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56 of 56 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2012
I won't go into the benefits or how well this desk works. That's a given from the other reviews. My comments revolve around how to "fix" the desk to work better for you.

First off...throw out the stock keyboard/mouse tray. It's horrifically bad, and doesn't even seem to be designed to work with the desk. I guess its good if you use the worldest tiniest keyboard and mouse. Instead, add another 60 bucks or so to the cost of this unit, and get the deep keyboard tray.

Part Number: 97-651

This tray actually has some thought put into it, and is large enough to fit a full natural curve keyboard, and a full xtrac pro mouse pad. For some reason, ergotron failed to provide 4 mounting holes for it (even though there is 6 available), so you will have to drill another 2 manually through the tray if you want added stability. I've attached an image in the reviews to show how large the tray is, and the size of the keyboard/mouse you can fit on it.

Part #2:
The hinged bow.

If you read carefully, you'll notice that the hinged bow also states (allows for the use of dual 24 inch monitors). Why this isn't the default is beyond me. You "can" fit dual 24's on the standard work fit S, but you won't be able to use the retention screws on the end, and they'll be slightly precariously mounted. I attached photos of my dual 24's as well. (Asus VS248 LED). Keep in mind that not all 24's will work. They need to be lightweight LED models with thin bezels. (very current).

Also make sure when you do order the led monitors, that you pay careful attention to their weight. If you exceed the recommended weight limits of the ergotron, it will no longer stay up properly, and you will be unable to place any of your weight on the keyboard area, without the entire assembly dropping. Though there is some adjustment there, exceeding the weight will always cause make sure the monitors you choose are very light for their size, and have thin bezels (if you want to attempt dual 24's on the workfit without the hinged bow).

Hope that helps some of you!

P.S. In case it's not obvious...make sure to order extenders for your keyboard and mouse, and roughly 8-10 feet video and power cables for the monitors. I went with 10 feet dvi-i and power cables from amazon. Had plenty of slack to allow me to position the hardware under the desk and still have freedom of movement. (This puts your total cost at closer to 450-500, so make sure to budget all these add/on's extra's.)
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on February 6, 2011
I have been using this dual monitor version for about 4 days now. Interesting concept - instead of having the entire desktop rise and fall, just the monitor(s), keyboard, and mouse do. I've owned desks that rise/descend, but this is, in my opinion, a far more practical solution for accomplishing the same function. I wish this had been around when I bought my adjustable desk. Only issue thus far with the unit is that the mouse pad is a bit small. Other than that, works great.

* It's designed by a medical equipment company, and the quality level shows, as does the price. But it works as advertised, and is functional and sleek. If you understand the concept of paying more for more, you can rest assured that you do get what you pay for with this. It is not cheaply made.
* To raise/lower the entire contraption takes only slight pressure on the silver arm - somehow they've calculated a neutral tension point (which can be modified if needed, but I haven't, works fine at the default setting for me). No knobs or screws or detentes or notches or switches. Ingenious.
* You can also raise/lower the monitors separately from the keyboard part, as well. I'm 6'0" and I've got the total height of the unit at less than maximum, so it can raise quite a bit, probably good enough for a 6'5" person, if I had to guess (depending on desk height). Lowest level is also lower than I need by several inches, so the range is quite wide (dependent on chair height, of course).
* The unit can stop anywhere between the highest and lowest settings. It is not a two setting device - it can rest anywhere along the continuum of the lowest to highest points. So if more than one person was using the computer, like someone who perhaps only sat but liked a higher setting, or a young adult who also wanted to stand, or whatever, this unit could still work for everyone.
* It takes the keyboard & mouse off the table, so you actually have more table area for papers or books or whatnot.
* Works with any solid desk or table with at least a 2½" lip.

* Mouse pad is too small. No way around it. They need to design a bigger mouse pad.

* With this dual monitor version, max combined HORIZONTAL (not diagonal screen size) monitor widths truly is 44 inches. It can be 21 + 23, but it can't add up to more than 44. I have 21" and 23" horizontal width monitors attached and it's right at the limit. Can't even put in the safety screws at the ends of the arms. A more perfect set up would be to have identical monitors, or at least the same horizontal monitor widths, being as thin, depth wise, as possible. Even so, my deeper four year old monitors work great. Barely, total width wise, but great. If you've got a bigger monitor still, then you'll need to buy the single monitor HD version, instead.
* If you use reference materials a lot and have them at desk height, they will not rise with you, unlike with an adjustable desk. Ergotron sells an additional book / iPhone / iPad type holder thing that attaches to the central silver arm, but this obviously will only help you with one such item.
* I did not need any help putting this together, or getting the monitors on the arms. I left the bases of the monitors on until I was sure the unit worked, then removed the bases. Of course, this will depend on monitor design, and final unit placement, as to whether this is possible or not for you.
* Cord management is something to think about.
* You will need one tool not included in the packaging - a standard philip's head screwdriver. Everything else is included.
* Not too clear from the instructions, but if you want the monitor arm to raise independently, twist the controlling bolt clockwise. Also, it takes a lot of twists to get any effect, so be persistent.
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35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on February 27, 2011
This product did not work for me for the following reasons:

1. The monitors are too close to the keyboard
2. The monitor angle is not adjustable
3. Monitors shake when I type.

On the positive side, being able to attach a device to an existing desk is invaluable and I will keep loooking for one that is a little sturdier and more adjustable.
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on January 17, 2011
I decided I wanted stand-up desk to improve my health for two reasons:
1) there's some evidence that working out each day--hard enough to do as that is--doesn't compensate very much for sitting down at a desk all day; and
2) it stands to reason (no pun intended) that being on your feet helps your blood circulate more quickly through your brain and make you more intelligent while you're doing work on a computer.

I looked into everything from the $1,000+ desks that rise and lower with a motor, to a DIY platform using InterMetro shelves. This was the best solution I came up with for my cubicle-like situation. At home, I have a secretary desk and put a yellow pages (yes, they still exist) as a platform for my laptop to get the same experience.

* Set up is reasonably easy. You'll need someone to help you (to hold the monitors while you fasten them to the workstation) but I got everything set up in about an hour and had no compatibility issues with my Dell monitors of one- and four-year-old vintages.
* The raise and lower feature is nice as you're getting used to standing (you might feel sore or tired for days #2-4 if you stand up all day). I've only used it for a month so I can't speak too much to quality but the system seems well-engineered (Ergotron's primary customers seem to be hospitals, who are probably more demanding on quality than consumers) and raising and lowering is a matter of pushing moderately.
* It just feels solidly built overall. At height, it doesn't have a latch to hold it at a particular level but there is still no wobbling or tilting.

* You may still wish that you could have your papers at the same height as your keyboard.
* Taming the cables takes some trial and error in my experience and it's never going to look especially tidy. The box includes some zip ties but I recommend getting some reuseable (with a tab to release) ones to allow for experimentation.
* You will look strange to some colleagues when you're standing up and I think you should consider if you have low cubicle walls whether this is worth it.
* You will need to look closely at the dimensions to make sure it works for your situation. It goes back a little ways and at height may block cubicle cabinets.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on September 1, 2012
I purchased the Ergotron Workfit S about 6 months ago because I was having serious pain in my neck, and lower back. I've had back pain on and off for most of my adult life. This device has helped a lot.

-It slides up and down easily by just using one index finger.
-Easy adjustability of distance between keyboard and monitor. This allows fine tuning throughout the day.
-Aside from the physical relief, there is a different psychological experience using this device. When I get bogged down solving a problem, or tired in the late afternoon, I change position. It works wonders.
-It's sturdy, and works as advertised.
-At the end of a 12 hour day, when I leave work, I'm not sore. I feel really good. This is a significant transformation.

-Although its sturdy, the monitor does wiggle a little when I type. I noticed this issue mostly on the first day when the device was new, but since then I've become used to it and I don't notice it.
-Aesthetically, There is no cable management. Wires just sprawl across my desk. I think this thing could be a little prettier.

This device has changed my body, and therefore my life. I am grateful for it. I wish I had known about it 20 years ago before I damaged my back.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on September 2, 2012
I work as an Ergonomist and was very intrigued by this product when I first saw it. In the past the only option for a true sit-stand workstation has been to purchase an adjustable desk. That tend to be an expensive proposition as the ones with motors to change the elevation of the work platform are expensive. The manual ones are not as expensive but require tedious manual cranking. This workstation is an excellent alternative. As a matter of fact it might be the only alternative in work places where employers won't allow a complete changeout of a desk--this unit fits on your existing desk or work platform. Here are the high points.
1) the unit is easy to assemble, all parts arrived and were designed so they fit perfectly
2) the unit is sturdy. It rocks slightly during heavy use but that should be expected. It is, of course, an attachment and should not be expected to be as rigid as a standard desk or wall mounted unit
3) The product is minimally intrusive. It clamps to the front part of the worksurface and has a cushioned rest that accepts most of the weight. I doubt it will produce damage.
4) it appears to be adjustable enough to accommodate at least 80 percent of the population. I am not sure about how the default set up will fit extremely short or tall people but plan to check that out
5) elevation is quick and doesn't require much effort. The unit is balanced by a tension mechanism that was set properly for the weight of my two monitors and the optional Ergotron Worksurface. Raising/lowering is accomplished by pushing or pulling with one hand
6) the brackets are designed to fit standard Vesa connectors. I have two monitors that are over 12 years old and they both fit without any modification
7) tools for standard set up are included. The two wrenches provided are much better quality than other OEM tools provided for assembly. They were so good I didn't even consider retrieving mine. You may need a cordless drill to adjust the tension mechanism
8) The keyboard/mouse tray accommodates a full sized keyboard. They slope downwardly that places hands in a less stress posture, but may take a little getting used to for some (also see #3 below)
1) Although the design of the monitor connector provides stable attachment, they are not adjustable. Some form of swivel would allow adjusting the viewing angle of the monitor
2) Two separate sets of attachment points (holes for screws) allow attachment of the monitor arm. If you attach that arm to the lower set, you will probably not be able attach the optional ErgoTron worksurface--the lower edge of both of my monitors obstructed that attachment.* Unfortunately ErgoTron put a space between the two clusters of attachment points (four higher, four lower. If Ergotron had provided only six attachment points so that the middle two would be common for either attaching the arm higher or slightly lower, it might have been more compatible with the Worksurface. As I said before, I do not think the lower set as presently designed is very functional for most monitors.
3) The slope of the mouse tray encourages the mouse to roll off, particular if you use even a thin optical pad below the mouse. I placed bumper at the lower end of the tray to prevent that. It would be nice if ErgoTron provided an optional bumper (I doubt they would want to extend the plastic rim higher because it would prevent the tray from being pushed inside the keyboard tray.
*As I stated before, attaching the monitor arm to the upper set of attachment points will probably be compatible with about 80% of the population and allow use of the optional Worksurface.
This is a very nicely designed and cheaper alternative to a sit-stand workstation that fits on an existing worksurface. It will help relieve individuals from some of the stresses associated with prolonged static postures that irritate some musculoskeletal conditions of the spine and vascular conditions aggravated by compression on the back of the thighs. I recommend it highly. (This is the ErgoTron Worksurface I purchased: Ergotron Worksurface for WorkFit-S (97-581-019))
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2012
Kudos to Ergotron. The WorkFit-S is a substantial piece of equipment aimed improving the quality of life of those tied to a desk all day. I'm a programmer, and between the commute and the workday, I was in the sitting position for approx 10 hours a day. Hip flexor pain, leg pain, lower back tightness and deteriorating posture led me to search for a better solution. The catch, being a consultant, is I really don't "own" the desk I work at, and most solutions required some semi-permanent attachement (screws, a sit-stand desk that is expensive and tough to bring into a client space etc...etc...). If you work on-site with your customer, with their equipment, and you need a solution to sitting all day, but want to make an investment that can move with you, then might be an option.

And then I stumbled across the Ergotron WorkFit-S. I've used it for one day, and was so happy for the relief. I'm 5'9, have dual 19" widescreen lcds, and a normal keyboard and mouse. Everything came together with minimal effort. Worried about the wobble? So was I, but after using the Ergotron, this became a non-issue. The base secures with a clamp, and I just made sure the surface was flat and the clamp was cranked tight. My first day using the device I stood for the entire day, and felt productive and engaging.

Like all changes your body will take time to adapt. In this case, prepare for some foot fatigue. Thats okay, and natural. If you sat as much as I did, you have to realize that your feet are going to be in shock from having to carry your body weight suddenly. Get comfortable shoes, try no shoes, get slippers or a gel mat. Work on good standing posture and keep your arms at 90 degrees at your elbow and you'll make out just fine.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2012
When I first started researching a sit-stand solution, I was bumping into $1000++ desks. Since my need is mostly in the office of my employer, it was difficult to fathom spending that amount and then hauling in my own desk, and then having to move it again if I change assignments etc. Then I happened upon this beauty. It was a no-brainer. Sure, a bit of risk because I'd never seen one in person. I wondered if it was made of cheesy materials, but it's not. It is solidly built and nicely finished.

From opening the box to final adjustment, it took me close to two hours to put together. I had trouble figuring out how to remove the pedestals from my monitors. And the limited-text visual instructions were not always perfectly clear. I did have to call Ergotron customer service to figure out how to adjust the tension on the monitor arm (it's underneath, and tightens by using the provided fish-can opener looking hex key).

As for use of the product, I am thrilled. In the few short days since I have installed it, I estimate spending about 3/4 of my workday standing. I also brought in a large 75mm ball to sit on alternating with my office chair. Standing allows me freedom of movement. I find myself dancing in place and feeling more alert. I won't be surprised if the thing catches on for others in my workplace who spend all day at the computer.

Get one! Your back, your neck, your legs will love you for it. Your feet might say, "Hey, what's going on?" You can spend a few more bucks for an anti-fatigue mat for them.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 6, 2011
This is the most useful tool I have purchased since computers became every day task masters. As someone who naturally stands while working, this is an amazing product. It is extremely well built and easy to use. Assembly is reasonably easy. I put it together myself in about 40-45 minutes. At first it seems HUGE and kind of awkward, but after two or three days, I wondered how I ever accomplished anything without it. On the first day, I stood for probably 6 of my 8 hours. I noticed when I got in my car that night to drive home that I had NONE of my usual shoulder or lower back pain. That was Day 1! I also slept better that night and didn't waken all achy. This is a wonderful product and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who likes to stand while working. It is well worth the price!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 6, 2011
I was curious about sit-stand desks, but not crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars on one. This in my mind is a much more sensical approach if you do most of your work on the computer. It's easy to install and will bold onto your existing desk. You do need a socket wrench to adjust the tension for your monitor weight. After that, all you have to do is push the station up or down to change between sitting or standing. It's stable enough to support typing, but using the mouse will cause some wobble. I wish the keyboard tray was a bit larger since my ergonomic keyboard doesn't quiet fit and overlaps the mouse tray a bit.

Overall I'm rather pleased with it. I wouldn't call it life changing, but being able to stand while working is kinda nice. I probably stand for an hour or so in 15 minute stints throughout the day. Helps me stay energized and focused, and I'm told it's healthier for you, but that's about it.
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