderful carrier that you, your spouse and baby can use comfortably for hours, whether you're running errands, traveling, hiking or just hanging out with your baby at home. I have used them with all my three kids - there are three types:

* Original (like the Black/camel one), made of thick cotton with soft shoulder straps. It has a pocket in front with a zipper for your wallet, keys, cell phone, passport, etc. I've had this one for 4 years with 3 kids, still going strong.
* Performance - a snug fit with thick contoured straps - I found this one very uncomfortable and the space for baby too small, so I returned it. However, many parents do like it.
* Ergo Sport - a lightweight version of the original, with a streamlined design. Great for summer, has longer straps than the original, but it doesn't have the storage pocket in front for personal items. The original provides more coverage & warmth for the baby.

The Ergos can be used with young babies if you use it with a ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart2Heart - it works well up till about 4-5 months. After this you can use the Ergo by itself. You can nurse with it on in privacy (with attached cover) and baby can nap as well.

Amazon's main page has all three carrier styles lumped together in one page which is unfortunate because they are so different. If you want the original, look for soft padded straps such as the Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining, also in camel, cranberry, etc; the ERGObaby Carrier - Blue Sport is available in red sport, sport blue or the black with contrast stitching - it has eight black snaps in the front; the ERGObaby Performance Carrieris the lime green or grey/navy one and has a large pouch with a horizontal zipper (for rain hood).

There is an ERGO baby Winter Weather Cover available that attaches to the Ergo - expensive @$40 but very thick and good for winter months. There is also a $50 Ergo Baby ERG-WCR414 Water-Resistant Weather Cover that is basically a thin outer shell that snaps into this fleece cover - great for rain. These are worth it if you have twins or are outdoors a lot - I wish I had gotten both during this past winter instead of struggling with snowsuits, big bulky coats and trying to push a stroller while holding an umbrella. I also wish they were less expensive!
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